WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites through the letter A.

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. #Beginner
    Seven rather common freeware programs-CDrun, H-Menu, IrfanView, Metric Converter, RAMpage, Renamer, TClock.
  2. \rcyogesh Software
    WinampControl,Marathi, Dictionary.
    Links to 1041 freeware programs in 12 categories.
  4. 1-4a Freeware
    Four freeware programns-SuperMultiplier, RatioCalculator, DateStat, Rename.
  5. 1 MillionSites Freeware Directory
    238 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  6. 200 Freeware Sites
    Actually just 27 sites listed.
  7. 2al Software
    One program-Titan-Requires registration-Small Business Program.
  8. 2Bright Sparks Freeware
    SyncBack, InstallSpy, FingerPrint, and FireLogXP.
  9. 2HaveIt Freeware
    Three hundred uncategorized freeware programs spread over 15 pages.
  10. 2 the Edge
    DUser, eCubed, GrepIt, WCIT, Response Monitor, Personal Task Manager, TextPad, and Scriptomatic Tool. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  11. 303x Downloads
    Program's(10), Codec's(4), and Miscellaneous(2).
    Twenty categories. Links to about 1800 freeware programs.
  13. 3D State Downloads
    Three 3d freeware downloads- Developing Studios, World Editors, Converters & Tools
  14. 321Free
    Seventy-nine freeware programs in 7 categories. Pretty good variety.
  15. 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities
    Tech Support's favorite freeware programs in 46 categories.
  16. 95isalive
    More than 30 Windows 95 program downloads.
  17. 99er Freeware
    Six Freeware categories with about 50 links to Freeware programs
  18. 100% Free Softwares
    About 150 freeware programs-Windows 95 only-Site not updated for quite some time.
  19. 1000 Freeware Sites
    Six pages of uncategorized freeware and freeware site links with short explanations of each one.
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  1. A+ Freeware
    Links to about 200 Freeware programs in 75 categories.
  2. A1B2C3 Free Computer Software
    About 1300 links to Freeware, freeware sites and references. For Windows 95/98/ME.
  3. Albert's Programs
    68HC11PE, Renamer,RenamerNG, NoteIt, ABChecksum, Backup, Sharper, D-Perft, #Chess, Attention!, StartLogger, ViewSKV, PortTest, SMTPServerChange, TCPIPChangeSettings, SolveSudoku, and FreeDbOffline.
  4. A1 Javascripts
    More than 345 Cut and Paste Javascripts in 15 categories.
  5. Aad Consulting Freeware
    3J eMail Encryptor, Web Tarantula, BLUR, Vizual Einstein ME, Ezy Date Getter, LITTLE Yellow Stickers, My Whiteboard, Bible Screensaver & Desktop, Bible Desktop & Verses Update, and two Screensavers.
  6. Aardvark Downloads
    PC, Palm, and Gameboy downloads.
  7. Aaron's Apple II Programming Projects
    The ENI Assembler, ProDOS Up-Dater, Minefield, The ENI Merge Utility, ProDOS Launcher, and Sparks.Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  8. AbandonGames
    About 167 full abandonware games.
  9. ABC-Directory-Freeware
    Fifteen links to Freeware sites.
  10. ABF Software
    Copier, CRLFtoLF, FileDate, PasToInt, Replacer, and Freeware Tools.
  11. Aboriginemundi
    Eighteen English downloads.
  12. ABP1 Freeware Archive
    Two categories and 71 downloads. Fair variety.
  13. Absey-Vine Downloads and useful links
    About 120 downloads and links.
  14. Ab Software Design Downloads
    Crypt, Timer, Bridgecomp, and Bridgelys. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  15. Absolute Freebies Freeware
    MrRat's 19 favorite freeware programs.
  16. AbsoluteFreeSoftware
    Fifteen categories with 158 Freeware programs. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  17. Absolutely Freebies Downloads
    About 75 links to Freeware downloads.
  18. Absolutely Mac: Software
    Eleven categories with links to 72 Freeware programs. Updated December 12, 2000. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  19. abstractsoftwaresolutions
    UPXShell, Windel, RunTime, and VerPopup. Dos- Quotetxt. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  20. Accessv Freeware
    Nineteen downloads in three categories-FTP, HTML and Graphics.
  21. ACD/Labs Freeware
    ChemSketch and several other Chemistry related Freeware programs. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  22. AceLet Freeware
    SuperLite, OpenTools, and Redress tool. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  23. Ace Logix
    Startup Guard, Free Ram Optimizer XP, and Edit IE URL.Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  24. acfwiki NoInstall Frreeware
    Links to 12 sites and 40 programs.
  25. Acid-Play Freeware Games
    About 250 links to Freeware games and games websites.
  26. Aclantis Web Links
    323 links in 61 categories of Freeware related websites.
  27. Acme Freeware
    Five categories, 14 Freeware Programs.Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  28. ACME Laboratories
    ACME Mapper, Comment Weblet, Freeware Library, Java pages, Tutorials and resources, Toys and amusement, and more.
  29. Activedwg Downloads
    Miscellaneous Utilities(13), AutoCAD Programming Utilities(3), AutoCAD Plotting Utilities(14), and AutoCAD Utilities(17). Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  30. ADDICT3D
    About 923 uncategorized programs. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  31. AddPlus Downloads
    -> JediMirc, Advanced mIRC script, JM27f, passlock, q3-23b, myprx,> Shutter77, ShutterXP, Clients, CryptIt,> WhereAmI, advancedIQtest, MistressMind, CoolPlay, and Phonex v1.9.
  32. Adept Software- Classic Games
    Jetpack, Squarez Deluxe, and God of Thunder.
  33. AderA Software
    Four freeware programs-GenomeWatch, AderA Bar, POP3 Easy, and GammaPoll.
  34. Adlor de Bard Downloads
    Adstat and Wow.
  35. Adrian Carter's Programming Utilities
    Flasher, TextWedge, Borland C++ Builder, File Magic, File Compare, and Flip Case. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  36. Adub's Freeware
    Dots, Shapes and Avi/Mpg. Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  37. Adva Series PDA Freeware
    Nine PDA freeware downlods.
  38. Advanced Search Facility Freeware Suite
    Full software suite for Linux, SUN Solaris. Last Updated 2 NOV 1998
  39. AE Software
    Disk Utilities: Clean Disk 2003 and 2002. Security: System Security 2002 and 2001. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  40. Aezay Software Overview
    Eleven nice Aezay Freeware programs plus small utilities, 3 Delphi/C++ Components, and Winamp plugins.
  41. Afterdawn Freeware
    Lots of good Audio and Video Freeware.
    More than 60 categories with links to 2,463 Freeware programs. Added on: 17-Dec-2003
  43. Agd Interactive
    King's Quest1VGA, King's Quest2VGA, and Quest For Glory II VGA. Added on: 22-Feb-2004
  44. A Guide To Free Software
    DOS, Win3x, Win 95, and Linux programs. Last updated March 6, 2001 Added on: 30-Nov-2003
  45. Aignes Freeware Products
    WebSite-Watcher, Local Website Archive, AM-Notebook Lite, AM-Zip, and AM-CodeSearch.
  46. AGoodRead Free Software Links
    116 links to Freeware programs and sites in 10 categories. Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  47. Aguirregabiria's Freeware
    Seventeen command and console programs for Win95-XP.
  48. Ah Beng's Freeware
    Links to thirteen common Freeware programs and seven games.
  49. AIC Download
    Pinxy's Ascii Art Generator, Hang Me, and Battle Numbers
  50. AiYeo Utilities
    dy System Clock Synchronizer, dyMobTris, and dy Transparent Alarm Clock
  51. AJ Design Software
    Unit Converter, Quadratic Equation Calculator, Geometric Formulas Calculator, Venturi Meter Calculator, Reynolds Number Calculator, Ideal Gas Law Calculator, Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator, Pipe Flow Calculator, Crossover Calculator, Sealed Designer Online, and Audio Subwoofer Design Software. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  52. Ajay Phalnikar Freeware Programs
    EasyCalc, myMP, ASCII & RGB, and Puzzle in Chess. Added on: 30-Jun-2004
  53. Ajebe Software
    Six programs by Adrie Berg-DatePad, Digital Diary, Address database, Worms game, DOS Batch Collection, Game extensions.
  54. AK Software
    PopKiller, Startup Control Panel, Transbar, GenGUID, OETray, and QRes .
  55. Aka's Palm Software Page
    30+ Palm Freeware programs. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  56. Akin Software
    Verse Reminder System and Windows 95 Startup Logo Changer. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  57. AkSoft Freeware
    akPlayer, akFontViewer, akMediaAdmin, akReplacer, akLineCounter, akFavorites, and akPi. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  58. Alaa Makdissi Software
    Five Matlab and Variance programs.
  59. Alain Lecomte Freeware
    SmartDB, SmartFreePDF, Ciphering/Deciphering, Screen Saver, Fast Use, and Tools for Tomb-Raider. Added on: 05-Apr-2004
  60. Alatar Projects
    SGML and C++ Word macro. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  61. Albert Bertilsson Freeware
    CGI(1),Java(1), Windows(9), .NET(2).Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  62. Aldostools
    About 100 programs, many by Aldo. Multimedia, PSX, Kazaa, Input, N64, Front Ends
  63. Aldweb- My Freeware
    Ald Programs-PC(7), Palm(6),Pocket(2).
  64. Alert Freeware Programs
    Links to 19 common Freeware programs.
  65. Alessandro Levi Montalcini's Mac OS9 Freeware
    About 40 uncategorized Mac Programs.
  66. Alessandro Pagano-Fre and Open Source Software for Windows
    Links to about 80 Open Source programs and links to several other webxites.
  67. Alexander Haupt Software
    Launching Pad 98, Empty Drive, Html Replacer, Viewspec, and Iconviewer.
  68. Alexander Kuck - My Free Programms
    IconS V1.90 (IconSearch) and BMPTumb. Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  69. Alex Fauland's Tools and Utilities
    Nine nice Tools and Utilities programs made by Alex Fauland.
  70. Alex King Software
    Tasks Pro, Tasks, Tasks Jr., Use Tasks, Photos, PHP Doc System, WordPress Plugins, Hacks, Themes and Styles, Read it to Me, PunBB Mods, HTML Resume Template, JavaScript Functions, and Tools.
  71. Alex's Favourite Freeware Downloads
    Fourteen common Freeware downloads plus 9 programs by Alex. Last updated May 14, 2001. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  72. AlexSoft Free Games
    Free games. 16-bit: Dos(578), Win 3.0, 3.1(66). Action games(102). Added on: 30-Dec-2003
    Many, many uncategorized links to Freeware websites.
  74. Alfred's Homepage
    Fireworks Saver, WinAmp Fireworks Plug-in, GetMeThere, ConCmd, ConvertZ, ALiBaBar, and ShowDaPic. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  75. Alien@Nostromo
    Software Collector, 3D Creator, 3D Vektor, and Tunnelizer.
  76. Alireza Balouch Software
    Swape Gallery Light, RSS Reader, miniMe, Picture Converter, Swape Starter, PassKeeper, and Key Code Maker.
  77. Alkali Software
    Software-Eject Disc, Telescope, Computer Pet, PlanA Organiser, and KARL Chatbot. Javascripts-AI Ping Pong AI Tic-Tac-Toe, Progressive Cipher, and Chatbot 3.0. Added on: 29-Jun-2004
  78. Allan Hoiberg Freeware
    CompTree, Husk, OriginCut, LFNdir, Msgbox, and StartDem.
  79. AllBootDisks
    Free Boot disks for DOS through XP. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  80. Alloy Software
    Asset Navigator and Network Inventory Navigator
  81. Ali Almossawi's Fun Pages
    CyberiaPC.com Programs- PDP-8 Simulator, AAScripter, AADUN Pass Revealer, AAEncoder, C++ Coder, EasyList, HappyClick, and AAClock.
    Links to 11,189 Windows Freeware Programs. One of the best freeware sites.
  83. All EZ Coolest Free Software
    Some Freeware and some freeware sites.
  84. All I Need Freeware
    Twenty-five categories. Fifty+ programs.
  85. Allscoop Free.NET Software
    Website Monitoring, Services Manager, IE Proxy Changer, Services Manager, TCP Listener, Quick Image Transfer, Pregnancy Countdown Calculator, Get Header, Log File Merger, Kids Letter Game, and Pocket Loan Calc for the Pocket PC.
  86. Allstar Freeware
    Around 300 freeware programs in several categories.
  87. Aloha Oi Software
    Active Voice Tools, Diagnostics Control, Integration Master, RepView, aoMisc, TaoADODataSet, TAuditFileLog, and TLanguageCenter. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  88. Alphabet Soup Favorite Freeware
    Seven Common Freeware programs.
  89. AlstonLabs Freeware
    Zipper, GUIGREP, ImgView, Cookie Eater, PaintAssist, File Wiper, Notepad. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  90. alt.comp.freeware- Program Index
    A list of almost 3,800 Freeware programs.
  91. AlterLife Creations
    Alternate's ASCII Artist, Genesis, Alternate's Iris, Alternate's Reality, and Zephyr. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  92. ALTools Free PC Utilities
    ALZip, ALFTP, ALPass, and two Wallpapers.
  93. Alyce's Restaurant Freeware
    Imagine! and WW to CHM Wizard.Added on: 21-Dec-2003
  94. Amalgamating Forums Freeware Applications Listing
    Twenty-four categories with links to about 226 Freeware Applications. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  95. Amateur Radio Freeware by Makoto
    Several Amateur Radio Freewares and Freeware links.
  96. Amazing Planet Games & Puzzles
    Six games and puzzles.
  97. Amiga Software by Paul Kienitz
    About a dozen Amiga programs about ten years old
  98. AMPSoft
    Twelve nice programs and three games by Alberto Martinez Perez.
  99. AsmSource : Assembly Language Programming
    32-bit Windows(19), 16-bit DOS(9). Last Updated : July 08, 2001. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  100. Anabuilder Freeware
    AnaBuilder, 2D-3D-Stereo, Bracketing Merger, Noise Reduction, Users Image Forum, and Phantogram Builder. Added on: 04-Jan-2004
  101. AnalogX
    Five Freeware categories with 86 programs.
  102. Analyzer Freeware
    Five Perl utilities.
  103. Andan Software
    Three Fidonet programs and 60+ Andan programs from the late 1980's and early 1990's.
  104. Anand Sundararajan Downloads
    Slide show maker, dialup companion, OneCgi, dialc.
  105. Anders Isaacson's Software
    BlockCAD, AnkerCAD, Lego, LDraw tools, and cE.
  106. Anders Petersson's Free Software
    Four programs by Anders Petersson-Offline CD Browser, No Hands Backup, PrioSet, and Shared Address Book.
  107. Andreas Amann's Mac Freeware
    Mail Scripts, Eudora Mailbox Cleaner, and Eudora vCard Export.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  108. Andre Barata- Free Software and Photos
    Caixas, XordCast, Pong-Pong, XordAmp-Winamp Skin, op-3d engine, IPChat, Plasma, Zipper, Killeroids, NaveR, 286Scrool, and Photographs.
  109. Andrei Gaceff Freeware
    DefragNT and BruteBenchmark. Added on: 07-Apr-2004
  110. Andrew Berry: My Freeware Programs
    Twelve Freeware programs.
  111. Andrew Fetisov Home Page
    Three programs by Andrew Fetisov- Gillian Cards, Ext2 Researcher, and Boot Configurator.
  112. Andrew Ryzhkov Programs
    KSS, BZPhase, ViewMol3D, Kinka, and OFP.
  113. Andy-Jones Freeware
    Slideshow, ColToHex, IconTex, and Mp3TagEdit.Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  114. Andy's Programming
    User Manager and NT Admin stuff,
  115. Anfy Team Home Page
    Anfy2 program-52 Applets.
  116. Angryziber Software
    IP Scan, Remote Computer Control Center, Utilities(2), Old Programs(5)
  117. Angus's Personal Website- Freeware
    Links to 11 common Freeware programs. Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  118. Anna-Lyse Virtual Secretary
    Anna-Lyse-virtual secretary and announcer.
  119. Annoyances Freeware
    About 35 small programs.
  120. Anonymous Software
    About two dozen interesting small programs.
  121. Ansme Freeware
    Freeware directory-28 categories and many sub-categories. Around 550 links.to Freeware programs and sites.
  122. Antean Software
    Easter Sunday Predictor, Nim, and Rant.
  123. Anthony Appleyard Software
    AAEMACS, WINDFONT, Sea Patrol 1, and Typecase. Plus a page of 3D graphics and small programs. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  124. Anthony Ishkan's Downloads
    Four programs-LeAN OVER , 4-Player Briscola , Win32 OCX control for VB 5/6 , PGE.
  125. Antii Kirjavainen's homepage
    Six programs-FreeMem, Rename 'Em!, Check 'Em!, Specrem, and CD Checker.
  126. Antti Kurenniemi Software
    Matrix screensaver, Find in Files, Image encrypter, System Information, Calendar, World time clock, Color selector, Text to Html converter, and Deep thought generator.
  127. Antiquark Downloads
    A dozen VB and SMS programs.
  128. Antiword
    Antiword program for 12 platforms.
  129. Antp.be Freeware
    Ant Movie Catalog, Ant Renamer, Ant Stratego,and Nim Game. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  130. Antti Karttunen Programs
    Two programs-EdgeDraw and AtomFTP.
  131. AOP Freeware
    Programs from 1993 to 2000.DOS-PLog, MCalc, Six Strings Tune, MCI File Packer, PEnc, PL-Mail, and PGPEd. NIX-PWCount.
  132. Apache Nights
    Links to 15 Freeware websites and six common Freeware programs. Added on: 04-Jan-2004
  133. AppControls
    Nine AppControl programs.
  134. Apple Orchard- My Favorite Freeware
    22 Favorite Freeware programs.
  135. AppleTalk Packages
    AppleTalk Router Software, Remote AppleTalk Access, Columbia AppleTalk Package, and AppleTalk Utilities. Added on: 19-Feb-2004
  136. Applied Micros
    MultilogPro (RS232 Logger), DLX96 (Elevator Data Logger, Smart Chart, andRS232 Line Analyser. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  137. Apps by Aaron- PDA Freeware
    Nineteen small apps by Aaron, mostly trackers.
  138. Apps from theACF
    FontList (Word Macro), Friendly Font Namer, Mandelbrot Set viewer (Javascript), and Yet Another ID3 Tagger. Last updated 22 July 2001. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  139. Apps of the Web Freeware
    Six main categories. About 73 programs.
  140. Aptiva Toolbox
    Four common freeware programs. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  141. Arachnoid Freeware
    About Time, DataProspector, JTides, NetworkControl, PLCash, dbEdit, EasyTerm, EasyTuner, File Processor, FTPthing, IcomControl, PHP Script Pages, QuickWatch Check Format Converter, RadioComm, Satellite Finder, SlideProjector, Quoter, and PHP example control program listingAdded on: 31-May-2004
  142. Arbitrary Windows Freeware Links
    More than 40 download sites and several links to freeware apps.
  143. ArcaneWood Software Homepage
    Six programs-LeechFTP, HexEdit, EmEditor, More Properties, NoNetBiosNuke and ICQ.
  144. Arialit Freeware
    Two downloads-XPClock (Clock and Calendar) and Tapping test.
  145. ArJan Software
    Links to about 211 Freeware programs and about 150 websites. Added on: 01-Jun-2004
  146. ArsWare
    Nine categories with about 100 downloads. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  147. Artronic Freeware Utilities
    BDViewer - DBBrowser, dbimgISAM, dbimgMyISAM, and W9xStop. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  148. Art's Antivirus Stuff
    About a dozen virus related utilities.
    Eight( 2D Programs, 3D Programs, Miscellaneous, DTP Programs, Web Programs, Video Programs, Sound Programs, and Graphics Programs) categories with 1000+ links to programs and websites.
  150. Asgard Freeware
    Pong for Nokia Communicator, Toastmaster Meeting Planner, FundBase, and Filesynch. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  151. Asher's Favorite Freeware
    Links to Asher's 21 Favorite freeware programs.
  152. Ashleigh Gordon's Software
    Free .NET Barcode Control, Free Barcode Report Generator for MS Access, Free MS Access Password Recover Utility, Free Simple Image Resize Utility, and GOCR Frontend for Windows.
  153. Ashoka Kumar Freeware
    Modem Graph, Net Traffic, CPU Monitor, SWS Clock, LapTop Battery Monitor, Online Tester, Yatzzee, Blackjack, and MammaGamma. Added on: 13-Jan-2004
  154. @ractive Windows Freeware
    Twelve @ractive programs.
  155. ASPiSIS Ltd. Software
    Command prompt utilities(30), plus ASM11 (68HC11 assembler) page and ASM8 (68HC08/68HCS08 assembler) page. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  156. ASP Programmers Freeware
    Two products-ASP Secured and ASP Knowledgebase.
  157. Assorted Downloads
    Desert Driver, Maze game, Basic 3D Terrain Scene, Development Tracker, UIN Extracker,Programming Articles, and Music.
  158. Astronomical Free Software Links
    Planet's Visibility, Virtual Atlas of the Moon, Sky Charts, Home Planet, Assorted Downloads, Alphacentauri, Iris, Avis-Fits Viewer, Stellar Magic, Image Tool 3, Niteview, Planetarium Program HNSKY, and six more.
  159. Atlascom Freeware sites
    About 157 links to freeware programs and sites.
  160. Atomic's Downloads
    26 Atomic files. Added on: 26-Jan-2004
  161. Atory Tools
    Five Atory Programs-Messenger Ad Blocker, MailList Manager, Visual Whois, Password Generator, and Whois Inspector.
  162. Auberge Software for Macintosh Computers
    Macintosh Backup and Restore, Home Backup, and Trash.
  163. AudioActive
    Bitrate Calculator, MP3 Decoder, Realtime Hardware Encoder, and Audioactive Player. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  164. AudioMelody
    Twelve categories, 93 downloads.
  165. Audio Right Mark Downloads
    RMAA, RN 3D Sound, Audigy 2 ZS Series Testing Methodology, and Audigy1 Setup Guide
  166. AudioSignal Freeware
    Wave file statistical analysis, Joint Time-Frequency Analysis, Pickup Arm Geometry,and Faulkner.Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  167. Avalon Mist Games and Applications
    Ten games. Two applications: Notebook and Actiview.
  168. AXCEL216's MAX SPEED
    Updates, Patches, Power Tools, Enhancers, File Shrinkers, etc. Many, many, downloads.
  169. AxiomX Software
    Eight AxiomX programs.
  170. Axon Software
    Bonzala, Wincopier, and 4ED.
  171. AxTools Freeware
    Visual Logger 2003 and VssRecursivePurge. Added on: 15-Feb-2004
  172. Azian Paradise
    Seventy-six Freeware sites links.
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