WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites beginning with the letters F through "Free war".

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. F2.org Windows Freeware
    Fifteen categories. Decent selection.
  2. FaborBox Cool Software
    KeyNote, Metapad, Systray Player, TrayMenu, Opera, SmartFTP, and Magic Mail Monitor. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  3. FalconWorks Software
    Inno Scripter, MultiMedia Viewer, KwazyKubes, WallPaver, and PlayMaster. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  4. Falseidle
    Consolable, Mad Cow 2, Memory, and Quick Clock. Added on: 16-Mar-2004
  5. Falsin Software
    FirstCap and RandomScreensaver. Added on: 21-Jan-2004
  6. Family Games Freeware Lane
    Eight games, four tutor programs, and two screensavers.
  7. FastStone Freeware
    Image Viewer, Screen Capture, Photo Resizer, 4in1 Browser, Player and Pacman.
  8. Fat Bill's Page of Links to Windows95/98 Freeware
    9 catefgories with 900+ links to downloads
  9. Fellner's Software
    Tom's eTextReader, Tom's Spider, Tom's EuroConvert, MahJongg, Master Mind, Memory Pads. Added on: 02-Jan-2004
  10. File Converters
    Converters-140+. Mostly DOS, some Windows(25).
  11. File Hungry- Freeware
    Links to Freeware programs in Linux(33), PDA(49), MAC(35), and Windows(5148)
  12. FileRecovery.Biz
    BootMaster Partition Recovery & Rescue Disks, ntfsUndelete, ZefrJPG, Word Document Recovery, F-PROT for DOS Installer/Updater, and Clean Start Floppy Disk Boot Driver. Added on: 03-Jan-2004
  13. Files for Free
    Seven categories with links to about 30 common Freeware programs.
  14. Final Builds Site
    K-Lite Mega Codec Pack, QuickTime Alternative, Real Alternative, VideoLAN, TMPGEnc, eMule, Nero CD-DVD Speed, NOD32 Anti-Virus, WinRAR, WinAce, DirectX, IrfanView, WinAmp, Ad-aware, and Skype. Added on: 21-Feb-2004
  15. FindApp.com Freeware
    Ten categories- Lnks to 295 freeware applications. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  16. Firebolt Freeware
    Fire Client, Fire Portal, To Do : Daily Planner, Fire Start, Fire Server, and Fire Quest. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  17. Firewall Guide Freeware
    A dozen free security programs.
  18. Fi's Favorite Freeware and Tools
    Four categories with links to 21 common freeware programs.
  19. Fish's Home Page
    AdCruncher Proxy, Windows GUI Interface for Hercules, ClockMon, and excerpts from several books. Added on: 31-May-2004
  20. Fitarelli Free Software
    Data Modeler 0.31 Alpha and Process Modeler for Pocket PC 2002.
  21. Fix IE Online
    Internet Explorer PageFix, DownloadFix, LogoFix, and TitleFix.
  22. FlashFXP Freeware
    FlashSFV, NetStat, GIF Optimizer, Xtract Pak, FlashIT, and GoAgent. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  23. Flashware
    Autores, SCVoice, Num2Text, and SMSWare.
  24. FlipWorld-FlipWare
    Fourteen Flip programs. Last updated 11/01/2000.
  25. Flop Stuff
    Sequence, Gauger, DOSIcom, Quad, Exitwin, and WinX.
  26. Florian Bomer's Postcardware
    Ten programs by Florian Bomer.
  27. Flo's Freeware
    Textview, metapath, Regdel, and Misc. Tools. Last updated January 14, 2002. Added on: 10-Jan-2004
  28. Fluid Studios Freeware
    FSRaid, Radiosity Processor, Color Picker, Locker, Desktop Zoom Utility, FontGen, and SkelGen.
  29. FmjSoft Freeware
    Specter, dmAmp, Url2Html, and Mpb. Added on: 29-Dec-2003
  30. FOE Freeware Archive
    38 common Freeware programs for Wiun95,98.
  31. Foosland Links to Freeware
    Windows(50+), Palm(14),Foosland(8). Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  32. Foundstone Free Tools
    Five categories, 28 tools in one download.
  33. Fourmilab
    Unix, Windows and Palm Utilities.
  34. Foxware Software
    Sticky Note Organizer, Digi-Pad , Time Bomb, and Countdown.
  35. Franey's Software Page!
    Two programs-Freecell with Tetris and Manufacturer's Customer Cost proposal System.
  36. Frank & Gini'S Freewares
    Gini'S Software Manager, Gini'S Computer Terms, Gini's Short Stories, and Gini's Reader Window. Added on: 01-May-2004
  37. Franke's Freeware
    Eight programs by Sam Francke and about 50 other program links.
  38. Frank's Freeware Site
    Around 150 links in 28 categories to Freeware programs and sites with explanations and some screen shots.
  39. Frank Webster Freeware
    AGF, Minesweeper, and Piccer
  40. Freddys Free Utilities
    Password Generator, YahRooLS, Emotion Creator, SMarTPost, and Smiley Utility. Added on: 18-Jan-2004
  41. Fred Irving Freeware
    Playwave, Showmsg, Datetime, and DateLbl. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
    Themes(36,000+), Screensavers(16,000+), Wallpaper(16,000+), Outlook Stationery(7,200+), Mouse Pointer(910+), Background(620+), Incredimail(620+) and more. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  43. FreeAccess Freeware
    Two programs-Vizual Einstein ME and LITTLE Yellow Stickers. Two desktops and two screensavers.
  44. Free Acorn Software by Peter Hartley
    AADraw, Automaton Wars, CheckWeb, Enla, ExtrasLib, InterGif, JTL (Just The Linux), ManyFonts, and Sort Your MP3s. Added on: 03-Mar-2004
  45. FreeApps
    Four programs-GetInTrans, CD Library, EasyPlay, Modern Kitchen and CD Inspector.
  46. Free Background Textures(4702)
    Background Textures(4,702), Web Graphics(10,000), Fonts(6,800).
  47. Frebieware
    32-bit and 16-bit screensaver, and a few DOS programs.
  48. Free Backup Software
    Back2zip and JustZIPit.
  49. FreebieList.com
    32-bit and 16-bit screensaver, and a few DOS programs.
  50. Freebie Windows Software-Out of my Mind!
    Some games and older programs for Win95.
  51. FreeBits
    About a dozen categories with a couple hundred links to apps with descriptions. Nice selection.
  52. Free Brain Games Software
    A couple dozen games and puzzles.
  53. Freeb Software
    96 freedb-aware programs in six categories.
  54. Free Bubbles Freeware
    Lazy Mirror, WAssociate, TailIIS, WSendString, and WPostCmd. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  55. Free Buttons
    ButtonArtist, Buttonmania, Buttonz, DeKnop, xButton, and ZPaint.
    A dozen Freebyte programs plus 13 other categories with loads of free software. Seventy-six links to Freeware sites.
  57. FreeCad Software
    Abot 340 Free cad programs in 9 categories.
  58. Freecenter Freeware
    About 20 programs, some Adware.
  59. Free Chess Programs
    About 50 chess programs.
  60. Free Christian Software Directory
    Fourteen categories of Christian software.
  61. Free Codecs
    Free audio and video codecs, codec packs and tools.
  62. Free Computer Books
    Many books and many tutorials on many computer topics.
  63. Free Country
    Lots of Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources.
  64. Freecreed Favorite Freeware
    Twenty-nine common Freeware programs.
  65. Free Delphi Site
    Free XML parser.
  66. Free Dezign
    Ten Freedesign programs for Windows 95.
  67. Free DOS Project
    Base, List, Compilers, GUI, Editors, Network, and Utilities.
  68. Free Downloads Center
    Two categories, 30 programs. Last updated January 18, 1998.
  69. Free Downloads for Microsoft Windows
    Fifteen Freeware programs recommended by Microsoft.
  70. FreeDownloadSite
    About 270 freeware programs in eight categories. Some Mac and Linux.
  71. Free eBookman Software
    Fifteen eBookman programs.
  72. F.Egger Programs
    Link Master and Tile!. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  73. Free Evaluation and Repair Tools
    Bobby, the Wave, A-Prompt and Dreamweaver extensions.
  74. Free Fancy Freeware
    Six categories, links to 25 popular freeware programs.
  75. Free Feast Freeware
    Nineteen categories and 310 propgrams. Nice selection.
  76. Free Font Fiesta
    Many links to font sites.
  77. Freegraphics Software
    Links to 16 free graphics programs.
  78. Free Graphics Software
    Quickphone, CountDown Anytime for computer and homepage, Funny Voice, and SuperBob.
  79. Freehound Win 95,98, NT Freeware
    Ten categories and about 60 subcategories of Windows Freeware. Dated.
  80. Free Internet Software
    Eleven main categories, 132 subcategories. Loads of Freeware. Win95,NT.
  81. Free Kids Music
    Lots of entertaining and engaging children's songs done very well.
  82. Free Lame Software
    About 100 Freeware programs which support or use the LAME encoder.
  83. Free Language Translating Dictionary
    Free dictionaries.
  84. Freelink Freeware
    139 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  85. Freelinks 2001 Most wanted freeware programs
    40 links to Freeware programs.
    Free music software categorized by Operating System-Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Macintosh, DOS, Linux, OS/2, Atari, and BeOS. Lots of programs.
  87. Freenett
    Nine categories, 59 downloads. Out of date.
  88. Free PC and Online Games
    Online game links.
  89. FreEPOC
    Macro5, Clipboard History (EPOC), MyNotes, and FastBackup (EPOC). Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  90. Free PC MIDI software
    About 100 programs for non-commercial use.
  91. Free Programs by TSG
    More than 4200 links to sites and software.
  92. Free-Programs.com
    About 100 links to programs and websites.
  93. Free Real Player Legacy Software Archive
    Older free versions of Rea lPlayer. Added on: 11-Jan-2004
  94. Freereports
    Eight popular freeware programs.
  95. Free (Screen) Saver.com
    PC-15 categories, 1600 screensavers, plus 102 MAC screensavers.
  96. Free Serif Freeware
    PhotoPlus, PagePlus, Webplus, DrawPlus, and 3DPlus.
  97. Free Series 60 Software
    Utility, game, and application links. Added on: 02-Jun-2004
  98. FreeSite.com: Free Software
    Eighteen categories,191 downloads, 50 of them screensavers.
  99. FreeSoft
    AudioPlayer, Beta Software, Font Lister, HTML Compress, IE5 Address Bar Editor, Meta Gen, Tray Launch, and X-Gen.
  100. FreeSoft97.com
    Several categories. A couple hundred programs. For Win95/NT. Last updated 1997.
  101. Free Software
    Ken Laninga's 66 favorite freeware programs.
  102. Free Software (2)
    Doug Muth's freeware-Furball, Loadpaw, Nibbler, PHP DB Driver, PHP MySQL Driver, PHP Postgres Driver, Scurry, Virtusergen, and Woodchuck.
  103. Free Software by A. Madeira
    WebCounter, ServerStat, JPEG Viewer, XIU, Real Time Log Viewer, BackUpUtil, IE Favorites Check, Carteiro, WCTeditor, and Mail Light. Added on: 31-May-2004
  104. Free Software by Doug Muth
    Doug Muth's freeware-Furball, Loadpaw, Nibbler, PHP DB Driver, PHP MySQL Driver, PHP Postgres Driver, Scurry, Virtusergen, and Woodchuck. Added on: 04-Dec-2003
  105. Free Software from Larry McDavid
    Index, Reminder, and Balance. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  106. Free Software by Lawrence Goetz
    About 20 Lawrence Goetz programs, mostly for kids.
  107. Free Software by Mark Overmars
    Game Maker, Drawing, Child Proof, Drape, Motion Game, Tangram, and Lego RCXCC.
  108. Free Software by Scott Craig
    Solar Data Plotting software, Connect Time Monitor, Fish Tank Data, Aquarium Unit Conversion, and Aquarium Data Manager. Added on: 10-Mar-2004
  109. Free Software Developer
    CD to WAV/MP3 Ripper, Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, MP3 WAV Converter, and WMA MP3 Converter. Added on: 24-Jan-2004
  110. Free Software Downloads
    AutoRealm, Songbird Suite, and Utilities.
  111. Free Software-By R*KOM
    Payroll federal tax calculator mailing list, Check writer, Payment calculator, and Note writer.
  112. Free Software Downloads.
    More than a hubdred free downloads.
  113. Free Software for DOS
    Over 1,000 DOS programs.
  114. Free Software Free Downloads
    Thirteen categories. 639 Freeware downloads. Infrequently updated.
  115. Free Software from Bruce Perens
    United States street map(2.6gb), Electric Fence, BusyBox, Qmail-to-Mailman, and Web Log Analyzer Driver.
  116. Free Software I've Written
    AutoEject and DiskLock for Windows 95.
  117. Freestop Freeware
    Six categories, 50+ programs.
  118. Free Software Tools
    Twenty-one Freeware programs by Sofnik.
  119. Free Source Connection- Freeware Links
    About 90 links to Freeware sites.
  120. Free Statistical Software
    About 175 software packages.
  121. Freestuff.grok
    vb81, QuoteRight, SnapList, and ZXText2P. Added on: 13-Mar-2004
  122. FreeStuffer.Com
    27 categories and about 200 programs.
  123. Free Tools
    Lots of categories. Good selections.
  124. Free Tools- Vico Biscotti
    Fsync, Fsplit, and Wait. Dec 17, 2002 last update.
  125. FreeTurtles.com
    Speed-o-meter, MP3 Burner, Audio Converter, Load Tester, and Internet Dialer.
  126. Free Unix Software
    Ten Unix programs.
  127. Free War
    208 links to mostly Freeware programs and websites.
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