WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites beginning with the letter M.

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. Macallan Personal Page
    Eight Macallan Freeware programs.
  2. Mac Cheeseware Freeware
    Personal Warehouse, Severed Ed Game, and Nerve. For Macs only.
  3. McDaniel Development
    Fourteen programns- DetachXP, TweakOL, StopIt!, NoMess, DetachOL, Goggle, Clear, NewContact, NewEmail, NewAppointment, StreamCap, LookOutXP, NewJournal, and NewNote.
  4. Macfreewares
    CornerClock, MacMoorhurn, Trash Cans!, and TT Font Convert.
  5. Macintosh Freeware
    136 Mac programs in several categories.
  6. Macintosh Freeware by Cliff Harris
    Fifteen Freeware Mac Apps by Cliff Harris. Added on: 28-Jan-2004
  7. Mac in Web.de
    Pref-Ex 1.1 Public Beta, FileBrowser X 1.0, and Clip.It 0.2 Alpha.
  8. MacManx- Freeware
    Free Windows Media Player Alternatives, Gimp, Camino, Thunderbird, SubEthaEdit, Web Developer Extension, and AppleJack.
  9. Mac World Freeware
    Games, icons, and sounds.
  10. Mad Boot Disks
    31categories, 67 Boot disk Downloads. Added on: 17-Jan-2004
  11. MadDog Software Central
    PaneKiller, Boot ChoOSer, CmdUtils, QueuePlay, SetSound, and Win 3.1 Stuff
  12. Magenta Systems Free Windows Applications
    CamCollect, CodeLook, ComCap, DUN Manager, Encode UNIX, MailMaint, Update Windows, and Web Redialler.
  13. Magical JellyBean Software
    SHN Shortener, Keyfinder, and Dictionary.
  14. Magic Tree Freeware
    Filenote, Code2HTML, Photo Scale and Rotate, GIFnJPG Browser, HTML Image Index, and JPEG Photo Organizer. Last updated October 31, 2002.
  15. Magine's Freeware and Tools for Active Worlds
    Magsbot, RWX Class Logs, Magsbot Class Logs, Delphi modules, and Other Freeware
  16. Magister Lex Freeware
    RUNit and CRASHit
  17. Magistone Software
    Magiworld, MagiSkin, Maginet, and Magitime.
  18. Magnetiq Software
    E-Res-Q and Win-Res-Q.
  19. Mahmoud Seireg Downloads
    MA Internet Browser, Coder, Math for Beginners, SSCalculator, and Password Generator.
  20. Mailgate Freeware
    Message Viewer, PuTTYtel, and SpamWease.
    li> Mainframe Freeware
    About 50 links to Mainframe Freeware sites.
    MainSoft Freeare
    Nine Mainsoft freeware programs.
  21. Malcolm Pescod Freeware
    FastOra, CompFold, QuickMenu, and Badminton.
  22. Mal's Free Download Page
    Chang Case, File Manager, Text Merge, Text Split, and VB Ping.
  23. Manas Tungare Projects
    Photo Wizard, Yahoo!Calendar to iCalendar, ASDP,net deployment tool, Prevent Spam, MinuUpload, eCards, WAP Mail, Discussion Forum, and Win Wizard.
  24. Marc-Andre Informatique
    AlphaChess 3, FocusAlpha, Lambda HTML Editor, SimpleCalculator, DeltaCalendar, Language Pack Editor, QuaBlocks, and Vendeur Virtuel 3.
  25. Marco Coïsson's MacOS X Freeware
    TeX FoG, Virtual Screens, TEnews, 1code, ATC X, PMC, CPUeaters, Command Line Cocoa, BattriX, List Fonts, Final Countdown, Hénon, gnuplot MacOSX GUI, ThunderStorm, LogViewer, and MacErrorCodes.
  26. Marek Otway Applications
    Web Reaper, Slip, TV, and WebCoster. Added on: 26-Feb-2004
  27. Marianne Wartoft Educational Freeware
    Selingua, Selingua Columns, Seterra, Sephonics, Sebran, Minisebran, and Poetry Screen Saver.
  28. Mario Corsolini Freeware
    AAA, Converter, Setup, L3FE, MAMEdownloader, MandelFilm, OperaOmnia, OO-Tools, SupaED, and TrayStarter.
  29. MarkChavez Software Products
    My ABs, My Schedule, Exchange Info, and My Profile.
  30. Markichev Freeware
    About 20 programs and games.
  31. Mark's Web Freeware
    A dozen programs by Mark
  32. MarkTaw- My Favorite Smallware
    Links to about 70 small Freeware programs.
  33. Markus Jansson Security Freeware
    About 30 programs and some links. Markus Wels Freeware
    Lens, MW-Fonts, WindowSize, Starfish, Sponge Bob, Mouse Tracker Toy, and Langton's Ant.
  34. Marsius Personal Knowledge Software
    PKB, and links to a dozen common Freeware Applications.
  35. Martin Works Freeware
    Notes 2001, Teeuhr, GetTime, and PowerOff.
  36. MatirSoft
    FolderViewer and Winuscon.
  37. Marty's Web: Software.
    Pwebstats, fly, cgi-mailer, cgi-proxy.pl, qnd-link-checker.pl, and my-net-minder.pl.
  38. Mary Jo's Favorite Palm Apps
    Links to more than 50 Palm apps.
  39. Masterhard Freeware
    Hit Counter, Bulletin Board, Linux Resurrector, PAM module for Linux, and a patch for Qmail MT.
  40. Mathcomptry
    Mind Reader, E-Mail Writer, Find Your Lucky Number, Internet Remote, and Fortune Teller Machine.
  41. Matt Cawley Freeware
    Font Magic, Shell Time, and Easter Time.
  42. Matthew Monroe Freeware
    Molecular Weight Calculator, Dart Scorekeeper, and HTML Photo Gallery Cataloger.
  43. Matthias Benkmann's Freeware
    Two categories, about 14 older programs.
  44. Matthias online
    Thirteen programs by Matthias.
  45. Matt's Freeware
    MyIM, Ghost-It, Pop-Down, and Tiny Key Logger.
  46. Mark's OS/2 Freeware List
    450 Os/2 entries.
  47. Max2k Freeware
    Thirty-eight Max2k programs in five categories.
  48. Maximized Freware
    Hotfix Reporter,TcpSpeed,and FTP Edit.
  49. Maxim's World of Stuff
    Sega Master System emulation, Winamp stuff, and Old stuff,
  50. Maxpatch Freeware
    Five categories, 62 popular freeware programs.
  51. Max's Homepage
    MaxLister and MaxSplitter.
  52. MaxSpace Freeware Delphi Components
    Some Delphi components.
  53. Maz Cd Grabbers Page
    Maz's 9 Favorite Freeware CD programs. Last updated 12-Jun-2002.
  54. Mazzot Downloads
    ByteShelter I, StarSlayer II, anf StarSlayer version 1.0.
  55. MdG's Computing Page
    De Groot Random Number Generator, Assembly-language Discrete Fourier Transform, DeMon, Primordial Soup, Un*x Forth, Dispatchmail, Metadefining word for Forth, and World Population Indicator.
  56. MDW Online Downloads
    Speak text, Txtpad Plus, and Picture Viewer.
  57. Measurement And Conversion Software
    SnapTimePro, SayO'Clock, TimeAfterTime, WinThermO, AlcoVol and DataRelate.
  58. Mediachance Free Tools
    File Renamer, JPEG Thumb-Maker, MiniCLIP, Multi-Monitor TaskBar, and MiniScan for HP 1000 photo scanner.
  59. Meesoft Freeware
    Image Analyzer, SmartMorph, Commander, .mp3 Tagger, .mp3 Database, Log Paper, InstantMessenger, FontView, and HTML Optimizier.
  60. Megalith Freeware Utilities
    Free Pagan News Ticker, KlicKlac Studio 2002, Megalithic Portal News Ticker, Rainbow Wallpaper Manipulator, StarOffice, and XnView Image Viewer, Slideshow, Thumbnails.
  61. MegaThemes
    Twenty-five freeware programs.
  62. MEI Antenna Freeware Page
    Last updatedAugust 20, 2000. Directivity Estimator, Return Loss (dB) to VSWR converter, VSWR to Return Loss (dB) converter, and Antenna Simulator.
  63. Melchart Software
    Personal Notepad and Personal Reminder.
  64. Mellow Demon Freeware Links
    Five popular programs and about a dozen Freeware links.
  65. Mel's Freeware Guide
    Mel's Favorite and Essential Freeware lists. About 30 popular programs.
  66. Mel's games site
    200 games and more.
  67. MemeCode Software
    i.Scribe, i.Mage, i.Ftp, i.Look, i.Disk, i.Hex, i.File, i.Task, Ted, XpAssociate, and ConvertToLf
    14,645 free ebooks, mostly for Palm.
  69. Menonsoft
    ShellZip and QuickRip XP.
  70. Mental Software
    Muldir, WinQS, Pixxer, and ReFiDel '98 and others
  71. Mercury Freeware
    Uncategorized list of 120 freeware programs. Good selection.
  72. Merg's Freeware
    Equipment & Cruiser History Organizer and Web Accounts Plus.
  73. Merijn Downloads
    StartupList, HijackThis, CWShredder, BHOList, Uptimer4, MovieCollection, TransIcon, and KazaaBegone.
  74. Meripaga Productions
    Six Programs-Indovinello(20 Questions), Matrix Screen Saver, Me.Ri.Quota, Wasting Files Killer, NetSend, and EasyMenuCD.
  75. Mermaid Elizabeth's Cool lil Freeware Programs
    Twenty-one common Freeware programs.
  76. Meth's Lab
    Five programs-xCap2, xTaskSwitch, xRun, xBar, and Crosscuts.
  77. Metrology Freeware
    CyberMetrics Measurement Conversion, Mismatch Uncertainty Calculator, Tolerance Calculator, Uncertainty Calculator, HP 34401A Calibration Procedure Software, and Dalby Calibration.
  78. Metropoli files
    47 programs, mostly for Win 95.
  79. Michael Facquet- Software programs
    jDrums, FORTHified, YANI, and MediaSkin.
  80. Michael Morozov's Freeware Programs
    Hieroglyph, AfterScan, IRC-3PO, Mr. Fix, and Guard Java Applet.
  81. Michael J. Cleary- OS/390, z/OS Freeware
    Change Dataset Control Block, Dataset Audit Facility, Global Resource Serialization ISPF Interface, and LPA/LPALST/LNKLST ISPF Analysis.
  82. Michael McLarnon's- My Freeware
    OScope. Latin Programs, and Dial-Up Reflector.
  83. Michael's program farm
    Applications, Bioinfomatics, Scripts/Other Stuff, Debugging Tools, Java Stuff, Linux Stuff, Web Bots, and Junk Yard.
  84. Michael Schmitz Technologies Games
    Tangent Pong, Chair Equals Money, Keep of the Demon Lord, Schmitriz, Boxed, Lights Out, Schnake, Othello, and Casino World.
  85. MickSmith's Mix
    Half a dozen downloads.
  86. Micky's Software Homepage
    Micky's Breakout, Icon Folder Changer, APPTimer, MonUrl, ADBuster, Legend of Arms, Turn based battle, 3D Texture package, and a Level Editor.
  87. Micromega Software System
    Bottin, Comptes, ConvertImg, EasyScan, Eject, and QCopy.
  88. Microsoft Download Center
    Microsoft Downloads.
  89. Microsoft Smartphone Freeware
    About 60 MSMobile Freeware games, emulators, utilities and more.
  90. Midpath Freeware
    Fourteen categories with 32 Freeware programs, plus 8 Freeware websites.
  91. Miha's utilities
    Seventeen programs by Mihov.
  92. Mikasalonen Freeware
    FileTime, Remove, and Drive
  93. Mike Frengel's Mac Freeware
    swankSpectrogram, swankTuner, swankTime, Tuner Conversions Bundle, Spectral Smear, Spectral Peak Pass Filter, and Spectral Pitch Tracker.
  94. Mike's Free Pages
    49 downloads in 7 categories.
  95. Mike's Software
    qTray, Pasteboard, Jambone, Stash, Cdx, and Fuzzbox
  96. Mike Woodring's Tools, Source, etc.
    Ten tools to download.
  97. Mikey Goldman Freeware
    Cd Organizer2, Password Cracker, Kill Files,and Dont 4Get.
  98. Miksoft Freeware
    Remote Control, TaskFX, and Mobile AMR converter.
  99. Millennium Freeware
    Programs for Windows95. IconXtracter Program, Daily Scripture Program, ImageViewer Program, IPnumber Program, CryptorNotepad Program.
  100. Millstone Software
    Ten Millstone programs.
  101. Milly's Tools
    Power Pro, Proxomitron, Metapad, Ole, and Netlaunch.
  102. Mindgames
    Fifty games to pass the time and challenge the mind.
  103. Minimarket- Freeware Sites
    More than 70 links to mostly freeware sites.
  104. Minostudio- My Freeware
    Memo, Image Browser, and Gallery.
  105. Mintra Freeware
    ChangeCase, Flipbook Viewer, iICO, Mole-o-matic Chemistry Calculator, Process Killer, Screen Capture, and TextBlaster.
  106. Mirek's Free Windows Software
    PalMail, MWSnap, and PINs. Last update: 19 Mar 2003.
  107. Miroslav Flesko freeware site
    ATI Player Starter & Volume Holder and Radiator. Last updated: 27/03/02.
  108. Miscellaneous Utilities for OS/2
    OpenNap, MP+ player, Calc, Which, Time Out, URL Resume, and Detext
  109. Mischel Internet Security- Freeware
    Netstat Viewer and LExE.
  110. Misc. Web Authoring Tools Freeware
    About 50 freeware programs for Win95.
  111. Mizotec Downloads
    XP Themer, XP Netstats Bar, FP Converter, CD Librarian, and ICQSMS Companion
  112. Modeling Freeware
    Anim8tor and Wings3D.
  113. MODELpress
    ModelPress Publisher and ModelPress Viewer.
  114. Modest Crow's Development Page
    UniqueDisplay, WndHop, ImgHide, and Eliza.
  115. Modplug Software
    Player, Tracker, Plugin, Beginner's Kit, SoundEngine, and Other Products.
  116. Moffsoft Calculator Downloads
    Moffsoft FreeCalc and Moffsoft Calculator 2.
    About 4,200 unsorted links to Freeware programs spread over 30 pages.
  118. Moggies Freeware Programs
    Picture Viewer Plus Version, Random Quotes Selector, Tray Control Panel, Activate Saver, and 3D Maze Game.
  119. Molecular Biology Freeware Tools for Windows

    Molecular Biology Freeware (72 programs in 8 categories), Microarray Software(5 programs), JAVA and Perl Programs ( 34 programs in 8 categories).
  120. Molecular Visualization Freeware
    Protein Explorer, Chime and RasMol.
  121. Molwicks Freeware
    32VerSee and Esnuka. Copyright 2000.
  122. Monkey Bread Freeware
    20 Monkey Bread programs.
  123. Moog Software
    SimpleDesktop, SimpleTODO, SimpleBackup, SimpleDownload, SimpleZip, and SimpleLoan.
  124. Moon Software
    ClipClear, FileNote, Bookmark Wizard, CopyURL, FileTargets, FontLoader, and Font Xplorer Lite.
  125. Moor Computer Productions
    Education(7), Games(14), Others(4).
  126. Mooresoft Bizland Downloads
    MultiMD and Dir2Text.
  127. Morphon Technologies
    Morphon XML-Editor and Morphon CSS-Editor.
  128. Morequick Tols
    QuickCD, QuickSplit, XDos, and Green Browser.
  129. MouseTrax Freeware
    NetBIOS Name Retriever, Word Directory Cataloger, Word Options Utility, Word Crayon, Word Backup Utility, MouseTrax File Cataloger, MouseTrax Image Cataloger, List All Programs, Temp Scrubber, WSH Script HTML Cleanup, Font Sample Generator, Section Manager Macro, and frmCustomTables.frm.
  130. MP3 Player Freeware
    About 300 mp3 players.
  131. mpesch3's mp3 tools
    1by1 and mp3DirectCut.
  132. MPSoftware
    PHP Designer 2005 and HTMLGate FREE.
  133. MrDo
    DoWinStartup, GhostMouse, MIDI MusicBox, Shut Down To DOS, VBPong, and more.
  134. Mr All's Freeware
    Source Painter Version, The Big Memory Game, Image Organizer, and The Counter.
  135. MrBass Windows Freeware Favorites
    About a dozen common Freeware programs.
  136. MrCeri Software
    Salary Timer, Hobo Boxing, Countdown Timer, Disk Prodder, Net Send, Simple Encrypt, Raise Calculator, Tax Calculator, Name Generator, and Movie Name Hangman.
  137. Mr Duck49's Webbies
    Nineteen Freeware programs by Mr. Duck
  138. Mr.Tech Software
    Systray and ClockAlign plus 19 utilities.
  139. MSC Software
    Twenty-one Dos and Win9x Freeware downloads.
  140. MSN Groups- Always on the Edge- Great Freeware
    Links to 11 common Freeware programs.
  141. MSX Utilities
    Five MSX and two Windows GPS freeware programs.
  142. MTekk Freeware Smartphone Applications
    31 Freeware Smartphone Applications. Last updated Friday, 7 May 2004.
  143. MT-Soft Products
    Digital Clock, Disco, Messenger Disable, Open Port Scanner, Password Generator, Vat Calculator, and Web Site Code Lookup.
  144. MTZone
    TimeCalculator, JacketPrinter, and Text In A Zip.
  145. Mucky Paws
    Two apps and six games by Mucky Paws.Last modified: Sunday, 11 August 2002.
  146. Mug Favorite Mac Freeware
    Links to 44 Mac Freeware programs.
  147. Muhammad Muquit's free software
    Forty-two Freeware programs by Muhammad.
  148. MusicLab Free Products
    FixedLength, Looper, and MIDI Connection Center.
  149. Musicware-AudioMelody
    Twelve categories, about 70 programs.
  150. Must Have Freeware
    Around 35 links to sites and programs considered to be "MustHave". Slightly dated to 1999.
  151. Mutant Penguin Software Utilities
    Asciizer, dImage, Font Explorer, MPWeb, Questionnaire Constructor, RASRC, and Ruler.
  152. Mutexed Utilities and Code
    FragExt, OeyEnc, and sprintf.js.
  153. MVPTools
    NetDig, CmdPing, and NetPing.
  154. MVRao's Site
    Lock It XPress and Clip All
  155. Myan Myan Factory
    CD2WAV32 for W95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP.CD2WAV32 ans Digital CD Player for W95/98/NT3.51,4.0/2000/
  156. My Bytes Freeware
    MusicMiner, myPicSaver, myBirthdayReminder, myEasySync, and WinWasher
  157. My Creations Software
    UDGWiz, Memory, Master, Jot-It Calendar, MCC, Spinner, and Yippee.
  158. My Favorite Free Software
    About 120 links to Freeware programs and sites in 10 categories
  159. My Favorite Freeware
    61 popular freeware programs.
  160. My Favorite Freeware Applications
    Eight common freeware apps.
  161. My GuiGuy Stuff
    TinraGUI, mov2AVI, tooLAMEgui, PulldownBatchFE, ASFIndexGUI, ASFCutGUI, PDF2HTMLgui, ZipFontPeeker, Decurse, and TMPGEncCalc.
  162. myHq
    Many links to freeware programs and freeware sites.
  163. My Java Freeware Programs
    Miller Rabin Prime Generator Applet and Vigenere Cipher Applet.
  164. My Latest Software
    Planets-Commander, Scope 4D, Birthday Reminder, and M3U-Copy. Dated to pre-WinMe.
  165. My List of Useful Tools/Services
    About 50 links to Freeware tools and services.
  166. My Programs
    Two games.
  167. My Programs-Bret Johnson
    Nine programs by Bret Johnson.
  168. My Programs-Mike McLarnon
    OScope, Conjugate and Decline Latin, and Dial-Up Reflector.
  169. My Small Programs
    Icon Obtainer and PopClock
  170. My Softwares And Components Under Delphi 4.0
    Cerebral, Wincell, Clean Register, Database, and TLabel_URL_email.
  171. My Software, Your Freeware
    Ten XSpace programs by J.M. Falcao.
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