WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites beginning with the letter D.

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. Daan Systems Free Stuff
    |ped|, Diskwriter, Avi2Bmp, Visual Studio Project Renamer, Bmp2Tab, and Papia. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  2. Dadsproject
    Front end for PsTools, The Amazing (flexible) Memory Game, and the Dutch talking Learning Clock.
  3. [da] Freeware
    KBC, Easy CD-Tray, GUI UPX Compressor, The-Ad Police, Quick Deployment Wizard, Service Controller XP, Dr. System, Easy Uninstaller, and Shareware Cheater.
  4. Dale Harris Educational Software
    Word Search, Spell Check, Harris Test Reading Series, Harris Test Question Sets, Harris Test, Grade Book, Cypher Solver, Crossword Helper, and Cash Register. Added on: 20-Mar-2004
  5. DanceMammal Downloads
    20 DanceMammal Freeware programs. Added on: 11-May-2004
  6. Daniel Codres-Web Site
    Video2Photo, NetFileSend, ezWebTranslator, AVI2JPEG, XIrc, and FastAV.
  7. Dan'S Motorcycle Free Software Programs
    Thirty-six common freeware programs.
  8. Darbak Programs
    CryptMage, MegaMil, Fortune, FortCL, and Scrub.
  9. Darek Freeware
    Blue Bird, Hungry Yogi, and Hunt for stars. Added on: 31-Dec-2003
  10. Dariusz Zamlynski Free Software Games
    Four Games-Blue Bird, Hungry Yogi, Hunt for Stars, and Border Patrol. Monitor Tester.
  11. Dark Avenger's Site
    HeadAC3he, MPEG2Cut, InstCodec, Libmmd DLL, Azid DLL, plus 15 dlls and 5 obsolete programs. Added on: 31-May-2004
  12. Dark Street Development
    Website Mentor,Utility Suite PRO 1, JS Utility Suite, HTML CipHer, and Meta Tag Expert
  13. Dart's Freeware
    PmRTF and BinClock.
  14. Datastic Freeware
    Color Cop, Meta Carpenter, Unmess, and Power Cart. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  15. David Defoort Software
    eAuction Watcher, Clickie, and Mole Calc. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  16. Dave's Cave Free Software
    Two downloads- Really Useful Calculator and MyPictures Screen Saver.
  17. Dave's Freeware
    Excalibur Calculator, Solitude, Scopa, and Trackwords. Win95, 98, NT.
  18. Dave's MVS Mainframe Freeware
    Five categories, 39 programs.
  19. Dave Source Marginal Hacks
    About fifty Marginal Hacks Programs.
  20. Dave's Roborat Freeware
    Twenty-two Dave's Freeware Roborat programs in four categories. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  21. Dave's Website Software
    XMLEditPro, XMLEditPro, StockBuddy, MAPIViewer, and Outlook Shutdown. Added on: 31-Jan-2004
  22. David & Cecilia Taylor's Web pages
    Five categories with 25 programs.
  23. Davide aka Bash Freeware
    UNDOReg , Harvester, Me Gustas Tu, CacoDemone, etna.sh, and randsig.sh.
  24. Davide Libenzi Home Page
    Links to 20 programs, five papers, and tons of assorted computer-related links.
  25. David Pye- My Freeware
    Lotto Calculator, Simple Budget, Simple Password, Search Page, Jokebook, Javascript Vault(700+), GIF Vault(7,500+), and Nokia Logo Vault(4,000). Added on: 26-Dec-2003
  26. David's Downloads
    Very Cool Digital Clock, AMD CPU Identifier, Get Your IP address, Adapter Watch, IP Net Info tool, System Info Tool [no install], ATnotes, Tiny DOS, 3D Tracert Tool, Win XP Key Viewer, CPU Speed, Servant Salamander, Stop-Watch, Playlist Maker, Disk Space Explorer, Cryp crap, and Scribble Notes to Yourself.
  27. Dazzling Software Downloads
    Dazzling Events, VB AddIn: Dazzling Project Explorer, VB AddIn: Code Inserter, and UTP Wiring Tutorial.
  28. DBH Software
    HTML Calendar Generator, PMail delete, and HTML Color Code. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  29. D-Bross Products
    Voicer, UPnP Gateway Traffic Monitor, Whois, SSHProxy, Cyr95NT, HTMLEdit, Sockter, ICQSend, ViewAllWindows, countL, Dos2Win, and ShutDown.
  30. DC Software
    Four programs-CDRCue Cuesheet Editor, RegEditX, Long Filename Finder and GoalTime.
  31. DDD Pty Ltd Freeware
    Powerbullet, SwiffRec, and MyType Added on: 11-May-2004
  32. Dead Pirate Software
    SimpleCam and WDMViewer.
  33. DeathBoy[NuKE]'s Applications
    KiLLCMOS, KiLLCMOS32, CarmaView32, SRGenie, Kaway, and others.
  34. DeathStroke's Software
    Windowhtml and Connection Manager. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  35. Debugmode Freeware
    Six downloads-WinMorph, Morphing Editor, Wink Tutorial/Presentation Creator, Wax Media Editor, PluginPac Suite of Plugins, Image Compression Toolbox, and DisC Decompilation Wizard. Last Modified - 08 Nov 2002
  36. Decent Downloads
    Seven categories. Pretty good variety. 150+ Downloads.
  37. Dejal Classic Freeware
    Older Mac OS Freeware- Quoter FKEY, SndRecorde, { Wrap } FKEY, SndCollector, SimCity Bank, SimTower Bank, MacCheckers, Beep FKEY, Message FKEY, Say It FKEY, Shutdown FKEY, Volume Setter FKEY, 5-6-7 extension, and Greetings extension. Added on: 29-Feb-2004
  38. Delabs Freeware News
    Frequently updated news about Freeware programs and sites. Added on: 31-Mar-2004
  39. Delayed Reaction Downloads for Windows
    Final Word, 1769 King James Bible, FileSearcher, Alarm Clock, Web Page Checker, Conversions, Mileages, Logbook Database/Calculator for Windows, and Excel 97 Workbook (for truck drivers). Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  40. Delorie Software
    Zip Picker, Compatibility Viewer, Purifier, Lynx Viewer, Counter, Password Mgr, Server Goodies, Icon Catalog, The Ace of Penguins, Hex Calculator, Bookstore, WebChess, TicTacToe, and Mazes.
    Around 1,100 freeware Delphi programs.
  42. Delphi for Fun Programs
    147 fun Delphi programs. Added on: 30-Dec-2003
  43. Delphi Freeware
    SendToAny, PGMail and FrameFun.Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  44. Delphi Freeware- Alexander B. Bokovikov
    Twenty-two downloads in 8 categories.Last updated 10/28/2002
  45. Demosten Freeware
    Sixteen home-made programs including CDR Tools FE, daSniff, Show Traffic, and Resource Extractor.
  46. Denis Moskvin: Utilities
    SMS sender, BAT-XML, HTMLCyrSymbols, CSI Hash OCX, Explorer DB, Toolbar, and Label printer.
  47. Denis Zabiyako Freeware
    DZ Icon Collector, KOI8-U EPack, WinKiller, and Total Password Generator. Added on: 15-Jan-2004
  48. Derelick's Freeware
    Three derelict written programs-ClearIcon, Chg Tags, and CDTimer.
  49. DesignWorkz Innovations
    ImageXYZ, Logo Creator, Text to Pic Creator, and Barcode Maker.
  50. Desk Top
    Desktop pictures, textures, wallpapers and icons.
  51. desktopApps
    menuApp, audioApp, and monitorApp
  52. Deviantart
    Nice selection,414 downloads.
  53. Devon Technologies Apple Freeware
    AntiWordService, Blue Service, Calc Service, EasyFind, Hot Service, Photostickies, ThumbsUp, Word Service, and XMenu. Added on: 19-Jan-2004
  54. DEW Associates Corporation
    About 61 programs. Click on Useful Tools and Utilities.
  55. Dev4PC Windows Installer Authoring Tools
    Installer2GO and Setup2GO. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  56. DevBuzz Pocket PC Freeware
    103 Freeware PPC applications.
  57. Diamond CS Console Tools
    Fifteen Freeware Console Tools. Added on: 31-May-2004
  58. Dibeneditto's Freeware Programs to Stop PopUps
    Twenty-one Freeware Popup stoppers. Added on: 30-Jun-2004
  59. Diefer.de Freeware
    SpeedswitchXP, I8kfan, and DiceRTE. Added on: 05-Apr-2004
  60. Diego Amicabile's Home Page
    Eight home-made freeware programs-Discola Briscola, YATT, Folder Tree Creator, Simple Timetable Manager, Gutenberg Reader, Play With Graphs, Stop IE & Observer.
  61. Dienhart Free Software
    Daboo DBISAM Maintenance, Daboo DBISAM Maintenance 4, Perl Scripts, and JavatScript and Perl snippets.
  62. DigiCraft Software
    Yak and Web Notepad. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  63. Digital Dreams Software
    MP3 Renamer, Hermes Messenger, Folder Counter, and DreamKeys. Last updated 12-04-00. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  64. Digi-dl Freeware Programs
    DL Shredde, CrazySlots, D-LOK, Tips, and ICM.
  65. Digital Detective
    Snapview, FavURLview, AIM Password Decryption, Registry Info Extravtor, Text2Hex, Date Time Decoder, Access Password Decryptor, MD5 Hashing Tools, Web Date, Stealer, and CookieView.
  66. Digital Downloads
    Six categories and 46 downloads, plus Freeware game links.
  67. Digi Tallis Developments
    SplashKiller, Kill your SplashScreens!, ResizeEnable, Turn non-resizeable windows into resizeable windows!, ShortPopUp,and Bubbles.
  68. Digital Liquid Freeware
    Five home-made programs-Quadrapong, Auto Installer, The Great Kazoo, Liquid Saver, and Just Shoot the Thing.
  69. Digital Nowhere Downloads
    Thirty-two categories with 87 downloads. Nice site.
  70. Digitalroom
    Call Trace and Font Explorer for Developers. Digital Syndicate
    Font View and Still View.
  71. Dilian's Freeware
    STARTUP Folders and Download Viewer
  72. Dillon's Fifty Freeware Favourites
    Dillon's Fifty Favorite Freewares.Last updated 13 November 2002.
  73. Dilonardo Software
    Dilonardo Music and Audio Tools, Left and Right Extractor, Dilonardo 3D Photos, Dilonardo Photos Mix, Dilonardo Game Edit, Games, Sergio2, and Tests.
  74. Dimin Software Downloads
    Twenty-six programs in four categories. Added on: 24-Dec-2003
  75. Directory Net Freeware Developers
    About a hundred links to freeware developer sites.
  76. Directory of Freeware Applications
    Seven main categories with around 435 links to Freeware sites and programs.
  77. DirFile
    Eleven categories, 4100 downloads.
  78. Dirkie's Freeware Program Files
    Nineteen programs written by Dirkie.
  79. Dirk Loss: Windows-Tools on CD-ROM
    Almost 400 links to utilities that can be run directly from CD-ROM. Last update on 2005-07-22
  80. Dirk Paehl Freeware
    Simplyzip, Zipsfx, Sfx-Header, Easysplit, and Turbo Winmd5. Added on: 14-Mar-2004
  81. Disipal Designs Downloads
    Eleven categories and 140 downloads. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  82. Disoriented Labs Software
    Three Disoriented Labs programs-FreeExtractor, IESpy, and DiskWrite.
  83. Dissenting Pebble
    Six programs by Scott-Color Picker, File Lister, Hide Window, Reveal, SClock,and SWRU.
  84. Distortions.com
    Jason Miller's Windows 95 programs- Add/Remove Cleaner, Pagehost,and Pagedit Legacy.
  85. Diversions Software Freeware Games
    WinDog, Prairie Dog Hunt PRO 97, Caleb, and StarTex.
  86. DLSoftware
    DLBackup, DLSplit, DLTypes, and Icons.
  87. DMonix Software
    BattleX, Codex, HTTP Debugger, Oracle Doc. Gen., Oracle Session Man., and Timex.
  88. DMOZ - Open Directory Project
    Many, many Freeware links.
  89. dnSoft
    RAR Password Cracker, Iconic Tray, and XNote Stopwatch. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  90. DNet8M Downloads
    DoBot AI and Said Random Sentence Generator.
  91. DNSoft.be Freeware
    DelgaBatt, CarbuCheck, Delgado Desktop, Loca Watch, Any List, Loca Watch LE, DN Chrono Pro LE, VS MRU List Reset, and nDVD.
  92. Dodell Freeware Page
    Updated June 13, 2002. Links to 8 common Windows Freeware programs.
  93. Dog Breath Services
    EZ JavaScript, SoftNik: Good KeyWords, A Smaller Image, Paper Photo Cube, PrePromote, Webpage-O-Matic, and 4 free Ebooks. Added on: 31-May-2004
  94. DoggerDog's Freeware Favorites
    Five common Freware programs. Added on: 01-May-2004
  95. Domino Computing Services
    A Little HTML, Ashley's Screensaver Hotspots, Picker, and Chess Helper.
  96. Don A. Neeper
    Three programs for Win3.1 and five programs for Win95 and NT. Last updated August 8, 2000.
  97. Donkey's Stable
    Toolbar Paint and RadASM IDEAddins. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  98. Don's Programs
    Nine windows programs, two DOS programs and one ActiveX control, all by Don.
  99. Door Games- Freeware
    About 165 Door programs.
  100. Dors.de
    RazorLame and RazorBlade
  101. DOS commands, Batch and Freeware
    DOS commands, Batch and Freeware
  102. DOS Diagnostic Tools
    About 40 DOS diagnostic tool in 11 categories.
  103. DOS Freeware
    Slide and Menulib
  104. dosgames.com
    320 DOS games plus six essential DOS utilities.
  105. DOS-The Really Old Stuff
    About 18 Freeware DOS games. Some Shareware also.
  106. DOS Toys
    Nineteen utilities for Old DOS or Win95, 98 or NT/2000 console. Last updated July 2001.
  107. Dot Xls
    Six Excel Categories with 82 templates.
  108. Doug's Apps
    TreeLine, FlyWay, ConvertAll, rpCalc, and rpcCalc
  109. Doug's Open Source
    Cpp2Verilog, Molecular Dynamics, Doug's NewsReader, and Doug's RSI Editor.
  110. Dougworld Downloads
    NumberMP3s, IEResize, mrMP3, IE5skinner, randomSoundz, Clipcase. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  111. Doug Wyatts Mac Freeware
    AliasesToLinks, RCSControl, SuperPopup, FixCiv.INIT, Jitter Analyzer, and Modem Jammer. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
    Almost 7,800 Freeware downloads.
  113. Downloads for Zoners
    About 120 popular freeware downloads.
  114. Download Free Games
    PacMan, Space Invaders, GeneRally, Firestones, Hearts, Spades, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, America's Army, Chicken Invaders, Scorched Earth, The Genera, l BZ Flag, FreeCiv, Attila, GeoPuzzle, and Tux Typing. Added on: 04-Feb-2004
  115. Download Free Unix Software
    PW-Reset and BindMon. Added on: 01-Jan-2004
  116. Download Freeware Getgames
    About 60 freeware programs with good descriptions.
  117. Download Junkie
    Ten categories, about 105 programs.
  118. Download Useful Freeware
    Nine Windows programs by Alex Fauland.
  119. Dpaehl Freeware
    WaveSplit, Bchunker, CD/DVD COPY, AUDIO-CD, MP3Converter, MP3 Encoder, DROPCD, and CDR-TOOLS. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  120. DPS Freeware
    Transferer and Dead Pixel Checker. Added on: 22-Mar-2004
  121. DPT Software
    Twenty-five old to very old Freeware programs.
  122. Dr Bill's Software
    Twenty-six unsorted programs. Added on: 09-Jan-2004
  123. DreamBreed Freeware
    DreamBirthday, DreamKana, and MultiDistribution. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  124. DreamLAN Freeware
    Nwsnake, sapmon, schema, sortfile, smtp, rmLicIRF, ndsrep, license, fsutils, and binpass. Added on: 29-May-2004
  125. Dr Hoilby
    HobRes32, CatchColor, OpenGL Infos, Explorer Patch (256 colors TrayIcons), HobComment Explorer Extension, Mouse Jail, Who Lock Me ?, LockWindows (NEW), and ATI Wonder Remote - BSPlayer Plug'In (NEW)
    More than 70,000 drivers to download.
  127. DRK Software
    Daphne, DRKSpider, TCP/IP Builder, NoCache, and DRKSocketSniffer.
  128. Droopy Eyes Software
    Popup Killer, Wav compressor, deBold, DIB controls, and FastStrings. Added on: 31-May-2004
  129. DRZeus
    MooPlayer, CD Explorer, Disk space, Share kill, WBSD, openvpn-initscripts, openvpn-server, OpenSync,initscripts-generic, and initscripts-vpn.
  130. DSB Associates
    GifClean32, VisiMapperPro LITE, and Html2Printf
  131. DSK Freeware Games
    Five Freeware Games-Sectors of Death, Dave Gnukem, Liero, Chub Gam 3D: Directors Cut, and Sk8park 2.
  132. DuBaron Freeware
    Seventeen programs. Slightly dated.
  133. Dunfordsoft Windows Tools
    DBRepair, AutoExecute, PDThumbs, and ImageGallery. Added on: 30-Jan-2004
  134. Dunway Enterprises Links to Free Software
    38 links to Freeware Programs.
  135. Dutchman Freeware Links
    About 100 links to Freeware programs and sites. Last updated 04/02/2002.
  136. Dutch's Software
    Five programs by Dutch-Dutch's Conversions, HTML Body Tag Colors, Wallpaper Changer, Image Viewer, and Sound Player.
  137. Duxbury Systems Freeware
    Swift, Duxbury Braille TrueType Fonts, Edgar, Perky Duck, and Scrub.
  138. DVDF Tools
    DVD Decrypter, SmartRipper, and Burn At Once.
  139. Dx13 Programs
    ShellOn v3, dWall, dClock, and Sharpe. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  140. Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts
    DHTML scripts in 15 categories.
  141. Dynamic Freeware
    WebTasks, Tabmachine, and Quickpage
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