WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

Deleted Freeware Links

The links below were removed from the Freeware Links page when it was discovered the links were either dead, taken over by a fake search engine, or offered only Shareware. (Removed March 5th, 2005)

  1. 5 Star Free Software
    Seventeen pages with 281 uncatergorized freeware programs.
  2. About Nepal Freeware
    Fair variety. Slightly dated. About 40 categories. Last updated January 18, 2003.
  3. Access Code Software
    Four Freeware Programs- IE Personalizer, Special Keys Disabler, MSIE Customizer, and OE 5.0 Tweak'r.
  4. AJ Rob Freeware
    Five categories. Links to twelve programs.
  5. AOK Software
    Two programs-Ramfreer and Tiny Disk Cleaner.
  6. Application-it!
    Ten programs by Yoto Yotov including Chess, email and calculator.
  7. ApT Coding Group
    Fourteen ApT programs.
  8. Argostuff Useful Freeware
    Two programs-LogMonitor and SecurDat.
  9. Arun's Freeware
    Five DOS programs and two Windows3.X programs.
  10. Ashtec Downloads
    VirtualDesk 2.2.
  11. Avigo Freeware SDK Home
    Five Avigo tools.
  12. Available Software
    Five Available programs-Ping IT, Mini Browser, Send UI, Simple Translator, and DeleteX.
  13. Babya Software Group Downloads
    Seven categories, 11 downloads.
  14. B&N Freeware-FREE Games
    Fifty-four games, about 17 apps.
  15. Best PalmPilot
    About 70 non-PC and four PC programs. Last updated July 01.
  16. Bitworx Software
    Five Bitworx programs-Fdc, TweakIP, Wavbrowser, Lprman, and Autorunner.
  17. Blue Onion Software
    Free-Cal 1.3, FreeSnap 1.2, and FreeVal 1.0.
  18. Brad's Butt-Kickin' Windoze Utility Megasite
    Seven categories. 118 Apps, 37 of them made by Brad.
  19. Carlo's Freeware Zone
    Eight categories. Around 100 downloads. Last updated 02/05/99.
  20. Chaozz @ Work Freeware
    Three games-Spacemaze, Tetrizz, LemWar. Six programs-Webchange Detector, MSN Logger, xFTP, POP3 Mail Remover, HTML to CGI converter, and Quake2 Config Editor.
  21. Chat Freebies
    Nine chat programs.
  22. Christianity Freeware Web Site Links
    About 50 links to Christian freeware sites. Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  23. Codeman Programs
    FixReg and Win9xNTVer
  24. Dale's Freeware Delights
    Four programs-TClockEx, Monitor Off, ShutDown98, and Netscape Splash Screen Removal.
  25. Ed's Downloads
    Nine popular downloads.
  26. Emogic Software
    Nine Emogic programs and 2 screensavers.
  27. Enat's Freeware
    By Enat-Converter, Prank, and Time Reminder. Plus nine more common downloads.
  28. Ernie and Jennifer's Web Page
    A baker's dozen programs by Ernie and Jennifer.
  29. Erockus
    Five programs-Puzzle Plunge, Juno The Game, Traveler, Battle AirCraft, and Mini Calendar.
    Eighty-three categorioes. One preferred program for each with one or two alternatives.
  31. FDW Freeware
    Free Disk Space, Net Sentinel, Quick Phone List, SplitFire, Super Rename, and Ghost of Mira.
    Lots of categories. Good selections in each, 323 programs.
  33. Frank Westlake- Freeware
    Thirty-seven programs written by Frank Westlake.
  34. Franny Soft
    Two programs-Cockatoo Encryption Library and LANcaster.
  35. Da*n Software
    Four programs-DAMN eLicense Proxy, NFO Viewer, Hash Calculator, and Release Signature Verifier.
  36. Danicsoft Freeware
    Six Mac programs-Copernicus, MacDJ, SpeedRun, PiMachine, Texport, and Apex Racing
  37. Danrempel Freeware
    Links to 49 common freeware programs.
  38. Dansm's Guitar Freeware
    Four categories-Nine programs.
  39. Darwin Open Systems: Free Software and Information
    Software and InformationFile Command, XColor, JabaDex, and JabberPoint.
  40. Databaseaudio
    Freeware resources for electronic musicians. 118 applications.
  41. DeafDex Freeware
    DeafDex Communicator, DeafDex Calculator, and DeafDex Communicator screensaver. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  42. DeltaCode Games
    Seven DOS and four Windows games.
  43. Deshisoft Freeware
    Twenty-three categories with about 280 downloads. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  44. Free Ebooks
    Five free Ebooks.
  45. Freeloader's Zone
    Four categories with links to five programs.Last updated January 03, 2002.
  46. Free Software by Owen Reese
    Calculator, Database, Encryption, Screen Save, Games, and Toddlers. Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  47. Free Software For DOS
    Over 700 DOS programs.
  48. Freeware Apps by Ender
    DailySite and six DOS apps by Ender
  49. Freeware by Sam Clement
    Clock Window and View File CAB Utility
  50. Freeware Development Crew Downloads
    Two LAN tools-ShutMe and WebChange Detector. One Programming Tool-IniFiles
  51. Freeware Encoders
    Three encoders-avi2vcd, avi2mpg1, and wav2mp.
  52. Freeware from the Warners
    GQuiz, The German Quiz and Birthday Book 2000.
  53. FreeWare House
    Several categories. Lots of freeware.Last updated 7/25/98.
  54. Freeware Possee
    147 links to Freeware programs in alphabetical order.
  55. Freeware Web Directory
    812 programs,mostly ganes and open source.
  56. Gay Hodder Online
    AWeb Search, Email Notifier, Betris Game, G Jump Game, and Icon Editor.
  57. Georgies Solarcade
    Gnu/freeware in precompiled form for the Solaris UltraSparc: emulators, apps, utils.
  58. Globware Freeware
    Twenty-two Globware Windows programs.
  59. Gold Files Freeware
    Themes, screensavers, etc. and about 100 programs.
  60. Graphic Competitions Freeware
    Sixty graphics programs.
  61. Gratisware
    More than 100 programs.
  62. GreenHouse Freeware
    About 70 GreenHouse Freeware programs.
    Six categories. Lots of subcategories. Loads of freeware programs.
  64. Home Made Software
    A half dozen Win95, 3.1 programs.
  65. Intrafoundation Software
    Dozens of add-on CFX tags, COM objects and scripts for use by ColdFusion.
  66. Jerry Story's Programs
    Twenty programs for Windows and Linux.Added on: 19-Dec-2003
  67. Jestor2K Freeware
    Links to about 35 common freeware programs.
  68. JJ Fantastic
    Several categories with 100+ downloads. Updated May 1999.
  69. Johan's Free Software
    JS Pager Virtual Desktop, JS Pager Virtual Desktop, JS Time, JS TimeSync, and JS Wallpaper. Last Updated: 12/09/2000.
  70. John G's Free Fare
    Two Programs-quickSkin and London Casino
  71. Jon Sullivan Misc. Tools
    Twenty-one links to freeware programs. Win95.
  72. J. Verhees Free Downloads
    About 90 links to freeware programs. Slightly dated.
  73. KLM-HP Jornada Pocket PC Freeware
    42 download links
  74. Letmesee
    Six categories with seventeen programs.
  75. Lisa's Place
    About 360 Freeware programs. Last updated:October 20, 1997.
  76. Luke MurphEy's Applications
    Digital Identity, MastermindGL, System Fault Analyzer, Media Player Screensaver, XSpread32, Screensaver Password Decrypter, Autorun, Script Application Launcher, HP Rockwell Modem Silencer, and File Compare.
  77. Mad Cow Software
    Fourteen Mad Cow Freeware Programs.
  78. mikey's freeware index
    About 105 programs.Last updated December 26, 2002.
    Lots of categories. Loads of Freeware.
  80. MoonXscape
    Biorythms, Biostats, and more.
  81. My Freeware-Shazron
    Eight programs and 15 Java Utilities.
  82. My Own Freeware
    Six programs by Tommy Kurniawan.
  83. My programs-Shii
    TETO for Windows and Sand for Windows.
  84. My programs-Shii
    TETO for Windows and Sand for Windows.
    Nineteen categories. About 275 freeware programs.
  86. Noises From The Basement
    68 programs in alphabetical order. copyright2000-2001.
  87. OJarsk Freeware
    TestPath, Win98Tweak2, Color Columns, Color Squares, and some Screen Savers.
  88. Open Source Directory
    256 programs on different platforms.
  89. Outside The Box
    Twenty-one OTB programs.
  90. Ovine by design
    Fifteen Free retro games.
  91. Palm Station Freeware
    Twenty-four Palm freeware programs.
  92. PC Lightning
    Keep It Alive and SendTo FTP.
  93. Peanuts-Archive
    Archive and mirrors for Apple and GNU.
  94. PJ's web pages
    Painter,Transico windows98, Splitter, CDcoverDesigner, DVDcoverDesigner, and Quickbutton.
  95. Quick's Palm Pilot Software
    QuickTip, MyCheckbook, and PalmLife. Updated June 11, 2003.
  96. Retroland DOS Games
    Six DOS Games.
  97. Richard's Freeware
    Fifteen links to Freeware programs and sites.
  98. ROSE SWE Security & Antivirus
    RHBVS, F_MIRC, Mr2S, VirScan Plus, MemScan,Related Antivirus package, Virus Collecter Toolset, RFW, Packer and Cryptor Package, and Related packages.
  99. Rosevear Software
    SAM for GNU/Linux, Doodle, Color, Sampler, Cbox,Finger Maps, and Multi.
  100. Schumipage Software
    Thirteen Schumi Freeware programs.
  101. Sir Kane's Freeware Pages
    Last update 11/22/1999. About 40 programs.
  102. Small Programs
    Registration Changer, Dos Hide, Password Recovery, Spew, LoginC, and dir2html. Last updated 10/05/00.
  103. Snortworld Freeware
    160+ links to freeware programs in alphabetical order.
  104. Software Repositories in the Web
    About 80 repositories.
  105. Some DOS freeware programs
    Eight DOS programs.
  106. Space Dolphin Freeware
    Five common Freeware programs. Last updated May 01, 2002.
  107. Tim's Freeware
    Fourteen common Freeware programs.
  108. Toby Opferman Freeware Games
    About 10 Opferman games.
  109. Tomcat 14 Freeware
    CarLogic, Gadgets, WOL (Wake on LAN) utility, WatchDog, Wheel of Formulas, and Instant OEM. Last updated 11-13-02
  110. Tropical Softwares' Freeware master list
    About 350 links to freeware sites. Last updated March 04, 1998.
  111. TSG- Free Programs
    Thirty-seven Windows freeware programs in 14 categories.
  112. Unsatisfactory Software
    Six programs.
  113. Webcruizer's Freeware
    wwwpop3, WebCruizer, SubCruizer, FireEyes, and SynCity, Win 98 only.
  114. Wicked Software
    ProSole, Ramager, NeoHelp, Faster Typist, Stick-On Notes, Tic Tac Toe, Web Viewer, Clipboard Manager, and Yuri's Revenge Mode.
  115. WinAbility
    FunFormat Screen Saver, FM StepUp, and AB Commander Liye.
  116. Windows NT Freeware by Steven Wettberg
    22 Command Line Utils. 10 Windows GUI Utils.
  117. Witts End Oldies but Goodies
    Thirty-five oldies.
  118. Wolff Software
    Implaplan '99, RAS Accelerator, RAM Boost, Homer Simpson, and Shutdown Utility.
  119. WorkStation Nine
    Fourteen categories with about 70 freeware program links.
(Removed April 5th, 2005}
  1. ArSoft Freeware
    Nine categories with about 100 downloads. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  2. Kiraly Enterprises
    Whois, Finger, and Host Utilities.
  3. Faustic Software
    Folder View Saver, Set Default Printer, and DECIDE. Dated to Win98. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  4. Forever Freeware
    Around 200 links to software.
  5. Free Software Audit Tools
    GASP and WebCensus.
  6. Freeware MPEG Audio/Video/VideoCD Encoders
    Avi2vcd, avi2mpg1, and wav2mp.
  7. Graphic Competitions (Graphics Software)
    About 88 programs for four OSs.
  8. Greyhound's Must Have Software
    Eighteen common Freeware Programs. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  9. kAysEr's Free Software
    Pop-Ya-Color, Birthdayz, C-Kit, Rename King, and Pixie 2.0.
  10. Kiraly Enterprises
    Whois, Finger, and Host Utilities.
  11. KnowWare Software
    32-bit- Split'Em, MailScan, BillVue, and StampEm. 16-bit-Echo On, Archivers Program, and Winstall Program. Last updated May 21, 2002.
  12. Lightning Flash Freeware
    Seven links to freewaresites and programs.
  13. Made-to-Order
    Ping IT, Mini Browser, Send UI, Simple Translator, and DeleteX. Updated 1999.
  14. Michael Peer's Freeware
    26 links to Unix Freeware programs and websites. Three Windows links. Last Updated October 31, 2002.
  15. NetWonder Downloads
    13 categories with links to 176 downloads.
  16. NewtSoft Freeware
    PeopleSave, PasswordSaver, Countdown Timer, and Keno.
  17. Novice Computing Software
    About twenty links to common Freeware programs.
  18. Oldies 50 Free Games
    Fifty-seven free games in seven categories.
  19. Popular Downloads
    Sixteen Windows and 10 DOS programs.
    About 1200 Freeware programs for Pocket PCs.
  21. Radek Tiny Software
    Windows Administrator, Windows Communicator, Caller, Treeview Webgen, and Cockroach Player.
  22. Santry Software
    WritePad 1.6 and CD Agent 1.7.
  23. Stefanīs links to serious Freeware
    Links to 20 common Freeware programs.
  24. VC Soft
    Tips Database, System Memory Monitor, Black Screen Saver, and Video Library.
  25. Yizhar Hurwitz
    Network UTilities Set, PIXCRIPT, PixLinks, Offix, Sakran, LibMenu, Resort, Permiter, ALO, MMM, NetRun, NewUser, RegToAdm, and TestFile.
(Removed July 4th, 2005}
  1. Aldensoft Software
    AloeCam, CiDial Dial-Up, and Snippet.
  2. Alligator Pit
    Fourteen Freeware programs in five categories. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  3. Bitstream
    Five Win9Xand 2k programs-miltime, tray aluien, process view, time check, and convertek.
  4. Brenton House
    50 favorites free utilities links.
  5. Burk's Software Libraries
    C function and C++ class(32), Java class(9), Modula-2 modules(2), Pascal, Perl, Delphi, Python, VB, and misc(24).
  6. C,C++ Functions and DOS Programs
    MFCRTP01.ZIP, DOSFONT, AND Video handling functions. Last updated February 20, 2000. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  7. Chris Seaton Software
    CSAudio, CSPassword, CSStringReplace, MVOM, and Orselli.Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  8. Clocks and Screensavers
    Clock and Screensaver downloads.
  9. Cosmic Wolf Freeware
    Power-Post and Power-Grab.
  10. Cryobeef Online
    Attack of the Smileys And Cryobeef Shooting. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  11. Dennis Bareis freeware
    Seventeen Dennis Bareis Programs.
  12. DRK Software
    VPing, WebHit, DRKSocketSniffer, TCP/IP Builder,and NoCache. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  13. DZweb
    Twenty categories with 481 downloads.
  14. EQ2000
    About 40 small(Biggest is 85kb), useful Freeware Windows programs.
  15. Eric Howe's Windows NT/2000/XP Security Tools
    About fifty free tools, with some trialware.
  16. Fath Home
    BackZip, GirdCGI, and NVidia NForce2 NDIS cab. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  17. Freecreed Favorite Freeware
    Twenty-nine common Freeware programs. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  18. Freeserve.com
    About 250 programs. Slightly dated to preWinXP.
  19. Free Software by Todd Osborne
    Nine programs by Todd Osborne.
  20. Free Stuff Land Freeware
    Eleven categories and a couple hundred programs.
  21. Freeware Gold
    Links to 23 Freeware sites.
  22. Freeware Shop
    About 200 programs plus Wallpaper and Screensavers.
  23. Funny Downloads Galore
    Audio/Video-80 Files, Gags-45 Files, Games/Screenmates-48 Files, Images-117 Files, Miscellaneous-3 Files, and Optical Illusions-30 Files. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  24. Hologuides Freeware
    Around a hundred freeware programs and a list of freeware sites.
  25. Hot Freeware Links
    Twenty-three freeware links.
  26. IZ Software
    IZArc and IZFavorites.
  27. Janim.net Freeware Programs For Webmasters
    About 225 Freeware programs in 45 categories. Added on: 30-Jun-2004
  28. Jim and Sue's Free Files
    Fourteen categories, about 60 programs.
  29. Jim Bits- My Freeware Apps
    PC- ReciPDesk , Daily Bible Reading, Just a Calendar, ChorderNote,DCon - AutoDisconnect. Palm- ReciPDA, Cap'n'Cork, and Brag Rights . Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  30. Jugg Software
    ScanKey, PureLS, Installer, Date & Time, modbox, jkey, jdesk, tasks, bangvwm, and 11 more. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  31. Kana Solutions Freeware
    CD Tray, Character Viewer, DynDNS Updater, Kana Clip, Kana Launcher, Kana PopCloser, Kana Reminder, Kana WallChanger, and 6 Miscellaneous Utilities. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  32. Knowware Global- Free Manuals(PDF)
    Twenty-one computer manuals.
  33. Manatee Software
    OmniPing Pro and AniMatch.
  34. Mario Ferrari's Personal Pages
    Turborisk and Chords.
  35. Martin Stoeckli Freeware
    Splitter and Golin.
  36. Michael Hackerott's Favorite Freeware Links
    11 Freeware Links in 5 categories.
  37. Nexxem Freeware Downloads
    An alphabetized list of around 120 links to Freeware program downloads. Good selection.
  38. Nich's Favourite Freeware
    Twenty-one links to Freeware programs.
  39. Paul Gerhart Freeware
    IP1, WinExp, Adder, SpltComb, TreeList, PropMode, MiniFTP, GridList,and SockTest.
  40. Ringomei Downloadable Files
    Little File Backer Upper,Unofficial Adaware Updater, XP Uptime Quickie and Lefty Animated Cursors.
  41. Sengoku's Freeware
    Seventeen Programs, some in Japanese.
  42. Simtools and Formlist for Excel
    Simtools and Formlist.
  43. SmallProgs Software
    SpyEye, Smallview, APT, trayAmp, TopClock, WinKiller, and Koperfield.
  44. SnideSoft Freeware
    Edit, TColorScroll, and IconButton.
  45. Software Gratis
    Twenty-three freeware downloads.
  46. SOT Finnish Software Engineering
    Linux Desktop and Linux Server plus SOT Office for Linux or Windows.
  47. Sugar Cube Software
    BubbleX, Cocoa Sprite Kit, CronTab PrefPane, MP3 Alarm Clock, Phader X, and Pic2Icon.
  48. Waseo Freeware
    GamePoints Keeper, AddressEasiness, Subsea Screensaver, TextStylist, TextArranger, DiaryDominator, CalendarPainter, and ClickTrayCalendar. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  49. Wizard Software
    About ten games and utilities. DOS based for Win3X and Win9x.
  50. xarsoft
    Wallpaper Cycle, Food Wars Setup, XTools, Password Masker, XTimer, and HTimer.
  51. Z-Software
    Z-Splitter and Sarasoft Desktop Explorer

(Removed July 25th, 2005)
  1. Ading Freeware
    Thirteen Alexandru Dimitriev freeware programs. Last updated March 06, 2002.
  2. Aenigma Freeware
    Lots of fonts and 8 freeware games.
  3. ALC-WBC Windows Products
    Clocks-Sounds, Cuckoo, Rename-It!, Bigle 3D, and iPuissance 4D. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  4. All Freeware
    118 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  5. Aman's Freeware
    Fifteen programs by Aman Bhargava including an Intel 8085 microprocessor simulator.(Mako) Mori
  6. Atomic Concepts Software
    Seven programs-Prime Integer Observer, Mnemonic Curve, Automaton Laboratory, Automaton Laboratory 3D, Cosmic Heart, Phyllotaxis, and Golden Rectangular Solid.
  7. Axart
    Airy Secrets and Aedit.
(Removed July 29th, 2005)
  1. BAP (Below a Penny) Software
    Games-RSaP, Rescue Team. Apps-ATT Reader, Ballpoint Pro, BAPCalc, Grocery List Maker, and Identity Creator.
  2. Benjamin Software
    Two programs-CryptoWizard 1.0 Beta and Start Menu Beef Up
  3. BitSpider Freeware
    SlsK Userlist Manager, Soulseek Share Viewer, Soulseek Trimmer, SoulSplit Toolset, Mail Checker, Yet Another Useless Mailer, H4x0rtR4nZ, the Unsaver, and Happy Grabber. Added on: 15-Feb-2004
  4. Bitwelder Video Freeware
    Six programs-Bitmenu, Capture Studio, NetFlow, FreeSpace, Capture Studio, BitBrowser.
  5. Boolean Dream Freeware
    Colour Coder, Hotmail Popper, Periodic Library, Renamer, and ReplaceEm. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  6. Boots Freeware
    40+ programs in 4 categories. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  7. Bosh's Favorite Freeware
    About 50 programs in nine categories.
  8. CanalSw
    More than 30 common freeware programs.
  9. Casl Freeware for PDAs.
    WeatherCalc, DaysBetween, O'Clock, Jack, BuckHunt, Password, SongMan, and FilePad.
  10. Cattle Ramp Software
    Budget Manager, Canary, E-Diary, ExitWin, and Password Generator. Added on: 02-Dec-2003
  11. ChaosSoft-freeware games
    Four game, one program, and three links to Freeware.
  12. Claireware
    Glider Design, Text Counter, Line Counter, and Kamprath's Text Utilities OSAX. Added on: 21-Dec-2003
  13. Cyberstop Freeware
    Two categories- Image viewers and Graphics with 34 downloads.
  14. Daniel's Homepage
    Blobby Volley, TextInfoBrowser, Analysis, Hintergrunduhr, and Stars. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  15. Dave's Place
    Eight categories, 74 programs. Last updated June 11, 2000.
  16. DJC Computing Solutions
    Library System, Payphone, and ZipperAC.
  17. DolphinWork Freeware
    13-Animated Cursors, Cartoons4U Screensaver, ScreenCal, ScreenCor, EyeGlass, Bee Kwik, IAGBIF-CD Player, Fire at Will, and VideoViewer1. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  18. Enchanted Dreams Downloads
    Fifty three categories and 83 downloads.Fonts, Web design, Paint Shop Pro Filters and Tubes.
  19. Eric Nitzsche's Freeware
    dirhtml, Renamer, ScrapBook, and Regsave.
  20. FG4U
    Three free games-Bounce, Carch the Ball, and Princess.
  21. Fluxx's Freeware
    36 uncategorized common Freeware progreams. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  22. Free Software Reviews
    Reviews of Windows(12), Mac(6), and Linux(3) Software
  23. Freeware95.com
    Five categories, about 50 programs.
  24. Freeware Book
    Freeware Arena's ebook of Freeware.
  25. Freeware Gallery
    About 22 links to freeware sites.
  26. Freeware Links
    Thirty-two freeware links.
  27. Freeware Place
    About 170 freeware links.
  28. G. A. Software
    anonyWARE, AutoCopy, Autorun Creator, CryptKeeper, CryptKeeper Original, Internet Blockhead, and Modem Commander.Added on: 21-Mar-2004
  29. Getitnow
    Seven freeware programs. Added on: 05-Dec-2003
  30. Gidgie-My Freeware
    SelectedBackup, Milk Puzzle, and DTracker.
  31. GraFX Freeware
    Banner & Gif (9), CD Case Labeling(12), Color Tools(20), Font Tools(53), Icon Tools(58), Image Compression(43), and Scrollbar Colorizers(3). Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  32. Graphics-Tools
    Countdown, funnyvoice, picmaster, quickphone, and superbob in four languages.
  33. GridinSoft
    GridinSoft Notepad, PHP Processor, GridinSoft Backup, and CHM Encoder.
  34. Hoyware
    Telopticulator and Double Cherries.
  35. Indonesia Delphi Developer
    WebLogin, Win Start, and IndoFind.
  36. JDyne Software
    JBoot 6.1! and Random Password Generator.(Win 95,98)Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  37. JJ's Freeware
    Battime, ManRun, RevIt, MGA More Notches, and Holiday Icons. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  38. JoneSoft Software
    CFS Quick Combat Editor, Icon Extrtactor, Time Stamp Modifier, Uninstall Cleaner, Date Calculator, and File Splitter.
  39. Khmer freeware
    Digital Clock, Counter, Text Editor, and Lunar Date.
  40. Kirys Tech 2000
    Unsupported Software, OpenPower, Modem Logger, KCPUCooler, Font Glancer, Fast Note, and AEdiX Suite.
  41. Lisa's Utilities
    Lisa's 39 favorite utilities.
  42. LoncPilot Portal
    Bus Manager, LaserCom, Shutdown Series, MOD Player, At Ease Code Breaker, Yoshi Land, Barney: Wrath of the Purple Dinosaur, and Icons. Lone Wolf.

(Removed July 30th, 2005)
  1. Marquis Software
    callerid, mp3formater, mp3db, and simple mail.
  2. Microsoft Kids
    Thirteen games. Last Updated: December 14, 2001.
  3. My Favorite Freeware Free Yellow
    Five categories, 72 programs for Win3,95,98,NT.
  4. My Place- David Pye
    Six Downloads-Lotto Calculator, Simple Budget, Simple Password, Search Page, Jokebook, and Javascript Vault.
  5. My Programs- Luis Corbian
    About 20 programs by Cobian.
  6. NicksPics
    Nick's Pics and ResiZR
  7. NJH's Accessory
    Some Tools, Libraries, and Applications.
  8. Potato Software
    Aztech, Decrypt, Potato, Reliable, and Jack B. Nymble.
  9. Richard Coleman's Home Page
    Eleven Risc OS and 5 Dos Freeware programs.
  10. Risc OS Freeware
    About ten Risc OS freeware programs.
  11. RL's Downloadables
    Little File Backer Upper, No-NonsenseTTS (Text to Speech), Tray Quickie, Space Alert, XP Uptime Quickie, Lefty Animated Cursors and 13 links to Freeware sites.
  12. Serge's Site
    Password Generator, ExitWin, E-Diary, Canary, and Budget Manager.
  13. Seti At Home Free Software
    About 40 Freeware tweak programs.
  14. Superlinks Freeware
    About twenty links to freeware sites.
  15. SW Express Freeware Page
    Xmap32, Discovery32, Perfmeter32, Snmp32, TntScript32, Tnt2Com, Splitxw8, and Xnotifiier.
  16. Ten Good Freeware Downloads and Sites
    Ten common freeware programs and sites.
  17. Tigerworks Downloads
    Arc, BackupX, Download Resumer, Exploding Bacon, Sinewaver, Tanx 2, and TextVenture.
  18. Tweakpc
    More than 100 Freeware tweak programs.
  19. Valuable DOS Freeware page
    Programs and links for DOS.
  20. Warbline Open Source Freeware
    Twelve categories. 108 programs. Dated 1999.
  21. Yoconsoft
    QPicView, RunningTime, YoconTray, YCChat, PopupRemover for IE, (Auto)Refresher for IE, and YTrayMagic Lite.
  22. Zenolabs
    Twelve categories. A couple hundred programs.
  23. ZGS
    Table, Good Boy, Checkers, and Copier.
(Removed December 23rd, 2005)
  1. 123 Freeware
    About 112 Freeware programs in alphabetical order.Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  2. Accessories Freeware
    Thirty Freeware websites links. Slightly dated.
    Eight major categories. Thirty-two sub-categories. Good selection.
  4. AM Productions
    Fourteen AM freeware porgrams.
  5. Batch Utilities for DOS
    Two pages of links to Batch files and sites. Added on: 10-Feb-2004
  6. BeShop Freeware
    About 50 freeware programs for BEOS
  7. BK-Soft
    Four bk-soft programs-FastExplore, FastSaver, Kill Win, and SysDialogs. Last Update: August 16th, 2002.
  8. Black Castle Software Downloads
    Four Black Castle programs-NetLaunch, NetLaunch for XP, UO Monitor, and UO Trace.
  9. Breit Technologies- Applications
    Help Creator, Wallpaper Slideshow, Reminder Buddy, and Breit Stocks.
  10. Cantufind Orange Page Freeware Links
    About 244 links, mostly Freeware sites.
  11. Cattle Ramp Software
    Budget Manager, Canary, E-Diary, ExitWin, and Password Generator.
  12. Chips 911/60 Free Programs
    80 Freeware Programs in 16 categories.
  13. Chungsoft
    Chungsoft CallMaker and the Interactive Guestbook. Four DOS programs.
  14. Compusci Freeware
    Finance 6.5, AIM 4.4, SurfinPeace, VDM Sonnd, and VDM Sound Launchpad. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  15. Cool Beans Software
    Three programs-System Info, CPU Meter,and NFO Creator.
  16. Copperdog Freeware
    Thirty-one categories, 93 programs. Nice selection.
  17. Craig Nehta Freeware
    A dozen freeware programs.
  18. Cristofer8 Freeware
    Viewer, fix 'em, rebooter, slimview, and mousemove. Last updated Jan 14, 2001. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  19. Daemon Tools
    Daemon Tools, 3rd Party Addons, and Daemon Tools Translations. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  20. Dator Web Freeware
    Seven categories, 29 programs. Slightly dated.
  21. Davetech Enterprises Products
    Daos, Image Viewer, and Its a Phony! CDP. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  22. Dawghouse Freeware Megalist
    Links to 184 freeware apps and sites. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  23. Derek's Pages- Freeware
    Six home-made programs- Encoder, TroBlock, DUN Timer, TelSend, IWantIP, and Directory Grabber.
  24. Digital Objects Software
    A half dozen older programs.
  25. Don's Freeware Page
    Calc, Donkey, Duplex, Dvorak, Exsort, Farm, Html.spm, IdleHalt, Intcalc, Power, and Search. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  26. Dunning Fools File Library
    About 15 popular Freeware downloads.
  27. Earth's Ocular Freeware Sites
    Eleven Windows and 80+ Linus links.
  28. Etechs Freeware
    40 Freeware programs. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  29. Frank Westlake's Utilities Page Mirror
    Thirty-six Windows utilities written by Frank Westlake.
  30. Freeware and Windows Tips
    Links to about 6 common Freeware programs and some free online services. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
  31. Freeware Favourites
    Five common Freeware links. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  32. Freeware from Yokohama
    PhotoPrint CD Jacket and PhotoPrint Calendar. Added on: 28-Jan-2004
  33. Freewares by Ado Nishimura
    Nifty Serve autopilot/terminal for Macintosh and CTB Classes for PowerPlant. Updated March 20, 1997.
  34. Heisoft Freeware
    Watcher, XPose, Stock Ticker, File Splitter, Guardian, eShredder, Hotkeys, Startup Manager, Cesium, HTML Fader, and Icon Manager. Added on: 11-May-2004
  35. HNM-Freeware
    VST Audio Plugins, DeCl-N, HNM Web Gallery Creator, and EasyPeg.
  36. Icy's Homepage
    Hex setup and Hexplorer. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  37. Kingsley-Hughes Freeware Favorites
    Eight common freeware programs.
  38. Kinko Development Zone
    F2E, Memo-It, Gribouille, MiniSee, KyLister, Instant Wheel, CopyPath, Jarwin, LinkCheck, NetConfig, PhoneTray / PhoneTrayGraphics, SizeShExt, VersionShExt, Visual Includor, Happy Roundy, Ensichat, Juss, and Elewsis.
  39. Koyut's Freewae Site
    Four categories. Eight programs.
  40. Kraxon Free Software
    Kraxon Desktop Changer and HTML Editor.
  41. Lakhei Freeware
    NoopFTP, Random Background, Key Code, Photo Album, and MP3 Bubbles. Added on: 11-May-2004
    Henk de Jong's great list of Freeware websites(more than 1,900).
  43. Max Computing
    Desktop, Net Sender, MC Updater, and System Safety Monitor.
  44. Micronline Free Tools
    HotFix Checker and System ReBoot. Last updated 11-20-2001.
  45. Minkah Freeware Links
    About 28 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  46. ::moox:: Freeware
    About 110 links to Freeware in 10 categories.
  47. My Free Software
    Screen Savers-Recursive Trees, Recursive C-Curve, Analog Clock, Thai Clock (Require Thai Truetype Font), and Wichita State University Logo. Utilities-Tiny Calendar, Normal Distribution Calculation (Statistics), and Fraction Calculator.Game-Tic-Tac-Toe.
  48. My Freeware
    ErlangB calculator, CDTray, Winthumb, ProcessSwitch, and MyIP Updater. Last updated 11 Jun 2001.
  49. My Skinz Freeware Apps
    Links to 39 Freeware Apps.
  50. Neowin Freeware
    Thirty-nine common freeware programs.
    Fifteen categories. 1248 freeware programs.
  52. NoInstallFreeware
    Four websites about and links to forty Freeware programs that do not require an install.
  53. Northcode Software
    HTMLNotepad and CodePublisher
  54. PCPlus Downloads
    Seven categories and 331downloads.
  55. Philippe Majerus Applications
    About ten programs for five platforms.
  56. Phillip Perkmann's Software
    BookmarkPriest and WinSplit.
  57. Plunder Palace
    Twelve links to Freeware sites in four categories.
  58. Poko Freeware
    Five categorires with 155 links to Freeware programs.
  59. PoPo Software
    shortcutEXP 1.0, OneClickPlay 2.0, Let's Have a Tot!, 15 Puzzle - PF 2002, Formulky, SmartDrop, Tangram, Gradient Creator, andPlaylist Creator 1.0.
  60. Predator Mac and Be Freeware
    ClipFiler, ClipSpeaker, Countdown, LaunchTime, BeMAME, Watcher, and DropURL.
  61. Pseudo Solutions Freeware
    MaMaDaSp, XORrior, Surveillance Scan II, Soliton II, Image Enhance, Scrambler, Assembler Edit, and BPL.
  62. Reign Ware archives
    47 old DOS programs.
  63. Rofe's downloads and links
    Nine downloads and four links.
  64. Science Educational Freeware
    Three Freeware science exercises.
  65. Scott's Free Goodies Freeware
    83 links to freeware programs and sites.
  66. SurvivorX Software
    Label Creator 4000 Special Edition, Scrollbar Skinner, and CD Web Creator.
  67. Tordival Freeware Library
    SmtpX component, AutoLogon Component, XCALC 2.4, XCALC 2.05, MicroChat, FindWindow, and ExeWatchdog.
  68. UnH Solutions
    My Scroll, SavePicNoAsk Light, GetFileSize, IE Privacy Keeper, Easy Go Back, and Flash & Pics Control.
  69. WCS Web Builders Useful Programs
    Four categories with 27 downloads. Added on: 19-Feb-2004
  70. Weird Winapps
    SubSync, DialogMate, CD Mate, ProcessMate, and X-Pass.
  71. Xcrysoft Freeware
    Control System, Remember, AudRecord, and WinMonitor. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  72. Yezerski Ropers Freeware Page
    Description: VMS(10),Windows(3).Added on: 19-Jan-2004
(Removed January 8th, 2006)
  1. Freeware Publishing Site
    Lots of categories. Lots of freeware. Last updated April, 2001.
(Removed December 23, 2006)
  1. 2al Software
  2. 303x Downloads
  3. 3D State Downloads
  4. ABP1 Freeware Archive
  5. AderA Software
  6. Advanced Search Facility Freeware Suite
  7. Aezay Software Overview
  8. AIC Download
  9. Ah Beng's Freeware
  10. Alexander Haupt Software
  11. Alphabet Soup Favorite Freeware
  12. Alien@Nostromo
  13. Analyzer Freeware
  14. Apple Orchard- My Favorite Freeware
  15. AppleTalk Packages
  16. Apps of the Web Freeware
  17. Art's Antivirus Stuff
  18. Asher's Favorite Freeware
  19. AxTools Freeware
  20. Axon Software
  21. Baltic Solutions- Freeware
    Three programs- Aplicata, TProgramManager,TNetscape.
  22. Banshee Studios Freeware
    Transfusion, Dark Omen, Asteroids, Episode V: Battle for Hoth, and Frogger. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  23. Barney's Place
    About 88 links to Freeware programs, site, and services. A cute Flintstone's style site.
  24. Bayareatech's Freeware Site
    Forty-eight categories with hundreds of Freeware programs listed. This site page was last updated on 10/28/2000
  25. BB Freeware
    Win 95,98- Test-Run, WinAll- TimeZone, CharView, FastFolder, FileMap, and RainMan. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  26. Bernt Levinsson's homepage
    About 16 home made programs for WinX
  27. Best Internet Referral Sites
    Seven popular program links. Last updated 09-01-02.
  28. Better Editor
    Five Freeware editors. Added on: 31-May-2004
  29. BG Computers- Downloads
    Links 17 uncategorized Freeware downloads.
  30. Big Fat Panda
    folderdlg, kemshu.sna, munch.zip, poacher.sna, firework.zip, pairs.zip, puzzle, fishing, dt, and netpool.
  31. Big-O Software
    HkSFV and AIm+. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  32. Bjorn Anderson's Freeware
    Windows Ready, Blackjack Basic Strategy Helper, and Image Grabber. Added on: 01-May-2004
  33. Bleucanard Software
    AutoStartManager, Internet Radio Tuner, Sound Capture, QCD Plugins(9), dbSched, WebCalendar, Popsicle, Disk2Site, RasScheduler, and Libretto.
  34. Blue Orb Software
    Bootlog Examiner, Directory Hog, Fontsview32, GuiPex, ScanDefrag, Wall Magician, and Yahtzee Deluxe.
  35. BoHunkyO's Freeware Apps
    About 240 apps in alphabetical order. Updated Dec 7, 2001.
  36. Bojan Jurca's freeware page
    Five Jurka programs-Labyrinth, Paste-it, ScrollCombo, WinClassTree, and PCmips.
  37. Botsko FOSS(freeware/open source software)
    Links to about 80 Freeware programs in 10 categories.
  38. Boyd's Freeware
    Hex to Dec Colour Code Converter.
  39. Bradan's Downloads
    Bradan FTP, Parable, Screen Video Capturing, PaintBox, Ghost Bubble, Dangerous Snowboarding, Ballz Testdemo, SheepKiller, Digital Soldiers, and TRIBES 2 Voicepack.
  40. Bramandia's Freeware
    Media Player, Tetris, Minesweeper, and Memory. Last updated July 15, 1999 Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  41. Brian Aitken Consulting Free Software
    File Splitter and Joiner, Image Indexer, Batch File Utility, Image Batch Resize, Web Image Gallery, and Image Stamper.
  42. Brian's Freeware Software
    The Despambulator, GraficSizer, CyClops, GrafixCat, sPix, and POPLaunch. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  43. Bryan Vergato Downloads
    iVoclaise Internet Conference, Password Viewer, iVocalise Email, Cycle Password, Little Brother,and File Protector.
  44. Bushido Software
    Bushido Backup, Bushido Sigfig DLL, Bushido TimeTrek.
  45. ByKeyword Educational Freeware Downloads
    About 16 links to educational Freeware downloads. Added on: 06-Feb-2004
  46. Carbon6 Software
    CarboMon, CarbonCap, CarbonAlarm, and CarbonNotes. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  47. Carl Dippel Freeware
    Curver, Tipulator for the Palm, Wasp, eBayTimer, and CopyToClip.
  48. CHAOS Safety
    ABC CHAOS, CHAOS Shredder, SPAM Shredder, CHAOS Generator, CHAOS Compressor, CHAOS Self Extractor, and CHAOS Submitter.
  49. C. K. So's Freeware
    Generic Integrated Upper CASE Tool, ProEdit, Zip Browser, Web Page Generator, ID3 Tag Manager, Big5/GB Converter, Photo Magic, VCD Cutter, WinSpy, Wintools, and three old games. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  50. CommuniCrossings: Products
    Nineteen freeware programs for Javascript, Newtom, Waba, and Zaurus.
  51. Copah's Projects Page
    Bink Commander, CD Reader, Speakers Simulator, SQL*Minus, SBF, and NTFF. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  52. Computer Users Group Freeware
    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, Folder Content Printer, and IrfanView Graphics Viewer. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  53. Corban Software
    FTP Works and Visual Batch File. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  54. Craig's Unix Software Page
    KC Chess, CRC-32, Move-with-Pattern, Day-Of-Week, BCODE, Hex-Dump, Huffman-Code Generator, KAR, Deaccent, Accentuate, and three handy guides.Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  55. Crayzee's Downloads
    Seven programs-patcher, wipe reloc, timestamper, start-screen-saver, notescrap, subtitle, shifter, and extm3u remover.
  56. CTI Free Software
    PrcView, TrayIt!, and JetFrog. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  57. Current Chaos Freeware
    GamerMp3Player, SpyOuTSiDe, BackAtTack ,SecureTexT, and Alien http web server. Added on: 11-May-2004
  58. EasyASP Downloads
    Easyasp, Easyedit, and Easystyle. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  59. Earth Science Freeware
    27 Earth Science Freeware programs.
  60. Emulation Universe
    More than 50 free emulators.
  61. EncoderX Freeware
    Eighteen categories and about 100 downloads. Slightly dated to Win2K.
  62. Epic Software
    AnyURL, cover, m2gif, EPIC Web Browser, Clickable map
  63. ESTSoft Freeware
    DirMonitor, MassMover, WPChanger, and StartSite. Added on: 09-Apr-2004
  64. Freeb Software
    96 freedb-aware programs in six categories.
    Free Christian Software Directory
    Fourteen categories of Christian software.
  65. Free Downloads for Microsoft Windows
    Fifteen Freeware programs recommended by Microsoft.
  66. FreeSoft97.com
    Several categories. A couple hundred programs. For Win95/NT. Last updated 1997.
  67. Free Source Connection- Freeware Links
    About 90 links to Freeware sites.