WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites beginning with the letter B.

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. Baalbek-The Altar of Offerings.
    About 40 links to Windows Freeware programs and sites.
  2. BabelStone
    Five scripts, two texts, and two Misc. downloads.
  3. Bactek Software
    Three programs- Right Start Menu, Float menu, MiniApps.
  4. Balthisar Freeware
    Balthisar Tidy for Mac OS X (10.2 and above) and Balthisar Cascade for Windows. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  5. Baltic Solutions- Freeware
    Three programs- Aplicata, TProgramManager,TNetscape.
  6. Banshee Studios Freeware
    Transfusion, Dark Omen, Asteroids, Episode V: Battle for Hoth, and Frogger. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  7. Barbus Software
    DragnHide, Printable Notebook, STEP-by-STEPper, FileBolter, SeekSame, and Puzzle Maker.
  8. BareBones Freeware
    Four programs-DropPS, DVD Player Helper, PopupFuncs, and TextChanger.
  9. Bare Metal Software
    BareGrep and BareTail. Added on: 01-Feb-2004 Hits
  10. BarLaunch
    BarLaunch, Program Launcher, Tab BarLaunch, T-Launch, and RecKey.Added on: 23-Jan-2004
  11. Barney's Place
    About 88 links to Freeware programs, site, and services. A cute Flintstone's style site.
  12. Baroufa Soft
    Zero Footprint Crypt , Matrix Screen Locker, File Splitter, Steilto2 LanChat, Surveillance Mailer, Screen Shot, Xeri Game, and NauuMax Game. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  13. BartDArt Freeware
    Twenty small BartDArt windows programs.
  14. Bat's Cave Freeware
    Three download categories, 34 downloads, Chat dings, music links.
  15. Battaglia's Freeware Resources
    Links to 106 Freeware websites and about 275 Programs.
  16. Bayareatech's Freeware Site
    Forty-eight categories with hundreds of Freeware programs listed. This site page was last updated on 10/28/2000
  17. Bayden Systems
    21 Bayden Freeware programs. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  18. BB Freeware
    Win 95,98- Test-Run, WinAll- TimeZone, CharView, FastFolder, FileMap, and RainMan. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  19. bCheck's Apps
    HoeKey, Purrint, Rebooter, Capster, Reso, Bmap, IECrap, gen_yar, ToPNG, wherzit, and DevMgr.
  20. Bdr 2004
    E-Motion Deluxe, MovieScreensaver, Urthwurm, and 22 more downloads. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  21. BD Software Developer Tools
    Leor Zolman's STL Error Decryptor, STL Container Initialization Library, ZLPR, BDS C, and Effective STL source code archive. Added on: 09-Dec-2003
  22. Beefy Freeware Games
    Eight games.
  23. Bellsnwhistles.com
    Seventeen categories and 58 programs plus Graphics. Slightly dated.
  24. Bellcraft.com
    CharPackage, DeskBot, and Pixie 1.1.
  25. Belushi Freeware
    Six Belushi programs. Added on: 10-Dec-2003
  26. Benfold.com
    Nine Games. Eight Math/Science programs.
  27. Benny Pederson- Freeware
    Links to about 15 Programs.
  28. BennyWeb - Downloads
    About 60 programs and 100+ games.
  29. Berner Freeware Links
    Thirty-four links to Freeware apps and sites. Added on: 01-May-2004
  30. Bernt Levinsson's homepage
    About 16 home made programs for WinX.
  31. Bersoft Freeware
    Five Bersoft programs-Image Management, HTML Print, HyperMaker, WebPacker, EasySetup.
  32. Best Freeeware on the Internet
    Links to 60+ freeware programs. Slightly dated.
  33. Best Freeware on the WWW
    About 70 mostly graphics program links. Good selection.
  34. Best Internet Referral Sites
    Seven popular program links. Last updated 09-01-02.
  35. Best of Freeware Showcase
    About 25 categories with links to 41 Freeware programs.Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  36. Bestpcfreeware.com
    Five main categories. About 30 sub-categories. Links to about 140 programs.
  37. Best Pocket PC Tools
    Links to 28 Freeware PC Tools and sites.
  38. Better Editor
    Five Freeware editors. Added on: 31-May-2004
  39. BeyondMonkey Software
    Pathbuddy, Asciimilator, and Copwatch.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  40. BG Computers- Downloads
    Links 17 uncategorized Freeware downloads.
  41. B. G. Software
    Last Update: 10/07/2001. BGS-Setup, Language Editor, Tests Suite 2000, Calendariamo, WebPad, Program Manger, Mistery, Quick Theme Builder, Impariamo, Indovina, Orologio Digitale, and Casse Matte. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  42. Bible Freeware
    Free Searchable Bibles.
  43. Big Daddy's Math Freeware and Sites
    Addition, Multiplication, and Subtraction drills programs.
  44. Big Fat Panda
    folderdlg, kemshu.sna, munch.zip, poacher.sna, firework.zip, pairs.zip, puzzle, fishing, dt, and netpool.
  45. Big Feet Software
    Three javascript programs, plus links to about twenty Freeware programs.
  46. Bierens Freeware
    Reminder, Alarm, Synchronize, Loan, and Metric. Added on: 22-Dec-2003
  47. Big Bang Enterprises
    Chatstation and Doublekiller. Added on: 07-Jan-2004
  48. Big-O Software
    HkSFV and AIm+. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  49. Big Titan
    Memory Gutter 2002 and XP. Added on: 16-Dec-2003
  50. Bill Gillam's Math Pages
    Two programs-Grafprog and Calc.
  51. Billz Utilz
    About 20 Unix style DOS command line utilities plus links to Linux software.
  52. Binary Insight Downloads
    Signature Cryptographer, Task Manager, and Beatles Pack. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  53. BioEddie's Freeware Programs for 2002
    Fifteen categories, 51 programs.
  54. BitBlaze
    BitBlaze, Dlcounter, Dsnake, and Wormlings. Added on: 05-Apr-2004
  55. Bitbucket Heaven
    Links to about 20 compilers and 60+ other programs. Fair selection.
  56. Bjorn Anderson's Freeware
    Windows Ready, Blackjack Basic Strategy Helper, and Image Grabber. Added on: 01-May-2004
  57. Blackbit's Freeware Page
    Protocol handler, Netbeans ObjectDock icon, and Dell AccessDirect Hack.Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  58. B Labs Downloads
    Bopup Scanner, Bopup Observer, Bopup Messenger
  59. Blackspider Webware
    Four Black Spider programs-Vizual Einstein ME, Web Tarantula, NetTree Explorer, and Qik Browzer 32. Updated 13 Novenber 2002.
  60. Black Stump
    Fifty Freeware Links.
  61. Blaiz Enterprizes
    Thirty-one freeware downloads.
  62. BlackSun Eclypse Freeware
    Seven Black Sun Programs- Flashtray, Disk Recon, Texefex, Mousotron, ColorMania, and Magnifixer. Plus a short list of links to other freeware.
  63. Bladefist's Freeware Corner
    LightSpeed Website Optimizer Version 1.2 (2003/07/23).
  64. BlakeWare Educational
    Spell Make/Take and Pie Math.
  65. Blat for Windows
    Blat and Getmail for Windows. Last updated January 28, 2002. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  66. Bleeping Computers Freeware Replacements
    24 categories with links to 122 Freeware programs.
  67. Bleucanard Software
    AutoStartManager, Internet Radio Tuner, Sound Capture, QCD Plugins(9), dbSched, WebCalendar, Popsicle, Disk2Site, RasScheduler, and Libretto.
  68. Blinkynet Freeware
    TextTally, NetStat, ClassicClipboard, Citadel SafStor, and AnotherTaskManager. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  69. Bloodshed Software
    Five Bloodshed programs-Dev-C++, Dev-Pascal, QuickInstall 2, Avi Creator 1.5, LaserWar, Calc-By-Step, and Fast Cleaner.
  70. Blowfish Advanced CS
    Blowfish Advanced CS, Blowfish Advanced CS Sourcecode, MD5 Checksum, Password Finder, Dummy Cryptfile Generator, CryptPak, and BlowfishJ. Win 95/98/NT/2000. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  71. BlueBit Software
    B Beacon 5.2, MemoryElevator, Blues Player, BBSlowDown, Blue's Port Tool, Blue's Port Scanner, Blue's ConAnalyzer, Blue's Private Chat, CD-Image converter and Misc stuff.
  72. Blueee Software
    Morse a message, Number Puzzle, Tron, Animated cursors.
  73. BlueFive Software
    Twenty-one useful BlueFive WinAll programs
  74. BlueMarsh Java Projects
    Benoit, GraphMaker, JRGrep, and JSwat. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  75. Blue Orb Software
    Bootlog Examiner, Directory Hog, Fontsview32, GuiPex, ScanDefrag, Wall Magician, and Yahtzee Deluxe.
  76. Blue-Series Software
    Splitting, TimeWatch, and Dictionary.
  77. Blue[Shell] Studios.
    devDownloads.phpFour programs- TextTools, VC++ Project Build Cleaner, HPlayer, and VideoFrame.
  78. Blue Vade Freeware
    BlueVade Jukebox, HotKey,and PhotoAlbum. July 2002.
  79. Bmeijer Freeware
    A dozen DOS, 16-bit and 32-bit Bmeijer Windows programs.
  80. BmSofts: My programs
    DevTools and Search-n-replace.
  81. Bo Branten Projects
    Ntifs.h, RomFs, File system drivers, RomFs, SwapFs, FileDisk, and Debian packages. Last modified14-May-2003. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  82. Bob '"Bice'" Eichler's Web Page
    Recording Inventory and Hangman.
  83. Bob Bowman's Freeware List
    A couple hundred links to various types of Freeware.
  84. Bob Crispen Free Software
    Twenty Crispen programs.
  85. Bob Ferguzon Freeware
    Twenty+ games and programs.
  86. Bobo's Applications
    ColorCache, AVIQuick, PTFB 1.06.3, and PTFB Admin.Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  87. Bob Swanson Programs
    Updated October 18, 2001. Two Java and four Win32 programs.
  88. Bob's World's Best Freeware
    About 50 categories with one program each.
  89. Bobyte Freeware
    AviScreen, CombiMovie, AviSplit, AviTricks, and BoxMaker.
  90. Bockelkamp's Homepage
    Eight Dos and six Window's programs.
  91. Bodie's Utilities
    Hi-Fi, Cleaner, Splitter, Viewer, @xtract, Fla-Player, Favorites, and Typing.
  92. Bogus Stuff
    Four programs-KissKill, BoguStub, BogusPING, and BogusPower.
  93. BoHunkyO's Freeware Apps
    About 240 apps in alphabetical order. Updated Dec 7, 2001.
  94. Bojan Jurca's freeware page
    Five Jurka programs-Labyrinth, Paste-it, ScrollCombo, WinClassTree, and PCmips.
  95. Boltlock
    Encryption/Decryption Program
  96. Bookcase Library- Software Index
    MSDOS, Mac, Unix, Windows 3.x, 95-98, NT. So many programs, I gave up counting them. No Win2K or XP.
  97. Bookmarklets.com
    More than 150 Javascript programs that are system independent.
  98. Boomer Labs 3D Studio MAX Plugins
    Last updated 5/21/03. Beep, Re-Spline, Saturation, and SmoothMat. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  99. Boostware
    Thirty-three Hardware Boost programs. Twenty OS Boost programs.
  100. Botsko FOSS(freeware/open source software)
    Links to about 80 Freeware programs in 10 categories.
  101. BooZet's Free Software
    Three Boozet programs-HTML Extractor, BeClean, and Visual CD. Added on: 02-Dec-2003
  102. Boumchalak Software
    rabCaptureScreen, GrabClipSave, ImgBatchR, Insult-Q-Matic, and Spambowl.
  103. BooZet's Free Software
    Three Boozet programs-HTML Extractor, BeClean, and Visual CD.
  104. Boyd's Freeware
    Hex to Dec Colour Code Converter.
  105. Bradan's Downloads
    Bradan FTP, Parable, Screen Video Capturing, PaintBox, Ghost Bubble, Dangerous Snowboarding, Ballz Testdemo, SheepKiller, Digital Soldiers, and TRIBES 2 Voicepack.
  106. Brad's VB-32 Programs & Samples
    Twenty-nine downloads in 5 categories. Last update: 05/15/00. Added on: 22-Feb-2004
  107. Bramandia's Freeware
    Media Player, Tetris, Minesweeper, and Memory. Last updated July 15, 1999 Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  108. Brandon's Dos Games Database
    Catacomb abyss, JumpJet, 10th Frame Bowling, Catacombs, Pyramids of Egypt, and Mo'Slow. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  109. Brandyware Freeware
    Seven nice little Brandyware Programs-FreeFTP, BabbleMP3, Passkeeper, Viewer Pro, NoHide, Forgot, and StickIt.
  110. BraneStormer
    About 100 links to Freeware. Slightly dated.
  111. Branislav Stofko DOS and Win 95 Freeware
    Two dozen programs.
  112. Brawny Lads Films:Pages List
    BLJoiner and yProxyPro
  113. Bread Site Freeware
    Christian desktop themes, Bibles in several languages, and Christian related utilities. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
  114. Breezin
    Six Programs-URL Spy, CRCheck32, NetConnect, EasyASCII, Skin Installer, and CRChecker.
  115. Brian Aitken Consulting Free Software
    File Splitter and Joiner, Image Indexer, Batch File Utility, Image Batch Resize, Web Image Gallery, and Image Stamper.
  116. Brian's Freeware Software
    The Despambulator, GraficSizer, CyClops, GrafixCat, sPix, and POPLaunch. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  117. Brian's PalmOS Device Corner
    AsciiChart, BatMon, CryptoPad, DES Journal, Diddlebug, Due Yesterday, Progect, Projects, and ToDo2Memo.
  118. BriansSoftware Products Page
    Directory Info 3, Directory Info 4, MinApi, Number Converter, Password Retriever, Pythagorus, SketchIT, SketchIT V2, and UKPad. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  119. Bridging the Divide
    About 50 links to Freeware programs.
  120. Brilliant Ignorance- Essential freeware for the PC User
    About 107 ESsential Freeware program links for PC users.
  121. Brixoft Software
    Source Edit, File Courier, and HexSource. Added on: 10-Aug-2004
  122. Broccoli Software Freeware Utilities
    AppDelay, DataVolume, FolderCopy, MixedUp, NetSleuth, Swiper, and SysColour. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  123. Brooble's Freeware
    Tablic', TreePad Size, eml2mbox, and IMAPSize.
  124. Brothercake Audio Freeware
    Six Freeware audio apps. Dated. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  125. Bruce Guthrie's Utilities.
    Seventeen primarily DOS programs.
  126. Bruno Kropp Freeware
    CloseAll, Deltemp, Shellchange.
  127. Brute Force Programming
    MIDImage, Hangman, PushPix, ZIPeeker, and others. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  128. Bryan Vergato Downloads
    iVoclaise Internet Conference, Password Viewer, iVocalise Email, Cycle Password, Little Brother,and File Protector.
  129. BSoft.dk
    BelleView, CPIE 2002, and FotoFix.
  130. BSoftware P2P Directory
    Links to about 70 P2P apps.
  131. B.T. Square Peg
    Twelve categories. Links to 228 programs.
  132. BTTR Software
    Bootmgr, Drvexch, Fix8X14, St4Dldr. Added on: 20-Jan-2004
  133. Bubble Pop Mac Software
    Coloristic, Open Subfolder, TypeShuffler, and With It. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  134. Budd's Chapter
    Links to 13 popular Freeware programs.
  135. Buffington Freeware
    GetCPU(Old)and GetCPU
  136. Bulent Freeware
    Bulent's Screen Recorder and Easy Task Manager.
  137. Bull Freeware for AIX
    Several hundred Freeware programs for AIX 4.3.3, 5.1 and 5.2.
  138. Bushido Software
    Bushido Backup, Bushido Sigfig DLL, Bushido TimeTrek.
  139. Buster Software
    Four book collections.
  140. Butt Ugly Software
    Password Construction Kit and CleanCache. Added on: 03-Apr-2004
  141. Buzzsaw and Dirms.
    Defrag Programs for Windows NT4, NT2K, and XP. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  142. Buzzy's Stall Wall
    Nine categories, 48 program links.
  143. BWare- Broadcast Related Software
    Thirty-three downloads. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  144. B. W. Fitzpatrick Software
    Subversion, Apache Portable Runtime, Fire, mh-folder-manager.el, broken-keyboard.el, cdlabelgen, and FreeDB.pm. Last modified 27 February, 2002. Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  145. ByKeyword Educational Freeware Downloads
    About 16 links to educational Freeware downloads. Added on: 06-Feb-2004
  146. B-Zone Software
    Boergn's 7 programs-Gallery Wizard, Splitz, Buttons & Tiles, Another Lens, Kaosd Rheitop.
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