WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites beginning with the letter C.

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. C++, Visual C++ and MFC - Tips and Tricks
    PHP-CHM Generator, FW3 to TXT converter, Normal.dot, Colormetric Lab Work, SerialConfig, Wave In Sensor, List Extractor, Reboot, logoff utilitym, and Movie Encoding Bitrate Calculator.
  2. Calceria Software
    Eight Freeware downloads. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  3. Calel's Free Apps
    Cute Little Audio Player and FolderBan Utility
  4. Calle's Custom Icons
    2333 icons, divided into 64 sets, and 5 Kaleidoscope schemes
  5. Calipso Programs
    Six categories with links to about 30 Freeware programs and websites. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  6. Camtech2000
    Eleven Camtech utilities.
  7. Canadian Content- Freeware
    About 1067 links to Freeware programs in 94 categories.
  8. Canajun A- Free Software and Stuff
    About 50 programs plus Midis and links.
  9. Capitol Hill Lobby Download
    Cache Delete, Pac-Donut, Pac-Man 4.0, and Graf-it 2.0. Last updated July 02, 1997. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  10. Carbon6 Software
    CarboMon, CarbonCap, CarbonAlarm, and CarbonNotes. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  11. Carl Dippel Freeware
    Curver, Tipulator for the Palm, Wasp, eBayTimer, and CopyToClip.
  12. Cash Trrap
    Restaurant Accontuing Software
  13. Caslsoft PDA Freeware
    WeatherCalc, DaysBetween, O'Clock, Jack, Buck Hunt, Password, SongMan, and FilePad.
  14. CastleCops
    Thirty categories with 270 downloads.
  15. Castle Software
    Castle Video Server, SplitImage, Alternity, Character Manager, andDelphi 4 Components. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  16. Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
    About 36 links to free compilers and interpreters. Added on: 24-Jun-2004
  17. Catalyst Production
    Five categries. About 66 programs. Slightly dated.
  18. Caught on the Web Freeware
    Thirty-seven links to Freeware or free services.Added on: 29-Feb-2004
    1291 links to Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 28-Dec-2003
  20. CBird Downloads
    Six categories listing 16 CBird programs. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  21. CCY's Home Page Freeware
    OTimer, Wallpaper Changer, Image Viewer, Text Editor, Alarm Clock, Cookies Remover, and HaHaZip. Added on: 31-May-2004
  22. Centrale Freeware
    VDT Safe and Windiz. Added on: 07-Jan-2004
  23. Cerebral Synergy
    Four categories with 77 downloads.
  24. Cetus Freeware
    PUGster, FloppyWord, CWordPad, CNotePad, and AstroExp. Added on: 21-Mar-2004
  25. C-Flash Software
    Simona Planner, Jukebox Tools, FlashSync, FlashScreens, RhDesktop, FlashBackup, FlashLock, Outlook Loader, Outlook Sidebar, Misc Tools, and Developer Tools.
  26. CFS Technologies
    Verschwindibus and Slide . Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  27. CGSecurity Software
    TestDisk, PhotoRec, NTFS Driver, CmosPwd, and Lilo Password.Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  28. Chami Software
    HTML-Kit, TextColorizer, URL2File, WhoIsNot Lite, Favicon Generator, JPEG Compressor, CodeColorizer and LineCounter. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  29. CHAOS Safety
    ABC CHAOS, CHAOS Shredder, SPAM Shredder, CHAOS Generator, CHAOS Compressor, CHAOS Self Extractor, and CHAOS Submitter.
  30. CharlesWinton: Freeware List
    Adobe Acrobat Reader, Cygwin, Tera Term, SSH Secure Shell for Workstations, and WS_FTP LE. Updated January 05, 2003. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  31. ChazHound Freeware Games
    Eight games.
  32. chbs- Open and Free Project Management Tools
    Links to about 35 Project Management Tools
  33. Chelsfield Solutions
    Seven programs-Multi Hash Calculator, Registration Tool, Periodic Table, Colour Picker, RPN Calculator, On-Screen Calipers, and Dependency Walker.
  34. Chemistry Freeware Links
    Links to 17 Freeware Chermistry programs. Added on: 12-Feb-2004
  35. Chesire Freeservers
    PHP Prayer Board, Watch Butter and Calendar-Almanac. Updated July 17, 2003.
  36. Chess Fonts
    Thirty-seven chess fonts.
  37. Chime Software
    Three categories, 15 programs. Added on: 02-Dec-2003
  38. ChipCom.Net
    Links to ChipCom's 28 favorite Freeware programs.
  39. Chime Software
    Three categories, 15 programs.
  40. Chodakowski's Freeware Links
    Links to Chodakowski's 20 Freeware Favorites.
  41. Chris Lavender- Software
    About a dozen common freeware programs. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  42. Chris Long's Program Archive
    TextMorph, Simple Data Backup, Desktop Locker, Tconvert, Quadform, FutCal, and eight DOS programs.
  43. Chris LaRosa'sHome Page
    Imajsite, Mirror, MovieID, and CommandLine Utilities.
  44. Christian Clipart Freeware
    A couple or so Christian clipart downloads.
  45. Christian Freeware
    Bibles and other books.
  46. Cristian G. Amayo- My Applications and Downloads
    XML parser for Java, My Palm synchronize server, and Palm applications.
  47. Chuck's Delphi Pages
    SnapShot and Font View
  48. Chuck's Free software
    Eddie, Timetrack, and Makeclass. Updated July 24, 2002. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  49. Chuck's Software
    Mac freeware Games: Breeder and Spike
  50. Cinnamon Software
    Three Cinnamon programs-File Commander,Talking Alarm Clock, and PovIni.
  51. Citimap Freeware
    MX Tools, Screensaver maker, Combimovie, and Citimap. Last change: November 18th, 2001. Added on: 11-May-2004
  52. Citrusware Free Software
    Simple Dispatcher, CitrusWriter, Proposal Writer and Invoicer. Added on: 13-Dec-2003
  53. CK Soft
    CKRename and CKFolder.
  54. C. K. So's Freeware
    Generic Integrated Upper CASE Tool, ProEdit, Zip Browser, Web Page Generator, ID3 Tag Manager, Big5/GB Converter, Photo Magic, VCD Cutter, WinSpy, Wintools, and three old games. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  55. Claros Project
    Claros Webmail, Downloader and Anonymizer.
  56. Clasohm Software
    Unix, Dynamic IP, LeanWeb, Palm, MS Windows, LetMeType, LookupIP, and LeanWeb.Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  57. Classic Software
    Shaft, HDD-Researcher, DrCutter, WinSweep, WebSweep, JSweep, Orion, Faust, Shadow, Quark, HSweep, HyperSpy, Scan, OLIB, WTC, and GraphX. Added on: 01-Feb-2004
  58. Classroom Windows Free Gradebook
    Good gradebook program.
  59. Claudiosoft Freeware
    MessageBox and Wave Splitter.Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  60. CleanSoftware.org
    About 70 links to Freeware programs in 5 categories.
  61. Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews
    Fifteen categories of Freeware with links to about 60 Freeware programs and sites. Also 18 online games and a weekly newsletter. Added on: 28-May-2004
  62. CloseToXP Products-Freeware by Gallus
    MacroRunnerXP, CloseToRunXP, One To Six game.
  63. Club CD Freaks Freeware List
    Thirty-seven Freeware categories with about 225 Freeware programs listed.
  64. Clyde's Freeware Links.
    Links to seventy Freeware sites.
  65. Coandco's Launching Pad
    Twelve links to Freeware Downloads.Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  66. Cobian's Free Programs
    Cobian Backup 5.0, Cobian Backup 4.0, Cobian Backup 3.0, CobShield, CobCats (HotCat/CoolCat), and 14 obsolete programs.
  67. Cockos Incorporated
    hl-- weblog system, STD page generation system, LanMon, Tunnel Vision, assniffer, PathSync, NINJAM, Jesusonic, and REAPER.
  68. Coded by Weird
    Java(3), Winapps(6), and Misc(5) Added on: 23-Jul-2004
  69. Code Project Tools
    About 150 Free Programming Tools in seven categories.Added on: 31-May-2004
  70. Coder's Lagoon
    Blowfish Advanced CS, Password Finder, PhelixJ, Phelix.NET, Tiger.NET, BlowfishJ, Blowfish.NET, MD5 Checksum, and Bad Peggy.
  71. Codevisions
    Eleven programs-Mostly mp3 related.
  72. Codexcel
    TimeRanger, WintoWeb, IPNotify, Tower of Hanoi, MathMatic, and IconPump.
  73. Coensoft Freeware
    One game-Quiztris. Three programs-Easter, Encrypt It, and Wininfo.
  74. Coffeecup Freeware
    Twelve programs.
  75. Cogit Apps
    Volume Control, Alarm, Winmail Decoder, Internet Monitor, ShutdownXP, Colors, Random numbers, Calculator, and Word Counter.
  76. Cogitum LC
    Image Co-Tracker and Co-Citer. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  77. Coldegg Free Online Games
    Arcade(34), Action(23), Board(5), Dynamic(8), Sports(5), and Word(5).
  78. Colin Markwell's Freeware
    WebMon and Find Favorites.Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  79. Colin Wilson's Delphi 7 Programs
    Six categories each with multiple program downloads. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  80. CoMa's Freeware List
    About 30 categories with 2000 or so downloads. Nice selection. Last Modified: 06/11/2002.
  81. CommuniCrossings: Products
    Nineteen freeware programs for Javascript, Newtom, Waba, and Zaurus.
  82. Comodo Group Free Products
    VerificationEngine, Trustix Enterprise Firewall, Trustix Secure Linux, NOC Monkey, Hacker Guardian Vulnerability Scan, and FreeVPS. Free for one year- Comodo AntiSpam, Comodo Personal Firewall, and Secure Email Certificates.
  83. Compass Computing
    List of Jon's 10 Favorite freeware programs, plus five downloads.
  84. ComponentSoftware
    CS-RCS Pro, CS-RCS Basic, and CSDiff.
  85. Computer Broker Freeware
    About 50 links to Freeware programs and sites in 47 categories.
  86. Copah's Projects Page
    Bink Commander, CD Reader, Speakers Simulator, SQL*Minus, SBF, and NTFF. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  87. CompInfo
    About 40 links to download sites.
  88. Comprehensive Non-Commercial Data Compression Programs List
    More than 300 compression programs. Comprehensive indeed!
  89. CompuCheap Downloads
    Fifteen useful Windows Freeware Programs. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  90. Compufiles Freeware
    Twelve categories with 357 programs. Nice selection. Some spyware.
  91. Compufinity Freeware
    About 30 links to recommended Freeware programs and 30 links to other Freeware sites.
  92. Compu-Help 100% Free Software downloads
    Links to about 30 Freeware programs or sites. Added on: 18-Dec-2003
  93. Computer Basics and Beyond Downloads
    Twelve categories with links to 112 Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  94. Computer Ease Freeware
    Seven Categories with links to 61 Freeware programs. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  95. ComputerPranks.com:Funny Software
    139 funny Freeware programs.
  96. Computer Users Group Freeware
    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, Folder Content Printer, and IrfanView Graphics Viewer. Added on: 27-Dec-2003
  97. Contact Plus Freeware
    More Space Sanitizer, Task Plus, Spam Buster, More Space, Countdown!, CountdownTimer, MoniDIR, Quick Info, and Bible Plus.
  98. Cool Free Software
    Six programs-FontSuite, CoolAp, The Atomic Screensaver 2, Wordsearch v1.1, Chords v1.1, and Fractal Artist v1.0.
  99. Cool Programs for Windows
    Four common Freeware programs. Updated 1-1-2000.
  100. Coolwintools
    MapOfChars, web-images-html, t-clock, magicplayer, alhademictetrix and alhademic balls.
  101. Conware Pro
    IconArt and InterChat3. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  102. Cookie's Place Other Programs
    Game Maker, Persistence Of Vision, Moray, MPEG Mediator, and Virtual Dub.
  103. Cookie's Programs
    EZ Edit, EZ Memo, Ini Edit, and Password Keeper.Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  104. Coolshare
    Java applets, beans, applications, sxreen cavers and utilities. Added on: 13-Feb-2004
  105. Copper Laboratories Projects
    Bezier, Kinematic, ArtPRO, and Dusty.Added on: 19-Mar-2004
  106. Corban Software
    FTP Works and Visual Batch File. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  107. Cosmic Freeware
    Eighteen common Freeware programs.Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  108. Cosmin Freeware
    Globex, Icon Viewer, Color Detector, and Tzintar.Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  109. CPU Dragon Free Download Sites
    About 30 links to Freeware programs.
  110. Craig Software
    Links to 98 uncategorized Freeware programs. Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  111. Craig's Software Download Page
    Editor2 and about two dozen ScreenSavers.Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  112. Craig's Unix Software Page
    KC Chess, CRC-32, Move-with-Pattern, Day-Of-Week, BCODE, Hex-Dump, Huffman-Code Generator, KAR, Deaccent, Accentuate, and three handy guides.Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  113. CrankyPuter Software
    List of about a dozen favorite freewares.
  114. Crapware
    43 jC's freeware utilities.
  115. Crayzee's Downloads
    Seven programs-patcher, wipe reloc, timestamper, start-screen-saver, notescrap, subtitle, shifter, and extm3u remover.
  116. Crazy Crap
    Nineteen mostly prank programs.
  117. Creative Endeavers- Must Have Freeware Programs
    About a dozen common Freeware programs. Added on: 05-Feb-2004
  118. Cree8UK Freeware
    Four Downloads-DeskPlan, Syslock, Remindisk, AgentSpeak-Free Version.
  119. Cromoteca Freeware
    Isaac, ColorApplets, JLauncher, and Flowers Ishido. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  120. CTI Free Software
    PrcView, TrayIt!, and JetFrog. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  121. Cuddlefish Freeware
    About 21 popular Freeware program links.
  122. Current Chaos Freeware
    GamerMp3Player, SpyOuTSiDe, BackAtTack ,SecureTexT, and Alien http web server. Added on: 11-May-2004
  123. Curry Freeware
    Modem Graph, Net Traffic, CPU Monitor, SWS Clock, Laptop Battery Monitor, Online Tester, Yatzzee, Blackjack, and Mammagamma. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  124. Cushat - Freeware page
    DWGicon.dll, ScanDir, TDwgPreview, c_prev, Linnet, Slide2, PLFC, DefaultUser, Moonstruck, and Wieldy. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  125. Custom Fit Software
    Color Coder, Hotmail Popper, Periodic Library, Renamer, and ReplaceEm. Added on: 29-Jan-2004
  126. Custom Sboftware
    Dimension Analysis and Book Reader.
  127. Custom Software Development Freeware
    Hide All, AutoPics, Hosts Editor, Show Find Computers..., Control Web, and Kill ActiveSync.Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  128. CyberCell C0dUrs C0mmUnItY
    TableCreator, Fast Link, Fast File List, Sub_Res, xVCDiVx, and PersonalMovie DataBase.
  129. Cyberjones Freeware
    Three programs-MathsII, Print Lite, and Test Printer.
  130. CyGuy's- My Favorite Freewares
    About 16 common Freeware programs.Added on: 05-Feb-2004
  131. Cybervertex
    Three programs-AutoNumLock, Directory to File Program, and WinMeasure.
  132. Cylog Software
    Utilities(9), Ganes(8), Graphics(6), Online Games(3).
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