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Welcome to Dubber's Freeware Links page.

There are 2385 links to Freeware websites listed on this page. These linked websites can list Freeware sites, or individual Freeware program links, or programs that are written by individuals who offer them to you for free.

Since you may be on a slow dialup or for some other reason do not want to load this rather large page every time you look for Freeware sites, I have divided this page into several pages listing only one to three letters of Freeware sites. Here are links to them:

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Below, and at the bottom of this page, are more Alphabetical menus to use for direct access to Freeware sites on this page beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Click on the one you want. At the end of each letter's list of sites is a link to go back to the top of the page. So, if you are looking in the Y section, you can just click to go to the top of the page and, once there, you can click on the C in the letters at the top and go right down to the C section. That's much easier than scrolling up and down.

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If you know what you are looking for, just click on "Edit" at the top of your browser and then on "Find" and you can search this page very easily for whatever it is you are looking for.

You can also just scroll down the page and stop at a random place and maybe find something that interests you. Websites that I recommend most are in Caps.

Anyway, gentle reader, this page is here for you. Enjoy.

The links on this page were last checked manually by dubber on December 22rd, 2006. Forty-five links were moved to the Deleted Freeware Links page.
  1. #Beginner
    Seven rather common freeware programs-CDrun, H-Menu, IrfanView, Metric Converter, RAMpage, Renamer, TClock.
  2. \rcyogesh Software
    WinampControl,Marathi, Dictionary.
    Links to 1041 freeware programs in 12 categories.
  4. 1-4a Freeware
    Four freeware programns-SuperMultiplier, RatioCalculator, DateStat, Rename.
  5. 1 MillionSites Freeware Directory
    238 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  6. 200 Freeware Sites
    Actually just 27 sites listed.
  7. 2Bright Sparks Freeware
    SyncBack, InstallSpy, FingerPrint, and FireLogXP.
  8. 2HaveIt Freeware
    Three hundred uncategorized freeware programs spread over 15 pages.
  9. 2 the Edge
    DUser, eCubed, GrepIt, WCIT, Response Monitor, Personal Task Manager, TextPad, and Scriptomatic Tool. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
    Twenty categories. Links to about 1800 freeware programs.
  11. 321Free
    Seventy-nine freeware programs in 7 categories. Pretty good variety.
  12. 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
    Tech Support's favorite freeware programs in 46 categories.
  13. 95isalive
    More than 30 Windows 95 program downloads.
  14. 99er Freeware
    Six Freeware categories with about 50 links to Freeware programs
  15. 100% Free Softwares
    About 150 freeware programs-Windows 95 only-Site not updated for quite some time.
  16. 1000 Freeware Sites
    Six pages of uncategorized freeware and freeware site links with short explanations of each one.
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  1. A+ Freeware
    Links to about 200 Freeware programs in 75 categories.
  2. A1B2C3 Free Computer Software
    About 1300 links to Freeware, freeware sites and references. For Windows 95/98/ME.
  3. A1 Javascripts
    More than 345 Cut and Paste Javascripts in 15 categories.
  4. Aad Consulting Freeware
    3J eMail Encryptor, Web Tarantula, BLUR, Vizual Einstein ME, Ezy Date Getter, LITTLE Yellow Stickers, My Whiteboard, Bible Screensaver & Desktop, Bible Desktop & Verses Update, and two Screensavers.
  5. Aardvark Downloads
    PC, Palm, and Gameboy downloads.
  6. Aaron's Apple II Programming Projects
    The ENI Assembler, ProDOS Up-Dater, Minefield, The ENI Merge Utility, ProDOS Launcher, and Sparks.Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  7. AbandonGames
    About 167 full abandonware games.
  8. ABC-Directory-Freeware
    Fifteen links to Freeware sites.
  9. ABF Software
    Copier, CRLFtoLF, FileDate, PasToInt, Replacer, and Freeware Tools.
  10. Aboriginemundi
    Eighteen English downloads.
  11. Absey-Vine Downloads and useful links
    About 120 downloads and links.
  12. Ab Software Design Downloads
    Crypt, Timer, Bridgecomp, and Bridgelys. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  13. Absolute Freebies Freeware
    MrRat's 19 favorite freeware programs.
  14. AbsoluteFreeSoftware
    Fifteen categories with 158 Freeware programs. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  15. Absolutely Freebies Downloads
    About 75 links to Freeware downloads.
  16. Absolutely Mac: Software
    Eleven categories with links to 72 Freeware programs. Updated December 12, 2000. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  17. abstractsoftwaresolutions
    UPXShell, Windel, RunTime, and VerPopup. Dos- Quotetxt. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  18. Accessv Freeware
    Nineteen downloads in three categories-FTP, HTML and Graphics.
  19. ACD/Labs Freeware
    ChemSketch and several other Chemistry related Freeware programs. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  20. AceLet Freeware
    SuperLite, OpenTools, and Redress tool. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  21. Ace Logix
    Startup Guard, Free Ram Optimizer XP, and Edit IE URL.Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  22. acfwiki NoInstall Frreeware
    Links to 12 sites and 40 programs.
  23. Acid-Play Freeware Games
    About 250 links to Freeware games and games websites.
  24. Aclantis Web Links
    323 links in 61 categories of Freeware related websites.
  25. Acme Freeware
    Five categories, 14 Freeware Programs.Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  26. ACME Laboratories
    ACME Mapper, Comment Weblet, Freeware Library, Java pages, Tutorials and resources, Toys and amusement, and more.
  27. Activedwg Downloads
    Miscellaneous Utilities(13), AutoCAD Programming Utilities(3), AutoCAD Plotting Utilities(14), and AutoCAD Utilities(17). Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  28. ADDICT3D
    About 923 uncategorized programs. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  29. AddPlus Downloads
    JediMirc, Advanced mIRC script, JM27f, passlock, q3-23b, myprx, Shutter77, ShutterXP, Clients, CryptIt, WhereAmI, advancedIQtest, MistressMind, CoolPlay, and Phonex v1.9.
  30. Adept Software- Classic Games
    Jetpack, Squarez Deluxe, and God of Thunder.
  31. Adlor de Bard Downloads
    Adstat and Wow.
  32. Adrian Carter's Programming Utilities
    Flasher, TextWedge, Borland C++ Builder, File Magic, File Compare, and Flip Case. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  33. Adub's Freeware
    Dots, Shapes and Avi/Mpg. Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  34. Adva Series PDA Freeware
    Nine PDA freeware downlods.
  35. AE Software
    Disk Utilities: Clean Disk 2003 and 2002. Security: System Security 2002 and 2001. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  36. Afterdawn Freeware
    Lots of good Audio and Video Freeware.
    More than 60 categories with links to 2,463 Freeware programs. Added on: 17-Dec-2003
  38. Agd Interactive
    King's Quest1VGA, King's Quest2VGA, and Quest For Glory II VGA. Added on: 22-Feb-2004
  39. A Guide To Free Software
    DOS, Win3x, Win 95, and Linux programs. Last updated March 6, 2001 Added on: 30-Nov-2003
  40. Aignes Freeware Products
    WebSite-Watcher, Local Website Archive, AM-Notebook Lite, AM-Zip, and AM-CodeSearch.
  41. AGoodRead Free Software Links
    116 links to Freeware programs and sites in 10 categories. Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  42. Aguirregabiria's Freeware
    Seventeen command and console programs for Win95-XP.
  43. AiYeo Utilities
    dy System Clock Synchronizer, dyMobTris, and dy Transparent Alarm Clock
  44. AJ Design Software
    Unit Converter, Quadratic Equation Calculator, Geometric Formulas Calculator, Venturi Meter Calculator, Reynolds Number Calculator, Ideal Gas Law Calculator, Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator, Pipe Flow Calculator, Crossover Calculator, Sealed Designer Online, and Audio Subwoofer Design Software. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  45. Ajay Phalnikar Freeware Programs
    EasyCalc, myMP, ASCII & RGB, and Puzzle in Chess. Added on: 30-Jun-2004
  46. Ajebe Software
    Six programs by Adrie Berg-DatePad, Digital Diary, Address database, Worms game, DOS Batch Collection, Game extensions.
  47. AK Software
    PopKiller, Startup Control Panel, Transbar, GenGUID, OETray, and QRes .
  48. Aka's Palm Software Page
    30+ Palm Freeware programs. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  49. Akin Software
    Verse Reminder System and Windows 95 Startup Logo Changer. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  50. AkSoft Freeware
    akPlayer, akFontViewer, akMediaAdmin, akReplacer, akLineCounter, akFavorites, and akPi. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  51. Alaa Makdissi Software
    Five Matlab and Variance programs.
  52. Alain Lecomte Freeware
    SmartDB, SmartFreePDF, Ciphering/Deciphering, Screen Saver, Fast Use, and Tools for Tomb-Raider. Added on: 05-Apr-2004
  53. Alatar Projects
    SGML and C++ Word macro. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  54. Albert's Programs
    68HC11PE, Renamer,RenamerNG, NoteIt, ABChecksum, Backup, Sharper, D-Perft, #Chess, Attention!, StartLogger, ViewSKV, PortTest, SMTPServerChange, TCPIPChangeSettings, SolveSudoku, and FreeDbOffline.
  55. Aldostools
    About 100 programs, many by Aldo. Multimedia, PSX, Kazaa, Input, N64, Front Ends
  56. Aldweb- My Freeware
    Ald Programs-PC(7), Palm(6),Pocket(2).
  57. Alert Freeware Programs
    Links to 19 common Freeware programs.
  58. Alessandro Levi Montalcini's Mac OS9 Freeware
    About 40 uncategorized Mac Programs.
  59. Alessandro Pagano-Fre and Open Source Software for Windows
    Links to about 80 Open Source programs and links to several other webxites.
  60. Alexander Kuck - My Free Programms
    IconS V1.90 (IconSearch) and BMPTumb. Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  61. Alex Fauland's Tools and Utilities
    Nine nice Tools and Utilities programs made by Alex Fauland.
  62. Alex King Software
    Tasks Pro, Tasks, Tasks Jr., Use Tasks, Photos, PHP Doc System, WordPress Plugins, Hacks, Themes and Styles, Read it to Me, PunBB Mods, HTML Resume Template, JavaScript Functions, and Tools.
  63. Alex's Favourite Freeware Downloads
    Fourteen common Freeware downloads plus 9 programs by Alex. Last updated May 14, 2001. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  64. AlexSoft Free Games
    Free games. 16-bit: Dos(578), Win 3.0, 3.1(66). Action games(102). Added on: 30-Dec-2003
    Many, many uncategorized links to Freeware websites.
  66. Alfred's Homepage
    Fireworks Saver, WinAmp Fireworks Plug-in, GetMeThere, ConCmd, ConvertZ, ALiBaBar, and ShowDaPic. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  67. Alireza Balouch Software
    Swape Gallery Light, RSS Reader, miniMe, Picture Converter, Swape Starter, PassKeeper, and Key Code Maker.
  68. Alkali Software
    Software-Eject Disc, Telescope, Computer Pet, PlanA Organiser, and KARL Chatbot. Javascripts-AI Ping Pong AI Tic-Tac-Toe, Progressive Cipher, and Chatbot 3.0. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  69. Allan Hoiberg Freeware
    CompTree, Husk, OriginCut, LFNdir, Msgbox, and StartDem.
  70. AllBootDisks
    Free Boot disks for DOS through XP. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  71. Alloy Software
    Asset Navigator and Network Inventory Navigator
  72. Ali Almossawi's Fun Pages
    CyberiaPC.com Programs- PDP-8 Simulator, AAScripter, AADUN Pass Revealer, AAEncoder, C++ Coder, EasyList, HappyClick, and AAClock.
    Links to 11,189 Windows Freeware Programs. One of the best freeware sites.
  74. All EZ Coolest Free Software
    Some Freeware and some freeware sites.
  75. All I Need Freeware
    Twenty-five categories. Fifty+ programs.
  76. Allscoop Free.NET Software
    Website Monitoring, Services Manager, IE Proxy Changer, Services Manager, TCP Listener, Quick Image Transfer, Pregnancy Countdown Calculator, Get Header, Log File Merger, Kids Letter Game, and Pocket Loan Calc for the Pocket PC.
  77. Allstar Freeware
    Around 300 freeware programs in several categories.
  78. Aloha Oi Software
    Active Voice Tools, Diagnostics Control, Integration Master, RepView, aoMisc, TaoADODataSet, TAuditFileLog, and TLanguageCenter. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  79. AlstonLabs Freeware
    Zipper, GUIGREP, ImgView, Cookie Eater, PaintAssist, File Wiper, Notepad. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  80. alt.comp.freeware- Program Index
    A list of almost 3,800 Freeware programs.
  81. AlterLife Creations
    Alternate's ASCII Artist, Genesis, Alternate's Iris, Alternate's Reality, and Zephyr. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  82. ALTools Free PC Utilities
    ALZip, ALFTP, ALPass, and two Wallpapers.
  83. Alyce's Restaurant Freeware
    Imagine! and WW to CHM Wizard.Added on: 21-Dec-2003
  84. Amalgamating Forums Freeware Applications Listing
    Twenty-four categories with links to about 226 Freeware Applications. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  85. Amateur Radio Freeware by Makoto
    Several Amateur Radio Freewares and Freeware links.
  86. Amazing Planet Games & Puzzles
    Six games and puzzles.
  87. Amiga Software by Paul Kienitz
    About a dozen Amiga programs about ten years old
  88. AMPSoft
    Twelve nice programs and three games by Alberto Martinez Perez.
  89. AsmSource : Assembly Language Programming
    32-bit Windows(19), 16-bit DOS(9). Last Updated : July 08, 2001. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  90. Anabuilder Freeware
    AnaBuilder, 2D-3D-Stereo, Bracketing Merger, Noise Reduction, Users Image Forum, and Phantogram Builder. Added on: 04-Jan-2004
  91. AnalogX
    Five Freeware categories with 86 programs.
  92. Andan Software
    Three Fidonet programs and 60+ Andan programs from the late 1980's and early 1990's.
  93. Anand Sundararajan Downloads
    Slide show maker, dialup companion, OneCgi, dialc.
  94. Anders Isaacson's Software
    BlockCAD, AnkerCAD, Lego, LDraw tools, and cE.
  95. Anders Petersson's Free Software
    Four programs by Anders Petersson-Offline CD Browser, No Hands Backup, PrioSet, and Shared Address Book.
  96. Andreas Amann's Mac Freeware
    Mail Scripts, Eudora Mailbox Cleaner, and Eudora vCard Export.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  97. Andre Barata- Free Software and Photos
    Caixas, XordCast, Pong-Pong, XordAmp-Winamp Skin, op-3d engine, IPChat, Plasma, Zipper, Killeroids, NaveR, 286Scrool, and Photographs.
  98. Andrei Gaceff Freeware
    DefragNT and BruteBenchmark. Added on: 07-Apr-2004
  99. Andrew Berry: My Freeware Programs
    Twelve Freeware programs.
  100. Andrew Fetisov Home Page
    Three programs by Andrew Fetisov- Gillian Cards, Ext2 Researcher, and Boot Configurator.
  101. Andrew Ryzhkov Programs
    KSS, BZPhase, ViewMol3D, Kinka, and OFP.
  102. Andy-Jones Freeware
    Slideshow, ColToHex, IconTex, and Mp3TagEdit.Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  103. Andy's Programming
    User Manager and NT Admin stuff,
  104. Anfy Team Home Page
    Anfy2 program-52 Applets.
  105. Angryziber Software
    IP Scan, Remote Computer Control Center, Utilities(2), Old Programs(5)
  106. Angus's Personal Website- Freeware
    Links to 11 common Freeware programs. Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  107. Anna-Lyse Virtual Secretary
    Anna-Lyse-virtual secretary and announcer.
  108. Annoyances Freeware
    About 35 small programs.
  109. Anonymous Software
    About two dozen interesting small programs.
  110. Ansme Freeware
    Freeware directory-28 categories and many sub-categories. Around 550 links.to Freeware programs and sites.
  111. Antean Software
    Easter Sunday Predictor, Nim, and Rant.
  112. Anthony Appleyard Software
    AAEMACS, WINDFONT, Sea Patrol 1, and Typecase. Plus a page of 3D graphics and small programs. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  113. Anthony Ishkan's Downloads
    Four programs-LeAN OVER , 4-Player Briscola , Win32 OCX control for VB 5/6 , PGE.
  114. Antii Kirjavainen's homepage
    Six programs-FreeMem, Rename 'Em!, Check 'Em!, Specrem, and CD Checker.
  115. Antti Kurenniemi Software
    Matrix screensaver, Find in Files, Image encrypter, System Information, Calendar, World time clock, Color selector, Text to Html converter, and Deep thought generator.
  116. Antiquark Downloads
    A dozen VB and SMS programs.
  117. Antiword
    Antiword program for 12 platforms.
  118. Antp.be Freeware
    Ant Movie Catalog, Ant Renamer, Ant Stratego,and Nim Game. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  119. Antti Karttunen Programs
    Two programs-EdgeDraw and AtomFTP.
  120. AOP Freeware
    Programs from 1993 to 2000.DOS-PLog, MCalc, Six Strings Tune, MCI File Packer, PEnc, PL-Mail, and PGPEd. NIX-PWCount.
  121. Apache Nights
    Links to 15 Freeware websites and six common Freeware programs. Added on: 04-Jan-2004
  122. AppControls
    Nine AppControl programs.
  123. Applied Micros
    MultilogPro (RS232 Logger), DLX96 (Elevator Data Logger, Smart Chart, andRS232 Line Analyser. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  124. Apps by Aaron- PDA Freeware
    Nineteen small apps by Aaron, mostly trackers.
  125. Apps from theACF
    FontList (Word Macro), Friendly Font Namer, Mandelbrot Set viewer (Javascript), and Yet Another ID3 Tagger. Last updated 22 July 2001. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  126. Aptiva Toolbox
    Four common freeware programs. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  127. Arachnoid Freeware
    About Time, DataProspector, JTides, NetworkControl, PLCash, dbEdit, EasyTerm, EasyTuner, File Processor, FTPthing, IcomControl, PHP Script Pages, QuickWatch Check Format Converter, RadioComm, Satellite Finder, SlideProjector, Quoter, and PHP example control program listingAdded on: 31-May-2004
  128. Arbitrary Windows Freeware Links
    More than 40 download sites and several links to freeware apps.
  129. ArcaneWood Software Homepage
    Six programs-LeechFTP, HexEdit, EmEditor, More Properties, NoNetBiosNuke and ICQ.
  130. Arialit Freeware
    Two downloads-XPClock (Clock and Calendar) and Tapping test.
  131. ArJan Software
    Links to about 211 Freeware programs and about 150 websites. Added on: 01-Jun-2004
  132. AR Soft
    AR Editor 2k and AR RAM Disk.
  133. ArsWare
    Nine categories with about 100 downloads. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  134. Artronic Freeware Utilities
    BDViewer - DBBrowser, dbimgISAM, dbimgMyISAM, and W9xStop. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
    Eight( 2D Programs, 3D Programs, Miscellaneous, DTP Programs, Web Programs, Video Programs, Sound Programs, and Graphics Programs) categories with 1000+ links to programs and websites.
  136. Asgard Freeware
    Pong for Nokia Communicator, Toastmaster Meeting Planner, FundBase, and Filesynch. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  137. Ashleigh Gordon's Software
    Free .NET Barcode Control, Free Barcode Report Generator for MS Access, Free MS Access Password Recover Utility, Free Simple Image Resize Utility, and GOCR Frontend for Windows.
  138. Ashoka Kumar Freeware
    Modem Graph, Net Traffic, CPU Monitor, SWS Clock, LapTop Battery Monitor, Online Tester, Yatzzee, Blackjack, and MammaGamma. Added on: 13-Jan-2004
  139. @ractive Windows Freeware
    Twelve @ractive programs.
  140. ASPiSIS Ltd. Software
    Command prompt utilities(30), plus ASM11 (68HC11 assembler) page and ASM8 (68HC08/68HCS08 assembler) page. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  141. ASP Programmers Freeware
    Two products-ASP Secured and ASP Knowledgebase.
  142. Assorted Downloads
    Desert Driver, Maze game, Basic 3D Terrain Scene, Development Tracker, UIN Extracker,Programming Articles, and Music.
  143. Astronomical Free Software Links
    Planet's Visibility, Virtual Atlas of the Moon, Sky Charts, Home Planet, Assorted Downloads, Alphacentauri, Iris, Avis-Fits Viewer, Stellar Magic, Image Tool 3, Niteview, Planetarium Program HNSKY, and six more.
  144. Atlascom Freeware sites
    About 157 links to freeware programs and sites.
  145. Atomic's Downloads
    26 Atomic files. Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  146. Atory Tools
    Five Atory Programs-Messenger Ad Blocker, MailList Manager, Visual Whois, Password Generator, and Whois Inspector.
  147. Auberge Software for Macintosh Computers
    Macintosh Backup and Restore, Home Backup, and Trash.
  148. AudioActive
    Bitrate Calculator, MP3 Decoder, Realtime Hardware Encoder, and Audioactive Player. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  149. AudioMelody
    Twelve categories, 93 downloads.
  150. Audio Right Mark Downloads
    RMAA, RN 3D Sound, Audigy 2 ZS Series Testing Methodology, and Audigy1 Setup Guide
  151. AudioSignal Freeware
    Wave file statistical analysis, Joint Time-Frequency Analysis, Pickup Arm Geometry,and Faulkner.Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  152. Avalon Mist Games and Applications
    Ten games. Two applications: Notebook and Actiview.
  153. AXCEL216's MAX SPEED
    Updates, Patches, Power Tools, Enhancers, File Shrinkers, etc. Many, many, downloads.
  154. AxiomX Software
    Eight AxiomX programs.
  155. Azian Paradise
    Seventy-six Freeware sites links.
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  1. Baalbek-The Altar of Offerings.
    About 40 links to Windows Freeware programs and sites.
  2. BabelStone
    Five scripts, two texts, and two Misc. downloads.
  3. Bactek Software
    Three programs- Right Start Menu, Float menu, MiniApps.
  4. Balthisar Freeware
    Balthisar Tidy for Mac OS X (10.2 and above) and Balthisar Cascade for Windows. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  5. Barbus Software
    DragnHide, Printable Notebook, STEP-by-STEPper, FileBolter, SeekSame, and Puzzle Maker.
  6. BareBones Freeware
    Four programs-DropPS, DVD Player Helper, PopupFuncs, and TextChanger.
  7. Bare Metal Software
    BareGrep and BareTail. Added on: 01-Feb-2004 Hits
  8. BarLaunch
    BarLaunch, Program Launcher, Tab BarLaunch, T-Launch, and RecKey.Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  9. Baroufa Soft
    Zero Footprint Crypt , Matrix Screen Locker, File Splitter, Steilto2 LanChat, Surveillance Mailer, Screen Shot, Xeri Game, and NauuMax Game. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  10. BartDArt Freeware
    Twenty small BartDArt windows programs.
  11. Bart's Boot disks
  12. Bat's Cave Freeware
    Three download categories, 34 downloads, Chat dings, music links.
  13. Battaglia's Freeware Resources
    Links to 106 Freeware websites and about 275 Programs.
  14. Bayden Systems
    21 Bayden Freeware programs. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  15. bCheck's Apps
    HoeKey, Purrint, Rebooter, Capster, Reso, Bmap, IECrap, gen_yar, ToPNG, wherzit, and DevMgr.
  16. Bdr 2004
    E-Motion Deluxe, MovieScreensaver, Urthwurm, and 22 more downloads. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  17. BD Software Developer Tools
    Leor Zolman's STL Error Decryptor, STL Container Initialization Library, ZLPR, BDS C, and Effective STL source code archive. Added on: 09-Dec-2003
  18. Beefy Freeware Games
    Eight games.
  19. Bellsnwhistles.com
    Seventeen categories and 58 programs plus Graphics. Slightly dated.
  20. Bellcraft.com
    CharPackage, DeskBot, and Pixie 1.1.
  21. Belushi Freeware
    Six Belushi programs. Added on: 10-Dec-2003
  22. Benfold.com
    Nine Games. Eight Math/Science programs.
  23. Benny Pederson- Freeware
    Links to about 15 Programs.
  24. BennyWeb - Downloads
    About 60 programs and 100+ games.
  25. Berner Freeware Links
    Thirty-four links to Freeware apps and sites. Added on: 01-May-2004
  26. Bersoft Freeware
    Five Bersoft programs-Image Management, HTML Print, HyperMaker, WebPacker, EasySetup.
  27. Best Freeeware on the Internet
    Links to 60+ freeware programs. Slightly dated.
  28. Best Freeware on the WWW
    About 70 mostly graphics program links. Good selection.
  29. Best of Freeware Showcase
    About 25 categories with links to 41 Freeware programs.Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  30. Bestpcfreeware.com
    Five main categories. About 30 sub-categories. Links to about 140 programs.
  31. Best Pocket PC Tools
    Links to 28 Freeware PC Tools and sites.
  32. BeyondMonkey Software
    Pathbuddy, Asciimilator, and Copwatch.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  33. B. G. Software
    Last Update: 10/07/2001. BGS-Setup, Language Editor, Tests Suite 2000, Calendariamo, WebPad, Program Manger, Mistery, Quick Theme Builder, Impariamo, Indovina, Orologio Digitale, and Casse Matte. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  34. Bible Freeware
    Free Searchable Bibles.
  35. Big Daddy's Math Freeware and Sites
    Addition, Multiplication, and Subtraction drills programs.
  36. Big Feet Software
    Three javascript programs, plus links to about twenty Freeware programs.
  37. Bierens Freeware
    Reminder, Alarm, Synchronize, Loan, and Metric. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  38. Big Bang Enterprises
    Chatstation and Doublekiller. Added on: 07-Jan-2004
  39. Big Titan
    Memory Gutter 2002 and XP. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  40. Bill Gillam's Math Pages
    Two programs-Grafprog and Calc.
  41. Billz Utilz
    About 20 Unix style DOS command line utilities plus links to Linux software.
  42. Binary Insight Downloads
    Signature Cryptographer, Task Manager, and Beatles Pack. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  43. BioEddie's Freeware Programs for 2002
    Fifteen categories, 51 programs.
  44. BitBlaze
    BitBlaze, Dlcounter, Dsnake, and Wormlings. Added on: 05-Apr-2004
  45. Bitbucket Heaven
    Links to about 20 compilers and 60+ other programs. Fair selection.
  46. Blackbit's Freeware Page
    Protocol handler, Netbeans ObjectDock icon, and Dell AccessDirect Hack.Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  47. B Labs Downloads
    Bopup Scanner, Bopup Observer, Bopup Messenger
  48. Blackspider Webware
    Four Black Spider programs-Vizual Einstein ME, Web Tarantula, NetTree Explorer, and Qik Browzer 32. Updated 13 Novenber 2002.
  49. Black Stump
    Fifty Freeware Links.
  50. Blaiz Enterprizes
    Thirty-one freeware downloads.
  51. BlackSun Eclypse Freeware
    Seven Black Sun Programs- Flashtray, Disk Recon, Texefex, Mousotron, ColorMania, and Magnifixer. Plus a short list of links to other freeware.
  52. Bladefist's Freeware Corner
    LightSpeed Website Optimizer Version 1.2 (2003/07/23).
  53. BlakeWare Educational
    Spell Make/Take and Pie Math.
  54. Blat for Windows
    Blat and Getmail for Windows. Last updated January 28, 2002. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  55. Bleeping Computers Freeware Replacements
    24 categories with links to 122 Freeware programs.
  56. Blinkynet Freeware
    TextTally, NetStat, ClassicClipboard, Citadel SafStor, and AnotherTaskManager. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  57. Bloodshed Software
    Five Bloodshed programs-Dev-C++, Dev-Pascal, QuickInstall 2, Avi Creator 1.5, LaserWar, Calc-By-Step, and Fast Cleaner.
  58. Blowfish Advanced CS
    Blowfish Advanced CS, Blowfish Advanced CS Sourcecode, MD5 Checksum, Password Finder, Dummy Cryptfile Generator, CryptPak, and BlowfishJ. Win 95/98/NT/2000. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  59. BlueBit Software
    B Beacon 5.2, MemoryElevator, Blues Player, BBSlowDown, Blue's Port Tool, Blue's Port Scanner, Blue's ConAnalyzer, Blue's Private Chat, CD-Image converter and Misc stuff.
  60. Blueee Software
    Morse a message, Number Puzzle, Tron, Animated cursors.
  61. BlueFive Software
    Twenty-one useful BlueFive WinAll programs
  62. BlueMarsh Java Projects
    Benoit, GraphMaker, JRGrep, and JSwat. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  63. Blue-Series Software
    Splitting, TimeWatch, and Dictionary.
  64. Blue[Shell] Studios.
    devDownloads.phpFour programs- TextTools, VC++ Project Build Cleaner, HPlayer, and VideoFrame.
  65. Blue Vade Freeware
    BlueVade Jukebox, HotKey,and PhotoAlbum. July 2002.
  66. Bmeijer Freeware
    A dozen DOS, 16-bit and 32-bit Bmeijer Windows programs.
  67. BmSofts: My programs
    DevTools and Search-n-replace.
  68. Bo Branten Projects
    Ntifs.h, RomFs, File system drivers, RomFs, SwapFs, FileDisk, and Debian packages. Last modified14-May-2003. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  69. Bob '"Bice'" Eichler's Web Page
    Recording Inventory and Hangman.
  70. Bob Bowman's Freeware List
    A couple hundred links to various types of Freeware.
  71. Bob Crispen Free Software
    Twenty Crispen programs.
  72. Bob Ferguzon Freeware
    Twenty+ games and programs.
  73. Bobo's Applications
    ColorCache, AVIQuick, PTFB 1.06.3, and PTFB Admin.Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  74. Bob Swanson Programs
    Updated October 18, 2001. Two Java and four Win32 programs.
  75. Bob's World's Best Freeware
    About 50 categories with one program each.
  76. Bobyte Freeware
    AviScreen, CombiMovie, AviSplit, AviTricks, and BoxMaker.
  77. Bockelkamp's Homepage
    Eight Dos and six Window's programs.
  78. Bodie's Utilities
    Hi-Fi, Cleaner, Splitter, Viewer, @xtract, Fla-Player, Favorites, and Typing.
  79. Bogus Stuff
    Four programs-KissKill, BoguStub, BogusPING, and BogusPower.
  80. Boltlock
    Encryption/Decryption Program
  81. Bookcase Library- Software Index
    MSDOS, Mac, Unix, Windows 3.x, 95-98, NT. So many programs, I gave up counting them. No Win2K or XP.
  82. Bookmarklets.com
    More than 150 Javascript programs that are system independent.
  83. Boomer Labs 3D Studio MAX Plugins
    Last updated 5/21/03. Beep, Re-Spline, Saturation, and SmoothMat. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  84. Boostware
    Thirty-three Hardware Boost programs. Twenty OS Boost programs.
  85. BooZet's Free Software
    Three Boozet programs-HTML Extractor, BeClean, and Visual CD. Added on: 02-Dec-2003
  86. Boumchalak Software
    rabCaptureScreen, GrabClipSave, ImgBatchR, Insult-Q-Matic, and Spambowl.
  87. BooZet's Free Software
    Three Boozet programs-HTML Extractor, BeClean, and Visual CD.
  88. Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples
    Twenty-nine downloads in 5 categories. Last update: 05/15/00. Added on: 22-Feb-2004
  89. Brandon's Dos Games Database
    Catacomb abyss, JumpJet, 10th Frame Bowling, Catacombs, Pyramids of Egypt, and Mo'Slow. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  90. Brandyware Freeware
    Seven nice little Brandyware Programs-FreeFTP, BabbleMP3, Passkeeper, Viewer Pro, NoHide, Forgot, and StickIt.
  91. BraneStormer
    About 100 links to Freeware. Slightly dated.
  92. Branislav Stofko DOS and Win 95 Freeware
    Two dozen programs.
  93. Brawny Lads Films:Pages List
    BLJoiner and yProxyPro
  94. Bread Site Freeware
    Christian desktop themes, Bibles in several languages, and Christian related utilities. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
  95. Breezin
    Six Programs-URL Spy, CRCheck32, NetConnect, EasyASCII, Skin Installer, and CRChecker.
  96. Brian's PalmOS Device Corner
    AsciiChart, BatMon, CryptoPad, DES Journal, Diddlebug, Due Yesterday, Progect, Projects, and ToDo2Memo.
  97. BriansSoftware Products Page
    Directory Info 3, Directory Info 4, MinApi, Number Converter, Password Retriever, Pythagorus, SketchIT, SketchIT V2, and UKPad. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  98. Bridging the Divide
    About 50 links to Freeware programs.
  99. Brilliant Ignorance- Essential freeware for the PC User
    About 107 ESsential Freeware program links for PC users.
  100. Brixoft Software
    Source Edit, File Courier, and HexSource. Added on: 10-Aug-2004
  101. Broccoli Software Freeware Utilities
    AppDelay, DataVolume, FolderCopy, MixedUp, NetSleuth, Swiper, and SysColour. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  102. Brooble's Freeware
    Tablic', TreePad Size, eml2mbox, and IMAPSize.
  103. Brothercake Audio Freeware
    Six Freeware audio apps. Dated. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  104. Bruce Guthrie's Utilities.
    Seventeen primarily DOS programs.
  105. Bruno Kropp Freeware
    CloseAll, Deltemp, Shellchange.
  106. Brute Force Programming
    MIDImage, Hangman, PushPix, ZIPeeker, and others. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  107. BSoft.dk
    BelleView, CPIE 2002, and FotoFix.
  108. BSoftware P2P Directory
    Links to about 70 P2P apps.
  109. B.T. Square Peg
    Twelve categories. Links to 228 programs.
  110. BTTR Software
    Bootmgr, Drvexch, Fix8X14, St4Dldr. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  111. Bubble Pop Mac Software
    Coloristic, Open Subfolder, TypeShuffler, and With It. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  112. Budd's Chapter
    Links to 13 popular Freeware programs.
  113. Buffington Freeware
    GetCPU(Old)and GetCPU
  114. Bulent Freeware
    Bulent's Screen Recorder and Easy Task Manager.
  115. Bull Freeware for AIX
    Several hundred Freeware programs for AIX 4.3.3, 5.1 and 5.2.
  116. Buster Software
    Four book collections.
  117. Butt Ugly Software
    Password Construction Kit and CleanCache. Added on: 03-Apr-2004
  118. Buzzsaw and Dirms.
    Defrag Programs for Windows NT4, NT2K, and XP. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  119. Buzzy's Stall Wall
    Nine categories, 48 program links.
  120. BWare- Broadcast Related Software
    Thirty-three downloads. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  121. B. W. Fitzpatrick Software
    Subversion, Apache Portable Runtime, Fire, mh-folder-manager.el, broken-keyboard.el, cdlabelgen, and FreeDB.pm. Last modified 27 February, 2002. Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  122. B-Zone Software
    Boergn's 7 programs-Gallery Wizard, Splitz, Buttons & Tiles, Another Lens, Kaosd Rhei, Just Notes!, and Tray-HQ.
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  1. C++, Visual C++ and MFC - Tips and Tricks
    PHP-CHM Generator, FW3 to TXT converter, Normal.dot, Colormetric Lab Work, SerialConfig, Wave In Sensor, List Extractor, Reboot, logoff utilitym, and Movie Encoding Bitrate Calculator.
  2. Calceria Software
    Eight Freeware downloads. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  3. Calel's Free Apps
    Cute Little Audio Player and FolderBan Utility
  4. Calle's Custom Icons
    2333 icons, divided into 64 sets, and 5 Kaleidoscope schemes
  5. Calipso Programs
    Six categories with links to about 30 Freeware programs and websites. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  6. Camtech2000
    Eleven Camtech utilities.
  7. Canadian Content- Freeware
    About 1067 links to Freeware programs in 94 categories.
  8. Canajun A- Free Software and Stuff
    About 50 programs plus Midis and links.
  9. Capitol Hill Lobby Download
    Cache Delete, Pac-Donut, Pac-Man 4.0, and Graf-it 2.0. Last updated July 02, 1997. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  10. Carbon6 Software
    CarboMon, CarbonCap, CarbonAlarm, and CarbonNotes. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  11. Carl Dippel Freeware
    Curver, Tipulator for the Palm, Wasp, eBayTimer, and CopyToClip.
  12. Cash Trrap
    Restaurant Accontuing Software
  13. Caslsoft PDA Freeware
    WeatherCalc, DaysBetween, O'Clock, Jack, Buck Hunt, Password, SongMan, and FilePad.
  14. CastleCops
    Thirty categories with 270 downloads.
  15. Castle Software
    Castle Video Server, SplitImage, Alternity, Character Manager, andDelphi 4 Components. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  16. Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
    About 36 links to free compilers and interpreters. Added on: 24-Jun-2004
  17. Catalyst Production
    Five categries. About 66 programs. Slightly dated.
  18. Caught on the Web Freeware
    Thirty-seven links to Freeware or free services.Added on: 29-Feb-2004
    1291 links to Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  20. CBird Downloads
    Six categories listing 16 CBird programs. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  21. CCY's Home Page Freeware
    OTimer, Wallpaper Changer, Image Viewer, Text Editor, Alarm Clock, Cookies Remover, and HaHaZip. Added on: 31-May-2004
  22. Centrale Freeware
    VDT Safe and Windiz. Added on: 07-Jan-2004
  23. Cerebral Synergy
    Four categories with 77 downloads.
  24. Cetus Freeware
    PUGster, FloppyWord, CWordPad, CNotePad, and AstroExp. Added on: 21-Mar-2004
  25. C-Flash Software
    Simona Planner, Jukebox Tools, FlashSync, FlashScreens, RhDesktop, FlashBackup, FlashLock, Outlook Loader, Outlook Sidebar, Misc Tools, and Developer Tools.
  26. CFS Technologies
    Verschwindibus and Slide . Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  27. CGSecurity Software
    TestDisk, PhotoRec, NTFS Driver, CmosPwd, and Lilo Password.Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  28. Chami Software
    HTML-Kit, TextColorizer, URL2File, WhoIsNot Lite, Favicon Generator, JPEG Compressor, CodeColorizer and LineCounter. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  29. CharlesWinton: Freeware List
    Adobe Acrobat Reader, Cygwin, Tera Term, SSH Secure Shell for Workstations, and WS_FTP LE. Updated January 05, 2003. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  30. ChazHound Freeware Games
    Eight games.
  31. chbs- Open and Free Project Management Tools
    Links to about 35 Project Management Tools
  32. Chelsfield Solutions
    Seven programs-Multi Hash Calculator, Registration Tool, Periodic Table, Colour Picker, RPN Calculator, On-Screen Calipers, and Dependency Walker.
  33. Chemistry Freeware Links
    Links to 17 Freeware Chermistry programs. Added on: 12-Feb-2004
  34. Chesire Freeservers
    PHP Prayer Board, Watch Butter and Calendar-Almanac. Updated July 17, 2003.
  35. Chess Fonts
    Thirty-seven chess fonts.
  36. Chime Software
    Three categories, 15 programs. Added on: 02-Dec-2003
  37. ChipCom.Net
    Links to ChipCom's 28 favorite Freeware programs.
  38. Chime Software
    Three categories, 15 programs.
  39. Chodakowski's Freeware Links
    Links to Chodakowski's 20 Freeware Favorites.
  40. Chris Lavender- Software
    About a dozen common freeware programs. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  41. Chris Long's Program Archive
    TextMorph, Simple Data Backup, Desktop Locker, Tconvert, Quadform, FutCal, and eight DOS programs.
  42. Chris LaRosa'sHome Page
    Imajsite, Mirror, MovieID, and CommandLine Utilities.
  43. Christian Clipart Freeware
    A couple or so Christian clipart downloads.
  44. Christian Freeware
    Bibles and other books.
  45. Cristian G. Amayo- My Applications and Downloads
    XML parser for Java, My Palm synchronize server, and Palm applications.
  46. Chuck's Delphi Pages
    SnapShot and Font View
  47. Chuck's Free software
    Eddie, Timetrack, and Makeclass. Updated July 24, 2002. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  48. Chuck's Software
    Mac freeware Games: Breeder and Spike
  49. Cinnamon Software
    Three Cinnamon programs-File Commander,Talking Alarm Clock, and PovIni.
  50. Citimap Freeware
    MX Tools, Screensaver maker, Combimovie, and Citimap. Last change: November 18th, 2001. Added on: 11-May-2004
  51. Citrusware Free Software
    Simple Dispatcher, CitrusWriter, Proposal Writer and Invoicer. Added on: 13-Dec-2003
  52. CK Soft
    CKRename and CKFolder.
  53. Claros Project
    Claros Webmail, Downloader and Anonymizer.
  54. Clasohm Software
    Unix, Dynamic IP, LeanWeb, Palm, MS Windows, LetMeType, LookupIP, and LeanWeb.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  55. Classic Software
    Shaft, HDD-Researcher, DrCutter, WinSweep, WebSweep, JSweep, Orion, Faust, Shadow, Quark, HSweep, HyperSpy, Scan, OLIB, WTC, and GraphX. Added on: 01-Feb-2004
  56. Classroom Windows Free Gradebook
    Good gradebook program.
  57. Claudiosoft Freeware
    MessageBox and Wave Splitter.Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  58. CleanSoftware.org
    About 70 links to Freeware programs in 5 categories.
  59. Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews
    Fifteen categories of Freeware with links to about 60 Freeware programs and sites. Also 18 online games and a weekly newsletter. Added on: 28-May-2004
  60. ClockDown.com
    Movie, Howard Stern, and Bush Countdown clocks.
  61. CloseToXP Products-Freeware by Gallus
    MacroRunnerXP, CloseToRunXP, One To Six game.
  62. Club CD Freaks Freeware List
    Thirty-seven Freeware categories with about 225 Freeware programs listed.
  63. Clyde's Freeware Links.
    Links to seventy Freeware sites.
  64. Coandco's Launching Pad
    Twelve links to Freeware Downloads.Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  65. Cobian's Free Programs
    Cobian Backup 5.0, Cobian Backup 4.0, Cobian Backup 3.0, CobShield, CobCats (HotCat/CoolCat), and 14 obsolete programs.
  66. Cockos Incorporated
    hl-- weblog system, STD page generation system, LanMon, Tunnel Vision, assniffer, PathSync, NINJAM, Jesusonic, and REAPER.
  67. Coded by Weird
    Java(3), Winapps(6), and Misc(5) Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  68. Code Project Tools
    About 150 Free Programming Tools in seven categories.Added on: 31-May-2004
  69. Coder's Lagoon
    Blowfish Advanced CS, Password Finder, PhelixJ, Phelix.NET, Tiger.NET, BlowfishJ, Blowfish.NET, MD5 Checksum, and Bad Peggy.
  70. Codevisions
    Eleven programs-Mostly mp3 related.
  71. Codexcel
    TimeRanger, WintoWeb, IPNotify, Tower of Hanoi, MathMatic, and IconPump.
  72. Coensoft Freeware
    One game-Quiztris. Three programs-Easter, Encrypt It, and Wininfo.
  73. Coffeecup Freeware
    Twelve programs.
  74. Cogit Apps
    Volume Control, Alarm, Winmail Decoder, Internet Monitor, ShutdownXP, Colors, Random numbers, Calculator, and Word Counter.
  75. Cogitum LC
    Image Co-Tracker and Co-Citer. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  76. Coldegg Free Online Games
    Arcade(34), Action(23), Board(5), Dynamic(8), Sports(5), and Word(5).
  77. Colin Markwell's Freeware
    WebMon and Find Favorites.Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  78. Colin Wilson's Delphi 7 Programs
    Six categories each with multiple program downloads. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  79. CoMa's Freeware List
    About 30 categories with 2000 or so downloads. Nice selection. Last Modified: 06/11/2002.
  80. Comodo Group Free Products
    VerificationEngine, Trustix Enterprise Firewall, Trustix Secure Linux, NOC Monkey, Hacker Guardian Vulnerability Scan, and FreeVPS. Free for one year- Comodo AntiSpam, Comodo Personal Firewall, and Secure Email Certificates.
  81. Compass Computing
    List of Jon's 10 Favorite freeware programs, plus five downloads.
  82. ComponentSoftware
    CS-RCS Pro, CS-RCS Basic, and CSDiff.
  83. Computer Broker Freeware
    About 50 links to Freeware programs and sites in 47 categories.
  84. CompInfo
    About 40 links to download sites.
  85. Comprehensive Non-Commercial Data Compression Programs List
    More than 300 compression programs. Comprehensive indeed!
  86. CompuCheap Downloads
    Fifteen useful Windows Freeware Programs. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  87. Compufiles Freeware
    Twelve categories with 357 programs. Nice selection. Some spyware.
  88. Compufinity Freeware
    About 30 links to recommended Freeware programs and 30 links to other Freeware sites.
  89. Compu-Help 100% Free Software downloads
    Links to about 30 Freeware programs or sites. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  90. Computer Basics and Beyond Downloads
    Twelve categories with links to 112 Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  91. Computer Ease Freeware
    Seven Categories with links to 61 Freeware programs. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  92. ComputerPranks.com:Funny Software
    139 funny Freeware programs.
  93. Contact Plus Freeware
    More Space Sanitizer, Task Plus, Spam Buster, More Space, Countdown!, CountdownTimer, MoniDIR, Quick Info, and Bible Plus.
  94. Cool Free Software
    Six programs-FontSuite, CoolAp, The Atomic Screensaver 2, Wordsearch v1.1, Chords v1.1, and Fractal Artist v1.0.
  95. Cool Programs for Windows
    Four common Freeware programs. Updated 1-1-2000.
  96. Coolwintools
    MapOfChars, web-images-html, t-clock, magicplayer, alhademictetrix and alhademic balls.
  97. Conware Pro
    IconArt and InterChat3. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  98. Cookie's Place Other Programs
    Game Maker, Persistence Of Vision, Moray, MPEG Mediator, and Virtual Dub.
  99. Cookie's Programs
    EZ Edit, EZ Memo, Ini Edit, and Password Keeper.Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  100. Coolshare
    Java applets, beans, applications, sxreen cavers and utilities. Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  101. Copper Laboratories Projects
    Bezier, Kinematic, ArtPRO, and Dusty.Added on: 19-Mar-2004
  102. Cosmic Freeware
    Eighteen common Freeware programs.Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  103. Cosmin Freeware
    Globex, Icon Viewer, Color Detector, and Tzintar.Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  104. CPU Dragon Free Download Sites
    About 30 links to Freeware programs.
  105. Craig Software
    Links to 98 uncategorized Freeware programs. Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  106. Craig's Software Download Page
    Editor2 and about two dozen ScreenSavers.Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  107. CrankyPuter Software
    List of about a dozen favorite freewares.
  108. Crapware
    43 jC's freeware utilities.
  109. Crazy Crap
    Nineteen mostly prank programs.
  110. Creative Endeavers- Must Have Freeware Programs
    About a dozen common Freeware programs. Added on: 05-Feb-2004
  111. Cree8UK Freeware
    Four Downloads-DeskPlan, Syslock, Remindisk, AgentSpeak-Free Version.
  112. Cromoteca Freeware
    Isaac, ColorApplets, JLauncher, and Flowers Ishido. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  113. CThing Downloads
    Meazure 2.0 and eLaunch 1.0.
  114. Cuddlefish Freeware
    About 21 popular Freeware program links.
  115. Curry Freeware
    Modem Graph, Net Traffic, CPU Monitor, SWS Clock, Laptop Battery Monitor, Online Tester, Yatzzee, Blackjack, and Mammagamma. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  116. Cushat - Freeware page
    DWGicon.dll, ScanDir, TDwgPreview, c_prev, Linnet, Slide2, PLFC, DefaultUser, Moonstruck, and Wieldy. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  117. Custom Fit Software
    Color Coder, Hotmail Popper, Periodic Library, Renamer, and ReplaceEm. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  118. Custom Sboftware
    Dimension Analysis and Book Reader.
  119. Custom Software Development Freeware
    Hide All, AutoPics, Hosts Editor, Show Find Computers..., Control Web, and Kill ActiveSync.Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  120. CyberCell C0dUrs C0mmUnItY
    TableCreator, Fast Link, Fast File List, Sub_Res, xVCDiVx, and PersonalMovie DataBase.
  121. Cyberjones Freeware
    Three programs-MathsII, Print Lite, and Test Printer.
  122. CyGuy's- My Favorite Freewares
    About 16 common Freeware programs.Added on: 05-Feb-2004
  123. Cybervertex
    Three programs-AutoNumLock, Directory to File Program, and WinMeasure.
  124. Cylog Software
    Utilities(9), Ganes(8), Graphics(6), Online Games(3).
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  1. Daan Systems Free Stuff
    |ped|, Diskwriter, Avi2Bmp, Visual Studio Project Renamer, Bmp2Tab, and Papia. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  2. Dadsproject
    Front end for PsTools, The Amazing (flexible) Memory Game, and the Dutch talking Learning Clock.
  3. [da] Freeware
    KBC, Easy CD-Tray, GUI UPX Compressor, The-Ad Police, Quick Deployment Wizard, Service Controller XP, Dr. System, Easy Uninstaller, and Shareware Cheater.
  4. Dale Harris Educational Software
    Word Search, Spell Check, Harris Test Reading Series, Harris Test Question Sets, Harris Test, Grade Book, Cypher Solver, Crossword Helper, and Cash Register. Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  5. DanceMammal Downloads
    20 DanceMammal Freeware programs. Added on: 11-May-2004
  6. Daniel Codres-Web Site
    Video2Photo, NetFileSend, ezWebTranslator, AVI2JPEG, XIrc, and FastAV.
  7. Dan'S Motorcycle Free Software Programs
    Thirty-six common freeware programs.
  8. Darbak Programs
    CryptMage, MegaMil, Fortune, FortCL, and Scrub.
  9. Darek Freeware
    Blue Bird, Hungry Yogi, and Hunt for stars. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  10. Dariusz Zamlynski Free Software Games
    Four Games-Blue Bird, Hungry Yogi, Hunt for Stars, and Border Patrol. Monitor Tester.
  11. Dark Avenger's Site
    HeadAC3he, MPEG2Cut, InstCodec, Libmmd DLL, Azid DLL, plus 15 dlls and 5 obsolete programs. Added on: 31-May-2004
  12. Dark Street Development
    Website Mentor,Utility Suite PRO 1, JS Utility Suite, HTML CipHer, and Meta Tag Expert
  13. Dart's Freeware
    PmRTF and BinClock.
  14. Datastic Freeware
    Color Cop, Meta Carpenter, Unmess, and Power Cart. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  15. David Defoort Software
    eAuction Watcher, Clickie, and Mole Calc. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  16. Dave's Cave Free Software
    Two downloads- Really Useful Calculator and MyPictures Screen Saver.
  17. Dave's Freeware
    Excalibur Calculator, Solitude, Scopa, and Trackwords. Win95, 98, NT.
  18. Dave's MVS Mainframe Freeware
    Five categories, 39 programs.
  19. Dave Source Marginal Hacks
    About fifty Marginal Hacks Programs.
  20. Dave's Roborat Freeware
    Twenty-two Dave's Freeware Roborat programs in four categories. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  21. Dave's Website Software
    XMLEditPro, XMLEditPro, StockBuddy, MAPIViewer, and Outlook Shutdown. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  22. David & Cecilia Taylor's Web pages
    Five categories with 25 programs.
  23. Davide aka Bash Freeware
    UNDOReg , Harvester, Me Gustas Tu, CacoDemone, etna.sh, and randsig.sh.
  24. Davide Libenzi Home Page
    Links to 20 programs, five papers, and tons of assorted computer-related links.
  25. David Pye- My Freeware
    Lotto Calculator, Simple Budget, Simple Password, Search Page, Jokebook, Javascript Vault(700+), GIF Vault(7,500+), and Nokia Logo Vault(4,000). Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  26. David's Downloads
    Very Cool Digital Clock, AMD CPU Identifier, Get Your IP address, Adapter Watch, IP Net Info tool, System Info Tool [no install], ATnotes, Tiny DOS, 3D Tracert Tool, Win XP Key Viewer, CPU Speed, Servant Salamander, Stop-Watch, Playlist Maker, Disk Space Explorer, Cryp crap, and Scribble Notes to Yourself.
  27. Dazzling Software Downloads
    Dazzling Events, VB AddIn: Dazzling Project Explorer, VB AddIn: Code Inserter, and UTP Wiring Tutorial.
  28. DBH Software
    HTML Calendar Generator, PMail delete, and HTML Color Code. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  29. D-Bross Products
    Voicer, UPnP Gateway Traffic Monitor, Whois, SSHProxy, Cyr95NT, HTMLEdit, Sockter, ICQSend, ViewAllWindows, countL, Dos2Win, and ShutDown.
  30. DC Software
    Four programs-CDRCue Cuesheet Editor, RegEditX, Long Filename Finder and GoalTime.
  31. DDD Pty Ltd Freeware
    Powerbullet, SwiffRec, and MyType Added on: 11-May-2004
  32. Dead Pirate Software
    SimpleCam and WDMViewer.
  33. DeathBoy[NuKE]'s Applications
    KiLLCMOS, KiLLCMOS32, CarmaView32, SRGenie, Kaway, and others.
  34. DeathStroke's Software
    Windowhtml and Connection Manager. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  35. Debugmode Freeware
    Six downloads-WinMorph, Morphing Editor, Wink Tutorial/Presentation Creator, Wax Media Editor, PluginPac Suite of Plugins, Image Compression Toolbox, and DisC Decompilation Wizard. Last Modified - 08 Nov 2002
  36. Decent Downloads
    Seven categories. Pretty good variety. 150+ Downloads.
  37. Dejal Classic Freeware
    Older Mac OS Freeware- Quoter FKEY, SndRecorde, { Wrap } FKEY, SndCollector, SimCity Bank, SimTower Bank, MacCheckers, Beep FKEY, Message FKEY, Say It FKEY, Shutdown FKEY, Volume Setter FKEY, 5-6-7 extension, and Greetings extension. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
  38. Delabs Freeware News
    Frequently updated news about Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 31-Mar-2004
  39. Delayed Reaction Downloads for Windows
    Final Word, 1769 King James Bible, FileSearcher, Alarm Clock, Web Page Checker, Conversions, Mileages, Logbook Database/Calculator for Windows, and Excel 97 Workbook (for truck drivers). Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  40. Delorie Software
    Zip Picker, Compatibility Viewer, Purifier, Lynx Viewer, Counter, Password Mgr, Server Goodies, Icon Catalog, The Ace of Penguins, Hex Calculator, Bookstore, WebChess, TicTacToe, and Mazes.
    Around 1,100 freeware Delphi programs.
  42. Delphi for Fun Programs
    147 fun Delphi programs. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  43. Delphi Freeware
    SendToAny, PGMail and FrameFun.Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  44. Delphi Freeware- Alexander B. Bokovikov
    Twenty-two downloads in 8 categories.Last updated 10/28/2002
  45. Demosten Freeware
    Sixteen home-made programs including CDR Tools FE, daSniff, Show Traffic, and Resource Extractor.
  46. Denis Moskvin: Utilities
    SMS sender, BAT-XML, HTMLCyrSymbols, CSI Hash OCX, Explorer DB, Toolbar, and Label printer.
  47. Denis Zabiyako Freeware
    DZ Icon Collector, KOI8-U EPack, WinKiller, and Total Password Generator. Added on: 15-Jan-2004
  48. Derelick's Freeware
    Three derelict written programs-ClearIcon, Chg Tags, and CDTimer.
  49. DesignWorkz Innovations
    ImageXYZ, Logo Creator, Text to Pic Creator, and Barcode Maker.
  50. Desk Top
    Desktop pictures, textures, wallpapers and icons.
  51. desktopApps
    menuApp, audioApp, and monitorApp
  52. Deviantart
    Nice selection,414 downloads.
  53. Devon Technologies Apple Freeware
    AntiWordService, Blue Service, Calc Service, EasyFind, Hot Service, Photostickies, ThumbsUp, Word Service, and XMenu. Added on: 19-Jan-2004
  54. DEW Associates Corporation
    About 61 programs. Click on Useful Tools and Utilities.
  55. Dev4PC Windows Installer Authoring Tools
    Installer2GO and Setup2GO. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  56. DevBuzz Pocket PC Freeware
    103 Freeware PPC applications.
  57. Diamond CS Console Tools
    Fifteen Freeware Console Tools. Added on: 31-May-2004
  58. Dibeneditto's Freeware Programs to Stop PopUps
    Twenty-one Freeware Popup stoppers. Added on: 30-Jun-2004
  59. Diefer.de Freeware
    SpeedswitchXP, I8kfan, and DiceRTE. Added on: 05-Apr-2004
  60. Diego Amicabile's Home Page
    Eight home-made freeware programs-Discola Briscola, YATT, Folder Tree Creator, Simple Timetable Manager, Gutenberg Reader, Play With Graphs, Stop IE & Observer.
  61. Dienhart Free Software
    Daboo DBISAM Maintenance, Daboo DBISAM Maintenance 4, Perl Scripts, and JavatScript and Perl snippets.
  62. DigiCraft Software
    Yak and Web Notepad. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  63. Digital Dreams Software
    MP3 Renamer, Hermes Messenger, Folder Counter, and DreamKeys. Last updated 12-04-00. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  64. Digi-dl Freeware Programs
    DL Shredde, CrazySlots, D-LOK, Tips, and ICM.
  65. Digital Detective
    Snapview, FavURLview, AIM Password Decryption, Registry Info Extravtor, Text2Hex, Date Time Decoder, Access Password Decryptor, MD5 Hashing Tools, Web Date, Stealer, and CookieView.
  66. Digital Downloads
    Six categories and 46 downloads, plus Freeware game links.
  67. Digi Tallis Developments
    SplashKiller, Kill your SplashScreens!, ResizeEnable, Turn non-resizeable windows into resizeable windows!, ShortPopUp,and Bubbles.
  68. Digital Liquid Freeware
    Five home-made programs-Quadrapong, Auto Installer, The Great Kazoo, Liquid Saver, and Just Shoot the Thing.
  69. Digital Nowhere Downloads
    Thirty-two categories with 87 downloads. Nice site.
  70. Digitalroom
    Call Trace and Font Explorer for Developers. Digital Syndicate
    Font View and Still View.
  71. Dilian's Freeware
    STARTUP Folders and Download Viewer
  72. Dillon's Fifty Freeware Favourites
    Dillon's Fifty Favorite Freewares.Last updated 13 November 2002.
  73. Dilonardo Software
    Dilonardo Music and Audio Tools, Left and Right Extractor, Dilonardo 3D Photos, Dilonardo Photos Mix, Dilonardo Game Edit, Games, Sergio2, and Tests.
  74. Dimin Software Downloads
    Twenty-six programs in four categories. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  75. Directory Net Freeware Developers
    About a hundred links to freeware developer sites.
  76. Directory of Freeware Applications
    Seven main categories with around 435 links to Freeware sites and programs.
  77. DirFile
    Eleven categories, 4100 downloads.
  78. Dirkie's Freeware Program Files
    Nineteen programs written by Dirkie.
  79. Dirk Loss: Windows-Tools on CD-ROM
    Almost 400 links to utilities that can be run directly from CD-ROM. Last update on 2005-07-22
  80. Dirk Paehl Freeware
    Simplyzip, Zipsfx, Sfx-Header, Easysplit, and Turbo Winmd5. Added on: 14-Mar-2004
  81. Disipal Designs Downloads
    Eleven categories and 140 downloads. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  82. Disoriented Labs Software
    Three Disoriented Labs programs-FreeExtractor, IESpy, and DiskWrite.
  83. Dissenting Pebble
    Six programs by Scott-Color Picker, File Lister, Hide Window, Reveal, SClock,and SWRU.
  84. Distortions.com
    Jason Miller's Windows 95 programs- Add/Remove Cleaner, Pagehost,and Pagedit Legacy.
  85. Diversions Software Freeware Games
    WinDog, Prairie Dog Hunt PRO 97, Caleb, and StarTex.
  86. DLSoftware
    DLBackup, DLSplit, DLTypes, and Icons.
  87. DMonix Software
    BattleX, Codex, HTTP Debugger, Oracle Doc. Gen., Oracle Session Man., and Timex.
  88. DMOZ - Open Directory Project
    Many, many Freeware links.
  89. dnSoft
    RAR Password Cracker, Iconic Tray, and XNote Stopwatch. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  90. DNet8M Downloads
    DoBot AI and Said Random Sentence Generator.
  91. DNSoft.be Freeware
    DelgaBatt, CarbuCheck, Delgado Desktop, Loca Watch, Any List, Loca Watch LE, DN Chrono ® Pro LE, VS MRU List Reset, and nDVD.
  92. Dodell Freeware Page
    Updated June 13, 2002. Links to 8 common Windows Freeware programs.
  93. Dog Breath Services
    EZ JavaScript, SoftNik: Good KeyWords, A Smaller Image, Paper Photo Cube, PrePromote, Webpage-O-Matic, and 4 free Ebooks. Added on: 31-May-2004
  94. DoggerDog's Freeware Favorites
    Five common Freware programs. Added on: 01-May-2004
  95. Dominetrix Software
    WinServices, CheckFolder, WinTools, Lupas Rename, and WinModules.
  96. Domino Computing Services
    A Little HTML, Ashley's Screensaver Hotspots, Picker, and Chess Helper.
  97. Don A. Neeper
    Three programs for Win3.1 and five programs for Win95 and NT. Last updated August 8, 2000.
  98. Donkey's Stable
    Toolbar Paint and RadASM IDEAddins. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  99. Don's Programs
    Nine windows programs, two DOS programs and one ActiveX control, all by Don.
  100. Door Games- Freeware
    About 165 Door programs.
  101. Dors.de
    RazorLame and RazorBlade
  102. DOS commands, Batch and Freeware
    DOS commands, Batch and Freeware
  103. DOS Diagnostic Tools
    About 40 DOS diagnostic tool in 11 categories.
  104. DOS Freeware
    Slide and Menulib
  105. dosgames.com
    320 DOS games plus six essential DOS utilities.
  106. DOS-The Really Old Stuff
    About 18 Freeware DOS games. Some Shareware also.
  107. DOS Toys
    Nineteen utilities for Old DOS or Win95, 98 or NT/2000 console. Last updated July 2001.
  108. Dot Xls
    Six Excel Categories with 82 templates.
  109. Doug's Apps
    TreeLine, FlyWay, ConvertAll, rpCalc, and rpcCalc
  110. Doug's Open Source
    Cpp2Verilog, Molecular Dynamics, Doug's NewsReader, and Doug's RSI Editor.
  111. Dougworld Downloads
    NumberMP3s, IEResize, mrMP3, IE5skinner, randomSoundz, Clipcase. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  112. Doug Wyatts Mac Freeware
    AliasesToLinks, RCSControl, SuperPopup, FixCiv.INIT, Jitter Analyzer, and Modem Jammer. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
    Almost 7,800 Freeware downloads.
  114. Downloads for Zoners
    About 120 popular freeware downloads.
  115. Download Free Games
    PacMan, Space Invaders, GeneRally, Firestones, Hearts, Spades, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, America's Army, Chicken Invaders, Scorched Earth, The Genera, l BZ Flag, FreeCiv, Attila, GeoPuzzle, and Tux Typing. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  116. Download Free Unix Software
    PW-Reset and BindMon. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  117. Download Freeware Getgames
    About 60 freeware programs with good descriptions.
  118. Download Junkie
    Ten categories, about 105 programs.
  119. Download Useful Freeware
    Nine Windows programs by Alex Fauland.
  120. Dpaehl Freeware
    WaveSplit, Bchunker, CD/DVD COPY, AUDIO-CD, MP3Converter, MP3 Encoder, DROPCD, and CDR-TOOLS. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  121. DPS Freeware
    Transferer and Dead Pixel Checker. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  122. DPT Software
    Twenty-five old to very old Freeware programs.
  123. Dr Bill's Software
    Twenty-six unsorted programs. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  124. DreamBreed Freeware
    DreamBirthday, DreamKana, and MultiDistribution. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  125. DreamLAN Freeware
    Nwsnake, sapmon, schema, sortfile, smtp, rmLicIRF, ndsrep, license, fsutils, and binpass. Added on: 29-May-2004
  126. Dr Hoilby
    HobRes32, CatchColor, OpenGL Infos, Explorer Patch (256 colors TrayIcons), HobComment Explorer Extension, Mouse Jail, Who Lock Me ?, LockWindows (NEW), and ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plug'In (NEW)
    More than 70,000 drivers to download.
  128. DRK Software
    Daphne, DRKSpider, TCP/IP Builder, NoCache, and DRKSocketSniffer.
  129. Droopy Eyes Software
    Popup Killer, Wav compressor, deBold, DIB controls, and FastStrings. Added on: 31-May-2004
  130. DRZeus
    MooPlayer, CD Explorer, Disk space, Share kill, WBSD, openvpn-initscripts, openvpn-server, OpenSync,initscripts-generic, and initscripts-vpn.
  131. DSB Associates
    GifClean32, VisiMapperPro LITE, and Html2Printf
  132. DSK Freeware Games
    Five Freeware Games-Sectors of Death, Dave Gnukem, Liero, Chub Gam 3D: Directors Cut, and Sk8park 2.
  133. DuBaron Freeware
    Seventeen programs. Slightly dated.
  134. Dunfordsoft Windows Tools
    DBRepair, AutoExecute, PDThumbs, and ImageGallery. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  135. Dunway Enterprises Links to Free Software
    38 links to Freeware Programs.
  136. Dutchman Freeware Links
    About 100 links to Freeware programs and sites. Last updated 04/02/2002.
  137. Dutch's Software
    Five programs by Dutch-Dutch's Conversions, HTML Body Tag Colors, Wallpaper Changer, Image Viewer, and Sound Player.
  138. Duxbury Systems Freeware
    Swift, Duxbury Braille TrueType Fonts, Edgar, Perky Duck, and Scrub.
  139. DVDF Tools
    DVD Decrypter, SmartRipper, and Burn At Once.
  140. Dx13 Programs
    ShellOn v3, dWall, dClock, and Sharpe. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  141. Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts
    DHTML scripts in 15 categories.
  142. Dynamic Freeware
    WebTasks, Tabmachine, and Quickpage
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  1. EagleSoarTech Freeware
    Birthday Keeper and Sermon Keeper. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  2. Early Years Freeware
    Twenty-five links to Freeware for children. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  3. Easyfreeware
    Ten categories, about 50 downloads. Slightly dated.
  4. Ebook Tools by Vangelis Dimou
    vBookSorter, vPowerGet.NET, vPowerGet, vListComparer2 ( & vLC Companion by Dukelupus ), ListMaker, and vHtmlMerger
  5. eConsultant Freeware List
    300+ Links to Freeware programs that solve common problems.
  6. Ed Barlow's Sybase Tools
    Sybase Tools, SQSH, and Perl with Sybperl. Added on: 03-Feb-2004
  7. EdenSoft Products
    My Logo and PopUpCop.Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  8. Edgemeal Software
    Nine Edgemeal Windows programs.
  9. Edskes Software Suite
    Maze, Create a Maze, Do Sums, Stunt Helicopter, Tanks, Race and more.
  10. Educational Freeware.com
    10+ Educational Freeware Links.
  11. Educational Freeware for Macintosh computers
    Seventeen Freeware Education downloads. Added on: 06-Feb-2004
  12. Educational Freewares of 2001
    Thirty-two links to Freeware Educational programs and websites. Added on: 06-Feb-2004
  13. Education Freeware-Recommended
    Linux, Windows, and Apple Education Freeware.
  14. Educational Programs
    Twenty educational freeware programs for Win 95,98.
  15. Educational Software Index
    17 Windows, DOS and MAC programs, mainly math related.
  16. Egnu-Free Software list
    139 Freeware program links.
  17. Eiffel Freeware Programs and Libraries
    A dozen links to Eiffel utilities.
  18. Eitang MyProgs.
    25 Freeware downloads.
  19. eKstreme- Free Software for Your Computer
    Links to about 20 Freeware programs.
  20. Elbiah Freeware
    Flight sim tools,general tools, and mail and news tools.
  21. Electronic Cosmo
    MPEG Suite 2001, CD Menu '99, Download Script Maker, TrayMenu, Voodoo 2 Clock-I, and Vivo Player/DX Beta 1
  22. Electric Cooking Freeware
    About twenty Freeware programs and ebooks.
  23. Elentaris I.T. Ltd
    Wall Paper Helper, Techinfo, Etext, Random, NT Filemonitor, Wintail, and Colour Theme Helper
  24. Elfima Products
    Elfima Notepad, Elfima Pastel, and Elfima Memo.
  25. EHS Freeware
    Environmental Health Safety downloads and databases
  26. Electronics Software
    Thirty-seven links to software.
  27. Elias Fotinis Freeware
    DeskPins, ExplViewFix, Google's Greek Fixer, OverDisk, TakeNote, and ToggleRes. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  28. ElmuSoft Download page
    Win MultiEnhancer, OE & Opera Virus Protection, PTBSync Atomic Clock Synchronization and Organizer and Trayclock, Java Script Collection, Universal Startdisk, Encrypter, Telephone Alarm, File & Folder Date Changer, and LAN Online Checker. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  29. Elphin Freeware
    URLMenu, CleanEx, and StampVer.
  30. Emerald City Fontwerks Freeware
    Seven free fonts.
  31. emm.ie - freeware
    Thirty-five categories, 150 downloads.
  32. Emsa Freeware
    Emsa Logical 5, EZMem Optimizer, Emsa Time Synchronizer, Emsa Time Synchronizer, CD Tray Pal, CD Tray Pal, CD Tray Pal, and Emsa FlexInfo Pro. Added on: 11-May-2004
  33. Emulators Online
    Apple Macintosh Emulation, Atari ST Emulation, Atari 8-bit Emulation, Utilities,and Beta Releases.
  34. Emurasoft Products
    EmFTP, Replace in Files, EmAvi, Block Breaker (Game), Emlith (Game), and EmPipe (Game)
  35. Endem Software
    Duax 98 Lite, Duax 95, Allacs, WebStart, Copy-it Lite, and Colcod. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  36. Engage Security Freeware
    Eagle X, Engage packet builder, PassGenCE, IDScenter, and LiTe Packet sniffer.
  37. Engraved On His Hands- Freeware
    Links to 57 Freeware [rograms and sites.
  38. Enig Tools
    Chemistry Assistant, Periodic Table of the Elements, and Change Code Page. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  39. Environmental Freeware
    Fourteen environmental tools.
  40. Environmental Science Freeware
    EuroSEM, DGT Induced Fluxes, and more. Added on: 09-Jun-2004
  41. Epsilon Squared
    InstallWatch and InstallRite Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  42. Equi4 Software
    Metakit, Tclkit, Starkits, and CatFish. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  43. Eric Brombaugh's Mac Freeware
    DSKA 1.5, gui-fft 1.0, GUI3210, and MacKnitPat. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  44. Erik Dienske...Free Software Projects
    Abakt...A Backup Tool and ecc...Erik's Code Collection Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  45. Eric Phelps Real Programs
    Twenty-one Eric Phelps Freeware Programs. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  46. Eric's programs
    ReadForYou, SmartKeys, SmartClip, and QuickInput.
  47. Erisian Ware
    Tranglos freeware-KeyNote, KookieJar, Oubliette, and GUIDClean.
  48. Erunt and NTRegopt
    Erunt and NTRegopt
  49. ESCape Products Page
    Secrets Project, FlexTimer Series 3, Winamp Remote Control Project, Easy Stofanet Connector
  50. Esoft Software
    Soft, Devilmaze II, Insects Invasion, Ogorodnik 1.8, ZipMaster and Quicknet. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  51. Essential Software
    Around 60 programs.
  52. ETE Free Entertainment Center
    MP3 Finder, Kazaa LimeWire Companion, Lord of Search, Kazaa Booster, Artisan CD & DVD Burner, Sun CD & DVD Burner, AFreeRipper, AFreeConverter, Artisan DVD & DivX Player, Glory Player, and AdvancedDVDPlayer.
    Around 2000 freeware palm apps.
  54. Eurosoft Freeware
    Calendar Magic, Fifteen Magic, Waffle Magic, and Algorithm of the Gods. Added on: 31-May-2004
  55. Everything Free. Free Software.
    Twenty common links to Freeware programs.
    Archive of almost every version of every web browser.
  57. Excessive Software
    Power Defragmenter GUI 2.0, AdBlock Filterlist, External Control, Infiltration Recovery Tool, Xtra Windows Stability, NTFS Streams Eraser, and Norton Rapid Updater.
  58. Executive Software Freeware
    Three programs:Windows-Deleted File Analysis Utility, OpenVMS-Fragmentation Analysis Utility and IO Wait monitor.
  59. ExEntryC's Home Page
    Junior and Calculator.
  60. Exif Software
    EXIF Viewer, 6502, Character Map, FontView, CFN, TTViewer, and Workspace.
  61. Exits.ro Free Security Software
    Index.dat Viewer, Cookie Guard, Homepage Monitor, and Stop NetSend. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  62. ExtraLan Free Stuff
    More than thirty links to Freeware in 5 categories.
  63. Extreme Productions Freeware
    ExtremePad and Extreme Dice. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  64. Exuberant Software
    98 SE Service Pack, ME Service Pack, and Power Archiver 6.11 Update. Added on: 14-Mar-2004
  65. Eyebrowse Software
    Eyebrowse and Eyebrowse Lite
  66. EZitWare Software
    EZit Birthday Announcer and EZitPhone. Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  67. Ezze Freeware
    Inventory, MujltitaskIcones, TextEdit, AlarmRendevous, clock, CalculatorTVA, Euroconvert, CurrencyConvert, UtilsStars, Fonts, and HoursCalculator.
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  1. F2.org Windows Freeware
    Fifteen categories. Decent selection.
  2. FaborBox Cool Software
    KeyNote, Metapad, Systray Player, TrayMenu, Opera, SmartFTP, and Magic Mail Monitor. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  3. FalconWorks Software
    Inno Scripter, MultiMedia Viewer, KwazyKubes, WallPaver, and PlayMaster. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  4. Falseidle
    Consolable, Mad Cow 2, Memory, and Quick Clock. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  5. Falsin Software
    FirstCap and RandomScreensaver. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  6. Family Games Freeware Lane
    Eight games, four tutor programs, and two screensavers.
  7. FastStone Freeware
    Image Viewer, Screen Capture, Photo Resizer, 4in1 Browser, Player and Pacman.
  8. Fat Bill's Page of Links to Windows95/98 Freeware
    9 catefgories with 900+ links to downloads
  9. Fellner's Software
    Tom's eTextReader, Tom's Spider, Tom's EuroConvert, MahJongg, Master Mind, Memory Pads. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  10. File Converters
    Converters-140+. Mostly DOS, some Windows(25).
  11. File Hungry- Freeware
    Links to Freeware programs in Linux(33), PDA(49), MAC(35), and Windows(5148)
  12. FileRecovery.Biz
    BootMaster Partition Recovery & Rescue Disks, ntfsUndelete, ZefrJPG, Word Document Recovery, F-PROT for DOS Installer/Updater, and Clean Start Floppy Disk Boot Driver. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  13. Files for Free
    Seven categories with links to about 30 common Freeware programs.
  14. Final Builds Site
    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, QuickTime Alternative, Real Alternative, VideoLAN, TMPGEnc, eMule, Nero CD-DVD Speed, NOD32 Anti-Virus, WinRAR, WinAce, DirectX, IrfanView, WinAmp, Ad-aware, and Skype. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  15. FindApp.com Freeware
    Ten categories- Lnks to 295 freeware applications. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  16. Firebolt Freeware
    Fire Client, Fire Portal, To Do : Daily Planner, Fire Start, Fire Server, and Fire Quest. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  17. Firewall Guide Freeware
    A dozen free security programs.
  18. Fi's Favorite Freeware and Tools
    Four categories with links to 21 common freeware programs.
  19. Fish's Home Page
    AdCruncher Proxy, Windows GUI Interface for Hercules, ClockMon, and excerpts from several books. Added on: 31-May-2004
  20. Fitarelli Free Software
    Data Modeler 0.31 Alpha and Process Modeler for Pocket PC 2002.
  21. Fix IE Online
    Internet Explorer PageFix, DownloadFix, LogoFix, and TitleFix.
  22. FlashFXP Freeware
    FlashSFV, NetStat, GIF Optimizer, Xtract Pak, FlashIT, and GoAgent. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  23. Flashpeak Software
    Slim Browser, BlazeFtp, FtpSearch, SlimList, Russian Square, IntelliEdit, and AgileMail.
  24. Flashware
    Autores, SCVoice, Num2Text, and SMSWare.
  25. FlipWorld-FlipWare
    Fourteen Flip programs. Last updated 11/01/2000.
  26. Flop Stuff
    Sequence, Gauger, DOSIcom, Quad, Exitwin, and WinX.
  27. Florian Bomer's Postcardware
    Ten programs by Florian Bomer.
  28. Flo's Freeware
    Textview, metapath, Regdel, and Misc. Tools. Last updated January 14, 2002. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  29. Fluid Studios Freeware
    FSRaid, Radiosity Processor, Color Picker, Locker, Desktop Zoom Utility, FontGen, and SkelGen.
  30. FmjSoft Freeware
    Specter, dmAmp, Url2Html, and Mpb. Added on: 29-Dec-2003
  31. Foosland Links to Freeware
    Windows(50+), Palm(14),Foosland(8). Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  32. Foundstone Free Tools
    Five categories, 28 tools in one download.
  33. Fourmilab
    Unix, Windows and Palm Utilities.
  34. Foxware Software
    Sticky Note Organizer, Digi-Pad , Time Bomb, and Countdown.
  35. Franey's Software Page!
    Two programs-Freecell with Tetris and Manufacturer's Customer Cost proposal System.
  36. Frank & Gini'S Freewares
    Gini'S Software Manager, Gini'S Computer Terms, Gini's Short Stories, and Gini's Reader Window. Added on: 01-May-2004
  37. Franke's Freeware
    Eight programs by Sam Francke and about 50 other program links.
  38. Frank's Freeware Site
    Around 150 links in 28 categories to Freeware programs and sites with explanations and some screen shots.
  39. Frank Webster Freeware
    AGF, Minesweeper, and Piccer
  40. Freddys Free Utilities
    Password Generator, YahRooLS, Emotion Creator, SMarTPost, and Smiley Utility. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
    Themes(36,000+), Screensavers(16,000+), Wallpaper(16,000+), Outlook Stationery(7,200+), Mouse Pointer(910+), Background(620+), Incredimail(620+) and more. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  42. Free Acorn Software by Peter Hartley
    AADraw, Automaton Wars, CheckWeb, Enla, ExtrasLib, InterGif, JTL (Just The Linux), ManyFonts, and Sort Your MP3s. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  43. FreeApps
    Four programs-GetInTrans, CD Library, EasyPlay, Modern Kitchen and CD Inspector.
  44. Free Background Textures(4702)
    Background Textures(4,702), Web Graphics(10,000), Fonts(6,800).
  45. Frebieware
    32-bit and 16-bit screensaver, and a few DOS programs.
  46. Free Backup Software
    Back2zip and JustZIPit.
  47. FreebieList.com
    32-bit and 16-bit screensaver, and a few DOS programs.
  48. FreeBits
    About a dozen categories with a couple hundred links to apps with descriptions. Nice selection.
  49. Free Brain Games Software
    A couple dozen games and puzzles.
  50. Free Bubbles Freeware
    Lazy Mirror, WAssociate, TailIIS, WSendString, and WPostCmd. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  51. Free Buttons
    ButtonArtist, Buttonmania, Buttonz, DeKnop, xButton, and ZPaint.
    A dozen Freebyte programs plus 13 other categories with loads of free software. Seventy-six links to Freeware sites.
  53. FreeCad Software
    Abot 340 Free cad programs in 9 categories.
  54. Freecenter Freeware
    About 20 programs, some Adware.
  55. Free Chess Programs
    About 50 chess programs.
  56. Free Codecs
    Free audio and video codecs, codec packs and tools.
  57. Free Computer Books
    Many books and many tutorials on many computer topics.
  58. Free Country
    Lots of Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources.
  59. Freecreed Favorite Freeware
    Twenty-nine common Freeware programs.
  60. Free Delphi Site
    Free XML parser.
  61. Free Dezign
    Ten Freedesign programs for Windows 95.
  62. Free DOS Project
    Base, List, Compilers, GUI, Editors, Network, and Utilities.
  63. Free Downloads Center
    Two categories, 30 programs. Last updated January 18, 1998.
  64. FreeDownloadSite
    About 270 freeware programs in eight categories. Some Mac and Linux.
  65. Free eBookman Software
    Fifteen eBookman programs.
  66. F.Egger Programs
    Link Master and Tile!. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  67. Free Evaluation and Repair Tools
    Bobby, the Wave, A-Prompt and Dreamweaver extensions.
  68. Free Fancy Freeware
    Six categories, links to 25 popular freeware programs.
  69. Free Feast Freeware
    Nineteen categories and 310 propgrams. Nice selection.
  70. Free Font Fiesta
    Many links to font sites.
  71. Freegraphics Software
    Links to 16 free graphics programs.
  72. Free Graphics Software
    Quickphone, CountDown Anytime for computer and homepage, Funny Voice, and SuperBob.
  73. Freehound Win 95,98, NT Freeware
    Ten categories and about 60 subcategories of Windows Freeware. Dated.
  74. Free Internet Software
    Eleven main categories, 132 subcategories. Loads of Freeware. Win95,NT.
  75. Free Kids Music
    Lots of entertaining and engaging children's songs done very well.
  76. Free Lame Software
    About 100 Freeware programs which support or use the LAME encoder.
  77. Free Language Translating Dictionary
    Free dictionaries.
  78. Freelink Freeware
    139 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  79. Freelinks 2001 Most wanted freeware programs
    40 links to Freeware programs.
    Free music software categorized by Operating System-Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Macintosh, DOS, Linux, OS/2, Atari, and BeOS. Lots of programs.
  81. Freenett
    Nine categories, 59 downloads. Out of date.
  82. Free PC and Online Games
    Online game links.
  83. FreEPOC
    Macro5, Clipboard History (EPOC), MyNotes, and FastBackup (EPOC). Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  84. Free PC MIDI software
    About 100 programs for non-commercial use.
  85. Free Programs by TSG
    More than 4200 links to sites and software.
  86. Free-Programs.com
    About 100 links to programs and websites.
  87. Free Real Player Legacy Software Archive
    Older free versions of Rea lPlayer. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  88. Freereports
    Eight popular freeware programs.
  89. Free (Screen) Saver.com
    PC-15 categories, 1600 screensavers, plus 102 MAC screensavers.
  90. Free Serif Freeware
    PhotoPlus, PagePlus, Webplus, DrawPlus, and 3DPlus.
  91. Free Series 60 Software
    Utility, game, and application links. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  92. FreeSite.com: Free Software
    Eighteen categories,191 downloads, 50 of them screensavers.
  93. FreeSoft
    AudioPlayer, Beta Software, Font Lister, HTML Compress, IE5 Address Bar Editor, Meta Gen, Tray Launch, and X-Gen.
  94. Free Software
    Ken Laninga's 66 favorite freeware programs.
  95. Free Software (2)
    Doug Muth's freeware-Furball, Loadpaw, Nibbler, PHP DB Driver, PHP MySQL Driver, PHP Postgres Driver, Scurry, Virtusergen, and Woodchuck.
  96. Free Software by A. Madeira
    WebCounter, ServerStat, JPEG Viewer, XIU, Real Time Log Viewer, BackUpUtil, IE Favorites Check, Carteiro, WCTeditor, and Mail Light. Added on: 31-May-2004
  97. Free Software by Doug Muth
    Doug Muth's freeware-Furball, Loadpaw, Nibbler, PHP DB Driver, PHP MySQL Driver, PHP Postgres Driver, Scurry, Virtusergen, and Woodchuck. Added on: 04-Dec-2003
  98. Free Software for DOS
    Over 1,000 DOS programs.
  99. Free Software from Larry McDavid
    Index, Reminder, and Balance. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  100. Free Software by Lawrence Goetz
    About 20 Lawrence Goetz programs, mostly for kids.
  101. Free Software by Mark Overmars
    Game Maker, Drawing, Child Proof, Drape, Motion Game, Tangram, and Lego RCXCC.
  102. Free Software by Scott Craig
    Solar Data Plotting software, Connect Time Monitor, Fish Tank Data, Aquarium Unit Conversion, and Aquarium Data Manager. Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  103. Free Software Developer
    CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, MP3 WAV Converter, and WMA MP3 Converter. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  104. Free Software Downloads
    AutoRealm, Songbird Suite, and Utilities.
  105. Free Software-By R*KOM
    Payroll federal tax calculator mailing list, Check writer, Payment calculator, and Note writer.
  106. Free Software Downloads.
    More than a hubdred free downloads.
  107. Free Software Free Downloads
    Thirteen categories. 639 Freeware downloads. Infrequently updated.
  108. Free Software from Bruce Perens
    United States street map(2.6gb), Electric Fence, BusyBox, Qmail-to-Mailman, and Web Log Analyzer Driver.
  109. Free Software I've Written
    AutoEject and DiskLock for Windows 95.
  110. Freestop Freeware
    Six categories, 50+ programs.
  111. Free Software Tools
    Twenty-one Freeware programs by Sofnik.
  112. Free Statistical Software
    About 175 software packages.
  113. Freestuff.grok
    vb81, QuoteRight, SnapList, and ZXText2P. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  114. FreeStuffer.Com
    27 categories and about 200 programs.
  115. Freetoall Downloads
    Wallpaper Desktop and Grabzilla.
  116. Free Tools
    Lots of categories. Good selections.
  117. Free Tools- Vico Biscotti
    Fsync, Fsplit, and Wait. Dec 17, 2002 last update.
  118. FreeTurtles.com
    Speed-o-meter, MP3 Burner, Audio Converter, Load Tester, and Internet Dialer.
  119. Free Unix Software
    Ten Unix programs.
  120. Free War
    208 links to mostly Freeware programs and websites.
  121. Freeware4 1AndAll
    About 23 common freeware program links. Updated 1-07-2001.
  122. Freeware4U
    Fourteen categories, about 155 programs. 100+ fonts.
  123. Freeware Aid's Freeware Guide
    Nine categpries with links to about 450 freeware programs.
  124. Freeware and Free-DOS related stuff
    Thirteen DOS programs. Added on: 19-Jan-2004
  125. Freewareapps.com
    Ten categories with 12 Freeware apps and growing.
    129 Categories. 965 files. And the Freeware Book.
  127. Freeware at AbleStable
    Sixteen PC freeware and 9 Mac freeware programs.
  128. Freeware- Best Windows Open Source Program and Freewares
    Really Slick ScreenSavers, Analog, YahooPOPs!, Password Safe, OpenOffice, Putty, Egoboo, GLtron, WinSCP2, FileZilla, XChat, CDex, and Mozilla.
  129. Freeware by Alex Vallat
    Twenty-three programs. Slightly dated.
  130. Freeware by A.P. Sugunan
    Swiftlet Linx, Swiftlet MIDI Editor, LR1 Parser Table Generator, and Curve plotter. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  131. Freeware by Christian Maas
    Eleven programs by Christian Maas
  132. Freeware by David K. Gasaway
    Dslma and LogoSchemes
  133. Freeware by Finn Ekberg Christiansen and Delphi
    Three categories, 18 programs by Finn.
  134. Freeware by Mario Ferrari
    TurboRisk and Chords.
  135. Freeware by Michael Best
    Sanscrit Fonts and Utilities. Last updated May 03, 2000.Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  136. Freeware by Mikey Goldman.
    Cd Organizer2, Password Cracker, Kill The Files that don't Delete, Password Organizer, Gnutella .56, ShortCuts Program, and Dont 4Get to P O T.
  137. Freeware by Petr Mikulik
    Eighteen Mikulik Freeware programs, mostly DOS. Last update: February 2002.
  138. Freeware by RAE
    A dozen programs for Win95/98/NT.
  139. Freeware by Steve Seymour
    About 20 Freeware programs by Steven Seymour. Added on: 05-Feb-2004
  140. Freeware Cricket Games
    All the Freeware Cricket Games.
  141. Freeware Daily: Archives
    Forty-four programs. Last updated March 2002.
  142. Freeware Delphi Component Reviews
    TFileInfo, TCoolTray, TGIFImage, THHComp (HTMLHelp), TNapsterFree, TPrintPreview, TLUCombo & TLUEdit, TSMDBGrid ,rmControls, and TPJCBView. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  143. Freeware Downloads
    Seven categories, 50+ programs.
  144. Freeware Eldorado
    Six categories, 26 games.
  145. Freeware Email Notification Tools
    Five email notification tools.
  146. Freeware Esoterica-Tarot & Playing Card Divination
    Thirty-one Tarot and Card programs.
  147. Freeware Everywhere
    Eight categories with several programs in each. No longer being updated.
  148. Freeware Favorites by Richard Gunn
    Links to 10 common Freeware programs.Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  149. Freeware File and Password Recovery Solutions
    Hard Drive Recovery(22), Deleted File Recovery(12), CD and DVD Recovery(4), Floppy Recovery(6), Zip Drive and Digital Camera Recovery(4), Corrupt File Recovery(19), and Password Recovery(33).
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  151. Freeware Finder
    About 118 links to Freeware in various categories.
    Around 1,000 links to freeware programs in 5 categories.
  153. Freeware for certification-unlocked smartphones
    Twenty-nine smartphone freeware programs.
  154. Freeware for Computer Media
    Thirteen Computer Media related freeware programs.
  155. Freeware for Palm OS
    VFSRegister and TeaPot. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  156. Freeware for Palm Pilot
    About 30 Palm Pilot freeware programs.
  157. Freeware4PC
    Fourteen categories with 876 Freeware downloads.
  158. Freeware Fortress
    Eight caTegories and about 80 programs.
  159. Freeware for Teachers
    Links to about 20 Freeware programs in 5 categories.
  160. Freeware for TRX-Manager by F6DEX
    Soft990, FCC_Call, DbfToAdif Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  161. Freeware for You- Programs For Webmasters
    Thirty-seven categories with links to 177 Freeware programs.
  162. Freeware for Win3x
    Ten categories. About 250 programs.
  163. Freeware for Win 9x/2k
    Twenty-seven programs uncategorised.
  164. Freeware for Windows NT/2000/95/98/Me
    Active Ports, Active ShutDown, Active CPU and five more.
  165. Freeware from Anodyne
    XferRate, SoftErr, SampInfo, FixAif, DBLspeed, Convert, CheckRTC, and CDBench. Added on: 29-May-2004
  166. Freeware from the net
    Eleven common freeware programs. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  167. Freeware Gamer
    Twenty caregories and 180 games.
  168. Freeware Games
    Ninety-seven games in several categories.
  169. Freeware Gaming
    Ten categories, 36 games.
  170. Freeware Gems for Mac OS X
    mi, Fugu, XAbiWord, GyazMail, GNUMail, SBook5, XShelf, Huevos, MyMind, and more.
  171. Freeware Graveyard
    Close to 40 programs.
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  173. Freeware Guru
    Thirty-eight links to the best Freeware sites.
  174. Freeware Hall of Fame
    About a hundred old Windows and DOS programs.
  175. Freewarehits.de
    About 90 programs.
    Many categories. Loads of good freeware.
  177. Freeware Humpherlinks
    Sixty-plus kids games and 24 utilities.
  178. Freeware Index
    About a half dozen categories and around 100 programs.
  179. Freewarejava.com
    Java applets(812), java scripts(5).
  180. Freeware Lagoon
    Byakhee, Neko, X-Wing, Half Life, Fun Stuff, and Need for Speed III. Last updated 13 August 2000. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
    1700 freeware programs in ten categioriues, with many sub-categories. Also browse by platform.
  182. Freeware List for SPARC and Solaris 8
    There are so many Freeware links listed on this site that I just don't have time to count them.
  183. Freeware Macintiosh Utilities
    Links to a dozen Macintosh Freeware Utilities.
    Eight main categories. Lots of freeware.
  185. Freeware Network
    Lots of categories. Not many programs in them.
  186. Freeware Network Tools and Utilities
    FreePortScanner, Whois, Ip2CountryResolver, Share Alarm, Finger, TrafficEmulator, SpotAuditor, Http Traffic Generator, FreeSnmp, FreeNetEnumerator, RegAuditor, BhoScanner, ArpCacheWatch, IpDnsResolver, SmartLogAnalyzer, IeCacheExplorer.exe, and DnsEye.
  187. Freeware News
    Reviews of Freeware programs and sites, updated about a dozen times a month. Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  188. Freeware Nexus Downloads
    UPXShell, Windel, RunTime, and VerPopup. Dos- Quotetxt.
  189. Freeware Nugget Mine
    Atomic Clock Synchronisation, Colour Wheel, Password Generator, Picture File Automatic Namer, Directory Tree Copier, and Zeroed File Finder.
    Around a thousand downloads in ten categories
  191. Freeware Outpost
    Six categories, 22 programs.
    Lots of categories. Loads of programs.
  193. Freeware Page-Manas Tungare
    XButton, Flash Word, Decompile Protector, and CleanHTML.
  194. Freeware PC Bible Directory
    A half dozen links to Freware PC Bibles
  195. Freeware Pocket PC
    Nineteen categories with 1076 Freeware PPC programs.
  196. Freeware PPC Ratings Extracted and Sorted
    305 programs rated. Last updated 12/4/04.
  197. Freeware Popup Programs
    Links to 22 Freeware popup stoppers. Updated: May 17, 2003
    Lots of categories. Lots of selections.
  199. Freeware Products by Clickfire
    Rapid Deployment, Metty Meta Tag Maker, and Wallop.
  200. Freeware Programs
    Hide My Favorites, Word Whomp Zapper, Hide Me!, I-Spy, and Save My Desktop!
  201. Freeware programs by Jacob Boerema
    Transcript, plus links to five Freeware programs and six websites. Added on: 31-May-2004
  202. Freeware Programs, Utilities, Games - Big Freeware List
    Links to about 2000 Freeware programs, utilities, and games.
  203. Freeware.prv.pl/
    Windows Configurator and Directory Lister.
  204. Freeware Simulations in Physiology
    Three freeware simulations.
  205. Freewaresite.com
    Dictionaries, screensavers, and wallpapers.
  206. Freeware Software by Bálint Tóth
    Bali's Calc, C64ASM, DosInfo, Formula, Primes, Stefi, Ascii Textfile Master, and C64Progs: Two Commodore 64 Programs. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  207. Freeware Software House
    Seven common freeware programs.
  208. Freeware Software Sam Francke
    CheckURL, CPick, T2T, kd, CSVdb, YAMS, DeKnop, and RKopie.
  209. Freewarestop.com
    Eleven categories. 220 programs.
  210. Freeware Suggestions under Windows
    Freeware programs to set up a computer, plus 129 replies.
  211. Freeware.tcnorge
    Access, Identd, Misc, and SquidGuard.
  212. Freeware Tools by Jim Peters
    Ten freeware tools.
  213. Freeware Tools for Selling
    About a dozen tools.
  214. Freewaretoolz
    Fourteen common Freeware tools. Last updated June 23, 2001.
  215. Freeware Town
    10 categories with 100 downloads each.
  216. Freeware Unix Programs
    Emacs, Bash, Elm, Perl, Amanda, Swatch, Sysinfo, and Adrian Cockcroft's Rules & Tools. Added on: 23-Dec-2003
  217. Freeware updates
    Updates of more than 2000 freeware tools and games
  218. Freeware Utilities by GdP Software
    WaitFileComplete, WaitForFile, FileLink, imgThumb, and WatchDirectoryFr
  219. Freeware, very good Freeware.
    Nine categories with links to 47 Freeware programs
  220. Freeware Web 2001
    Net Transport, Amaya, Off By One Browser, Foxmail, and Multires.
    Lots of categories, loads of Freeware.
    About 12,000 freeware programs from around the world.
  223. Freeway Games
    Colonia, Coin Flipper, Hamster Bash, and UBoat.
  224. Freewebs by Yue_Hong
    iTweak and Winwall.
  225. Free Web Space
    192 free webspace providers. Added on: 15-May-2004
  226. Free windows software by Finn Ekberg Christiansen and Delphi
    Eighteen programs.
  227. Free World Group
    Nineteen games. Thirteen emulators.
    Business & Office(266), Development and Web Subcategories(245), Graphics and Imaging(319), Home and Education(227), Internet(658), Multimedia(283), Security(298), and System Utilities(466) Freewr delivers the goods. Great Freeware source.
  229. Freezerware
    Eleven Freezerware programs.
  230. Free Website Helper
    About 50 links to website sunmission services, tools, and resources. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
    Fifty+ categories, 1116 programs.
  232. Frell's Freeware
    About 240 links to Freeware in a variety of categories. Nice list.
  233. Fresh Devices
    Fresh UI, Fresh Diagnose, and Fresh Download.
  234. Freshly Squeezed Freeware
    ABExtract, MailJuicer, Recent Tunes, BackLight, Memogram, SOAPStock, and Terminal Pal. Mac OS X
    BeOS(142), MacOS(186), MacOS X(925), Microsoft(3334), OS Independent(4592), OS/2(127), Other OS(154), PalmOS(144), POSIX(15956), and Unix(1613).
  236. Fresh Software Freeware
    Port Magic, DirSpace, AntiGen, BusJack, and NotSoBig.
  237. Frettt's Freeware Archiv
    Fifty-seven links to Freeware programs in 18 categories.
  238. Fridgesoft Downloads
    HarddiskOgg, OdoPlus, Shadenow, ISP-GCC Mark II and Registry Saver.
  239. Friendly Software
    FPinger, FChat, FWatcher, FViewer, FInventory, FClock, and Download+.
  240. Frisky Freeware for Mac OS X
    Ten categories, 324 links to Mac Freeware programs. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  241. From Within Software
    TextBath, Cleave, FindUPX, PlayWAV, and Entitize. Added on: 21-Mar-2004
  242. Frogman Freeware
    A dozen fairly common programs.
    2,684 programs in about twenty categories.
  244. F-Soft
    Three categories, 54 programs. Slightly dated.
  245. Full Circuit Freeware
    Zip Search, Phone Book, HPGLfix, Printer Changer, Lan Message, Lan Dial, ToDo list, and Mail Filter. Added on: 09-Jun-2004
  246. FullXML Freeware
    Msxml4 Sp2, Peter's XML Editor, XMLmind Editor (standard edition), Crimson editor, Tortoise CVS 1.4.5, FileZilla FTP, DBDesigner 4, and CamStudio. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  247. Fully Registered Freeware
    Reel Trivia, Email Address Validator, Arthaus Photoalbum Wizard, and Interactive JPEG Optimizer. Added on: 15-Feb-2004
  248. Funbit
    Seventeen common freeware downloads.
  249. Fun Browser Freeware
    Twelve custom browsers and two programs.
  250. Funduc
    Count Characters, Decode Shell Extension, DupBlock, Folder Synchronize Script Editor, Limit Edit, HexView, INI to Registry, FS ZIP Extractor, TZAdjust, DBComp, SR Regular Expression Wizard, Word Search and Replace, Excel Search and Replace, and PowerPoint Search and Replace Added on: 04-Dec-2003
  251. FunkyToad Freeware
    ZonedOut and Hoster.
  252. Fush Free Software
    Links to 35 freeware programs and websites.
  253. Fusion Freeware
    Utils, NetSync, CDCheck and Four in a row. Added on: 11-Jan-2004Fusion Software
    Destop Magic and Multidesk.
  254. Futuristic Software & Computing Group's Freeware
    My Button Maker, My Saver, Screen Savers, Resource Memory Display, Terminate, Describe, and CCD. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  255. Fuzzy Duck
    Fuzzy Duck Note Tab, Cops n' Robbers, and Fuzzy Duck News Feed Reeder.
  256. Fuzzy Logic Freeware
    Fuzzy logic program.
  257. FX Sound
    DFX 7.3 Audio Enhancer and MP3 Remix 3.0.
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  1. Gabi Martau's Software
    EnRo Dictionary, Total Uninstall, and IconsCollector.Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  2. GabrielePonti Software
    Restart, Send To Toys, and Zorro.Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  3. Gack Apps Palm Freeware
    Kwik-Jot and IV Nurse Rounds.
  4. Galaxy Web Design Downloads
    Kap-R, Apperception, and Side-by-Side.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  5. Gallery of Open Source Unix Software
    13 categories, many subcategories, tons of programs
    More than 1000 freeware PC games.
  7. Games by Lee Blum
    Cult, Cult II: Federal Crime, Nuclear Detterence, Letris, and MemGame.
  8. Gammadyne's Free Software
    Backup9 Utility, Connection Keeper, DocPad, Dels, Fcmp, GPatch, GS, Numlines, Sizeof, Sleep, and WOL.
  9. Gaping Wolf Games
    HalfLight: Anniversary Edition, HalfLight: Crusade, G-Fighter, Project Yiff-X!, and Hunter's Law.
  10. Garbo Utility Collection.
    About 40 utilities, most from the late 80's and early 90's.
  11. Garoosoft Freeware
    Ghrone and Kang Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  12. Garth's FreeWare
    Links to about a dozen freeware programs. Last updated Dec, 2002.
  13. Gary and Owena Freeware Games
    Super Breakout, Super Fruit, World Atlas, and Bonk the Gonk. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  14. Gary Beene's Freeware Information Center
    Twelve categories and about 300 programs, plus 11 Gary Beene programs.
  15. Gasanov Freeware
    PopOops, Mp3ListShellEx, IPTCInfo ActiveX, EXIFInfo ActiveX, and VBScroll.Added on: 03-Feb-2004
  16. Gav's Freeware Productions
    Stop Watch/Timer, Digital Bubble-Wrap, Complogger, and Winamp Skins. Last Edited: 11 November 2002.
  17. Gazette Downloads
    About 200 Freeware programs in seven categories. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  18. GD Freeware
    File Manager, DIZDIR, File editor, EASYMENU, ARCTOOL, File spell checker, and Text Editor. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  19. G.D.G.Software
    GSfx Wizard, AniTuner, GSplit, GConvert, Paquet Builder, and HTML Executable.
  20. Geek Hideout
    HTML Color Blender and Parallel Port Monitor.
  21. Geminisoft
    Pimmy and Proxy Server. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  22. Genealogy Search Freeware
    About 30 links to Genealogy Freeware programs and websites. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  23. Gennady Feldman's Freeware Collection
    About 60 links to freeware sites.
  24. Gensler Freeware
    MOO menu system, Kaleidoscope Screen Saver, Windows Editor, Grades, Tic-tac-toe, and Instructional programs. Added on: 21-Mar-2004
  25. Geometry Freeware
    Links to 191 freeware sites and programs.
  26. Geophysical Freeware
    Ten links to Geophysical Freeware sites.
  27. George Jopling's Website
    Computer Quiz and Computer Quiz Writer.
  28. George Rupp's Celestial Navigation Freeware
    Planning, Sky Charts, and Single LOPs.
  29. Geosoft Freeware
    GEODisk2, Address Book Manager, RegInfo, and HOSTS File Manager. Added on: 31-May-2004
  30. Gerhard Kalab's Freeware for Win9x/NT/2000
    FolderSync, makeZip, Cron, and PythonEclipse.
  31. GFW Freeware Software
    Global Pets '98, Global Cheats, GFW Wall Changer, BMP to Ascii, GFW Friend Viewer, and seven more. Dated.
  32. GFWR Software
    Countdown, Convert II, Reminder, 2 Do, Cryptic, and Alarm. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  33. GhostHunter Software
    Cryptools(8), Patchers(4), Other(12). Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  34. Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview.
    Ghostscript, Ghostview, GSview, and more. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  35. Ghostware
    Activity Registration, BannerBanner, PasswordSafe, and TrayClock.
  36. Gilles Vollant Software
    BootPart, Extract, ReadFile, Asbench, and Other tools.
  37. Giulio Ferrari's Homepage
    Around 20 programs.
  38. GizmoZone.com
    ScreenSavers and themes.
  39. Glenn Delahoy's Freeware
    Setup, Post Office, Ping Service, NetChat, Move Data, Jukebox, Inbox, Auto Run, Who Is, and Auto FTP. Added on: 11-May-2004
  40. GLH Software
    Encrypted Button Generator for PayPal, Group Mailer, and Password Keeper. Added on: 21-Dec-2003
  41. Glowing Tubes Favorite Win 98 Freeware
    About 30 links to Freeware programs.
  42. Gman
    Cool Alarm and System Lock.
  43. Gmg Design
    XLog and EasyServ
  44. GNUWin II
    Sixteen categories, 134 programs.
  45. GnuWin32 Packages
    About 150 GNUWin Packeges for download and install
  46. GoblinEye Programs
    Apps- Pause&Resume, Notes, and YKill. Games- Duck Hunting, 2D Particle System, 2D Particle System 2, Rubik Cube Clone, and Backgammon. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  47. GoHeer Products
    TaskSwitcher, CPUMON, PassGen, Keyboard Shortcuts,View Fonts, and TCP Traceroute.
  48. Goingware Freeware for Mac ans Beos
    About a dozen programs.
  49. Go Inside Windows 98 Freeware
    Santa Fred, Happy Fred, and Hangman Deluxe. Win 95,98. Updated August 10, 1998
  50. Golden Hawk Freeware
    CD-R applications for MSDOS- CD2CD, CD2FILE and FILE2CD, DISK2CD, and CDTOOLS. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  51. Gone Bowlin'-Myfreeware
    Tim's Yahtzee, Eagle RS-2000 Calculator, and AleJenJes Countdown Timer.
    Thirty Directories with many sub-directories with tons of downloads. Added on: 10-Feb-200
  53. Good Tools
    About 30 Good Tools.
  54. Google Web Directory Freeware
    Google's freeware directory. Lot of links.
  55. Goosee Best of the Best Freeware
    About thirty Freeware programs.
  56. Gorden Reynolds-Software Downloads
    Ten Gordon Reynolds programs. Last Modified 03/11/2003.
  57. Gordon's freeware
    Four games. Twenty programs and 15 more mathematical programs.
  58. Go Statistics Freeware Applications
    Go Tournaments and Go Games
  59. Gotlk Pages
    BeSpeak 5, DigiRig, PixFile, and Psion software. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  60. Graphic Paradise-Tools and Utilities
    About 80 programs and more than 150 games and some screensavers. All links are June/01/2002 updated.
  61. GRC Freeware
    Twenty-six security programs and downloads.
  62. Great Freeware
    Links to 29 common Freeware programs
  63. GreatMikey's Freeware
    AutoRunner II, Commander, BlackJack, Remote Shutdown, Cataloger, Mountain Screen Saver, andParticles.
  64. Greeneclipse Software
    Four categories. Thirteen programs: CabExplorer, EclipseCrossword, EclipsePackager2000, EclipseHelp, GetRight Tools, StickyPad, EclipsePalette, EclipseStyle, EclipseBlocks, Glyphs, Lunchbreak Adventures, Stocks and Shares, and EclipseUI.
  65. Gregg's Site
    Project Time Manager, Movie Lister, GMud, Music Man, and Gunner. Added on: 14-May-2004
  66. Greg's FreeWare Projects Page
    Smail, Host, NewSyslog, BSD Vacation V2, and Fingerd. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
    More than 1,000 freeware listings. Some adult.
  68. Greg's Software
    Cheap Country Finder, Census32 Explorer, Html Peeker, CatHtml Right, Zip Peeker, Sentmail for NewsWin, RegEnum, Explore For files, Checksum32, Instant Version Info, Version Peeker, Instant Shortcut Path, IP Ad blocker, Active.dis reader, Priority Launcher, Url Shortcuts To Clipboard, and Tiny Unzipper. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  69. Greg Wolking's Home Page
    Scroller, MultiRen, CrackUp, RoboType 2, FileAlbum, ContextEdit, and ListZapper.
  70. Grey Olltwit's Freeware
    44 games. About 50 programs.
  71. GRL Technology
    RealSafety, Library, ASD 2002, Real8085, and RealHidden
  72. Groan-Zone Freeware
    Picker, Font View, Web Tester, Iview, Calendar, and Cats and Ladders. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  73. Groone's Software
    Macroer, KwikPik, Password Store, and Recipe Holder
  74. Groups Favorite Freeware Collection
    About 60 categories with a total of 75 programs. Pretty good selection.
  75. GryphonWare
    Last update on 07/11/99. Rename-It, RgbHex, NoteMaid, and NewMacStartup. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  76. Guido's Tech Corner
    Jpegcrop, FixPix, 1stGuide, MPEG_SYS, jpeg-ari, jpeg-bin, and imgtools. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  77. Guillaume Dargaud's Freeware
    Seveteen Freeware programs writteb by Guillaume Dargaud.
  78. GUIStuff Free GUIs
    Several GUIs.
  79. Guitar Online
    Metronome and Tuner.(For PC and Mac) Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  80. Gunther Nagler's MIDI Utilities
    GNMIDI, GNMIDFMT, GNMixer, GNIStyle, GNKnow, and MIDI parser.Last update 16 Oct 2002. Several midi compositions.
  81. GypC's Freeware Collection
    Fourteen programs. Last Updated: December 25th, 1997
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  1. Habit Software
    Attend, Chores, Font Tap, Form Parser, HABCal,HABClean, HABEdit, HABfiles, HABit Tidy, HABMon, HABPad, HABExam, Icon Tap, Karaoke Manager, Quiztime, NameCase, Reflect, TreeSize, Vocab, WinFind, and WordStar Converter.
  2. Hack Freeware
    Binto Ascii, Thunbnailer, XSynch, PNGSnapshot, GEnPallet, LargeImage, FileNBExt, RoolLog, ImDim, PaneltoForm, and DeadPixel. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  3. Hagai.com
    Bug 2000 Checker, Screen Saver Loader, CD Changer, Clock, Shut Down, CD Autorun, Boot Editor, Menu, Boost, Counter 2000, 3D Manipulator, IconView, and IconEdit.
  4. Hahn Technology
    AutoMode, BigTime, CopyCat, and RoboTest.
  5. "Hallo northern sky" Freeware
    Free HNSKY Planetarium Software. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  6. Hal's Stuff Downloads
    Links to Hal's 27 favorite Freeware programs.
  7. Hammerhead Music Freeware
    Eleven Rhythm programs.
  8. Handybits.com
    Zip&Go, EasyCrypto Deluxe, File Shredder, VirusScan Integrator, Voice Mail pop, and Voice Mail for Kids.
  9. Hans Egebo Software
    Mandel and Pattern
  10. Hamsin Freeware
    Hamsin Clock, Clip0board, and Lines game. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  11. Hans Nelisse's Freeware
    FTPupload, hacp, bytecount, CD_text_src, hirc, syslog, kbdtua and 5 DOS programs. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  12. Happles Free Software Homepage
    Secrets Project, FlexTimer Series 3, Winamp Remote Control Project, and ESCape.
  13. Harman2K
    WebEdit 2002 and SoundList 2003. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  14. Harmless Lion's Den
    SEga, Gameboy, Linux, MSDOS, MUF, OnHand, Playstation, TI99/4A, and Windows software.
  15. Harmony Hollow Software
    Thirteen freeware programs.
  16. Harmware Downloads
    sTile, Batch Thumbs, and Rip-Zip. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  17. Hasiversum Downloads
    Color Converter, Resource Viewer, and Miscellaneous. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  18. Hawes Free Unix Software
    Seventeen Unix Programs by Richard L. Hawes. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  19. Hawkeye Tech Freeware
    Hawkeye ShellInit and Hawkeye Base Converter.
  20. Hawk Freeware Software
    HawkNL, Hawkvoice, GLTrace, and Hawk engine. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  21. Hawk Games and Emulator
    48 downloads in six categories.
  22. Haywire Freeware
    Zdu, mkautosmb, and Zap. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  23. Haztek Software
    Eleven programs.
  24. Headstrong Software
    WebClicker, ICQr Information, ID3KILL, OFCC, and Other Projects. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  25. HeadThirst Downloads
    QuickMem Server, Quickmem Greek, Font Character Locator, TeamPlayer, and Christian Family Services Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  26. Heimetli Software
    ModuleDemo and Splitter. Added on: 15-Feb-2004
  27. Helamonster's- My Freeware
    Thirteen programs and five game utilities. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  28. Helicon Software
    TeamIntegrator, HeliconFocus, NoiseFilter, HeliconMap, SystemAnalyzer, EassyButton, and Optimizer. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  29. HelpWare Downloads
    A dozen Helpware downloads.
  30. Herbotech Software
    Mac OS-X Cocoa Software: SumFun, Weather, and DNZ Reader. AutoBase for Palm OS: AutoBase and Note. Other Palm OS Software: Alarming and MacPuzToPil. Newton Software: SuperCalc, PowerOff, NED Calc, DateSum, WordWar and NoteBut. OSX 9: Simon and HOTicker
  31. Herrmanns Stern
    Mapivi, Mafima, Mapiso, Cascadix, and Other Perl stuff.
  32. Hexus Forum Software List
    About 60 links to Freeware programs and websites.
  33. HF Home page
    Last updated May 2000. PEDasm, Real time audio eq, and Timidity midi player. Added on: 31-May-2004
  34. HiddenSoft
    AutoIt and C++ Source Code. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  35. High 15 Freeware
    128 links to Freeware programsin 30 categories. Nicely laid out.
  36. Hjqb Studios
    Nineteen downloads in three catergories. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  37. Hkeylocal Executables
    Seven Hkeylocal Executables
  38. Hobbes OS/2 Archive
    Lots of categories. Loads of Freeware.
  39. Home Computer Care- Free Software
    Links to 31 Freeware programs in 6 categories.
  40. Home Plan Freeware
    Date Reminder, Regi Dean's Recipes, Shopping List, Easy Image Converter, and Web Safe Colors. Last updated on 13 Nov 2003. Added on: 19-Dec-2003
  41. Home to Bakery Wizard
    Bakery Wizard, PartyTime Jukebox, and LOCK-IT.
  42. HonySoft Freeware
    Klik-A-Dir 1.6 & miniKAD, Hot Clips-On-Ice, NotAgain, System ShootDown, and Alarm Clock.Added on: 13-Jan-2004
  43. Horazio's Software
    Vector Creation Laboratory, X2, FileList, Multi Tables, and Quiz.
  44. Horizon5 Development
    Digit Skinnable Clock, Font Viewer, and ProductID. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  45. Horological Freeware
    AboutTime, Shadows, Clockmaker's aid, Clockani, Watch mainsprings, and Mainspring calculation. Added on: 15-Feb-2004
  46. Horst Schaeffer's Software Pages
    Eleven batch utilities and tools for DOS.
  47. House of Cards Freeware Germes
    23 links to seven different card games.
  48. Hoverdesk Freeware
    Five Hover programs-RegSeeker, HoverSnap, HoverWeather, HoverNews, and HoverMatch.
  49. Howie's Freeware
    MultiHex, String Search, ColorSel, QuikView, ScanDupe, Gobbledy, FontShow, IcoCapt, and ShortDate. Win 95,98.
  50. How Soft Freeware
    Rubber Dub Dub, HTML Slideshow, and Iconshow.
  51. HsInlin dot Com
    Twenty-four categories. A couple hundred programs.
  52. H-Space
    About half a dozen Linux programs. The same number of Risc programs.
  53. Hughes Clan Free Games
    Three game categories. About 110 games.
  54. HuluBulu Software
    ARen, ARen, Beta, CodeLabs, and Beta 1, WinExt.
  55. Hunter Davis Software
    Super Simple RSS and TitleScroller. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  56. Hunter Goatley's VMS Freeware Fileserv
    Links to 339 VMS Freewares.
  57. Hunzy's Software
    Hunzy's Animated Cursors, Colorname, Fonetrac, Passtrac, Filetrac, Datetrac, and Fundtrac. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  58. Hush Page Freeware
    Viper, Filesplitter, HushPad, CoolCap, WinExit, Delphad, Icon Filter, sUSHi, FoSi++, and Tiny Tools. Added on: 15-Feb-2004
  59. Hutch's home page-Freeware Tools and Toys
    Programming utilities and a text editor.
  60. HyperNext Freeware Downloads
    HyperNext Bundle and HyperNext Player
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  1. i386 Freeware Tools
    26 links to tools in four categories.
  2. Iamcal Software
    Noted, Perl FUSE, Am I This or Not, About Time, Deskcam, Visual Graph, Slice, Crunch, Resource Explorer Pro, Explorer Shell Hacks, Connect Flo, Utopia Chat System, Bugtrack, and Perl Modules. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  3. Ian's Freeware
    Logon Scripting QuickMap, Mail Drop, Selections, Passcode, and QuickNet.
  4. Ian Sharpe Downloads
    RefreshIE, RefreshIE 2 Beta, YourCPL, MakeNewFolder v2, SetRes, Dial.exe, I-Search, PosiTweak, Random Tiling, APR Examples, Excel planner, and Excel lottery numbers.
  5. Ibrahim AVCI , 8052 page
    8052 monitor debugger and 89C52 programmer. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  6. IC2 FreeWare
    Fourteen Windows programs by IC2.
    Six categories, about 1750 programs.
  8. Iconico Freeware
    Screen Calipers, Web Tools Pro, and Colorpix.
  9. Icon Interactive Freeware Scripts
    Perl scripts(40), ASP(1), and PHP(3).
  10. Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Downloads
    15 Assembly programs
  11. iDev.ch Software
    Mail Inspector, iCarbon, iDev Icon Collection, Other Tools, Aerodynamic, Hosted Files, and Delphi Libraries & Components. Added on: 16-Feb-2004
  12. IgD Software
    FireBurner and PatientRunner. Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  13. Igor P. Zenkov Freeware
    TrueSpeed, Version Info, Volume Info, RegCOM, Zprofiler, MaxConvert, and Tiny Editor. Added on: 21-Mar-2004
  14. Ikitek Freeware Programs
    Kucha and PressTB.
  15. Ilya Vdovin Software
    Last updated August 07, 2001. Natural Vision, Easy DB, HyperGen, and Magic Layers. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  16. Image-Conversion Applications with PNG Support
    About 175 applications.
  17. ImagesPro
    Twenty categories, 267 programs.
  18. Imaginary Software
    Change Icon Library, Illusions, and More Properties 2.0. Updated December 1, 1997. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  19. Index of/RPM Repository
    About 25 links to RPMs.
  20. IndianZ Downloads
    Attack(74), Crack(66), Crypt(12), Defense(38), Forensic(7), Libs(6), Monitor(12), Root(5), Scan(95), Sniff(19), Utils(62), and Wireless(5).
  21. Indirect Group
    Spots3D, Iridescent3D, and Barbuilder.
  22. Inessential Freeware
    NetNewsWire, TigerLaunch, Huevos, and Big Cat Scripts Plugin. Added on: 19-Feb-2004
  23. Infinite Monkeys and Company
    Mrt, Wpoison, and m4r.
  24. InfoGreG- Software Releases
    Twenty-nine Freeware releases in 19 categories.
    Tons of Mac Software.
  26. Ingemar's Freeware Site
    Last updated 1999-03-23. Colormaster, Quotations, and Registerbackup. Added on: 03-Jun-2004
  27. Inky's- My Programs
    Ala, AllDone, Checker, CompCats, DService, FindFile, Normlize, PageFixer, Philip, RegSize, VcpCopy, Winsake, and Indonesia Delphi Developer.
  28. Inmatrix Freeware
    oom Player, DVD Genie, XML2Zoom, AVI FRate, AVI FourCC, AutoZoom, and AutoZoomIn.
  29. Inner Peace
    Free self-help software for inner peace
  30. Inner Smile Downloads
    About 16 programs and some screen savers.
  31. Institute for Genomic Research- Software Tools
    Microarray(4), Grid Computing(5), Sequencing / Finishing(5), Alignment(3), Gene Finding/Annotation(5+), and Other(4).
  32. Interaction Studios
    Eleven interaction freeware downloads.
  33. IntellectualHeaven- Products
    StraceNT, E_OatBot, RawNetIo, YahDecode, SniffIM, CrashDoctor, SnifFire, and Y!Pass.
  34. Intellitamper Downloads
    ProxyBag, Themis, WebSwoon, Words Extractor, and IntelliTamper. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  35. Interesting DOS Programs
    About 250 DOS programs links.
  36. Interesting Freeware
    Nineteen categories, with 281 programs. Last updated 07 July, 2002.
  37. Internet Tools, Browsers,and Viewers.
    Twenty-five common Freeware programs. Last Modified April 5, 1996. Added on: 29-Dec-2003
  38. Intrasoft Online
    Browz 3D, Color Lines 3D, Screen savers, and Small apps. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
    Fifty categories. lots of sub-categories. Loads of freeware.
  40. Invaluable Freewares
    Links to 43 Freeware programs.
  41. Iopus Freeware Utilities
    Secure Email Attachments, File Downloader, 42 AC - Plug, and Write All Stored Password.
  42. Irish Lassie
    Links to 45 games.
  43. Irnis Freeware
    Nine Irnis freeware programs.
  44. Irondust Software
    Queue, YimSearch, Clip, QuickSend, Sound Insanity, QDictionary, QSearch, and QTranslator.
  45. Iron [Fe]-Works Freeware
    ClanWatch, LockJar, PictureClip, and WarRoom. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  46. IronSpider Freeware
    Free Graphics Editors(7), Free Text Editors(7), Free Online Site Analysis(9), and DNS Stuff.
  47. It's Free 4 U
    Twelve categories of Freeware. Lots of Subcategories with a good selection in each.
  48. IT Solutions and Services
    Java Mailserver, Java Proxyserver, Java Harmony, PESX, ICONX, PE Analyzer, DLL Informant, and Annotatert. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  49. IT Toolbox Unix Freeware
    Eight categories with 100+ links to Unix Freeware sites and programs
  50. IUnknown Software
    NetScan, NetFill, and AutoRefresh. Last updated August 15, 2003. Added on: 13-Jan-2004
  51. Ivory.org
    Panorama 32 and Whisper 32.
  52. IzoZone Downloads
    AppPathZ, CoolSoundZ, Country Codes, RandomNames, URLMaker, and Advanced IRC Commands
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    Eight main categories, about hundred links to Freeeware sites and programs. Very nice selection.
  2. Jackass Joe-Joe's freeware utilities
    RDilly, Rename Master, ArsClip, StartRight, JJJExec, Eventlog Cop, Eventlog Dump, and Jackass Saver.
  3. Jack Flacco Freeware
    Internet Surfer and QuickChange.Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  4. Jack's Computer Fixer Downloads
    Links to about 20 common Windows downloads.
  5. JacMar Freeware
    Excel version 5, 97 and 98 files for Macintosh and PC's, and HyperCard 2.3 stacks for the Macintosh. 90 programs.
  6. JAFS Software
    Sixty applications. Last Updated: 25-April-2000.
  7. JAirlie.com
    232 programs in 14 categories.
  8. JAJ Freeware
    Kazaa FasterDownload and BOOMBox Internet Radio Player
  9. Jam Freeware
    NTFSRatio, SpamAware, and TreeSize Free.
  10. Jambe Enterprises -Best Free Utilities
    Links to eight common Freeware programs, plus JWT, jambeCodec, and Engarde. Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  11. James A. Eshelman-My Favorite Freeware
    Forty popular freeware programs.
  12. James Bursa Free Software-Risc OS and Psion
    Risc OS-6 programs. Psion-2 programs.
  13. James Grace- Best Free Internet Software
    About a dozen freeware program links.
  14. James Home Page
    Wallpaper master, Yahtzee Master, and Typer Master. Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  15. Jamie's Freebie Page
    Huey and Batchname.
  16. Jamie's Software
    Two Freeware Access programs-Access Property Editor and Access Form Resizer.
  17. Jamin 396 Software
    Nine categories, links to 19 programs for Win95,98.
  18. Jan G. P. Sijm Software
    Booky, HTMLXlat, anbd XMLRPCCOM.
  19. Janice, Alan, amnd Rebecca's Software
    Borland Components(4), Javascript Routines(5), and Other Stuff(10).
  20. Jan Kratochvil's Project List
    Unix(23), Unix-devel(11), Web(10), Amigo(7), MS-Windows(2), MS-DOS(2), and Patches(13).
  21. Janne Huttunen's Software
    Locate32, AskWord'97, and Clipboard Viewer X.
  22. Jam Software
    TreeSize,SmartSerialMail, NTFSRatio, HeavyLoad, XDIR, Excel2Latex, and FileList.
  23. Jans Freeware Collection
    Thirteen categories, 160+ programs.
  24. Jansguy Freeware Links
    114 Freeware sites links.
  25. Jan van den Borst Software Development Freeware
    JBCat and Resourcerer.Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  26. JARS.COM
    More than 10,000 Java programs.
  27. Jason Levine's Toolbox
    Cookie Jar and Script Sentry plus Script Depository.
  28. Jason Pell's Programming
    Open Lending Database Project, MultipartRequest, SiteMap, TextArea Editor, HxmlTokeniser, Java Beautifier, Fortune Cookie, and URLDirectory.
  29. Jasp's Place- Tribe of the Jaspish
    Fish Shoot, Space Battle, Name GEN, Teacup, Rockin' Alien, Netry, Say What?, and Cyclic. Added on: 15-Jan-2004
  30. JasTek.net
    Twenty-one JasTek freeware programs.
  31. Java Applets-Tanya's Page
    About 20 java applets.
  32. Java Boutique
    Various freeware Java applets, games, applications, servlets, programming tutorials and more.
  33. Javacool Software
    Doc Scrubber and SpywareBlaster.
  34. JavaScript Planet
    Loads of Scripts.
  35. Javier Thaine's Software
    Archive Peek, Wave Enhancer, Cactus City, Collège de Montréal: Secondaire 2, The World, Europe, Canada, 3D World, and Desert. Last updated on November 30, 2002.
  36. Jay's Software Page
    HogXP, gifdesk, vgarain, and rain95. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  37. JayVee Freeware
    Auto Shutdown and GIF Creator by JayVee.
  38. JBosman Applications
    JBHead, JBTail, JBSql, HDBench, OraTop, RasDial, PowerOff, Table Manager, CDRIP, DCOPYNT, DCOPY, and JEX. Added on: 11-Jan-200
  39. Jcomsoft freeware
    Alarm OCX, Screen OCX,and Rotated Text OCX.
  40. JD Design Freeware
    DLLReg, XP Source Search,Reg File, SetDefPr, VidRes, CFTest, SpaceHog,LotsOfFiles, FlipSS, ShellExec, FileTms, andCSIDLS.
  41. JDMCox Software
    USAPhotoMaps, ConvertSDTSData, BigJpeg, States, RedEye, ReducePhotoSize, FillOutAForm, ViewAnything, MyNetwork, Checks, and Calendar
  42. Jean Pasdeloup- My Freeware games
    Bloodstream and Duel. Updated 1999. Added on: 05-Feb-2004
  43. Jeffrey's Programs
    MP3 Renamer 32 and Off Task.
  44. Jeff Heaton Freeware
    HSWeb/JWeb, Skater Dude, UGCS: Ultimate Game Cheating System, MGSpell, HSSpy, and Java Pack 1. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  45. Jeff Waldock's Photos : Downloads
    PictureViewer, ThumbHTML, and QuickPicture.
  46. Jehar Engineering Freeware
    Regime FreeWare, RP530 FreeWare, Steam FreeWare, Ducting FreeWare, and Heater FreeWare. Added on: 16-May-2004
  47. Jeh's Freeware
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  48. Jeremy Elson's SoftwarePage
    Last updated: August 1, 2002. Nineteen Downloads in six categories. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  49. Jestools
  50. Jesus Army Vault Freeware
    Fourteen categoriesm, 160 freeware programs.
  51. Jfwlite Programs
    About 230 Jfwlite program links.
  52. jgaa's Software
    Sixteen Jgaa freeware programs.
  53. Jgoodies Freeware
    DiskReport and JPathReport.
  54. JHS' programs
    Linksys WAP11 rebooter, Linksys WET11 log, TipOfTheDay, and BrowseForFolder.
  55. Jimco MS Front Page AddIns
    Jimco QuickBar, Jimco Publisher, plus 21 Jimco Addins. Added on: 29-Dec-2003
  56. Jim Webster's Assembly Page
    Eleven DOS based freeware programs.
  57. Jim Willsher PC Software
    Bulk Rename Utility, Unit Conversion Utility, and Base Conversion Utility.
  58. JMM Code Park
    MAC: SplitBrowser, AutomountMaker, and EuroSwap, PC: Serial Receptor
  59. J M Soft Freeware
    JPEG Packer 2 and SplitJoin32. Added on: 04-Jan-2004
  60. JN10 Webmaster Freeware
    Links to Freeware programs for Webmasters in 39 categories.
  61. Joachim's FreeWare Page
    Pesview, EasyPEC, and EMBCopy. Last updated November 23rd, 2002. Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  62. João Barata's Tools
    Five programs-bzu, Listomatic, Bang, Wlff,and GoodFilter.
  63. Joeants Freeware
    List of 26 links to Freeware sites and apps.
  64. Joe Blows Windows CE 1.0 Software Archive
    About 77 Freeware CE programs.
  65. Joel's Freeware Page
    Seven misc Freeware programs.
  66. Joern-Thiemann Tools
    Seven programs.
  67. Joe's Software
    WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor, Web-Sender Studio, Tweak Revisited, VB Color Picker, Desktop Writer, and SurfSet. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  68. Joe's Utilities, Graphics, Drivers, Tips & Tricks etc...
    Around a hundred kinks to Utilities, Graphics, Drivers, Tips & Tricks etc
  69. Joe User's Favorite Freeware
    Russellm's 21 favorite freeware programs.
  70. Joey R's Download
    Links to 20 freeware programs.
  71. JograData Software
    iView, DukeShell, X-Eyes, ToolBox, TSmartPanel, and TFontCombo.
  72. Johan Larsby Software
    As Fast As Possible Audio DSP, JoyMouse, and Song O Matic.
  73. John Haller-. Useful Stuff
    Portable AbiWord, FileZilla, Gaim, and OpenOffice. Disable Caps Lock, Disable Windows Key, Obfuscate Mailto.
  74. Johannes Huebner.com - Freeware and source codes
    ClickOff 1.75, WSControl, convert, ScreenPainter, and KillaTubby
  75. John Coombes Freeware Links
    Thirty-two links to freeware sites and more.
  76. John Hood's The Best of Free Software
    Seven categories with 39 Freeware programs. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  77. Jolly Joice
    37 programs in 7 categories.
  78. Jon Bondy Freeware
    Clipper, Duplicate Picture Finder, Image Viewer, Stirling Engine Simulators, Engine Tachometer and Dynamometer, and Steganography.
  79. Jon Grieve's Freeware
    Dial-Up Networking Monitor, Memory Monitor, Disk Space Monitor, CPU Monitor, Scope, Scatter Screen Saver, and Toys & Tools. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  80. JoolRod Freeware links
    Links to 38 Freeware sites. Last Updated: 15/09/2002
  81. Jordan Russell's Software
    Developers' tools and Delphi components.
  82. Josh Madison Software
    Convert and dlTime. Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  83. Joshua Schwarz Software
    Highway Scramble, SEVA, Prime Search, Day Simulation, Membership Database, The Guessing Game, and The Right Triangle Calculator.
  84. JPG Sijm Freeware
    Poppy, Booky, HTMLXlat, and XML-RPCCOM.Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  85. Jphs Steganography
    Jphide and Jpseek. August 1999. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  86. JPISoft
    BTEWin and Vdesk 2.
  87. JR Free Tools
    JR Screen Ruler, JR Split File, JR Directory Printer, URL Generator, and Universal Explorer.
  88. jTEdley Software
    mAS (mp3AutoSlideshow), jTConcentrate, jTFlashManager, jTSweep, and jTSlideshow.
  89. JTHZ.com Software Productions
    Eighteen Freeware Programs. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  90. JT Software
    Hide My Favorites, Word Whomp Zapper, Hide Me!, I-Spy, Save My Desktop!, JTPrivacy, and Save That Picture!, all by Johnny Tucker.
  91. Jubilate Downloads
    Three categories with 17 downloads, plus several Tutorial links. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  92. Judge Software
    Installed Program Printer, Floppy to CD Archiver, and Pocket Serial Database.
  93. Julio Gea-Banacloche My Programs
    TPlot, Vector Calculator, and Kinetic Theory.
    Lots of categories. Lots of links to Freeware programs.
  95. Junie's Programs
    One program and four scripts. Last Updated on: February 09, 2002.
  96. Jussi Leinonen Software
    graphical frontend for lamepv, EarthWatcher, and Thumbnailer.
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  1. Kai's Home Page- Freeware
    InProTrack, mINI, ObjectReCreator, ConfigMaint/2, and Toronto Virtual File System. Last updated 01.01.02. Added on: 26-Dec-2003.
  2. Kalab's Freeware for Windows 9x/NT/2000
    FolderSync, makeZip, Cron, PythonEclipse, pycron.
  3. KAMware Free Windows applications
    Some screensavers, ThemeMakerLite, and TopSpeed Motorcycle Performance Calculator.
  4. KanastaCorp Freeware
    Carlanthano, Dariolius, Tarylynn, Windows Tools, Various other programs, and Command Line Utils.
  5. Kan Chan Freeware
    Last modified 2-3-03. DOS-echo.sys and LHA. Win-Time Machine. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  6. Karadeniz Freeware
    Smart Copy and Screen Measure.
  7. Karen's Konsepts Freeware Software
    Seven categories.353 programs.
  8. Karen's Power Tools
    About thirty Power Tools.
  9. Katmar- Free Engineering Software
    Turbine Steam-Consumption Calculator and Uconeer - Units Conversion for Engineers.
  10. Kaulis Gratuiciels, Freewares
    About thirty links to popular freeware programs.
  11. Kbamic.com Downloads
    35 common Freeware downloads.
  12. KBCafe tag search- Freeware
    About 50 links to Freeware Apps and Websites.
  13. Keir.net Freeware
    A dozen programs with links to ten more.
  14. Kelly Software
    IconHider and ksFontViewer.
  15. Ken's 32 bit Windows Freeware
    NotepadFTP, WCL_FTP, and Remote Mail32.
  16. Kephyr Software
    SystemSherlock Lite, ConnectBuddy, Post-it-Pal, and Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner.
  17. Kerry D. Wong- Software
    RegExp Bench, Color Picker, Brick Attack and Map Editor, KSearch, LCD Control, Mandelbrot Set Viewer, and MyIP.
  18. Kevin's Computer Zone- Downloads
    Duke Nukem game stuff, Classic Games, Emulators, and Other Stuff.
  19. Keyboarding Freeware
    Links to several keyboarding programs and web sites for kids
  20. Key Designs
    29 uncategorized freeware program links.
  21. Keywork's Software
    HTML Help Switcher, KeyTools, KeyHH, and KeyHelp.
  22. Kidsdomain-Freeware Sorted by Age
    Tons of Win3, 95, and 98 freeware for kids of all ages.
  23. Kids Domain-Mac
    Tons of Mac freeware for kids of all ages.
  24. Kids Freeware
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  25. Kikizas.net Freeware
    List of favorite Freeware indexed in several ways including USB runalone apps.
  26. Killer Freebies
    Twenty links to freeware sites.
  27. Kimura's Favorite Freeware for Win 95,98,NT.
    Five categories witnh links to 20 programs. Last updated September 04, 200.
  28. Kingsasquatch Flash Games
    Download: Newbie Pack, Tech Shows, Programs, Games, Videos, and Audio.
  29. Kinkycode
    AfterThought Lite and Glossary Manager.
  30. Kirby Free Software
    Kirby Footy and Kirby Alarm.
  31. Kishore's free Mackintosh software
    E-Mail fax, Just a Reminder, and SuperClip. Updated 1997.
  32. Kissy Software Downloads
    40+ Freeware Programs
  33. KK5BL's Free Software
    About 20 freewre programs.
  34. Klaatu Software
    Tobeth, Mini View, Seti Agent, Easy Shares, Logic 2, Message Mate, The Search For Niemalie, and Kyles Cd Player.
  35. Klever Freeware
    KINSole, T42, KLog, PumpKIN, Big Brother, and Dipstick.
  36. Klight Tools
    Seven categories, with 115 Freeware programs.
  37. Knives Out Freeware
    Run Manager and futuris imager.
  38. Knowledge Worker Free/Open Source Toolbox
    About 25 Freeware and/or Open-Source alternatives to popular commercial packages.
  39. Kobayashi Software
    Prolix, Colorbox, Clementime, and Miscellaneous.
  40. Korereactor Software
    21 Freeware programs.
  41. Kostis Freeware
    38 Character Encoding Programmes, Network Tools, and Utilities and Batch Extensions.
  42. K::Programs
    Equalizer, The Clock, CapTime, and Lama. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  43. Krapplets.cream.org
    Paper, Populist, Iconview, and Parameteriser for Win 95 and NT4. Last updated: 27 March, 2000.
  44. Krissian Freeware Programs.
    Sliceview, GLview, Image Processing Language.
  45. KStar Software
    Paravai Mail Client, Word Processor, and Kural Tamil Engine.
  46. K-Team Products Freeware
    Mobile Robot Simulators(5), MATLAB Related(3), Code for Remote Control(10), GUI(3), and Other(2). Added on: 02-Jun-2004.
  47. ktkawabe's Freewares for EPOC
    About 15 programs for EPOC.
  48. Kumars Games
    About eighty games in two categories.
  49. Kurt Zimmerman's ZData Freeware
    HDCleaner, OnlineCharger ,RegCool, ShutDownPro, FileAnalyserIconXTractor, HDCopy, and DFUeTweaker.
  50. Kurtz-Fernhout Software
    Garden With Insight, PlantStudio, and StoryHarp.
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  1. Laboratory Software
    Medical laboratory scientists software.
  2. LadyK Free Software
    Six categories with links to 177 Freeware programs. Added on: 09-Apr-2004
  3. Lake Software
    Six categories with links to 177 Freeware progframs.Added on: 09-Apr-2004
  4. Language Museum Freeware
    eShop Builder, Japanese-English-Chinese Dictionary, Japanese Notepad, Chinese-Korean Convertor, Email Address Generator, Email Address Encryptor, Anonymous Email, and Meta Tag Generator.
  5. Lanham's Favorite Freeware
    Links to 52 Freeware programs in 7 categories.
  6. Lars Wirzenius Freeware
    Lodju, Enemies of Carlotta, copynntp, larpml, liwc, publib-dev, python-liw, SeX, syslog-summary, texmalli, and kirjavaliot-fortune.Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  7. Lasher Systems
    Some categories with some freeware.
  8. Last Freeware Version
    jv16 Powertools, RegCleaner, PowerArchiver, and PopCorn.
  9. Late Night Software Macintosh Scripting Tools
    XML Tools, XSLT Tools, Property List Tools, JavaScript OSA, XML-RPC Server, OSA for Dreamweaver, and OSAXen Fixer, and CodeWarrior Tools
  10. Latvia SunSITE Freeware Archives
    Archives of freeware in several categories.
  11. Laurence Jennings Freeware
    Links to 7 Freeware sites.
  12. LB's Free Software
    CmdLine, DeskTask, DigiClock, Hook99, QDay, Screensaver. Last updated August 14, 2001.
  13. LeadArch Consulting
    Fifteen LeadArch Freeware programs
  14. LeafDigital Software
    leafDrums, leafChat, picstory, SysEx Solution, and old software.
  15. Learnx Group Freeware
    Pick 3 Analyzer, Copy At, Filename Locator, File Unite, ASCII ToolBox, Alan's Fractions, and Alan's Math.
  16. Leeny's Freeware
    About two dozen links to software sites. Page Updated Fri Oct 29, 1999
  17. Leech Software, Inc
    OpenWebScope, DVD X Copy, Network Monitor, and Easy Proxy.
  18. Leeos Software
    A dozen Leeos programs.
  19. Legacy Systems Freeware
    POP3 monitor, FTP Backup, PingMon, RunMe, and NO!
  20. Leif Software
    MP3STOCK, out_buf, Svorak (Swedish Dvorak) keyboard layout, StereoStocker, Silence Player and Pitchfork.
  21. Leinin Software
    About 40 Leinin programs.
  22. Leinir's Programs
    A half dozen Leinir programs.
  23. Lenneneffer Freeware
    Two programs-Loge, Passgen. One PHP script-Single Picture Generator
  24. Lennert Ploegers Software
    TreeComp, RemoveClipboardFormatting, and CaseConv.
  25. Leo White's Risc Freeware
    DaytimeServer, VNCInput, VNCViewer, SmallRTV, MouseKey, Telnet,and CDPlay. Last updated: 26/02/2000.
  26. LeperSoft Software
    Desk Projection and DiscWorld Mud Currency Converter.
  27. LeSoft Software Download Page
    PhotoViewer and PhotoSlideShow.
  28. Levasseur Freeware
    Eleven Levasseur programs.
  29. Lev Possajennikov's Freeware Games
    Filler, Kalah, Rendzju, Snakes, ExtPopUpMenu, and ECG.
  30. Lexacorp Freeware
    About 50 links to Freeware programs.
  31. Lex Scripta Downloads
    Six categories with links to about 25 common Freeware programs.
  32. Lexun Freeware
    Lexun Backup Solution, DrvCareXP, Browser, and RegScrubXP.
  33. Lina's Freeware
    Eight categories with 35 common Freeware programs. Updated 3rd February 2000
  34. Linda's Computer Stop Downloads
    Links to about a half dozen programs.
  35. Linear Team Freeware
    WinISD, WinISD Pro, Wav Normalizer, Lotto G/C, Yatzy, and 10.000.
  36. Linkerama Freeware Links
    Forty-six freeware site links.
  37. Links to Free Software
    41 common freeware programs.
  38. Links to Freeware Websites
    Links to about 160 Freeware sites. Updated: November 11, 2001
  39. Links to Other Free Software Sites
    About 75 links to Open Source Freeware related sites
  40. LionTech Freeware
    WlxFont, IconShop, Lens, EventLog, and ResThief.
    Links to 360 Linux programs and websites.
  42. Linux Equivalents of Windows Programs
    Around 1500 Linux replacements for Windows programs.
  43. List Of Open-source Programs (LOOP)
    List Of Open-source Programs (LOOP)(abouyt 110) for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  44. Little Earth Solutions
    VNC Explorer, iTSsession, DBExplorer, UDP Client Server Example PS2 Update, and LES PALM Library.
  45. LittleFish Freeware
    Sticky Letters, Halloween Poems, Studio Template, and Function Machine.
  46. LiveCD List
    All LiveCDs (about 250) on All hardware performing All functions.
  47. LJSilicon's Apple II Software
    About thirty Freeware apps, mostly games.
  48. Llornkcor Rocknroll's Software studio
    Seventeen programs. Last modified: Fri Oct 26 08:46:11 GMT 2001.
  49. Ln3gs Freeware
    eLibrary, ICanView, Kanji Tutor, Mp3 Master, NUTilities, popCheck, Starter, and WallChanger.
  50. Logic Puzzles
    Logi puzzle game.
  51. Lone Wolf
    Hard Disk Indicator, @ddress Book, JavaScript Buttons, Calendar, QUICK notes, Boss Screen, and WallMan.
  52. Lonnie's Newsletter
    A Freeware programs blog updated almost daily. Archives go back to 1-1-01.
  53. Lool Info- Freeware Directory
    Five categories with 89 links to Freeware.
  54. LoSOFT Softwaretechnik
    LS and MP3Info Shell Extension.
  55. Lothian Software
    Network Drive Manager and DiskIndex.
  56. Loydware
    Two games-Count 11. Up and Down.
  57. LPJ Software
    GO, LPJ-Slideshow, 5 In a Row, and 3-Plot
  58. Lucersoft Freeware tools
    LC ISO Creator, MinimizeAll, CloseWin, HTML Batch Editor, MsgBox, Playlist, Patcher, CloseAll, Read Only Zero, Shutdown, and Piskvorky
  59. Lucky Me Software
    Mom's Calendar and IP Identifier.
  60. Lundie Freeware
    MailTend, Fwink, PureServ, and IP2Clip.
  61. Lune Rouge
    CopyRightLeft, MadMovies, NewName, TextStat, and wxDialogBitmap.
  62. Lurk Here-Nice Files
    Links to 11 popular freeware programs.
  63. Lu Software
    Math Worksheet Maker and MOD, IT, XM, and S3M Player.
  64. Lurr's Free Software Library
    Lurr's six favorite freeware apps.
  65. Lycos Freeware Directory
    Lots of links to freeware sites and programs.
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  1. Macallan Personal Page
    Eight Macallan Freeware programs.
  2. Mac Cheeseware Freeware
    Personal Warehouse, Severed Ed Game, and Nerve. For Macs only.
  3. McDaniel Development
    Fourteen programns- DetachXP, TweakOL, StopIt!, NoMess, DetachOL, Goggle, Clear, NewContact, NewEmail, NewAppointment, StreamCap, LookOutXP, NewJournal, and NewNote.
  4. Macfreewares
    CornerClock, MacMoorhurn, Trash Cans!, and TT Font Convert.
  5. Macintosh Freeware
    136 Mac programs in several categories.
  6. Macintosh Freeware by Cliff Harris
    Fifteen Freeware Mac Apps by Cliff Harris. Added on: 28-Jan-2004
  7. Mac in Web.de
    Pref-Ex 1.1 Public Beta, FileBrowser X 1.0, and Clip.It 0.2 Alpha.
  8. MacManx- Freeware
    Free Windows Media Player Alternatives, Gimp, Camino, Thunderbird, SubEthaEdit, Web Developer Extension, and AppleJack.
  9. Mac World Freeware
    Games, icons, and sounds.
  10. Mad Boot Disks
    31categories, 67 Boot disk Downloads. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  11. MadDog Software Central
    PaneKiller, Boot ChoOSer, CmdUtils, QueuePlay, SetSound, and Win 3.1 Stuff
  12. Magenta Systems Free Windows Applications
    CamCollect, CodeLook, ComCap, DUN Manager, Encode UNIX, MailMaint, Update Windows, and Web Redialler.
  13. Magical JellyBean Software
    SHN Shortener, Keyfinder, and Dictionary.
  14. Magic Tree Freeware
    Filenote, Code2HTML, Photo Scale and Rotate, GIFnJPG Browser, HTML Image Index, and JPEG Photo Organizer. Last updated October 31, 2002.
  15. Magine's Freeware and Tools for Active Worlds
    Magsbot, RWX Class Logs, Magsbot Class Logs, Delphi modules, and Other Freeware
  16. Magister Lex Freeware
    RUNit and CRASHit
  17. Magistone Software
    Magiworld, MagiSkin, Maginet, and Magitime.
  18. Magnetiq Software
    E-Res-Q and Win-Res-Q.
  19. Mahmoud Seireg Downloads
    MA Internet Browser, Coder, Math for Beginners, SSCalculator, and Password Generator.
  20. Mailgate Freeware
    Message Viewer, PuTTYtel, and SpamWease.
  21. Mainframe Freeware
    About 50 links to Mainframe Freeware sites.
  22. Malcolm Pescod Freeware
    FastOra, CompFold, QuickMenu, and Badminton.
  23. Mal's Free Download Page
    Chang Case, File Manager, Text Merge, Text Split, and VB Ping.
  24. MainSoft Freeare
    Nine Mainsoft freeware programs.
  25. Manas Tungare Projects
    Photo Wizard, Yahoo!Calendar to iCalendar, ASDP,net deployment tool, Prevent Spam, MinuUpload, eCards, WAP Mail, Discussion Forum, and Win Wizard.
  26. Marc-Andre Informatique
    AlphaChess 3, FocusAlpha, Lambda HTML Editor, SimpleCalculator, DeltaCalendar, Language Pack Editor, QuaBlocks, and Vendeur Virtuel 3.
  27. Marco Coïsson's MacOS X Freeware
    TeX FoG, Virtual Screens, TEnews, 1code, ATC X, PMC, CPUeaters, Command Line Cocoa, BattriX, List Fonts, Final Countdown, Hénon, gnuplot MacOSX GUI, ThunderStorm, LogViewer, and MacErrorCodes.
  28. Marek Otway Applications
    Web Reaper, Slip, TV, and WebCoster. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  29. Marianne Wartoft Educational Freeware
    Selingua, Selingua Columns, Seterra, Sephonics, Sebran, Minisebran, and Poetry Screen Saver.
  30. Mario Corsolini Freeware
    AAA, Converter, Setup, L3FE, MAMEdownloader, MandelFilm, OperaOmnia, OO-Tools, SupaED, and TrayStarter.
  31. MarkChavez Software Products
    My ABs, My Schedule, Exchange Info, and My Profile.
  32. Markichev Freeware
    About 20 programs and games.
  33. Mark's Web Freeware
    A dozen programs by Mark
  34. MarkTaw- My Favorite Smallware
    Links to about 70 small Freeware programs.
  35. Markus Jansson Security Freeware
    About 30 programs and some links. Markus Wels Freeware
    Lens, MW-Fonts, WindowSize, Starfish, Sponge Bob, Mouse Tracker Toy, and Langton's Ant.
  36. Marsius Personal Knowledge Software
    PKB, and links to a dozen common Freeware Applications.
  37. Martin Works Freeware
    Notes 2001, Teeuhr, GetTime, and PowerOff.
  38. MatirSoft
    FolderViewer and Winuscon.
  39. Marty's Web: Software.
    Pwebstats, fly, cgi-mailer, cgi-proxy.pl, qnd-link-checker.pl, and my-net-minder.pl.
  40. Mary Jo's Favorite Palm Apps
    Links to more than 50 Palm apps.
  41. Masterhard Freeware
    Hit Counter, Bulletin Board, Linux Resurrector, PAM module for Linux, and a patch for Qmail MT.
  42. Mathcomptry
    Mind Reader, E-Mail Writer, Find Your Lucky Number, Internet Remote, and Fortune Teller Machine.
  43. Matt Cawley Freeware
    Font Magic, Shell Time, and Easter Time.
  44. Matthew Monroe Freeware
    Molecular Weight Calculator, Dart Scorekeeper, and HTML Photo Gallery Cataloger.
  45. Matthias Benkmann's Freeware
    Two categories, about 14 older programs.
  46. Matthias online
    Thirteen programs by Matthias.
  47. Matt's Freeware
    MyIM, Ghost-It, Pop-Down, and Tiny Key Logger.
  48. Mark's OS/2 Freeware List
    450 Os/2 entries.
  49. Max2k Freeware
    Thirty-eight Max2k programs in five categories.
  50. Maximized Freware
    Hotfix Reporter,TcpSpeed,and FTP Edit.
  51. Maxim's World of Stuff
    Sega Master System emulation, Winamp stuff, and Old stuff,
  52. Maxpatch Freeware
    Five categories, 62 popular freeware programs.
  53. Max's Homepage
    MaxLister and MaxSplitter.
  54. MaxSpace Freeware Delphi Components
    Some Delphi components.
  55. Maz Cd Grabbers Page
    Maz's 9 Favorite Freeware CD programs. Last updated 12-Jun-2002.
  56. Mazzot Downloads
    ByteShelter I, StarSlayer II, anf StarSlayer version 1.0.
  57. MdG's Computing Page
    De Groot Random Number Generator, Assembly-language Discrete Fourier Transform, DeMon, Primordial Soup, Un*x Forth, Dispatchmail, Metadefining word for Forth, and World Population Indicator.
  58. MDW Online Downloads
    Speak text, Txtpad Plus, and Picture Viewer.
  59. Measurement And Conversion Software
    SnapTimePro, SayO'Clock, TimeAfterTime, WinThermO, AlcoVol and DataRelate.
  60. Mediachance Free Tools
    File Renamer, JPEG Thumb-Maker, MiniCLIP, Multi-Monitor TaskBar, and MiniScan for HP 1000 photo scanner.
  61. Meesoft Freeware
    Image Analyzer, SmartMorph, Commander, .mp3 Tagger, .mp3 Database, Log Paper, InstantMessenger, FontView, and HTML Optimizier.
  62. Megalith Freeware Utilities
    Free Pagan News Ticker, KlicKlac Studio 2002, Megalithic Portal News Ticker, Rainbow Wallpaper Manipulator, StarOffice, and XnView Image Viewer, Slideshow, Thumbnails.
  63. MegaThemes
    Twenty-five freeware programs.
  64. MEI Antenna Freeware Page
    Last updatedAugust 20, 2000. Directivity Estimator, Return Loss (dB) to VSWR converter, VSWR to Return Loss (dB) converter, and Antenna Simulator.
  65. Melchart Software
    Personal Notepad and Personal Reminder.
  66. Mellow Demon Freeware Links
    Five popular programs and about a dozen Freeware links.
  67. Mel's Freeware Guide
    Mel's Favorite and Essential Freeware lists. About 30 popular programs.
  68. Mel's games site
    200 games and more.
  69. MemeCode Software
    i.Scribe, i.Mage, i.Ftp, i.Look, i.Disk, i.Hex, i.File, i.Task, Ted, XpAssociate, and ConvertToLf
    14,645 free ebooks, mostly for Palm.
  71. Menonsoft
    ShellZip and QuickRip XP.
  72. Mental Software
    Muldir, WinQS, Pixxer, and ReFiDel '98 and others
  73. Mercury Freeware
    Uncategorized list of 120 freeware programs. Good selection.
  74. Merg's Freeware
    Equipment & Cruiser History Organizer and Web Accounts Plus.
  75. Merijn Downloads
    StartupList, HijackThis, CWShredder, BHOList, Uptimer4, MovieCollection, TransIcon, and KazaaBegone.
  76. Meripaga Productions
    Six Programs-Indovinello(20 Questions), Matrix Screen Saver, Me.Ri.Quota, Wasting Files Killer, NetSend, and EasyMenuCD.
  77. Mermaid Elizabeth's Cool lil Freeware Programs
    Twenty-one common Freeware programs.
  78. Meth's Lab
    Five programs-xCap2, xTaskSwitch, xRun, xBar, and Crosscuts.
  79. Metrology Freeware
    CyberMetrics Measurement Conversion, Mismatch Uncertainty Calculator, Tolerance Calculator, Uncertainty Calculator, HP 34401A Calibration Procedure Software, and Dalby Calibration.
  80. Metropoli files
    47 programs, mostly for Win 95.
  81. Michael Facquet- Software programs
    jDrums, FORTHified, YANI, and MediaSkin.
  82. Michael Morozov's Freeware Programs
    Hieroglyph, AfterScan, IRC-3PO, Mr. Fix, and Guard Java Applet.
  83. Michael J. Cleary- OS/390, z/OS Freeware
    Change Dataset Control Block, Dataset Audit Facility, Global Resource Serialization ISPF Interface, and LPA/LPALST/LNKLST ISPF Analysis.
  84. Michael McLarnon's- My Freeware
    OScope. Latin Programs, and Dial-Up Reflector.
  85. Michael's program farm
    Applications, Bioinfomatics, Scripts/Other Stuff, Debugging Tools, Java Stuff, Linux Stuff, Web Bots, and Junk Yard.
  86. Michael Schmitz Technologies Games
    Tangent Pong, Chair Equals Money, Keep of the Demon Lord, Schmitriz, Boxed, Lights Out, Schnake, Othello, and Casino World.
  87. MickSmith's Mix
    Half a dozen downloads.
  88. Micky's Software Homepage
    Micky's Breakout, Icon Folder Changer, APPTimer, MonUrl, ADBuster, Legend of Arms, Turn based battle, 3D Texture package, and a Level Editor.
  89. Micromega Software System
    Bottin, Comptes, ConvertImg, EasyScan, Eject, and QCopy.
  90. Microsoft Download Center
    Microsoft Downloads.
  91. Microsoft Smartphone Freeware
    About 60 MSMobile Freeware games, emulators, utilities and more.
  92. Micro Solutions
    Twelve caregories with 23 downloads.
  93. Midpath Freeware
    Fourteen categories with 32 Freeware programs, plus 8 Freeware websites.
  94. Miha's utilities
    Seventeen programs by Mihov.
  95. Mikasalonen Freeware
    FileTime, Remove, and Drive
  96. Mike Frengel's Mac Freeware
    swankSpectrogram, swankTuner, swankTime, Tuner Conversions Bundle, Spectral Smear, Spectral Peak Pass Filter, and Spectral Pitch Tracker.
  97. Mike's Free Pages
    49 downloads in 7 categories.
  98. Mike's Software
    qTray, Pasteboard, Jambone, Stash, Cdx, and Fuzzbox
  99. Mike Woodring's Tools, Source, etc.
    Ten tools to download.
  100. Mikey Goldman Freeware
    Cd Organizer2, Password Cracker, Kill Files,and Dont 4Get.
  101. Miksoft Freeware
    Remote Control, TaskFX, and Mobile AMR converter.
  102. Millennium Freeware
    Programs for Windows95. IconXtracter Program, Daily Scripture Program, ImageViewer Program, IPnumber Program, CryptorNotepad Program.
  103. Millstone Software
    Ten Millstone programs.
  104. Milly's Tools
    Power Pro, Proxomitron, Metapad, Ole, and Netlaunch.
  105. Mindgames
    Fifty games to pass the time and challenge the mind.
  106. Minimarket- Freeware Sites
    More than 70 links to mostly freeware sites.
  107. Minostudio- My Freeware
    Memo, Image Browser, and Gallery.
  108. Mintra Freeware
    ChangeCase, Flipbook Viewer, iICO, Mole-o-matic Chemistry Calculator, Process Killer, Screen Capture, and TextBlaster.
  109. Mirek's Free Windows Software
    PalMail, MWSnap, and PINs. Last update: 19 Mar 2003.
  110. Miroslav Flesko freeware site
    ATI Player Starter & Volume Holder and Radiator. Last updated: 27/03/02.
  111. Miscellaneous Utilities for OS/2
    OpenNap, MP+ player, Calc, Which, Time Out, URL Resume, and Detext
  112. Mischel Internet Security- Freeware
    Netstat Viewer and LExE.
  113. Misc. Web Authoring Tools Freeware
    About 50 freeware programs for Win95.
  114. Mizotec Downloads
    XP Themer, XP Netstats Bar, FP Converter, CD Librarian, and ICQSMS Companion
  115. Modeling Freeware
    Anim8tor and Wings3D.
  116. MODELpress
    ModelPress Publisher and ModelPress Viewer.
  117. Modest Crow's Development Page
    UniqueDisplay, WndHop, ImgHide, and Eliza.
  118. Modplug Software
    Player, Tracker, Plugin, Beginner's Kit, SoundEngine, and Other Products.
  119. Moffsoft Calculator Downloads
    Moffsoft FreeCalc and Moffsoft Calculator 2.
    About 4,200 unsorted links to Freeware programs spread over 30 pages.
  121. Moggies Freeware Programs
    Picture Viewer Plus Version, Random Quotes Selector, Tray Control Panel, Activate Saver, and 3D Maze Game.
  122. Molecular Biology Freeware Tools for Windows

    Molecular Biology Freeware (72 programs in 8 categories), Microarray Software(5 programs), JAVA and Perl Programs ( 34 programs in 8 categories).
  123. Molecular Visualization Freeware
    Protein Explorer, Chime and RasMol.
  124. Molwicks Freeware
    32VerSee and Esnuka. Copyright 2000.
  125. Monkey Bread Freeware
    20 Monkey Bread programs.
  126. Moog Software
    SimpleDesktop, SimpleTODO, SimpleBackup, SimpleDownload, SimpleZip, and SimpleLoan.
  127. Moon Software
    ClipClear, FileNote, Bookmark Wizard, CopyURL, FileTargets, FontLoader, and Font Xplorer Lite.
  128. Moor Computer Productions
    Education(7), Games(14), Others(4).
  129. Mooresoft Bizland Downloads
    MultiMD and Dir2Text.
  130. Morphon Technologies
    Morphon XML-Editor and Morphon CSS-Editor.
  131. Morequick Tols
    QuickCD, QuickSplit, XDos, and Green Browser.
  132. MouseTrax Freeware
    NetBIOS Name Retriever, Word Directory Cataloger, Word Options Utility, Word Crayon, Word Backup Utility, MouseTrax File Cataloger, MouseTrax Image Cataloger, List All Programs, Temp Scrubber, WSH Script HTML Cleanup, Font Sample Generator, Section Manager Macro, and frmCustomTables.frm.
  133. MP3 Player Freeware
    About 300 mp3 players.
  134. mpesch3's mp3 tools
    1by1 and mp3DirectCut.
  135. MPSoftware
    PHP Designer 2005 and HTMLGate FREE.
  136. MrDo
    DoWinStartup, GhostMouse, MIDI MusicBox, Shut Down To DOS, VBPong, and more.
  137. Mr All's Freeware
    Source Painter Version, The Big Memory Game, Image Organizer, and The Counter.
  138. MrBass Windows Freeware Favorites
    About a dozen common Freeware programs.
  139. MrCeri Software
    Salary Timer, Hobo Boxing, Countdown Timer, Disk Prodder, Net Send, Simple Encrypt, Raise Calculator, Tax Calculator, Name Generator, and Movie Name Hangman.
  140. Mr Duck49's Webbies
    Nineteen Freeware programs by Mr. Duck
  141. Mr.Tech Software
    Systray and ClockAlign plus 19 utilities.
  142. MSC Software
    Twenty-one Dos and Win9x Freeware downloads.
  143. MSN Groups- Always on the Edge- Great Freeware
    Links to 11 common Freeware programs.
  144. MSX Utilities
    Five MSX and two Windows GPS freeware programs.
  145. MTekk Freeware Smartphone Applications
    31 Freeware Smartphone Applications. Last updated Friday, 7 May 2004.
  146. MT-Soft Products
    Digital Clock, Disco, Messenger Disable, Open Port Scanner, Password Generator, Vat Calculator, and Web Site Code Lookup.
  147. MTZone
    TimeCalculator, JacketPrinter, and Text In A Zip.
  148. Mucky Paws
    Two apps and six games by Mucky Paws.Last modified: Sunday, 11 August 2002.
  149. Mug Favorite Mac Freeware
    Links to 44 Mac Freeware programs.
  150. Muhammad Muquit's free software
    Forty-two Freeware programs by Muhammad.
  151. MusicLab Free Products
    FixedLength, Looper, and MIDI Connection Center.
  152. Musicware-AudioMelody
    Twelve categories, about 70 programs.
  153. Must Have Freeware
    Around 35 links to sites and programs considered to be "MustHave". Slightly dated to 1999.
  154. Mutant Penguin Software Utilities
    Asciizer, dImage, Font Explorer, MPWeb, Questionnaire Constructor, RASRC, and Ruler.
  155. Mutexed Utilities and Code
    FragExt, OeyEnc, and sprintf.js.
  156. MVPTools
    NetDig, CmdPing, and NetPing.
  157. MVRao's Site
    Lock It XPress and Clip All
  158. Myan Myan Factory
    CD2WAV32 for W95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP.CD2WAV32 ans Digital CD Player for W95/98/NT3.51,4.0/2000/
  159. My Bytes Freeware
    MusicMiner, myPicSaver, myBirthdayReminder, myEasySync, and WinWasher
  160. My Creations Software
    UDGWiz, Memory, Master, Jot-It Calendar, MCC, Spinner, and Yippee.
  161. My Favorite Free Software
    About 120 links to Freeware programs and sites in 10 categories
  162. My Favorite Freeware
    61 popular freeware programs.
  163. My Favorite Freeware Applications
    Eight common freeware apps.
  164. My GuiGuy Stuff
    TinraGUI, mov2AVI, tooLAMEgui, PulldownBatchFE, ASFIndexGUI, ASFCutGUI, PDF2HTMLgui, ZipFontPeeker, Decurse, and TMPGEncCalc.
  165. myHq
    Many links to freeware programs and freeware sites.
  166. My Java Freeware Programs
    Miller Rabin Prime Generator Applet and Vigenere Cipher Applet.
  167. My Latest Software
    Planets-Commander, Scope 4D, Birthday Reminder, and M3U-Copy. Dated to pre-WinMe.
  168. My List of Useful Tools/Services
    About 50 links to Freeware tools and services.
  169. My Own Applications
    PowerOff, JBSql, JEX, DCOPY, CDRip, Table manager, RasDial, OraTop, HDBench, JBTail, JBHead, and Retention.
  170. My Programs
    Two games.
  171. My Programs-Bret Johnson
    Nine programs by Bret Johnson.
  172. My Programs-Mike McLarnon
    OScope, Conjugate and Decline Latin, and Dial-Up Reflector.
  173. My Small Programs
    Icon Obtainer and PopClock
  174. My Softwares
    Locate32, AskWord'97, and Clipboard Viewer X.
  175. My Softwares And Components Under Delphi 4.0
    Cerebral, Wincell, Clean Register, Database, and TLabel_URL_email.
  176. My Software, Your Freeware
    Ten XSpace programs by J.M. Falcao.
  177. My Tech Aid Software
    Online To-Do List Manager and HexToDec.
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  1. Nabocorp
    My Folders, picsaver, and nabopoll.
  2. Naibor
    Res Privata
  3. Nairolf Sortware
    POP3 Cleaner, Ext-HTML, and Pwd-Gen. Last updated Jul 11, 2001.
  4. Nakencow Freewware
    Nakencow, Slimrss, Pacman 4000, Tetris, Nakencam, and CowSpy.
  5. Nakka Software
    Pocket PC Tools, eChat, TrayClock, CmdOpen, nScript, n01, CLCL, nPOP, and WWWC.
  6. nApps Freeware Center
    TWenty-one categories, 91 programs for Win95,NT.
  7. Naram Cheeze Software
    Fav2html v1.1, InnerReg v1.0, PDFproducer v1.3 , Smartest Tic-Tac-Toe v1.1, SPEAK v1.1, and Shivering Screen Saver.
  8. Natch Freeware
    NWin, PrivateI, and SigJenny .
  9. Native Computer Systems
    NetClick.LE, ServiceView, ACLView, AccountView, and Who Is Connected?.
  10. Nattyware
    Pixie Colour picker, WinJanitor, and XUM32.
  11. Naura Freeware Links
    Links to 14 Freeware Programs
  12. NCG Software
    Skins, scripts, pictures, and screens.
  13. Ndrw Freeware
    Four programs-FTPUpload, JPGVideo, RunConsoleApp, and WinRASDialIT.
  14. Neave Games
    Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Tic-Tac-Toe, Hexxagon, Tetris, Snake, Simon, and Asteroids.
  15. ned Productions Win32 programs
    Flow, Jpeg2Html, StickyFront2, StickyFront, and SymLink.
  16. Nedwolf Free Software
    Seven Freeware Categories (99 programs).Portable Freeware(29), Web Developer Tools(29), Online Apps(30), Freeware Website List(32), and more.
  17. Neoelite Products
    Games: 194x, Hit The Ball, Street Racing, and Men Of War. Programs: NIM, DVD Player, NeoOZ 2, Fake Telnet(s), Greens War, and Login Logger. Scripts: (10). Other: (2).
  18. Neogie Software
    SimpleCopier, Check4Me, and EasyAgenda.
  19. Neowin Freeware Alternative List
    About 275 links to Freeware programs in 40 categories.
  20. Nephewsoft
    Genius's Puzzle Pack, Tut's Gambit, Westerlies, Politics, ANSI Artist, and Top 10 Free Apps and Games.
  21. Net 1000 Freeware
    Links to 53 Freeware sites.
  22. Net Census
    Gypsy Proxy, XLS Test, WebHogs, RandScan, RSocket, Qicmp, and Mail.
  23. Netkosoft programs
    TDB, SearchType, PgmText, PortComm, and WPaper.
  24. NetMag.net-.downloads
    Links to around 300 downloads in seven categories.
  25. Netmatics Freeware Corner
    Five categories with links to twelve common Freeware programs.
  26. Netmation Windows Free Software
    Links to about 30 common freeware programs.
  27. NetProsWeb.com
    A dozen common freeware programs for Win95,98,NT.
  28. Netscape Browser Archive
    Sillydog Netscape Browser Archive.
  29. Net Services Delphi Component Library
    TInstallationChecker, TFileDialog, TPriority, and TFileFinder.
  30. NetworkActiv
    NetworkActiv PIAFCTM, NetworkActiv Web Server, NetworkActiv AUTAPF, and Soundy Mouse.
  31. NetworkingFiles
    Voice over IP, Proxy Workbench, Socket Workbench, SynchronEX File, and UltraSO Media Edition.
  32. Network Tech Software
    51 Novell and 20 NT programs. Last updated October 06, 2002.
  33. Netz Antiviral Utilities
    IVINIT, CleanTrack0, MakeResQ, ToggleMode, FixBoot, ResQfloppy, FreeDOS boot disk, XMonkey, and xOneHalf.
  34. Never Pay Software Links
    Freeware Sites(320), Free Games Sites(72), and Free Screen Saver sites(37).
  35. New Breed Software-Linux games
    Seventeen operating systems. 32 programs.
  36. NewellSoft Freeware
    Fourteen Newellsoft programs.
    Ten categories. About 1500 freeware programs.
  38. Newton Freeware Links
    140 links to freeware. Page last updated On: 17-Nov-.
  39. Nice Software Development Group
    Styx Reloaded, JJ MP3 Renamer, and Fast Imaging 1.0.1 for Delphi.
  40. Nick Kouvaris Free Games
    About a dozen games including some online.
  41. Nick Rozanski's Free Software
    Logger.Dll, svc.Exe, Srvstart.Exe, and Boink.
  42. Nigel Thomas Downloads
    WnBrowse, Dice, and NuggetPing.
  43. Nikos Freeware
    Yawn,M8S Contact Manager, Source Code Statistics, NK MapMAker, Easy WinBabel, Entropia Security Suite, and PowDLL Converter.
  44. Nikse's Bits and Bytes.
    Multi Install, Multi Media Center, Subtitle Edit, and TextCrypt.
  45. Ninotech Software
    Ninotech Date Edit and Path Copy.
  46. Nirsoft Freeware
    Nirsoft Freeware utilities(43), Visual Basic(21), Visual C++(6), and Components(3).
  47. Nitric.com Freeware
    Merlin's Clock Applet, Merlin's CPU Fire Applet, Linux System Hardware Monitoring, buf, and tim.
  48. Nitroy's Programs
    Clipper, Prairie, and Wildfox Framework.
  49. NkeemFreeware
    Synnote, Glyphs, and Henshoo.
  50. No Cost Software- DOS
    DOS programs- Arithmetic, Calendar, Re-format, Text Edit, Zip Compress, File Manager, DOS Shell, and Inbox Upkeep.
  51. NodeSoft-No Design
    An even dozen NoDesign Programs
  52. Noel's Freeware
    CopyLock, ICQ Fixer, Universal Converter and MediaChecker.
  53. No Fluff Free Stuff
    Some links to free software among other things.
  54. No Junk Freeware
    Ten links to common Freeware programs and sites.
  55. NO-NAGS
    Lots of categories. Loads of Freeware.
  56. No Nonsense Software
    PrintFolder, TexRep, SetFileDate, RGBtoHEX, DeskSweeper, ScreenGrab, and SuperCat.
  57. Nondisputandum
    More than 200 links to Freeware and other useful sites.
    Thirteen categories. 964 games.
  59. Noping Software
    Overly Simple Image Viewing Application, TxtImg, Online Tarot Companion, and The I-Ching.
  60. Norio's Page
    ZipTip and InfoTip Extension. Last updated: 08-Mar-1999.
  61. NoTry Net
    Kodevert, XPManifesto, MatchCraft, List Builder, and Cursors.
  62. Now3D Downloads
    Now3D, N3DPlugInPack1, N3DPhotonsPack1, Now3D Manual, NThumbnails, and Texture.
  63. NPS Software
    2 Find MP3, ICQ File Share, and Applet Game Mania.
  64. N's Lab
    Kaleidoscope and MBRSCAN.
  65. NSF Tools-Freeware
    Links to a dozen common freeware programs.
  66. Nth System Freeware
    Fifteen Nth System freeware programs.
  67. NT Security.Nu- Freeware Windows Security Tools
    About 40 Freeware NT security programs.
  68. Nu2(Bart's) Utilities
    About a dozen programs.
  69. NT Tools
    NT Tools(12). Win95 Tools(3).
  70. NueTools Products
    Browser Extension Manager and StripFile.
  71. NumbWare
    Three programs by Justin Jacobs-BootCleam, Maze Master, and Pong.
  72. Nuonsoft
    FileEngineer, MediaBrowser, ShellEnhancer, Wallpaper Cycler, and WindowTool.
  73. Nusuni Programs
    IPer and Port Finder.
  74. NZP Puzzles and Games
    Fourteen NZP games.
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  1. Oakley Data Services
    Smart Lottery Checker, SmartView, SmartSurf, SmartOne, and Popout-Text. Last updated April 14, 1999.
  2. ObiWan's Freeware Selection
    Jana Server, Mercury/32, Xitami, Privoxy, and FileZilla.
  3. Obiwan's Software
    ViewS plus: DriveIndicator, TurboCopyPatch, Gravitation Simulation, IDE-powerdown utility, FPU command-reference, AutoExt, FlicInfo, and PackTxt.
  4. Obock.de
    Handler, Parallel Port Customizer, WinShut, and FreqGenie.
  5. Oblivion Freeware
    Oblivion Win32 Console and DOS(12). Windows(10).
  6. Odi Project
    UnFlash, LFN Tools, Lange Dateinamen, Pomme Fractal Renderer, Java Classes for Geeks, asc2tga, and EmptyBin.
  7. Office Depot Free Downloadable Forms
    About 80 forms in nine categories.
  8. Office Experts FreeDownloads
    MyAddiesBook, MyPictureBook, XLFunc, MyVlookup, MyInvoicing, CuteQuiz, MyTextTools, UserformTraining, ExcelThesaurus, PP Great Templates, PowerPoint Scheduler, Sample Fill-In Form, MyFormSpeller, and MyStationery.
  9. Official Stupidsoft Freeware Page
    Five old games.Last updated 5/29/99.
  10. Oguz Karadeniz
    SmartCopy and ScreenMeasure.
  11. Okaloosa Educational Freeware
    Five categories with links to 20 Freeware downloads.
  12. Older freeware versions of Commercial software
    Links to 53 programs and 9 sites.
  13. Old Freeware for MS-DOS and MS Windows
    Eighteen English and 11 Norwegian Programs. Dated 1987-1994
  14. Old Games Archive
    Thirty-seven old games.
    Eighteen game categories with 36,379 games
  16. Oldversion.com
    Forty-seven programs with 393 versions.
  17. OLEJ's Freeware Software
    Screen Saver TImg, Stereogram Creator, ip2Country, Minute, Biorhytm, iDict, Gomoku, Stereogram Screensaver, Mobilator, Characterizer, CTRLA - Hidden image creator, and Secure Memo.
  18. Oliver's Software
    iBoard and iDice .
  19. Olsen Network Downloads
    About 75 programs in eight categories.
  20. Oma Penny Freeware
    File Split Stream, PicWalker, and Wildcard Renamer.
  21. Omniseek Freeware Links
    Twenty-four links to freeware.
  22. One-Nine Freeware
    EasyExif and EasyEncrypt.
  23. Onion Software
    Nine onion programs, mostly games.
  24. Only the Best Freeware
    Ten categories, 138 programs.
  25. Oolsi Freeware
    Blog- Five Freeware Games- Warning Forever, PcBert, Lasertank, Bricks2000, and Othello, plus more.
  26. OOoMacros
    Twenty-four Open Office End User Macros.
    Lots of categories. Lots of freeware.
  28. OPENetwork
    DELTA, The Comparison Tool, The Berkeley Utilities, Mi-Shell, Life, Mandel, and OPENsweeper.
  29. Open ReSource
    Sixteen freeware archives.
  30. OpenScience Project
    Twenty-two categories, about 275 programe.
  31. Open Source Applications
    Forty-nine Open Source Applications.
  32. Open source on Mac
    About 75 links to OPen Source programs for the mac.
  33. Openwares.org
    Seven categories and forty programs.
  34. OrbitSoft Software Productions
    Basic Calculator, OrbitChat, and Music Organizer.
  35. Oreware Freeware
    Popup Assassin and Spy-Ad Exterminator
  36. Origin.Rak Freeware
    Rainmaker, Stealth DP, Hex, Stealth Dupecheck, Scannere Pro, Byte Organizer, Webminer, Contacts, and IP. Updated 2004-12-18
  37. Ornj Software Products
    Web Album Generator, Araneae, Citrus Alarm Clock, Tray Animations, Warship, and Soko.
  38. OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows
    Fifty-one categories with links to about 350 Freeware programs.
  39. Other Useful Applications
    Analogx Maxmem, Internet Sweeper, Scrip Trap, and Another Task Manager.
  40. OTS Freeware
    Five freeware games.
  41. Otter Dad's Freeware Archive
    About 15 categories with 456 apps. Last updated 6-20-98.
  42. OtWesten Freeware
    RasWatch, RemoteFRITZ!DSL, SchedLeech, and URList.
  43. Outlook Express Tools
    OE-QuoteFix, DBXtract, OE Backup, OE Tool, OE Identity Identifier, MessageCleaner, Magic Mail Monitor, Registry Key Backup, and InkSwitch.
  44. Owl & Mouse Educational Software
    Games and puzzles.
  45. OXD Software
    CSV HTML Generator, Movie organizer, and Book organizer.
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  1. Pablo Software Solutions
    Fifteen Pablo programs.
  2. PalmBytes Freeware
    AutoExec and Battery Log. Last Updated: Dec 23, 2002
  3. Palm: Freewares
    Acrobat Reader, ThisWeek, HandyShopper, MetrO, Graffiti Anywhere, and Sketeher.
  4. Palm Open Source Freeware
    Palm Os(468), Documentation(32), and Open hardware(28).
  5. Panormitis Software
    Three categories, five programs.
  6. P and Q Downloads
    pserv.cpl, rfstool, supershell, shicks!, rundll32, diskfile, dllusage, split3pm, pop3filter, regdiff, pcalc, and pcomspytools.
  7. Pantera Designs Freeware
    DeskDeco, Audiovisualmagitastic, Buyer's Hub, Personaemicon, Power Picture Viewer, and Aitor.
  8. PanuWorld's Best Freeware Applications
    Mozilla Suite, Mozilla Firefox, WinSCP3, PuTTY, XVI32, Inno Setup, PatchWise Free, Resource Hacker, Frodo, Z26, cam2pc, and Anvil Studio.
  9. Paradise Programming Freeware
    Partition Rescue, XConsole, Undeletion Wizard, FlopShow, Cookie Eater, AutoShutdown, DiskView, FileSplit, CpuLoad, Tarang, Splitit, MyLisp. Dos- Splitter, Recover, and Fundelete.
  10. Paris Internet Freeware Links.
    Twelve categories, 32 common Freeware programs.
  11. Parallel Realities Projects
    Thirteen freeware games.
  12. PathFinder's Freeware
    Wincode, Rawrite, checkcert, createspf, Perl Language, and HM.COM.
  13. Patrick Computer Services Freeware
    Alan's Math, Alan's Fractions, ASCII ToolBox, File Unite, Filename Locator, Copy At, and Pick 3 Analyzer.
  14. Paul248.tk
    AIM FixDC, ExTemp, BinaryClock, AutoBG, SpriteMaster, TextEncrypter, PeSHyTalk, HTML Fader, HTML Neutralizer, QuickLock, TT Calculator, EZ Uptime, and PeerChat. DOS-QPack, C-Strobe, and C-Fade.
  15. Payson Freeware Links
    Links to 19 Freeware sites.
  16. Paul Hawthorn's Utilities and Tweaking Bits
    A dozen common Freeware programs.
  17. Paul Scott's Freeware
    Last updated - 18th October 2000. DOS Games(5), Win9x, NT(20 games and utilities), Java(5 games), and 3 screensavers.
  18. PawPrint.net
    WorldTime and Versaverter.
  19. Pawsoft Freeware
    Pawclock, Pawbrowse, Fass, MELMS, Minimail, and Bank It.
  20. PBar Home Page
    PBar and Image View.
  21. PC Buyer Beware Free Utilities
    Three links to Freeware websites and 51 links to Freeware programs.
  22. PC 911
    Nine categories , around 150 links to Freeware programs.
  23. PC by Paul Freeware
    Gamma Adjuster, Abacus, Tired of Waiting, Our Plants Calendar, and My Movies.
  24. PC Corner- Downloads
    About 66 links to freeware programs and sites. Slightly dated.
  25. PC Freeware-Old, but Useful Windows Freeware
    Clean It, FastEdit, HexView, and RixEdit. Win 95,98.
  26. PC Freeware Security Tools
    Fifteen categories. Lots of freeware. Updated August 26 2003.
  27. PC Inspector
    E-Maxx, Clone Maxx, Task Manager, and FS Guard
  28. PCMan Freeware
    Sixteen categories. lots of freeware.
  29. PCMech- Freeware Frenzy
    Links to 37 Freeware programs.
  30. pcMedix Downloads
    About 40 freeware programs and links.
  31. PD Photo.org
    Around 2,000 Royalty free, public domain photos in about 50 categopries.
  32. PC Software
    Bulk Rename Utility, Unit Conversion Utility, and Base Conversion Utility.
  33. Pc-tools by Jem Berkes
    Around three dozen freeware programs by Jem Berkes.
  34. PC Users Free Software and Services
    About 200 links to freeware programs and sites.
  35. PCWin.com Freeware
    lots of categories with lots of Freeware.Win95, 98, NT4x.
  36. PDA Gold Freeware Applications
    76 Freeware applications.
  37. PDA Top Soft Freeware for Palm OS, Pocket PC, RIM, EPOC, and Smartphones
    177 Freeware PDA programs.
  38. PeanutSoft Freeware
    Crappy Carpet Producer, SpacePong, and Folder Deleter
  39. Peanut Software Homepage
    Wingeom, Winarc, Winlab, Winplot, Winfeed , Winmat, Winstats, Windisc, and Wincalc.
  40. Pedro Reina's Free Software
    23 Freeware Programs.
  41. Pegasus Mail
    Pegasus Mail and Mercury Mail Transport System.
    Sixteen categories. Around 600 programs.
  43. Pelle Coltau Freeware
    Apps- [128]Video Database, DirSizer, Gesture Recognizer. Games- Mortar Mayhem and Rects.
  44. Perfect Freeware
    More than 3000 Freeware programs in 10 main categories.
  45. Personal Microcosms Freeware
    HTML Editor and Text Editor.
  46. PESoft
    Cool Ticker, TinyResMeter, Outlook Notification Gateway, and Visual Timers.
  47. Peter Hou's Freeware Workshop
    MyOrganizer, Tech Instant Messenger, Mazer, VB Code Count, Time Calculator, Love Match, Text Code, Big5 Email Fixer, LH Desktopand Casino Town.
  48. Peter Bone's Freeware
    DLA, Downfall, Memory, Cube Juggler, Tachhydrite, Colour Editor, Resize, Bitmap to Ascii converter, and Pivo
  49. Peter Hirschberg Software
    LEDhead , VertiSim, Lunar Lander 2000, Aire Freshener, Taskbar Lavalamp, Classic Space Wars, and Fractal Zoom.
  50. Peter H. Madsen's Free Software
    Dos Freeware- AUTOTIME, Printer Codepage Utility, and Extended DIR.
  51. Pete Riddell Freeware Recommendations
    About a dozen common freeware programs.
  52. Peter Kostov's Freeware for Networkers
    IP Workshop Professional, Easy IP, CC PortReport, IE Profile Manager, and WinIPConfig.
  53. Peter's Freewware
    Applications-WinViewer, LanWalker, and WinWater 2 . Plugins-StillImageDecoders, StillImageEncoders, StillImageColorQuantizers, and DataSrcDest.
  54. Peter's Home Page Programs
    Puac 2, Bugs!, TerraPainter, IniCompare, LETA AIFA, TimeTeller,Dirty screensaver, MicroMind, and QuickSaver.
  55. Pharfruminsain Freeware Programs
    Grethor, PhastPhileRename, PhastPhotoResize, QuickieMap, TireSizing, WindowsLock, BackupWithZip, and RegisterDLL.
  56. Phatsoft Software
    Mircscript mp3 player, Autoplay, JoyMouse, and TMR.
  57. Phax' programs
    FArc for DOS and Win32, GTUI for Win32, GetEQExe for DOS and Win32, GetEXETyp for DOS, GetTyp for DOS and Win32, BP7Patch for DOS, ListNE, and ZIPC for DOS.
  58. PhDesign Downloads
    LogTimer and FileCrypt.
  59. Phil and Moke's Secret Free Place
    Several links to Freeware programs and sites.
  60. Phillip Casey-Freeware Links
    A dozen links to common freeware.
  61. Phil Stuart's Freeware Macintosh Applications
    Soundex.hqx and Wiedermoon.hqx. Updated: April 27, 1996.
  62. Phobosoft Freeware
    Webthumb, Seti LAN, Copie diff, Img 2 ASCII, Patchwork Maker, and Calendriel.
  63. Phoxel Freeware
    Tourist Aid, Periodic Table, and Unit Converter.
  64. Phpide
    Polar SpellChecker Server and Web Spell Checker.
  65. PH Software Technologies Downloads
    Three categories-Music and Sound, Desktop, Compressionm. Thirty downloads.
  66. PH's Software
    Links to about a dozen freewaree sites.
  67. Phurix Software
    Ares, MSBlaster Removal Tool, and Sobig.F Removal Tool.
  68. Phuzz Freeware
    UTShellMenu, Phuzz Indexer, OutlookSysTray, TempKilla, PubList Converter, FlashCrack, and MyMSNM. Last updated April 22nd 2002.
  69. Physics Downloads
    Two Physics animations and a Ballistics Simulator.
  70. PicMaster Freeware
    SuperBob, Funny Voice, WebCountDown Anytime, CountDown Anytime, and Quickphone.
  71. Picofactory Freeware
    PicoWeather, PicoCurrency, PicoStick, PicoCrypt, and PicoXT.
  72. Pierre Albou Freeware
    RichView, Instruments Builder, FaFdB, and three Java programs.
  73. Pierre-Marie Devigne Freeware
    Five programs-ChangeExtension, Cookies Manager, Change Icon, Taskbar Activate, and Internet Cache Cleaner. Last updated 18-mar-2001.
  74. Piglet Downloads
    Fifteen common freeware programs.
  75. Piglette's Free Software Menu
    Links to four games and fractal software.
  76. Pillage Pile Freeware
    Eleven Freeware Programs. Last updated: Dec. 2001.
  77. Pilot Logic Software
    Cosmos 4D, GaiaCAD, and SkinnerPro.
  78. Pindersoft Free Software
    Floating Clock Calendar, Mini-Notes, Baseball Stats PS, PSMemoPak, Music Library, and XLTimeSheet.
  79. Pink Mouse Freeware
    Camembert, DonkeyMan, Pink Mouse's Colour Picker, Wordlist Compiler, 'Spruce' Sound Scheme, and 'Fix Window' script.
  80. Pino's Bare Page
    11 Freeware Programns and links to about 30 more.
  81. Pisarsky Applications Index
    Cycler, MiniView, ShowOff, and WinRep.
  82. PixelChain
    Video2Photo, ezWebTranslator, and NetFileSend.
  83. Pixel Technology
    NetMorphing and url2bmp.
  84. Pizzinini Software
    CARE 2.2, pic2ascii 0.2, Teranet browser, fixCase 1.1, and swf2avi 0.3.
  85. PJWalczak Free Software
    StartPage Guard, Dumb'o Dialer, Scaven, and vPing.
  86. Plamen's Downloads
    Super Calculator, Super Calculator2, FORMULA PARSER, and VGA MIK. Last Updated: 10/11/03.
  87. Planet Denn Freeware
    About 18 programs and some screensavers. Updated August 24, 2003.
    Twenty-one categories with 507 downloads.
    Mirrors of many archives.
  90. PlanWare
    Three Online programs, one utility, and an eguide.
  91. Pluto's Progs
    Twenty-nine freeware Pluto's progs.
  92. Plutosoft
    BitmapEx, Cooljot, Titanium, IE Fixer Upper, User Notice Creator, QuikRunner, MexxBoxx, Computer Address Directory, and Search Submitter.
  93. PLWorx Softwaree
    dBWorx, Noteworx, and dBvuworx
  94. Pocket Internet
    Links to 45 common freeware programs.
  95. Pocket PC Freeware by Jonathan Sachs
    Eval, Ephemeris, DOF, Expose, and Stop Time.
    848 Freeware programs to Download in 196 Categories.
  97. PocketPC Freewares
    1183 Freeware programs in 26 categories.
    31 categories with 2,101 links to Freeware.
  99. Points in Case
    College related downloads.
  100. PO Freeware
    Links to 14 Freeware downloads.
  101. Pokluda Freeware
    Anniversary, CityCode, Contacts, Conversion, CZConvert, and Dictionary.
  102. Pong's Freeware
    MediaShow and ThaiSystemFonts.
  103. Poor Bruce's Home
    Segger and Outliner
  104. PortableApps.com
    Portable AbiWord, FileZilla, Portable Firefox, Portable Gaim, Portable NVU, Portable OpenOffice.org, Portable Sunbird, and Portable Thunderbird.
  105. Portable Freeware Collection
    Ninety-two categories with 237 Freeware programs downloadable in four volumes.
  106. Portable USB App- TheInfoBox
    Links to 84 Portable USB Apps in 7 categories.
  107. Portable USB Drive Apps
    Seven categories with 59 Freewware applications that may be run straight from a USB drive.
  108. Power Applications
    Debugger Selector, Web Services Studio, ChitChat for LAN, WinChange 2003, S.M.A.R.T. Disk, IP Time Synchronizer, Get IP, Address Book, Project Cleaner, Essquelle, Ultra CD, and Cool Tools.
  109. PP's Freeware
    About 20 netware, Linux and Windows, Freeware programs. Updated February 28, 2003.
  110. Praize Bible Freeware
    40 links to Bible Freeware sites.
    336 Priceless freeware programs.
  112. Price Media Freeware
    Cascade DTP, Rostrum Camera, Galleria, and Wallpaper Manager.
  113. Prime Projects
    Alarm, Chimer, KClick, KSound, Unit Converter, and Wintris.
  114. Primoz Gabrijelcic's Freeware
    Fifteen Primoz Gabrijelcic Freeware Applications.(Dated from 1991 to 2000).
  115. Prismatic Software Freeware Utilities
    Dup Detector, RotateJPG, BatchRename, JPEG Transfer, Two Explorers, Image file search, Collate tiles, and PT display.
  116. Profit and Loss Product 3
    Forty-nine Hotel and Institutional specific Freeware software Downloads.
  117. Profiteer's Lame Support Page
    Camel's MPEGJoin, Peck's Utilities, and Dr. Mercury's SVCD Guide.
  118. Proff's Freeware Power Tools
    pVoice and BrightSpeech
  119. Progency Software
    Eleven Progency freeware programs. Last update: April 19, 2001.
  120. Progeni Freeware
    Multi-Edit Extensions and Cobol Sizer.
  121. Programmer Utilities
    Seventeen links to freeware programs.
  122. Programs by Albert Sadykov
    Informer and Cactusus
  123. Programs By Brian Apps
    PC-Juggle Saver, Sizer, Saver Starter, Hot Key Plus, and Toss Up. Palm-Palm Easter, Palm Biorhythms, Toss Up, and Palm TSAR.
  124. Programs- Freeware
    IFMAlbum, FTP Loader,and Add Banner.
    Over 2100 links to freeware in eight categories.
  126. Proton fx Software
    Dirkey, Thundertray, RBIL Viewer, Perfect! Textedit, WinHandle Browser, KILL, Change Fast, and ComLog.
  127. Proxima Downloads
    Comedy, RpcExec, ModemCmd, and XClip.
  128. Pruitt family freeware links
    Forty links to useful freeware.
  129. PSC Freeware Downloads
    ShareClean, SockLock, 0Click2, HTAstop2003
  130. PSG Freeware
    FileToMail, AlertPing, and PSGPing.
  131. Psion Software
    Client_L, Pdbread, Stereovu, and more.
  132. Psion Software Downloads
    Dope Wars, History of Psion Computers, PsionSites, ABP, FreeMem, NoMore, Moon, vRule , Homer, Your Round!, PsiTris, and Psolly.
  133. Psyon Projects
    Apache Queue, Bochs-RFB, Bochs-Win32, libW11 (Xlib-Win32), Moses, PCRE-Win32, psLogger, psRefer, pStats, and WarChat
  134. Punk Software
    RocketDock, ÜberIcon, and Nerd Proliferator.
  135. pVoice Software
    pVoice, pStory, and pType.
  136. Pyros's Pages Games
    Eleven older games from 1997 to 2001.
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  1. Q++ Studio Freeware
    Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper, Q++ Muslim Prayer Times Calculator, and Q++ Sun, Moon and Planets Calculator.
  2. QLiner Freeware
    Quotes, QSaver, QRoxy, QMailer, and QPaper. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  3. Quackers Freeware
    Links to 85 Freeware Program Downloads.
  4. Quality Freeware for Windows 3.x
    33 freeware programs for Win3x.
  5. Quantum Whale
    SafeMail, Clock Screen Saver , and Outlook Express Tweaker.
  6. Quekky.com
    Nslookup2002 and Rescue CD Enhance. Added on: 13-Jan-2004
  7. Quick Web Design Tools
    Quick Colour Picker, Quick PopUp, Quick Obscure, and Mugshot. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  8. Quick Zip
    Quick Zip, Quick Zip Lite, and 100K_Zipper. Added on: 14-Jan-2004
  9. Quinn's Software Development
    SystemFolderDiff, Internet Config, Dvorak Keyboards, Anarchie Guide, Users and Groups Scripting Addition, Snapshotter, and HC11 Tools. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
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  1. r2 studios
    Eight r2 programs.
  2. Raccoon Works
    SpeedTest, Easy Ping, and PassFile.
  3. Radified Favorite Freeware Programs
    Links to Radified's 101 Favorite freeware programs.
  4. Radish's Games and Screensavers
    Twenty-two games and 13 Screensavers. Win 3.1, 95, NT.
  5. Ragged Claws Free Tools
    Nine categories wirh 535 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  6. Raihan Kibria's Freeware
    Invasion, ChPic, eggtimer, msquares, and DC(Dos).
  7. Rainbow Software
    Hardware Monitor, JPG Cleaner, UniFlash, DOS Navigator+, and DOS Viewer.
  8. Rainy's Freeware
    Rainlendar and Rainmeter.
  9. Ramlende Downloads
    Five categories woth 156 downloads. Very nice descriptions of each downloaad.
  10. Ramsinks- Free GOOD Software List
    About 233 links to Freeware programs in several categories. A nice list.
  11. R and L Systems
    LogControl, FileSplitter, Common Dictionary, Master Dictionary, Password Generator, Weather Update, and Weather Setup.
  12. Random Abstract Freeware
    Links to fourteen commonfreeware programs.
  13. Randy's Freeware Games on a Floppy
    Eleven small Freeware Games.
  14. Randy's Website.
    Sixteen Freeware programs by Randy.
  15. Ranfo Freeware
    PopKi Popup Closer, Icon Editor, Another Replacement Notepad, Desktop Slot Machine, and Bench Test Program.
  16. Ranish Software
    VaporRank, ZeroServ, XOSL, and Ranish Partition Manager .
  17. Ranson Software
    Puzzler, Van Klee, and Italian Landscapes Clip Art
  18. Rare Freeware
    Thirteen common freeware programs.
  19. Rarewares
    Debian GNU/Linux Sid Repository, AACGain, CoreAAC directshow filter, Java ABC/HR, and OggDropXPd
  20. RavenBlack's Software
    Sixteen RavenBlack freeware downloads.
  21. Rawlogic
    NetBrute, WebBrute, and PortScan.
    24 categories, around 400 Freeware programs.
  23. Raza's Home Downloads
    Backgrounds(17), Buttons(3), Graphics(5).
  24. Razor Games Freeware
    Asteroids game.
  25. RBA World
    Cookie Cruncher, File Cruncher, Time Cruncher, Note Taker, RBA's EZ Graphix Viewer, and RBA's U.S. Capitols. Updated 1999.
  26. RdComp.net
    EZBack-it-up and FSLM.
  27. Reach Freeware
    65 categories, 1716 freeware programs. Last updated 1-12-2001.
  28. ReadyTools.com Software
    ReadyTools Data Converter, ReadyTools EasyMail, ReadyTooler, and WMG Poker.
  29. Real Free Software
    Eleven Freeware desktop tools.
  30. Reality Rift Studios
    Virticon Millenium, Mechanicron, Matrix Code Emulator, TransText, Iconsaver, and NeoEngine,
  31. Really Effective Software
    Tick and Sound Control.
  32. Real Popup Freeware
    Real Popup, RealAccount, and MaTreo.
  33. Recommended Freeware
    Nine common Freeware programs.
  34. Redferret Freeware Archive
    Freeware Blog.
  35. Redllar's software
    Co-ordpad, Deskband, Ezclock, Bitstrip, fungusTabs, RegPad, Lompster, Yazzle, 32ndRipper, FGWndGrab, and fungusClock.
  36. RedTree Development
    Simulator42 and Wilbur.
  37. Registry Explorer- Other Programs
    Watchdog-O-Matic, Fping, EatIcons, IpShow, NtComment, RxRegSvr, Wait, Beep, and Shutdown.
  38. Rekenwonder Freeware
    Sixteen Rekenwonder programs.
  39. Relaxing Freeware
    Screensavers, icons and some programs.
  40. Reliable Answers Freeware
    Fourteen Reliable Answer programs.
  41. Reliable Software
    Sea Battle, Freq Analyzer, and Dev Notepad.
  42. Remco de Kort Downloadpage
    Three categories, 72 links to downloads.
  43. Renegade Hunter Freeware
    Twenty-four programs. Updated 2001.
  44. René Slijkhuis Freeware
    CanonCam2PC, CoverCreator, and SlickView.
  45. Reticulated Toy Box
    Eleven DOS Programs.
  46. Retsok Downloads
    menu821, nview601, ncap35u, ncap351u, ncap353u, and sharpcontrol
  47. Revenger Inc Downloads
    MMext, CMext, Snow, and TranspIcon.
  48. Review of the Best Freeware and On-Line Libraries
    About 24 links to Freeware programs in 15 categories plus Free Internet Libraries.
  49. rGyaniZone
    WinWinner, WinDialer, WallWinner, Tic Tac Toe, and Love Calci.
  50. RH Designs
    TV Viewer, Snake, Panic on the stock exchange, Bacterion, Gallery Creator, Mouse Emulator, Easy Scroller, Apple Mouse, and Dark Omen Game Commander.
  51. Rhubarb's Links
    Links to nineteen Freeware sites and about 40 common programs.
  52. RickSoft
    AnonyNews, RCcrypt, Rabid Rabbit, RSpell, TaskMan, Prime Numbers, Port Scanner,and Mandelbrot.
  53. Rijk-Jan on the web
    About twenty freeware programs.
  54. Rikblok Software
    Toolbar, ExportChart, More Software and Orphanware.
  55. Rimrock Freeware
    Fourteen Rimrock programs.
  56. RJH Software
    Password Protector and GalleryMaker.
  57. RJLsoftware
    Five categories, 65 freeware programs.
  58. RKom Freeware
    Payroll Federal Tax Calculator and Payment Calculator.
  59. R.K. West Consulting Unusual Software
    Six categories, 22 programs.
  60. RMSoft Freeware
    Thirteen freeware programs.
  61. Roadkill Freeware Downloads
    Eighteen Roadkill freeware programs.
  62. Robert Morris Freeware
    Thirteen current plus seven more older Robert Morris Freeware programs.
  63. Robert's "Freeware Only!" Page
    About 13 freeware programs.
  64. Robert Vasicek Freeware
    Twelve Freeware programs including Cathy and Bookmarks Manager.
  65. Robin Keir's Software
    Bosskey, CD, Emunge, IP2, K9, MD5File, Neutron, ProgFont, ScripTrap, Shed, Timer, WotWeb, and Xip.
  66. Robin's Mystical Links
    A dozen links to downloads.
  67. RoboRat Software
    DISWIN Utilities(5), Windows Desktop Utilities(2), DOS Batch-File Utilities(10), and Development Utilities(5).
  68. Rob's Free Software
    EasymTU, DiskCat, Winamp Tools, Wget Frontend and Palmsoft.
  69. Rob's Goldfish Free Games and Freeware
    Handy Notes, Mouse Cleaner, and To Do List, plus 42 links to Freeware in 7 categories.
  70. Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages
    Batch files, KiXtart,Perl, Regular expressions, Rexx, WSH, and Books.
  71. Roger Smith Freeware
    AniScr, ConvPCD, and StitchView.
  72. Rog's WinTel and WebBoard freeware
    About two dozen Freeware programs by Rog.
  73. Rohitab Software
    FreeVoice, API Monitor, Boss!, IOCTL Decoder, and Password Decryptor.
  74. Rohit Freeware Links.
    Six abandonware and 12 freeware links plus Delphi links.
  75. Rolf's Utilities for Windows
    BackSlide, ImgShow, Tree Compare, and MTelNet.
  76. Roman's freeware
    Saab, Bin2Head, GutenBerg, TxtView, SpaceMeter, and Offline HTML Viewer.
  77. Roman Ukhov Freeware
    Eight Freeware applications by Roman Ukhov.
  78. Ron Jeet freeware
    About four dozen Freeware programs. Last modified: Sun Feb 04 2001.
  79. Rookie's Utility Freeware
    Updated 9/21/2002. 108 Uncategorized Freeware
  80. Rosa Family Freeware
    MP3 Tag Editor, OuttaSight, Drouble Trouble, PushPin, Register Component, Currency Converter, File Renaming Tool, MP3 Tag Editor.
  81. Rosenlundnielsen.dk.net
    includeHTML, Make-a-Filelist and 14 HTML-Kit plugins.
  82. RoteBetaSoftware
    Event Manager, Folder Size, and Who in the World.
  83. Rovatronic Software
    SmartBuster and WINdie.
  84. Roxy's Free Graphics and Clipart
    Some links to free graphics and clipart sites.
  85. Roy Saad- Downloads
    Il Postino, FastBackup, and I-Timer.
  86. Roy's Utility Page
    Links to about 40 common utilities.
  87. RPM Repository
    About 176 RPMs for various Linux distros.
  88. RPM Search
    About 230 directories of RPMs.
  89. RPM Seek
    Around 8,000 Linux rpm and Debian packages.
  90. RQ Words Download
    RQ Words program.
  91. RRR Freeware
    Directory icon, Color mixer, Directory database, Calendar, CD Menu, Desktop, and Calculator. Last updated August 26, 2002.
  92. RsoFT Freeware
    DiddleEx, DoubleExplore, GPGshell, and TitleTime.
  93. Rudenko Freeware
    Ten Rudenco freeware programs.
  94. Ruinedsoft Software
    Linpal, LazyNES, and Directvms.
  95. RuiSoft Downloads
    Ten categories. Downloads-22 RuiSoft Programs.
  96. Rundegren Freeware
    Floppy Image, System Monitor, and Instant Backup.
  97. Running Cheetah Software
    Five programs-Kicsi_Kocsi_1.30, Kicsi_Kocsi_1.50, Panthera, J.S._Snake! and 3D_Trakedit.
  98. Ruzzy's Freeware
    WinSafe G4, File Splitter, Lan Chat, and Disk Recall.
  99. Rush Hohol Midi Freeware and Music
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  1. Saberware Software
    Access Database Documenter, ASCII to CHR$(xx) Convertor, Saberware Code Library, and Context Menu OCX/DLL Register/Unregister.
    Eighteen categories with 15,727 downloads
  3. SadhuSystems.com
    FreeSpace, VideoThumb and Speakerblowers Database.
  4. SadhuSystems Freeware Directory
    About 2750 links to Freeware programs in 14 categories.
    Sailcat Freeware
    Eleven categories with 127 freeware programs. last modified 15 April 2002.
  5. SadMan Software Free Applications
    Mandelbrot Explorer, One Foundation, Qix!, Snake, and Snapshot
  6. Salvatore Ravidà Freeware
    WinUHA, Easy StartUp, Freedb Easy Navigator LE, and Freedb Easy Navigator
  7. Sam Blackburn's Software
    Win32 Foundation Classes, NMEA0183, Geodesy Foundation Classes, and, Geodesy Foundation Classes in C#.
  8. SamLogic Freeware
    No Ads Utility and AtomicSync.
  9. Sanface Software freeware
    csv2txt, pgphtml, PDFmail, PDFprint, and IndexMaker. Updated 03 Dec 2002.
  10. Sanz Small Linux Distros
    Knoppix, Peanut, and DamnSmallLinux.
  11. SaraSoft Freeware
    Splitter, Desktop Explorer, and Coloring Book
  12. Sassy Software
    Finder Options and BetterTelnet. Last updated: 4 Jan 1999.
  13. Saturday Night Freeware
    Aquarium Data Manager, Aquarium Unit Conversion, Fish Tank Data, Connect Time Monitor, and Solar Data Plotting software.
  14. Saugus.net Free Software
    About 125 links to Freeware programs.
  15. SavillTech Freeware
    Java Boulders, Performance Analyzer, CGI Search, Java Search, Memory, Win Info, Cmd Info, CpyServ, and DelOld.
  16. Sawan Software
    Library Managemnent, Quiz king, and KBC.
  17. Scar5 Products
    Disable Messenger Service,IE on Crack, and Simple File Shredder
  18. Scarabee Software
    Siren and SDaleks.
  19. SchoolForge
    Links to about 20 Open Source educational software sites and programs.
  20. Schmidt Software
    Java Imaging Utilities, Lucene Wikipedia indexer, ffident, fsdump, jpegextractor, juta, and Pasdoc.
  21. Science Freeware
    300 Science Quizzes.
  22. Science Sportsware Freeware
    Nutrival, ProCalc, GearCalc, BMI Index, and MyNotes.
  23. SciTech Concepts Products
    EDi Compliance Checker and GLINT Computer Activity Monitor.
    Around 600 links to freeware programs and sites.
  25. SCoooBY's Fav Free Apps
    SCoooBY'S 49 Favorite small apps.
  26. Scorpio Site
    Eighteen common freeware programs.
  27. SCO Skunkware: Open Source Software
    79 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  28. Scott's Freeware CE Applications
    About 2 dozen freeware programs for the CE OS.
  29. Scott's Freeware Daily
    Links to about 40 common freeware programs.
  30. Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Tools List
    About 84 tools listed. Good variety.
  31. Screensavers Planet
    About 250 free screensavers in 28 categories.
  32. Scrumpy's Hangout
    Scrumpy's 26 favorite Freeware programs.
  33. Sean Soft Freeware
    Nine SeanSoft Freeware programs.
  34. Sebastian Thomschke Software
    MyPad, Djembé, VBA Timer Example, Multiple Undos Class, High Precision Timer, Unqiue Visitors Counter, and PHP Operating System
  35. SecRep Programs
    FileClean, HideDesktop, and PowerDown.
  36. Security Applications Software
    Eighteen Security Applications
  37. Senosoft Freeware
    P3dO Explorer
  38. Sensei's Software
    ZipExploder and FileFolderWriter. Last updated July, 16, 2000.
  39. Sensible Freeware by Keith Parkansky
    Sapprint, Sapcheck, and Bestdam Logger.
  40. Sentinelware
    Buzz Ray DDD, Buzz View, DirDiff, Jar Tool, JIIS, Random Desktop, Spam, and Swift.
  41. SEO Book- Free SEO Tools
    Links to 22 SEO Freeware programs in 4 categories.
  42. Sergey Kolchin Software
    Notes/Delphi class library and Passwords Database.
  43. Serif Freeware
    PagePlus5, DrawPlus4, PhotoPLus5.5, 3DPlus2, and WebPlus6.
  44. SGI Freeware
    Five categories, about 40 downloads.
  45. SgtGeek Freeware Center
    Links to 309 Freeware programs in 21 categories.
  46. Sguft Software
    NatenaGUF, Notepad Pro, Winbacker, and Aplication Backer.
  47. Shadowcraft
    A dozen old programs.Last updated 8-21-98.
  48. Shadow Mountain Tech Utilities
    Help Link Tester, Window Tracker, Expandable table of Contents for WinHelp 3.1, and Wrapping Alphabet buttons.
  49. Shakki's Freeware
    MP3 Bar, Code Keeper, Shakki Chat, My IP, and SFTP. Last updated 8-01-01.
  50. Shape Magic Products
    Tree Magic Shape Maker, Tree Magic Stump Maker, and Shape Magic Rod & Tube Factory.
    More than a thousand programs.
  52. Shannon's Command Line Tools
    Thirty Freeware command line tools.
  53. Shatterock Technologies
    Database Password Sleuth and Source Morph.
  54. Shaun's Windows Freeware
    Infinite Patience, xBlock, Calendar, and Wander.
  55. ShazWare
    RenEm, UnDup, Flatten, TryWav, WebGet, big, ned, LogInfo, and FavList.
  56. Sheep Friends
    Abby Converter, Billy Audio Player, Diana Notetaker/Calendar, Hawk Hexfile viewer, Kelly Desktop Calculator, and Natty Mail checker/Notification
  57. Sheep Shed Guy's Freeware
    About 30 common Freeware programs.
  58. Shep's place
    About 20 popular programs.
  59. Shining Light Productions
    ProtoNova, Nuclear Vision, BMP2AVI, and Win32 OpenSSL.
  60. Shital Shah Freeware
    Outlook Quote, Visual Music, 15+ Programmer's Tools And Utilities, Favorite Links In Zip File, and Messanger - Send Windows NT Messages To Users.
  61. Shock Therapy Downloads
    Fireworks, Treasure Boy, T.W.A.T, Rain, AdSense Timer, Dunkin' 4D Cuboids, Launch Whatever(Extended), Banner Plane , Guess, Encyption, XpGames, Ascii, and Random Faces.
  62. Short Stop's Mostly VDE Page
    About 2 dozen programs and links.
  63. Shroud of Turin Downloads
    Final Word, 1769 King James Bible, FileSearcher, FileSearcher II, Stay Online, Alarm Clock, Web Page Checker, Conversions, Mileages, Logbook Database/Calculatorfor Windows, and Excel 97 Workbook.
  64. Siam Software
    Remote Control, MysteryBrowser, 1000day, Kwikexit, and Biorhytm
  65. Silurian Software Tools and Utilities
    Disk Space Chart, Inspeft, Ogle Screen saver, and Desktop Launcher.
  66. SilverBrand Software
    Unziplify and Flatulator.
  67. Silvercode Software
    Diaphanous Rotation 3D and the Silvercode Screensaver.
  68. Silverstreak Software
    About 20 links to Freeware.
  69. Silverware Palm Freeware
    LightBulb and NoBdayParty Utility.
  70. Silvio Klaic Freeware
    SplitCat, CD Scan, Arena map, and MD5SUM .
  71. Simdata Systems Download
    My Internet Files, Attachment Security for Outlook, and U-Robot.
  72. Simone Tellini's Homepage
    MP3 Cat, Orion, Wiz Solitaire, Wis Tris, Hex, WizMail, phpTALExy, Prometeo, mod_accounting, mod_tunnel, Labyrinth, AmikeOS, STFax, and Contact Manager.
  73. Simonz Downloads
    About ten categoriues with 130 programs. Slightly dated.
  74. Simonzone Projects
    Guarddog, Guidedog, Guidance, and Watchdog.
  75. Simply HTML
    Help pages and 29 utilities. Updated March 28, 1998.
  76. Simply Neat Software
    Video Poker, SMTP Server, and Server Auditing GINA.
  77. Singer's Creations
    Fourteen Singer Freeware programs.
  78. Sinner Computer Software Index
    Seventeen Sinner Freeware programs.
  79. Siruis Freeware
    About 225 programs. Good variety.
  80. Sixfiles-Freeware
    About 100 Freeware apps in about 50 categories.
  81. Skel Freeware
    Skels Image Stiper and Skels Image Viwer.
  82. Skinnables- Orphan Apps
    C-4 Player, CD Stomper, Console, DigiDeck, Dvwm, FlashBoy & SecMouse, Inhotus, KdeNT, L-ement, MPFree, qRool, SysMeter, and SystrayPlayer.
  83. Slacker`s Guide to HTML Free Tools, Editors, Validators, Link Checkers, RGB
    55 programs.
  84. Slashback Software
    Shortcut Explorer, Find Shortcuts, Text Ticker, envmath Jpeg Collager, m3uEdit 1, and m3uEdit 2. Added on: 14-Jan-2004
  85. Slawdog E-Solutions.
    AquiCapture, AquiView, AquiCam, AquiMem, AquiBind,Smart Shutdown, Dojo Media Player.
  86. Sleepless Nights Freeware
    Fifteen Categories with 66 downloads.
  87. Sleepy Sins Freeware
    RID 4.1, Seditor 2.0, Sfind-Reg Value, Sfind2 in gui & Sfind the script, Sfoxmail_back, Syahoo_profile_hunter, Temporary Internet clean, sp-jpeg, spoof, Semail_Validator-1.0, Surl keeper 2/11/05, and Sfind 2.3.
  88. SlovaK Antivirus Center
    Nineteen categories. Tons of programs. Last updated Jan 17, 2002.
  89. Smaller Animals Software
    SA HotShot, Pick Ax!, SAMenu, SACrypt, WHD, and DirCase.
  90. Smartline Freeware for Windows
    Active Ports, Active ShutDown, Active CPU, CPU Indicator Screen Saver and five more Smartline freeware programs.
  91. Sma the Greek Applications
    Scriptomania, Phone Mania, and DxSma 8.
  92. Smoky's Freeware Gallery
    22 links to freeware sites. Slightly dated.
  93. Smilyanov Downloads
    Tweak FX Setup and WinLE configuration files.
  94. SnadBoy Software
    Revelation and TopDesk
    Lots of categories. Loads of well described, ranked Feeware.
  96. SNN Gr Freeware
    A dozen common Freeware programs.
  97. Sns ware.net Software
    SNS ShutIt, SNS LockIt, SNS HTMLEdit, SNS ClearTemp, SNS ImageList, and XP TimeSync.
  98. Snowblind.net
    38 Snowblind freeware programs.
  99. SoaringPilot Software
    GPS-LOG, Flight Display, and GPS track to IGC converter.
  100. Sodabush Freeware
    Hyper Color and Windowpaper XP.
  101. SofotexFreeware
    3,604 Freeware Programs.
    Chameleon Clock, Calendar and Desktop, plus Surfpack Startpage and Tools.
  102. Soft4Fun
    Space Blocks and ScreenSmelter.
  103. SoftArts
    (For Windows 95) NoStart and Deskey.
  104. Softbear Freeware
    Pardon and xpIRC.
  105. Softboard Freeware
    PhotoView and Photo2Web Publisher.
  106. SoftCab Software
    Email Checker and Easy Search.
  107. Soft-Central Freeware
    Card games, SC-DiskInfo, PassUnlesh, Splitmerge, QuickStart, SCR, andVC-Clean++
  108. Soft Complete
    EXECryptorm, FastTextSearch/IBm, Fuzzy Search, HardKey License Manager,HardKey License Manager Lite, HardKey License Manager Lite Free, HashTrie, LayoutFix, PasDiff Pro, Pattern String Engine, PowerArc, RndGen, SearchGun, SubstDrive, TextAnalyzer, and WordStone Dictionary.
  109. SoftHolm Programs
    Colors Builder, TIC Yandex Counter, and Password Generator.
  110. Softnik
    Domain Status Reporter, PPC Bid Browser, Domain Name Analyzer for Mac, and Domain Name Filter for Windows.
  111. Softwareanalysis
    About two dozen Messenger programs.
  112. Software and Free Stuff
    About 150 links to freeware sites.
  113. Software by Aaron Davidson
    Eight Java and five Mac downloads.
  114. Software by Bob
    Film Database, Internet Connection Checker, Memorandum, and Timed Command.
  115. Software by FSC
    AGC, KillAd, and Buz Live.
  116. Software by Peter Lerup
    PrintFile and PS2EPS+.
  117. SoftwareClub Downloads
    SC DVD Ripper and Burner,SC FTP and Download manager,SC Icon Editor, SC Image Viewer,SC Mp3 Seeker, Sc MP3 - Wav Converter, SC Net Speed Booster, SC Net Speeder Lite, SC System Tuner, SC Video Converter, SC Video Cut and Split, and SC Video Decompiler
  118. Software Downloads and News- Freeware
    About two dozen common freeware programs.
  119. Software for Kids- Freeware
    Thirteen links to sites about Kids Freeware.
  120. Software: Freeware
    Links to 115 freeware programs and sites.
  121. Software from Pierre Albou
    PA-MJPEG, RichView, Morpion, Courbe, Mid2Wav4, and Pictures Selectors.
  122. Software Junction
    41 programs in 5 categories.
  123. Software made by Illi
    Fourteen freeware programs by Illi.
  124. Software Professional Downloads
    CD Install, Fast Explorer, Lyrics Editor Pro, Play List Converter, Matrix Pro, and Cool Mixer. DOS-LongCopy~1, VESATest, EnterKB, ScrCpy, Shell Shock updater, and AF2 Extractor. Also- Provide Relief, Chechnya, 1995, and A Bolt From the Blue.
  125. Software Search Engines
    Twenty-three software search engines.
  126. Software Site
    Links to 26 Freeware programs to install after a format of Windows XP.
  127. Softwarium Mac and Windows Freeware
    Quick Popup, MP3 Dock, Air Whisper, AnyCalc CM, Restore desktop, Align Icons, and Disk Image Viewer.
  128. Softwolves Software
    Announcer, Turquoise SuperStat, RedGreenBlue, iso2dos, Indigo, Pager, xDIR, nodExtr, killEof, noDot, BinkCol, and Azure/NewsPrep.
  129. SokoMind Freeware Logic Puzzles
    Freeware puzzles for Windows and MAC.
  130. Solitaire Central
    Links to 65 Solitaire programs.
  131. Solutions Sell Graphics Programs
    Fifteen common Freeware graphics programs.
  132. Solway's Software Page
    Eighteen programs by Solway.
  133. Some freeware
    Wamp, Filesplit, and WPicProg. For Win 3.1,95.
  134. Something Decent Freeware
    About a dozen Something Decent freeware programs.
  135. Some Useful Links to Freeware
    23 links to Freeware sites, programs, and newsletters.
  136. SON OF SPY
    Lots of categories. More than 2000 freeware programs.
  137. Sorcerer Freeware Page
    MP3 Decoder, Simple MP3 Player, Image Viewer, CD Player, WaveAudio Jukebox, Eject, Print Commander, DayTime, and EZPrint.
  138. Sorted Webmaster Tools Free Of Charge
    A couple hundred links to Webmaster tools and sites.
  139. SoTTo's Virtual Home
    Wake-Up-SoTTo, Note-It, Multi-File-Text-Replacer, EuroCalc, Morse Translator, SoTTo-Sweeper, Tag-Add, Geometrics, SoTTris, Solitaire, VB-Script-editor, Wallchanger,and Patcher.
  140. Soundalot Audio Freeware for Windows
    Links to more than 130 Freeware Programs.
  141. Soundhack Freeware
    Soundhack, Pitch Fork, Decimate VST Plugin, Compand au Plugin, Corn Bucket, and Spectral Assistant.
  142. SourceCode Software for Web Masters and Designers
    Better Magic Button, Fly Animator, uAnimator, uMenu, GiFFY, and Visual Folder Tree Builder.
  143. Sourceforge Winadmin Scripts
    waFTP, waGetOpts, waNOCAPS, waRmZip, waTee, waTemplate, and waTimer.
  144. South Bay Freeware
    FastRes, PromptExplore, and NoAds.
  145. Southbeach Freeware Files
    Updared Thursday, June 18, 1998. Twelve programs in 3 categories.
  146. SouthEast Software
    EZ JavaScript and EZ Converter.
  147. Specific Software
    About 180 links to Freeware programs.
  148. Speek's encoder frontends
    17 links to programs.
  149. Squeak Freeware
    Dandelion, SmallInterfaces in Squeak, SoapOpera, SIXX, NetMorph, and CDT.
  150. Squire's Web Site-Freeware Index
    Essential Software(8), Anti-Window$ Programs(8), and Miscellaneous Programs(12).
  151. Star Apps
    StarType, StarScribble, StarPlayer, and Zapper-browse.
  152. Starglider Systems Freeware Utilities
    Cache Audit, LinkCompare, STG Picture Merge, MonthPlan, and STG TimeCalc.
  153. Starman's Free Software Tools
    Links to a dozen Freeware programs.
  154. Starting Freeware Index
    Twenty-seven categories and about 160 freeware programs.
  155. SteelBytes Software
    Fifteen programs in 6 categories.
  156. Stefan Cruysberghs' Internet Pages
    Picto, Calendar, EuroCon, and Coreg.
  157. Stefano's Freeware
    Windows/Linux- Serproxy. Linux- FRiendly EDitor. Last update 25th June 2002.
  158. Stefan Partusch Freeware
    DevCont, Japtra, and BF Conpiler.
  159. Steffen Gerlach Freeware Section
    Scanner, ZPaint, and XO.
  160. Steffen Tschirch Freeware
    Calculator and Notes.
  161. Steinware Downloads
    Seven Apps, 10 games, 24 desktops, and Screen savers.
  162. Stephen Hewitt's home page
    SpeedLoad and Windows Enabler.
  163. Stephan Huber- Mac Freeware
    Appearance, Internet Config, Queas, Quickdraw, E#rdmann cave, Cachtice cave, Anatas, Geo 3D, and Topoi.
  164. Steve Copper Downloads
    How Long To and SPC DatePad.
  165. Steve Ekblad's Free Audio Software and On-Line Audio Tools
    Eighty-eight audio program links plus seven online Java Audio tools.
  166. Steve Miller Applications
    Win32 Console ToolBox, Quick Change Directory, Pocket Dial, Pocket UnZip, PureText, ShareWatch, and Dependency Walker.
  167. Steven DePalma's Download Center
    Six Palm, seven PocketPC,and six Windows Freeware Programs.
  168. Steven De Toni's Download Page
    Twenty-one Freeware apps in 7 categories.
  169. Steven Gould Software
    CleanUp, OpenForecast, DOC++, and JDOM.
  170. Steven J. Gray's Freeware
    WinCRON, Mimic, VB-Amp, WinCDG, Updated: Sept 4/2000, SJGPlay for Windows, and SJGPlay for DOS.
  171. Steven Silver's Favorites
    Links to 39 Freeware websites and 128 programs.
  172. Steve.org.uk Freeware
    GNU/Linux(18), Windows(9).
  173. Steve's Freeware
    Links to Steve's 33 favorite freeware programs.
  174. Steve's Web Site
    Geometry Calculator, Date Calculator, Metric Convertor, Pregnancy Calculator and Sales Tax Calculator.
  175. Sticksite- Free Software
    Links to 90 Freeware programs with screenshots.
  176. Stimpsoft Downloads
    Thirty-one Freeware Downloads.
  177. Storm Software
    Eleven small games.
  178. StreetTech Favorite Freeware
    Nineteen favorite freeware programs of StreetTech.
  179. StupidApps.com
    Six stupid apps.
  180. Sudley Place Software
    386SWAT, QLINK, DPMIONE, Visomino, and others.
  181. Sulaco Downloads
    Jan's Flame, Bezier Curves, Solarinfo, Graphs, Maze SS, MazeBuilder, Quake 3 Logfile Analyzer, DBTray, FolderSize, and HTML image Page Builder.
  182. Sundance Freeware
    27 Freeware programs in 10 categories.
  183. Sunday Software Freeware
    Seventy-eight lnks to Freeware websites.
  184. SunFreeware
    Lots of freeware for Solaris
  185. Sun Java Technology Products Archive
    Java 2 SDK / Java 2 Runtime Environment Archive.
  186. Sun Microsystems-BigAdmin Freeware
    About sixty links to Sun Freeware.
  187. Superhero Software
    AlarmXClock, FileGuard, FTPAutoGen, and WebBot.
  188. Sunset Strip Converters
    Module Converters(6), Sound Converters(4), and Music File Converters(1).
  189. Sun Tong's Freeware
    Thirty tools, plus links to Freeware websites. Updated March 20, 2001.
  190. Super Bob's Freeware
    Quickphone, CountDown, WebCountDown, Funny Voice, and SuperBob.
  191. Sure Shot Software
    Thirty programs in seven categories.
  192. Surfer's Virtual Home Free Software
    25 common Freeware programs
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  194. SurfShop Internet Freeware Programs
    508 Downloads listed by name.
  195. Superwin Freeware
    WinEbook Viewer, Cheat Solitare, and Add/Remove Pro.
  196. Surfshop Freeware
    508 Freeware program links. Some Duplications.
  197. Svend Olaf Mikkelsen Utilities
    Findpart, FindNTFS, GB32, FP.SYS, Chsdir, Editpart, Cyldir, Findext2, ReadExt2, FindBSD, Findword, Findbad, Pqrp, and Identify.
  198. Sventore Freeware
    TextIt, Win Menu, and Master Mind.
  199. Sverre H. Huseby Freeware>
    About 50 programs, some in Norwegian.
  200. SVI-318/328 Emulator and Games
    Megalone, SASA, Knightmare, and The Goonies.
  201. Sw4you
    Eleven sw4you programs.
  202. Swanson Technologies
    Cram, Lemon Juice, SCreenSaver Bar, Tweak Disk, and Antimatter.
  203. Sweetcode
    Fifteen Sweetcode utilities.
  204. SwiftGear Freeware
    TQ's FunPlot, Image Filter Tester, Stereogram Maker, and Large Text File Viewer.
  205. Swifty Utilities
    Nine Flash utilities for Win98.
  206. SWF Tools
    ActionDoc Beta, ActiveSWF Free, AnimationPackage, and CamStudio.
  207. Symantec Freeware Virus Removal Tools
    Fifty-eight virus removal tools.
  208. SysDesk Software
    AudioCrusher, AutoPatcher, CBCONV, Runtime Error 200-CRT-Patch, and eMP³ire MP3 encoder frontend.
  209. SynergyMX- Freeware and Open Source Software
    Links to about 50 uncategorized Free and Open Source Software programs.
  210. Syntap Software
    Time Stamp, BabySplat, MIDI Primer, Technical Articles, Treble Clef Flash Cards, and SETI@Home Icons.
  211. Sysinternal's Freeware
    About 100 freeware programs in six categories.
  212. Systemtools Freeware
    Thirteen Systemtool utilities for Windows NT.
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  1. Tabby's Tabbed Browsers
    32 tabbed browsers.
  2. TaFWeb Software
    PageBuilder, Whois, LinkProver, TagCheck, MetaWizard, Webspeed, Form Decoder, ScriptMaker, and RegSeek.
  3. Take a Hike Software
    Fourteen Take a Hike freeware programs.
  4. Takeo Igarashi Freeware
    SmoothTeddy, Sweater, Chateau, Teddy, Chameleon, Pegasus, Automatic zooming, PyocoPon, and Solitaire.
  5. Tanya's page- Freeware
    Nineteen Tanya Freeware programs.
  6. Tauschke Freeware
    Tauschke Stall (Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP), Frog against the machine (Palm OS 2.0), and Tauschke PureControls (SuperWaba 1.2).
  7. Taylor Made Software
    About 35 Taylor Freeware programs, mostly games.
  8. TDFC Freeware
    Voodoo Frequency Selector Open Source, Voodoo Frequency Selector+ Update Packs 1 - 3, Shutdown Timer, LoopPing, LANet Chat, Chess o'Clock, and 3-Party-Chesswatch.
  9. Teacher's Pet Free Tools(English)
    Fourteen Teacher's Pet programs.
  10. Teacher Spot Educational Freeware
    Twenty-four science and history Freeware program links, plus KIds and some non-educational.
  11. Tech Edge Tested and Recommended Freeware
    Mac OS9(8), Nac OSX(19), Win98-XP(19).
  12. Tech Gear 007 Freeware
    19 categories with 73 links to Freeware programs.
  13. Technofile Mac OS X Software
    Force Empty Trash, iLyric, SaverLab, and WordNet.
  14. Techno Logismiki Freeware
    Hackman Calculator, Hackman Disassembler, and Hackman Hex Editor.
  15. Techzonez Freeware Resources
    22 Freeware links in 7 caregories.
  16. TechVision Games
    Robotic Invasion, Robotic Invasion2, and CoLoRs.
  17. Teckies Freeware
    Thirteen categories, 71 programs.
  18. Ted's FreewebPage
    Ted's 20 favorite freewares.
  19. TeeAge Software
    CodePrinter, BackGrounder, and LogService.
  20. TeenyTinyTools Freeware
    File spy, DLL Reference Cleaner, and RTF Picture Extractor.
  21. Telcontars Homepage: My Mac freeware
    A half dozen freeware Mac programs.
  22. Telnet 7 Programs
    CMS WebCal, Geek Code CODEC, GemDrop, IE-3PG, LIDO Command Interpreter, NSBomber, Random Reaper, Super Othello, t7Ports, telnet7 Bloggy, telnet7 mIRC Echo Script, VolTron, and MapWalker.
  23. Terabyte Free Software and Utilities
    Eighteen TeraByte freeware programs.
    bat's cave with many links to Freeware programs, websites, and services.
  25. theFreewaresite.com
    Seventeen main categories, 1562 links to Freeware programs. Updated March, 2000.
  26. Theorica Software
    Safe XP, Game XP, Autorun, The Codecs, The Codecs Lite, and AVI Speed Info.
  27. Theta Pi
    Seven Online Programs, nine Mac downloads, and seven Manuals
  28. Thinks.com - Free Brain Games Software
    22 puzzle type games, some for Mac.
  29. This is IT Freeware
    FreeDist, Mulps21PDF, RSI, and StrtpShtdwnlggr.
  30. Thomas A. Swift Freeware
    Program Priority Changer, Digital Camera Downloader, ASX Playlist Buddy, More Power,J PG File Renamer, System Icon Position Restorer, High Speed Shortcuts, Windows ME BS File Cleaner, Windows ME Media Player Switcher 2, and Planet Source Code Submissions.
  31. Thomas Bigler Freeware Utilities
    vSubst, Volume Hotkey XP, International KeyBoard, Locale, UniKey, and WGL4Key.
  32. Thomas Driemeyer's Freeware
    Plan, Grok, and WWW Shield.
  33. Those Two Programming Guys Downloads
    Those Two Programming Guys DownloadsBinary/Hex Clock, CD MP3 Player, and The Do Nothing, Waste of Time, Idiot Box 98.
  34. Thouzard Freeware
    Rename, UnzipThemAll, Fontview.
  35. ThreePointOne
    3.1 Website links(47), 11 downloads, 13 files and drivers.
  36. Thud's Programs Page
    Mineral ID Program, Purity Test, Poetry, Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse, Telenum, Spelunk, DLSG, and DQuick.
  37. Thyante Software
    ColorPicker, CopyMessageBox, StartSoundRandomizer, WindowPinner, Biomorph Screensaver, Cd­CoverCreator Russian 2.4, and CdCoverCreator 2.4 [September 25, 2005]
  38. Tim Andrews Freeware
    NT4(5) and 3.11(16).
  39. Tim Craven - Freeware
    32-bit Windows Packages-ExtPhr32, NEPHIS32, TexNet32, TheW32, and XRefHT32. Win 3.1 and Dos programs also.
  40. Timesheets MTS Software
    Timesheets Lite and DVDBase.
  41. Timothysnj Software
    Random Tagline Manager, Timetrek, Rblinds, and Nfs Car Manager.
  42. Tinne's Freeware
    Desktop Calendar, Slide Show, Timed Shutdown, Wallpaper Changer, Auto Stuff, and Error Maker.
  43. Tingan Freeware
    Freeware-space(3), games(10), screensavers(4), music(58).
    About 343 small applications.
  45. Tiny Freeware- Delabs
    Ascii Table, winpiano, multiclipboard, converter, editor 2, dotoo, UnFreeze, Floppy Image, wping, Daisy, convert, filenote, Launcher, RGB Mixer, world time clock, mydos, and magnify.
  46. Tinyware
    Eight tiny Freeware program links.
  47. Tk Sumiya'sFreeware Index
    13 Mac tools and 4 games.
  48. TNK-Bootblock Software
    KillaFing 2, KillaFing, Planarchy, Netionary, IE QuickFind, YACE Files, Miscellaneous, and Other Files.
  49. Toast Freeware
    AntiSpam, NetzShop, and Prozudru. Last updated 7.4.2002.
  50. TomaWeb Freeware
    Simple FTP, Voice E-Mail, MP3 Encoder, ZIPit, Image Mapper, FTP Uploader, Disk Usage Calculator, Color Codes, Web Page Counter, Multi-Mail, Boot Wallpaper, and Free Self-Serve Websites.
  51. Tom Brown Free Software
    Sixteen Tom Brown programs.
  52. Tom Meinen's Software Page
    Fake E-Mail Creator, RenameStar ver. 2, and PhotoTree.
  53. Tomorrow Software
    SpeedySFV, DataDestroyer, ScorchKeys, and StayOut.
  54. Tom's Free Chemistry Softwar
    About 350 links to free Chemistry related sioftware. Nice list amd well laid out. Final update: April 2005
  55. Tom's Homepage
    Lottery Checker, MIDI Random Jukebox, Tester, TomTelnet, and Web Site Statistics.
  56. Tom's Programs
    CHMOD Guide, File Comparison, Visual Studio Converter, WinXP Folder View Fix, and WMP 7/8/9 Recent Files Remover
  57. Tong Freeware
    Fourteen Tong Freeware Programs.
  58. ToniArts Homepages
    Synttäri, EasyWrite, EasyThumb, EasyHtml, EasyHelp, EasyComm, and EasyCleaner.
  59. TonTin Press
    Cariouche Maker, OEM Logo Manager, Home Help, Cr-isp, and Medi-Bank.
  60. Top-100 Essential Downloads for Wuindows XP
    Actually 178 downloads.
  61. Top Freeware
    About 64 Freeware Programs in 17 categories, with a brief explanation and screen shot of each. Nice selection with some unusual choices mixed in.
  62. Top Freeware Tools
    Twenty common freeware tools.
    Lots of categories(More than 100), tons of freeware programs(17,000+).
  64. Toshikazu Kimura's Favorite Freeware
    Links to twenty popular freeware programs plus some links to freeware sites.
  65. Total Freeware Games
    Three categories, 14 programs.
  66. TotWare
    About 20 Mac and 7 PC games.
  67. Towofu's Soft
    @icon sushi, ReadableColorGen, Icons, and Kanji Icons.
  68. TPlayer
    TPlayer(Freeware player and mixer for mp3, wma, ogg and wav files), plus RecDemo.
  69. Tranglo's software
    KeyNote, KookieJar, Oubliette, and GUIDClean.
  70. Trayo Freeware Programs
    Simple Savings Calculator, Total Copy File Utility, Restoration File Undeleter, QuickZip Compression Utiltiy, Turbo Navigator File Manager, Christmas Desktop Theme, Halloween Desktop Theme, Valentines Desktop Theme, Desert Sunset Theme, TitleBar Clock, Info Split 2.0 , ZMatrix , Fresh Downloader, WorldFlash News Ticker , KTFMedic, KTPossessions, Visual Basic Runtime Files, EasyDownloader, and Gadwin PrintScreen Utility.
  71. Trelsoft Freeware
    ProgEdit, BSVBabel, GuitarModes, Tetris, and Hexview.
  72. TreoFaq- Treo 600 and Treo 650 Freeware
    SoundRec, MovieRec, HandZipper Lite, FileZ, Palm File Browser, Pickem, Qset, Graffiti Anywhere, Brightcam, Colorize, PalmInternals, Profeo 600 Lite, Snap, Alerts, Metro, Fieldplus, SoundOff, Autocorrect enUS, and The Core Pocket Media Player.
  73. Trevor Helmsley Other Applications.
    CPU Monitor, TimeTracker, and IP Monitor. Last Updated 01 Apr 2003
  74. Trillium University Freeware
    Eleven categories, a couple hundred programs. © 1999-2001.
  75. Tristan Cafe Freeware
    A dozen popular freeware programs.
  76. Trolltech Freeware
    MinDia, monager, Mixxx, tsauto, and Album Shaper.
  77. Troupware
    Winlaunch and SAPS.
  78. Tse's Programs
    Math Practice, Password manager, Salary Calculator, IE Profiler, Startup Schedule Launcher, and IEAuthenticator.
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  80. Tuomo's Freeware
    Two Games-NeuralPlay and CBlocks
  81. Tutti Gratis Freeware
    Lots of categories. Lots of freeware.
  82. Twaddle Software
    Tradutil, Net Pwd Changer, VC6+ Doc. Helper, SourceSafe Addin, MODName, and Deadlock Avoidance Simulation.
  83. Tweekz
    Thirty-seven links to tweak programs. Page last updated 9/10/02.
  84. Twiga Freeware
    Remote Disconnection Utility and Clone Database.
  85. TwinkleSoft Freeware
    MediaRecorder, EasySample, MP3 File Description Database, DotNmap, and CustomStatusBar Control.
  86. Two Pilots Freeware
    dPilot, Flash Movie Extract Pilot, Form Filler Pilot, Home Typist, MagicMap, Speed Typing, Traces Viewer, and Tray Pilot Lite.
  87. TyTech Freeware Links
    42 Freeware site links on a drop-down menu.
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  1. UCSoft Freeware
    Ten UCSoft freeware programs.
  2. Ugh.org Freeware
    Zip Killer and MR. Diz Dupe Checker Added on: 13-Jan-2004
  3. Ur I.T. Mate Group
    About 100 programs and some OCX files.
  4. UK's Home Page Software
    DBX to MBOX converter and Mbox2eml. Added on: 22-Jan-2004
  5. Ulead Free and Extra Content
    Links to 17 free downloads. Added on: 14-May-2004
  6. Ultimate Free Software Guide
    Lots of categories. Lots of programs for Windows 95 andNT.
  7. Ultimate Freeware
    Lots of categories. Lots of programs FOR Windows 95.Last updated 8-11-97.
  8. Ultimate Freeware List
    313 Links to Freeeware in 8 categories. Some rare proggies.
  9. Ultima-Thule Software
    TextExtract and LetterBox. Added on: 15-Jan-2004
  10. Umace Freeware
    PadView and xDel. Added on: 19-Jan-2004
  11. Un4seen Audio Freeware
    BASS plus add-ons, BASSMOD, XMPlay plus skins and plugins, MO3, 2MIDI, MID2XM, and XM-EXE
    About twenty categories with several hundred
    More than 1000 Freeware games in 12 categories. Added on: 20-Dec-2003
  14. Unidream
    Powerbatch, Menucad, and Powersee.
  15. Uninet Perl Company
    Six Webmaster Perl scripts. Added on: 08-Jan-2004
  16. Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)- Freeware
    82 links to Freeware programs for MACs.
  17. Updated Freeware List
    Downloadable PDF file of Freeware.
  18. Urif Software
    42 programs in 3 categories.
  19. URU Soft
    ViPlay, Subtitle Workshop, Convertit, Coda Codec Pack, and Language and Skin files.
  20. Usable Freeware
    Twenty-two popular freeware programs plus some screensavers.
  21. Useful Software
    MIDI Builder, ClipLinkViewer, RandomMIDI,,End Hanging Disconnect, Help Viewer Help, Auto-Reconnect, SimpleSong, BitMapMusic, KKGames, RandomNotes, FolderWatcher, TypingPractice, Write-a-Letter, andType 'n' Tawk
  22. Useless Software!
    Five programs.
  23. UserXP
    LogonUIBootRandomizer and Boot Editor.
  24. Uticasoft Freeware
    Image Browser Arctic and SFX Compiler. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  25. Utility Jems
    Some links to some software.
  26. Utore Software
    Cycad EasyBase and Utore LottoCracker.
  27. Ultra VNC Software
    UltraVNC, NAT2NAT connector, UltraVNC SC, Repeater, and Hook Driver.
  28. Uwe Sieber's Homepage
    Eight programs plus some utilities.
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  1. VAC's World
    MiniTuner and AWC Codec. Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  2. Vallen Freeware Area
    JPegger, Zipper, e-Mailer, and FileComp.
  3. VanBasco Software
    MIDI Search and Karaoke Player. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  4. VanDerLee Products
    Unplugged, Plug-in Setup, Fontbrowser, Linkz, Desktop background, Icons, and Sideshow.
  5. Van's Hardware Journal Free Software
    Links to Van's 25 Favorite Freeware programs. Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  6. Vantarakis Freeware
    Traceless 2003 , Custom Test, and Login ActiveX Control.
  7. Vargon Software
    Outclass and MMSync. Added on: 03-Feb-2004
  8. Varian's Freeware
    Windows 95/98 Icons, Shih Dao, Kye, MS V-Chat, Varian's Dreamfonts, Varian's Dreamview, plus 9 recommended Freeware utilities and toys
  9. Vartan Akopian's Programs-Linux
    ArmTeX, Ext2Read, and XConvert2.
  10. Vasilios Freeware
    Applications Priority Master, AutorunCD Assistant, Be my folder, Clip Tracking, Clipping Around, Compact Alarmer, FileList Siever, Folder Iconizer, Link in a New Window, List Alphabetizer, Panel Commander, Point Position, SysRunner, TranspApps, TweakLite Assorted, Twin Searching, Unlimited Menus, and Url Construction Toolkit.
  11. Vault76 Downloads
    Thirty-three categories with 175 downloads. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  12. VB CODE
    8,700 VB codes in 20 categories. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  13. vbmark freeware
    Links to vbmark's 45 favorite Freeware programs. Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  14. VB Resources Center
    Ziggleus, Converter, AutoOP, and GPA Calculator. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  15. VBScript Tools
    31 vb scripts and links to 7 vb script sites.
  16. Vector Development
    Guideon, Dunce, Dunce Gold, and Color Picker. Added on: 16-Jan-2004
  17. Veign Designing Solutions
    Cfont Pro, Seeker, Note-It, and Link200. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  18. VelociWare
    File and text finder, Log Viewer, and DFC BETA! Added on: 12-Feb-2004
  19. VERY Small Downloads (under 50 KB)
    76 programs under50kb, mostly DOS and Win3.1, some Win95 and NT. Ninety more programs between 50 and 100 kb.
  20. VFP - Freeware Utilities
    Sixteen freeware applications.
  21. Vic-20 Freeware
    About 15 links to games.
  22. Vicky's Cool Softwares
    SpeeDefrag, Sudershan, Smrw, Friends Wizard, Speedoscan, New Look, and Game of Gain.
  23. Vico Biscotti
    Fsync, Fsplit, and Wait.
  24. Victor Sapojnikov's Freeware
    AstroHelp, CopyText, and ImageSize. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  25. VideoBase/MusicBase Downloads and information
    MusicBase and VideoBase
  26. VikaSumit Downloads
    VS ChessMania Game, Tomchi Game, MyCollection Controls, Numerical Text Control, HomePage Editor, Browse Me, BollyWood Filmy Funda, HTML Editor, Personal Diary, Prime Number Detector, My Table, Interest Calculator, and Calculator.
  27. Vikram Madan's Out of My Mind!
    About 18 games.
  28. Vineet's Programs
    Five categories, 33 programs. Last updated July 28, 1999.
  29. Virtual Avalon Progams and Utilities
    Win 95,98, and NT. Resource & Multimedia Explorer, Icon to Bitmap converter, Shell MailNews, and Icon Library Viewer. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  30. Virtual Home of Peter Lerup
    PrintFile and PS2EPS+.
  31. Virtual Plastic TopTools
    Seventeen common freeware apps. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  32. Virus or Hoax? Freeware
    Fifty-four security programs in 6 categories. Added on: 21-Dec-2003
  33. VisionX Software
    DigiDay Atomic Clock, Puzzlepalooza, and ScreenThemes. Added on: 29-Dec-2003
  34. Visual Foxpro Utilities
    Sql Data Miner, Event Schedular, and Dupe Buster.
  35. vit$oft freeware
    Downloads for Data processing, Communication, Programming, Czech language related, Abandonware. 23 Programs
  36. Voicegeek
    About a dozen Voicegeek programs.
  37. VoiceSync
    MultiFreq, BowlXplorer, Matter2Wave,Log. Spiral, Lissajous, Planet tones, misc, Palm programs, and Bija Mantra CD.
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  1. Waddly on the Web
    Five categories with links to 30 Freeware downloads. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  2. Wade Brainerd's Software
    CDep, wCal, 3d Pong, Jennie's Othello, CueCard, and 5 more. Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  3. Walker Brothers (SA) Developments
    MountVD, Desktop LX, Letter Counter, easyMonitor, File List Pro 9, Unix Stripper, IExplorer Software, System Run, AutoHide, and GZip
  4. Wantagh Amateur Radio Freeware
    Seventeen Links to Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
  5. Atomic's Downloads
    26 Atomic files. Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  6. WarpGear Software Products
    Favorez and Mr. Mirror. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  7. Ware-Lords Programs
    Tic Tac Toe, Sea Battle, Blocks (aka Tetris), Black Jack 2000, Picture Puzzle, Timer, Desk Mate, and Mp3 Player. Last update 19th December 2001.
  8. Warp Engine Software
    STUD, LANster, APU, and Ruby. Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  9. Watson's Hot Programming Pages
    Kaleidoscope, Simple Paint, Multiple Choice, RGB-Mixer, Password Generator, Concentration Game, Recall the Melody, Block Game, Card Game: 1001, PacWorld, Unit Converter, Metronome Timer, Program Launcher, Multi Timer, Multi Clipboard, World Time Clock, XML Adressbook,
  10. Way Out There Software
    Silly 8ball, XEarthSE, and Clippy. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  11. WebArbor
    Conversion, Keno, Countdown Timer, PasswordSaver, and PeopleSaver .
    Lots of categories. Loads of well described, ranked Feeware.
  13. Web Authoring Tools Freeware
    Forty-six Freeware Web Authoring Tools. Dated 1996.
  14. Web Ceo Software
    Free Web CEO.
  15. Web Chrono Desktop
    Web Chrono is a Calendar, Extended Clipboard, Event (Reminder & Program Launcher), File Grabber, To Do List, Unit Converter and Web Update.
  16. WebCohort Freeware IT Security Test Tools
    PassLoc Password Locator, Dl-Hell, Interactive TCP Relay, Buffer Overflow Utility, and Mapper. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  17. Web Directory Freeware
    25 categories with links to about 270 freeware programs and sites.
    Lots of categories. Loads of Freeware.
  19. Webmasters' Free Software Downloads- The Freeware Network
    About 110 links to Freeware in 22 categories.
  20. Webmasteryp Freeware Links
    Sixteen links to Freeware sites.
  21. Web page Repair- Free Software for Windows 95 or NT
    Links to Freeware programs and sites for Win 95 and 3.1. Last updated January 4, 1998.
  22. WebPlaza Mark van den Brink
    Solutior WebExpense, PIF12 Instructions, Chat Engine, Terminal, TimerNY, Example Fonts, and TrueType Font Editor.
  23. WebReaper Software
    WebReaper, Slip, TV, Webcoster, and Webreaper. Updated July 24, 2001. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  24. Web-Related Freeware by Boutell.Com
    Baklava, CGIC Library, Ciel Web Editing, GD library, jpegAnim, rinetd, sanecgi, Search Engine, and smtp-after-popd.
  25. Webresources Freeware Links
    Thirty links to freeware sites.
  26. Website Room
    Several hundred links to Freeware, Tutorials, and Website related topics.
  27. Web Tracks Freeware
    Internet Tracks Eraser and Internet Tracks Finder
  28. Webxpace Freeware
    File Renamer, Date Reminder, Mini Calculator, My Agenda, Things Todo, Wav Player, Run All, Picture Viewer , Watch, and New Version Calendar.
  29. Wells Software
    WellsEdit for Windows Timedispfor DOS, WellsEdit For Dos, Clipboard Editor, Wells Bitmap Viewer, Wells Mp3 Player (DOS), WellsDraw for DOS, and Temperature Converter (DOS).Last updated December 22, 2000. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  30. WentNet Freeware
    Special Keys, XNJB, and CDStarter. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  31. Werkema Freeware
    Spacemonger, JDrill, TinyCD, and MatInvert. Added on: 29-May-2004
  32. Wettberg Windows NT Freeware
    About 30 Freeware programs for NT.
  33. Wheat Works Free Financial Software
    Rent vs. Buy Calculator 32, APR Calculator, and Stock Spread Calculator. Pre WinXP.
  34. WhereNet
    Forty categories. 64 programs.
  35. Where's James Freeware
    Twenty-three Freeware programs by James. Last updated 1-20-2001.
  36. Whitsoftoft Development
    Simple Socket File Transfer, SlimFTPd, Trayconizer, and UnFREEz. Added on: 31-May-2004
  37. Wickedz Freeware
    Links to about 25 Freeware programs. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  38. Widget Technologies Freeware Programs
    Print Directory V3.1, Program Manager, Widget Screen Saver for Win 95/98/NT, and Print Directory V1.0. Last updated 8/15/2000. Added on: 23-Dec-2003
  39. Wilders Org Free Tools
    About 170 freeware security tools.
  40. Wild Files
    Web Works and Random Password Creator.
  41. Wildfire Software Design
    GIFreq and Resource Capture.
  42. WildPalm
    Series 60 Smartphonr(12), Sony Ericsson P800 Smartphone(4), Nokia 9210/9210i/9290 Communicator(3), and Psion Series 5/ Series 7/Revo(1). Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  43. Wilko C. Emmens Freeware-DOS
    Chords, Xygraph, Hunter, Levels for Doom, Heretic And Hexen, Levels for Heretic II, and Utilities.
  44. Williams Freeware
    Da Vinci- dvTTT and dvPong, Palm- dvTTT.
  45. William Spears Freeware
    Five UNIX programs. Last modified: 07/29/99
  46. Willow Pond Software
    WillowMedia, Media Rack, WillowPhone, and WillowTalk.
  47. Willy's Freeware
    Programs-Windows(6), Exce97/(1), DOS(1)
  48. WillyWare
    File Checksum Utility, MP3 Player, Asterisk Asteroids, and Guess the Price
  49. Wimb.net - Free Downloads
    176 downloadable files. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  50. Wim's Programs
    DirPrint, Send2Folder, WorldClock, CM Index, Add2Bookmarks, EuroConvertor, and Add2Favorites.
  51. WinCln
    Win98 Bootdisk, WinCln .NET, WinMe Bootdisk, Floppy disk utilities, Sea Graphics Viewer, Tubro C++, and Qbasic.
  52. Windows 3.1-Mega 16-Bit Freeware List
    254 freeware programs for Windows 3.1 and DOS.
  53. Windows and Linux Freeware
    Ninetween categories with about 100 Freeware programs. Last update: 23 April 2003.
  54. Windows CE Freeware and Links
    A half dozen programs and about 30 links.
  55. Windows Christian Freeware Games.
    Fiery Darts,Fiery Darts2, Christmas Matchup, Christmas Matchups, and about 30 DOS games. Updated 12-19-2002.
  56. Windows Freeware
    Fourteen caregories with about 200 programs.
  57. Windows Media Player Downloads
    About twenty WMP downloads.
  58. Windows Reinstall Freeware
    Links to 100 Freeware downloads in 2 categories.
  59. Windows Software & More
    Screen Saver Control, CPUMeter, 3D Calendar, Tray Clock, Clipboard Manager, and WinCop. Last updated November 26, 1997. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  60. Windows XP Must Have Downloads
    11 Windows XP downloads.
  61. WindowsXP Software Toolkit
    23 Common Freeware Tools
  62. Wingames Collection 98
    Eight small games.
  63. WinMac Software
    WinMac and CPU Utility. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
    Four categories. Tons of freeware.
  65. WinVorbis & Vorbix
    WinVorbis and Vorbix.
  66. Witmouse Home Page
    Witrenamer, Witclick, Witdateclock, Johndoekeys, Witmouseshut, Wittypad, Witcalen, Witclipassword, and WitmouseAgent.>
  67. WMI Software
    W Memory Info and Mini Shut Down Utilities.
  68. Woawsee Software
    Win Ghost and MailBay. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  69. Wolf's Den
    Cool-TxT, LensCalc, and CBRcalc. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  70. Wolosoft Downloads
    QBrowser, SuperEdi, Juke, and CVS Shell Extension. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  71. Wombat Online
    127 freeware programs.
  72. Woody's Vba Power Tools
    Enhanced Font List, Popup Thesaurus Menu, and WindowsSwitcher. Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  73. Woolham's Freeware
    Twenty-eight freeware programs. Last updated 9-14-2002.
  74. Word Place
    Yeah Write, LifeForm, Daily Grammar, and Almost Perfect.
  75. Wordsmith Freeware
    IRACL Calc, Life, Turing, and Nim. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  76. Woundedmoon
    About 50 freeware programs.
  77. www.belushi.de.cx
    Eight Belushi programs.
  78. Wyrm Software
    Telephone Timer, WyrmPOP3, WyrmNet, Call of Cthulhu.
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  1. X21B Software
    PKMenu, PKLauncher, PKTimer, PKVolume, PKSaver, PKClipboard, PKLogo, and 5 more. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  2. x2 Studios Software
    codeMonkey, iCode Lite, LiquidIcon XP, mindReader, mySQL, W32.Blaster Removal Tool, X2 Elections, X2 Passport, and XMMS Remote.
  3. X-agon Freeware
    Imaginate, The Clock, X-Plugin, Power Plugin, Fractal Mountain Screensaver, and IncBuildNrMacro.
  4. Xarka Software
    LoanInfo, Type Parser, and Quit Counter.
  5. XCat Industries
    47 XCat programs in four categories.
  6. Xertia Free Software
    Mail-Filter Express, XePlayer, Emaner, and Smailey XP. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  7. xFreeware
    Top ten freeware sites and Screensavers. Dated.
  8. Xiles.net
    NexusFile, NexusFont, NXTextViewer, and NexusBoard. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  9. Xnview Freeware
    Three programs-XnView,NConvert, and GFL SDK.
  10. XPMania
    Driver and BIOS downloads.
  11. X- Ray Application Software
    X-Ray Mail Assistant and Trivial Proxy.
  12. xSite Freeware
    xSite, xFTP, btnMaker, and xEdit. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  13. Xteq Systems
    X-Setup, X-Setup SDK, URL Bandit, Explorer LaunchPad, COM Reg Extension, GetOSVersion, GetDriveTyp, X-Shooter, RAM Alloc, X-Find, and PackX.
  14. XTort Software
    path, protopad, qjot, subpad, timesentry, ultrashredder, xpsyspad, and xint. Also 100+ uncategorized freeware programs.
  15. X-VCD
    Twenty+ Freeware video and audio apps. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  16. XWorks Software
    ArtSee, Pearls, and Voicings Staff
  17. XyDot
    Album gv 2.0, number hunt, and album gv 1.7.
  18. Xymantix Online
    Xoomer, XTail, and SysMetrix. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
    Added on: 16-Jan-2004
  19. Xyster.net Software
    Description: Hebrish, Lister, and Galleroo.
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  1. Yahoo! Groups : freeware-news Messages
    2500+ Messages about freeware from April 2000 until now.
  2. Yautseyeu Mikhail's Software
    MS Dos. Last updated February 16, 2002. DNRMF, Phones, Abits, DNR, Tels, Steels, EducPart, BufferScan 2001, and Cutter 1.1.Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  3. Ykwong Freeware
    Ten Ykwong programs.
  4. Yoga Freeware
    Hatha, Raja, and Jnana Yoga instructions, Yoga-articles, Photos of Asanas.
  5. Yougetinfo Freeware Sites
    Description: 70 links to Freeware sites.Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  6. ySmurf- My Downloads
    Employee Salary Calculator and Smurf Reminder.
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  1. Zada Solutions
    Message Box Builder, Error Handler Builder, Visual Basic 6 add-ins, CommandBar Face ID Viewer, System Colour Builder, Access 2.0 add-ins, Action Builder, and Form Styler. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  2. Zamaan's Software
    Browser Hijack Retaliator, Pepsi Volume Controller, Recycle Bin Laden, Explorer Magic, and System Up Time Monitor.
  3. Zancart Freeware
    Winsonar, ExeHound, File Hunter, Look@win, and Startest. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  4. Zandor Applications
    Inwards To Chaos, PopPreviewer, Complex Mapper, Screen Savers, Image Slider, Lockguard, and Twins.
  5. Zantii Freeware
    OneStep, CPad, and Termite. Added on: 17-Mar-2004
  6. Zap Freeware
    Amiga Demos, RamScan, ZapGrab, Pinnacle DV fixer, Chrome Mapping, Little Drummer Boy, and Stomper. Added on: 22-Feb-2004
  7. ZapMeta Freeware
    Links to 104 Freeware websites. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  8. ZapSpot Free Games
    Ten Freeware games.
  9. Zeniko's software
    QuickPad, ZPad, QuickDeskNote, Break-O-Mat, NoSleep!, TheBeat, VocabOne, Deep Space Voyager GRAVITY, and some Development Tools.
  10. Zephinie's Freeware and Free Resources
    Several categories. Several programs each.
  11. Zero MassEngine Free Software
    ConWave, Delayed System Shutdown, Flip Flop (Game), GameOn,LOTA - Obsidian Disc, Power Spike - Baldur's Gate II SoA, Power Spike - Icewind Dale, RedAlert, The Shredder, Smart Shopper, and The Stones of Wisdom (Games). Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  12. ZERO PLUS2
    Nineteen categories, Loads of quality freeware.
  13. Zfr Freeware Sites
    Links to more than 100 Freeware sites. Last update January 07, 2001.
  14. Zhorn Software
    Stickies, Birthday reminderm, Cas, Caffeine, VNCHelper,sp, and Countkey.
  15. Ziffer's Freeware on the Internet
    Fourteen common Freeware programs. Updated June 5, 2000. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  16. ZipFreD (ZipGuy's Freeware Digest)
    About 160 links to Freeware in 16 categories.
  17. Zzzblaware
    Revenge Pack, CD Catalog, Khablashooqator, Flasher, Treepad, Batch MP3 Tagger, HideWinX, and Sleep. Added on: 21-Mar-2004

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