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WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

Here you will find some great GT/PC911 Avatars and Banners. Also here are a couple of UD tutorials.

Grid Team PC911 UD Fighting Cancer

Some Tutorials and 'How-To's'


From the Grid Team PC911 UD Cancer Team:
Welcome to the Forum!

by Vitalt

The UNITED DEVICES/ Cancer Research Project

Use your computer to aid research for a cancer cure

Cancer is a feared disease. Almost everyone has had to deal with it in some way. The feelings of helplessness and despair when faced by Cancer can only be experienced, not described. You do not have to be helpless and hopeless. You can do something about Cancer. You can fight back.

United Devices is about a Cancer research project you can be directly involved in.

United Devices is a world-wide gathering of people donating their individual computer processing power to a research program that is sponsored in part by Intel and conducted by Oxford University, Cambridge, England. Estimates are that by running UD we may shave 2 to 5 years off the time it takes to complete this cancer research project.

In a nutshell, UD is a small, free, non-invasive program that runs in the background on your computer using "unused" processor cycles. Your computer processes Cancer research "work units" and returns the results via the Internet to UD.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about UD:

Q. Will UD slowdown or affect other programs running on a computer?
A. UD runs in the background and uses computer resources that no other program is using.

Q. Is UD spyware?
A. UD isn't spyware. Look for it on any spyware list, you won't find it.

Q. Why should anyone join the UD Team PC911?
A. UD Team PC911 members enjoy comraderie, friendly competition, and lots of help from computer-savvy people.

Q. Will UD interfere with game play?
A. Not at all. Again, it only uses CPU cycles that are not used by any other process.

More frequently asked questions about UD available here:
Grid Team PC911 UD - Main Page and here: Forum

Three steps to join the Grid Team PC911 UD Cancer Fighting Team:

1) Download the small UNITED DEVICES program.

2) Join Grid Team PC911 UD.

3) join us in the Grid Team PC911 UD forum

Come and join us, we could certainly use your help. You may of course register with a nickname, most do. They use their online nic.



New Signature Banners by Vitalt

(Dialup warning, slow loading)
This is a collection so far of new UD banners...As Alex agreed to they should show the pc911ud team name and the PCQandA forum name...I will add any to this page so we can see them all together as they are submitted.Try to upload them to the forum server so we dont drain someones private resources when we use them at PCQandA.I'll change any urls in this post as they change.

To use them just type in the url below each banner








Sweetpea on the Internet



To Use Them As Links Use This Example

[link:the url you want to go to here | the url of the banner here]

linked to this forum would be


notice the ht
To do this select the example line of code and right click and copy .open a notepad window and paste it should look like this after you remove the uneeded text.


Go to whatever link your going to click on to go somewhere and right click on it and choose copy shortcut..paste it after "link:" and before the pipe sign "(|)" then you remove the http:// from the url you just pasted. now for the second part you right click on the graphic you want the link to appear as and choose properties,you then highlight the url and right click and copy then leave the http:// in and you paste it to the right of the (|) pipe the whole code line you have created in notepad and choose copy and then paste it in the forum post window to preview it.

if all is well and it links correctly you then paste it in your sig profile in the user menu and update.

the end result should look like the example on the above page with your urls in place.

[your linked page url | your graphic url]

or if you know all the info you could just type it all in...
an example of that would be this code

[link: whatever url here|Privileged to be a Member of the PC911 UD Team]

would give you this



How to create Milestone tables.

by Owbist

What will you need?

The get_stoners program bparks kindly made for us to retrieve the scores from the Statsman site.

The file I use to create the table which I will gladly send to anyone who would like a copy. Or you can of course create your own table.

I can email anyone either or both of these if they wish. My email address is in my profile or you can PM me here, your choice. The get_stoners program is 1.3megs.

When creating the table I use Meta-pad which is a freebie program that is so much better than Notepad. It can be downloaded here:- Get your free Metapad here

Retrieving the scores

Be online.

Open get_stoners and the program starts.

Once opened get_stoners automatically goes to the Statsman site and gathers the names and scores. It then stores these in a text file called stoners in the same folder that you have get_stoners stored. It always overwrites the old file without asking for confirmation. Once this is complete the program closes. During this process the window will remain on the screen for only a few seconds.

Preparing to publish your Milestones

Open the text file stoners. This brings the latest names and scores list in Notepad.

Verify this is the current scores because Statsmans fails to report occasionally so you harvest the old scores again.

Open metapad and in it, open the text file Milestones (This is my blank table without the names or scores added in, just ,000 because they are always there.) Transfer names and scores over to the table, adding or removing enough blank entries to cover all those being recognised that day. I use 'copy and paste' for the names, that way they are shown exactly how the member used them to join the team.

When the list is complete I save it as a text file of that days date like "date".txt.
This is totally unnecessary but a precaution on my part till the scores have been published in the UD lounge. I use this point so it gets saved before I unwrap the lines. Then, if any editing is needed, I can find the edit point easily.

Now we need to click Select all then edit then block then unwrap lines and finally copy . This copies the table to your clipboard ready for publishing.

Publishing in the UD lounge

Simply go to the UD lounge and open a new post, give it a title and then copy your clipboard contents to the text window.

As this is my last opportunity to avoid any embarrassing errors I always do a preview before posting.

Job done.

Helpful pointers(?)

Remember that my way is not necessarily your way. This tutorial was written to give you choices. You can have the full picture if you are happy with my style of presentation. Or a starting point to be modified by you to create your own stamp of recognition. There is no rule saying how these things should be done. The table needs to be neat and tidy, and presented in such a way that anyone can understand the results.

When I open Metapad and Wordpad for the first time I sized them so they will sit side by side on my screen and totally viewable for easy transfer of the data. Then it is so easy each day to just do my copy and paste.

I created three icons on the desktop for get_stoners.exe and stoners.txt and for Metapad just to make life easier.There was no need for an icon to start Notepad, starting stoners will automatically bring it on your screen in Notepad.

Spend some time trying your efforts on the UD page but use the preview button. This allows you to see your finished product in the privacy of your own environment. Then when you are happy with the output you can post it on the lounge. I spent a lot of time there, mainly trying to refine the table so it looks respectable and easily readable.

If there any questions or comments please PM me or do it in a post, starting a new thread, which ever you are more comfortable with.

Visit the Basement

AVATARS by Vitalt

Put these urls in your Avatar box in your user profile and update your settings to use them. br>


Use these in the Signature box in your user profile or just type the proper url in your post when you want to display them


What is the United Devices Cancer Research Project?

by Sweeptea on the net

United Devices is a provider of distributed computing services. This means they combine the computing power of tens of thousands of computers from all over the world by using the idle time and unused processor cycles to work on big computing projects that would normally take enormous amounts of time.

One of the projects they work on is the search for a cure for cancer. The idea is to check certain chemical molecules against certain proteins that are thought to be key elements in cancer growth. However, there are millions and millions of combinations to check, and doing this on only a few computers in a lab would take a very long time.

This is where regular computer users like you come in. By installing a small program on your computer UD will send your computer a work unit to complete. Your computer will work on it when it is idle, using only unused processor cycles, not interfering with anything you do on your computer. When the work unit is completed, it uploads it to the UD web site and retrieves the next unit to work on.

You probably get the idea. With thousands and thousands of computer users across the planet installing the UD software and donating their free unused computing time, processing can be distributed over many computers to help speed up the process.

For more detailed info on the cancer research project go to home page.

United Devices also runs other distributed computing projects, e.g. finding a treatment for advanced stage Anthrax.

Join Team PC911 In The Fight Against Cancer

Come join Team PC911 and help put the combined computing power of PC911 to work for a good cause!

Download and install the agent from this page download page.

Then join Team PC911 by going to this page Join Grid Team PC911 UD by clicking here

How to set up a sub-team

These instructions were modified by Sweetpea on the Internet and copied from:

Thanks, Ken.

How to setup a PC911 UD 'Sub-Team' BigFoot

If you have more than one PC and would like to list them all under one name and have your own 'Sub-Team' on the PC911 UD Team, here is how to do it: the UD agent for the second PC. Then...during the install process, on the Registration screen, you will see a check box asking if you are an 'existing member', say (check) "YES"...After that...use the same username & ID that you used on the first PC...And then...pick a name for the second PC that is different from the one you used on the first PC and finish the install process...That is it!... You will then have two units (or more!) running under the same name on PC911 UD Team just like some of the other Sub-Teams.

Special Note: These same steps can be used on one single PC to start all over again (reformat... or whatever) and still keep the same member name on the PC911 UD Team list. There are several ways to save your points on a reinstall, just post your situation as a question on the UD/PC911 Forum and someone should be able to help you get through the problem.

SweetPea's Sample Recruiting Letter

Dear _____________

I belong to a group (UD/PC911) of computer users who are using our personal computers to process Cancer research. Our group is actively recruiting new members, including webmasters like you, to join our team in the search for a cure for Cancer.

This Cancer research is sponsored by Intel and Oxford University. It involves downloading a small, free, non-intrusive program from United Devices that runs on idle processes in the background while you go about your normal computer business.

Once set up, the program (UDagent) requires no user input. There is no security risk.
UDagent is being used on more than 1,600,000 computers around the world.

You can read more about the United Devices distributive computing Cancer research program at / and .

You can join us in this very gratifying project by going to / to download and install the UDagent.

After you install and register the UDagent you can go to to join our team.

The benefits of belonging to a team are comraderie, shared information, and the help that is available at our very own UD forum at .

We have designed a personal UD banner for your website. It is attached to this message. If you do not want to open the attachment, you can view the banner at ________ .

If the banner is not satisfactory, we will gladly design one to your specifications. This banner will refer people to a URL where they can get information about joining United Devices.

The banner asks people to join you in a search for a cure for Cancer. People can join with you to be part of a subteam of our team. Forming a subteam is very easy to do and complete details for doing this are at


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