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Dubber's Computer Resources


1. Press the Print Screen key.
2. Open Irfanview.
3. Click Edit.
4. Click Paste.
5. Click File.
6. Click Save As- Jpeg is the default.
7. Type Screenshot as the Filename.
8. The Save in default is your My Pictures folder.
9. Click Save.
10. If your Screenshot is less than 50kb, skip to step #19.If your Screenshot size is more than 50 kb, you will have to resize it before you can upload it to the PC911 server.
11. To resize your Screenshot: In Irfanview click Image.
12. Click Resize/Resample.
13. Make sure the circle to the left of Preserve Aspect Ratio has a dot in it. Click the Circle if necessary.
14. Click the Circle next to Percentage of original to put a dot in it.
15. If your original Screenshot was not much more than 50k, then you will not have to decrease your Percentage by very much. Try changing them both to 80%.
16. Click OK.
17. If the Screenshot is still too large you will have to decrease its Percentage until it is less than 50k.
18. Use your intuition and Trial and error until you get the image under 50 kb.
19. Connect to the Internet, if you are not already connected.
20. Login to PC911. If you are not a member, you will not be able to Login. Join now. It is free. See REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE PC911 FORUM .
21. Go to the PC911 forum page and click on Post.
22. In the Compose your message page, click on Click here to upload your file.
23. A Window will pop up.
24. Click the empty Circle to the left of JPEG picture. Make sure the circle has a dot in it.
25. Click Browse and go to your My Pictures folder.
26. Click on the Screenshot image and the Choose name window will appear with the name of the file in the File name field.
27. Click Open.
28. The Choose name window will disappear and the File path for your image will appear in the Browse field.
29. Click Upload file and wait.
30. When the file finishes uploading a Window will popup with a URL for the image.
31. Copy this URL.
32. Close the popup Window.
33. Type a name for your Post in the small Subject window.
34. Paste the Url into the Compose your message window.
35. Click Preview to see if the image actually shows up.
36. Look at your nice Screenshot image.
37. Scroll down to the Your Message window.
38. Type your message.
39. Click Post Message.


This tutorial assumes that you have already decided what HTML code you want to use for your Signature in the PC911 forum.

For HTML code, PC911 uses square brackets [ ] instead of carets< >. You put it in with [ ] and PC911 converts it to < > to make it work.

For example,if I want to put my name in a red
color in the PC911 forum, it would be in the form as

[font color="red"]dubber[/font]

When the code actually goes into effect in the forum it is automatically converted to:

<font color="red">dubber</font>

If you want to find out if your HTML works just put it in a PC911 "Compose Your Post" window just like you would any other post. Then click "Preview" and see what it does.

If it doesn't work, make changes to your post right there and click "Preview" again.

I preview EVERY post I make. It only takes a few seconds and it helps keep me from posting something really stupid.

To keep from having to copy and paste your HTML code every time you post, you have to put your HTML code in your "Signature file".

Here's how you do it:

1. Select the HTML code by left clicking and dragging your mouse cursor across it. It will have a dark blue background.
2. Place the mouse cursor back over the selected HTML.
3. Right click and then left click the Copy option.
4. Login to PC911. You can not login if you are not a Member. Join now. It is free. See REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE PC911 FORUM .
5. You will go to the Lobby.
6. Click on USER. It is right in the center of the nine icons all in a row on the Lobby page.
7. You will go to the User Menu page.
8. Click the Blank circle immediately to the left of Modify your profile and set forum options. That will put a little dot in the Blank circle.
9. Click the Submit button.
10. Now you will go to the User Profile Manager page.
11. Put your mouse cursor inside the Signature box.
12. Right click your mouse and left click the Paste option. Your HTML code will now be in your Signature box.
13. Click the Submit Changes button just below the Signature box.
14. You will go back to your User Profile Manager page.
15. Click the Lobby icon and you will go back to the Lobby.
16. Click on The Computer Forum.
17. Now begin a post like you normally would and see if your HTML actually shows up.
18. If it does, then click Preview and see if it works.
19. Place your mouse cursor immediately to the left of the first digit of your HTML, which will be [.
20. Press Enter on your keyboard a few times.
21. You will now have some space between your HTML and the top of the Compose window.
22. Move your mouse cursor to the top of the window and left click it.
23. Now compose your message. Preview it again to see if it looks ok.
24. If it looks OK, then click Post Message and the whole world will see it.


1. Go to the PC911 Lobby page.
2. Click on Please Register.
3. You will go to the New User Registration Form page.
4. Fill in your Username, Password, Password again, Firstname, Lastname, and Email address.
5. Click the Submit Registration button.
6. You will go to the Registration Result page.
7. Fill in your User name and Password.
8. Click the Empty Square just to the left of Remain logged on when I return later? to put a Check in it.
9. Click Login.
10. You will go to the Welcome to the PC911 Forum page.
11. Now you can see: Logged on as *****(***** represents your User Name).
12. Click on The Computer Forum button.
13. You will now go to the Main PC911 Forum page as a Member entitled to all the benefits thereof.


An Image has to be located somewhere on the Internet to be posted in the PC911 forum.
Once you locate an Image on the Internet you have to obtain the URL(Internet Address) for that Image.
Copy the URL of the Image to your Clipboard and Paste it into your Post. The Image will be displayed along with whatever message you type.
Below are two ways to do it:

1. Right click on the Image you are interested in.
2. In the Popup menu, look for and click on the Copy Shortcut or Copy URL option.
3. The URL will now be Copied to your Clipboard.
4. If steps #2 and #3 were successful, then skip to step #12. If you do not have a Copy Shortcut or Copy URL option on the right click menu, then follow steps #5 through #11.
5. Right click the Image again.
6. Click the Properties option.
7. On the Properties window that pops up will be some information, including the URL for the image.
8. Select the URL by left clicking, holding the mouse button down, and dragging your mouse cursor across the URL. It will now have a dark blue background.
9. Release the left mouse button.
10. Place the mouse cursor back over the selected URL.
11. Right click the Mouse and then left click the Copy option on the popup menu.
12. Go to PC911 and Login.
13. To Login you have to be a member of PC911. See REGISTER TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE PC911 FORUM .
14. You will go to the Lobby page.
15. Click on The Computer Forum.
16. You will go to the Main forum page.
17. Click Post.
18. You will go to the Compose Your Message page.
19. Type a name for your Post in the small Subject window.
20. Place your mouse cursor in the Message window.
21. Right click your Mouse.
22. Left click the Paste option in the popup context menu.
23. The URL for your Image will appear in the Message window.
24. Click the Preview button to see if your Image will actually appear in your post. It is a good idea to preview any post to any forum to check for mistakes.
25. You will go to the Previewing Your Message page.
26. Look at your nice Image.
27. To add text or make any other necessary changes use the post form below the message.
28. If you make any changes, it is a good idea to preview your Post again.
29. Once you are satisfied, click Post Message.

1. If the Image you want to post is a Screenshot, please go to POSTING SCREENSHOTS WITH IRFANVIEW .
2. Of course your can upload any JPEG or GIF Image to the PC911 server. The limitation is that your Image can not be more than 50kb.
3. Other options to using the PC911 server are obtaining some webspace from your ISP or uploading your Image to some storage site on the Internet. Run a search for Online free storage sites at Google. If you are lucky, you can find a free site.
4. You will have to get instructions from your ISP or the Online storage site to upload your Image.
5. Once you have uploaded your Image, go to IF THE IMAGE IS ALREADY ON THE INTERNETabove.