WINDOWS 98, ME, and 2000 LINKS

This page lists Freeware sites beginning with the letter S.

A complete listing of 2000+ Freeware sites on one page is here.

Below are links by which you may navigate to pages on this site that contain Freeware links beginning with only one to three letters.

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  1. Saberware Software
    Access Database Documenter, ASCII to CHR$(xx) Convertor, Saberware Code Library, and Context Menu OCX/DLL Register/Unregister.
    Eighteen categories with 15,727 downloads
  3. SadhuSystems.com
    FreeSpace, VideoThumb and Speakerblowers Database.
  4. SadhuSystems Freeware Directory
    About 2750 links to Freeware programs in 14 categories.
  5. Sailcat Freeware
    Eleven categories with 127 freeware programs. Last modified 15 April 2002.
  6. SadMan Software Free Applications
    Mandelbrot Explorer, One Foundation, Qix!, Snake, and Snapshot
  7. Salvatore Ravidà Freeware
    WinUHA, Easy StartUp, Freedb Easy Navigator LE, and Freedb Easy Navigator
  8. Sam Blackburn's Software
    Win32 Foundation Classes, NMEA0183, Geodesy Foundation Classes, and, Geodesy Foundation Classes in C#.
  9. SamLogic Freeware
    No Ads Utility and AtomicSync.
  10. Sanface Software freeware
    csv2txt, pgphtml, PDFmail, PDFprint, and IndexMaker. Updated 03 Dec 2002.
  11. Sanz Small Linux Distros
    Knoppix, Peanut, and DamnSmallLinux.
  12. SaraSoft Freeware
    Splitter, Desktop Explorer, and Coloring Book
  13. Sassy Software
    Finder Options and BetterTelnet. Last updated: 4 Jan 1999.
  14. Saturday Night Freeware
    Aquarium Data Manager, Aquarium Unit Conversion, Fish Tank Data, Connect Time Monitor, and Solar Data Plotting software.
  15. Saugus.net Free Software
    About 125 links to Freeware programs.
  16. SavillTech Freeware
    Java Boulders, Performance Analyzer, CGI Search, Java Search, Memory, Win Info, Cmd Info, CpyServ, and DelOld.
  17. Sawan Software
    Library Managemnent, Quiz king, and KBC.
  18. Scar5 Products
    Disable Messenger Service,IE on Crack, and Simple File Shredder
  19. Scarabee Software
    Siren and SDaleks.
  20. Schmidt Software
    Java Imaging Utilities, Lucene Wikipedia indexer, ffident, fsdump, jpegextractor, juta, and Pasdoc.
  21. SchoolForge
    Links to about 20 Open Source educational software sites and programs.
  22. Science Freeware
    300 Science Quizzes.
  23. Science Sportsware Freeware
    Nutrival, ProCalc, GearCalc, BMI Index, and MyNotes.
  24. SciTech Concepts Products
    EDi Compliance Checker and GLINT Computer Activity Monitor.
    Around 600 links to freeware programs and sites.
  26. SCoooBY's Fav Free Apps
    SCoooBY'S 49 Favorite small apps.
  27. Scorpio Site
    Eighteen common freeware programs.
  28. SCO Skunkware: Open Source Software
    79 links to Freeware programs and sites.
  29. Scott's Freeware CE Applications
    About 2 dozen freeware programs for the CE OS.
  30. Scott's Freeware Daily
    Links to about 40 common freeware programs.
  31. Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Tools List
    About 84 tools listed. Good variety.
  32. Screensavers Planet
    About 250 free screensavers in 28 categories.
  33. Scrumpy's Hangout
    Scrumpy's 26 favorite Freeware programs.
  34. Sean Soft Freeware
    Nine SeanSoft Freeware programs.
  35. Sebastian Thomschke Software
    MyPad, Djembé, VBA Timer Example, Multiple Undos Class, High Precision Timer, Unqiue Visitors Counter, and PHP Operating System
  36. SecRep Programs
    FileClean, HideDesktop, and PowerDown.
  37. Security Applications Software
    Eighteen Security Applications
  38. Senosoft Freeware
    P3dO Explorer
  39. Sensei's Software
    ZipExploder and FileFolderWriter. Last updated July, 16, 2000.
  40. Sensible Freeware by Keith Parkansky
    Sapprint, Sapcheck, and Bestdam Logger.
  41. Sentinelware
    Buzz Ray DDD, Buzz View, DirDiff, Jar Tool, JIIS, Random Desktop, Spam, and Swift.
  42. SEO Book- Free SEO Tools
    Links to 22 SEO Freeware programs in 4 categories.
  43. Sergey Kolchin Software
    Notes/Delphi class library and Passwords Database.
  44. Serif Freeware
    PagePlus5, DrawPlus4, PhotoPLus5.5, 3DPlus2, and WebPlus6.
  45. SGI Freeware
    Five categories, about 40 downloads.
  46. SgtGeek Freeware Center
    Links to 309 Freeware programs in 21 categories.
  47. Sguft Software
    NatenaGUF, Notepad Pro, Winbacker, and Aplication Backer.
  48. Shadowcraft
    A dozen old programs.Last updated 8-21-98.
  49. Shadow Mountain Tech Utilities
    Help Link Tester, Window Tracker, Expandable table of Contents for WinHelp 3.1, and Wrapping Alphabet buttons.
  50. Shakki's Freeware
    MP3 Bar, Code Keeper, Shakki Chat, My IP, and SFTP. Last updated 8-01-01.
  51. Shape Magic Products
    Tree Magic Shape Maker, Tree Magic Stump Maker, and Shape Magic Rod & Tube Factory.
    More than a thousand programs.
  53. Shannon's Command Line Tools
    Thirty Freeware command line tools.
  54. Shatterock Technologies
    Database Password Sleuth and Source Morph.
  55. Shaun's Windows Freeware
    Infinite Patience, xBlock, Calendar, and Wander.
  56. ShazWare
    RenEm, UnDup, Flatten, TryWav, WebGet, big, ned, LogInfo, and FavList.
  57. Sheep Friends
    Abby Converter, Billy Audio Player, Diana Notetaker/Calendar, Hawk Hexfile viewer, Kelly Desktop Calculator, and Natty Mail checker/Notification
  58. Sheep Shed Guy's Freeware
    About 30 common Freeware programs.
  59. Shep's place
    About 20 popular programs.
  60. Shining Light Productions
    ProtoNova, Nuclear Vision, BMP2AVI, and Win32 OpenSSL.
  61. Shital Shah Freeware
    Outlook Quote, Visual Music, 15+ Programmer's Tools And Utilities, Favorite Links In Zip File, and Messanger - Send Windows NT Messages To Users.
  62. Short Stop's Mostly VDE Page
    About 2 dozen programs and links.
  63. Shroud of Turin Downloads
    Final Word, 1769 King James Bible, FileSearcher, FileSearcher II, Stay Online, Alarm Clock, Web Page Checker, Conversions, Mileages, Logbook Database/Calculatorfor Windows, and Excel 97 Workbook.
  64. Shock Therapy Downloads
    Fireworks, Treasure Boy, T.W.A.T, Rain, AdSense Timer, Dunkin' 4D Cuboids, Launch Whatever(Extended), Banner Plane , Guess, Encyption, XpGames, Ascii, and Random Faces.
  65. Siam Software
    Remote Control, MysteryBrowser, 1000day, Kwikexit, and Biorhytm
  66. Silurian Software Tools and Utilities
    Disk Space Chart, Inspeft, Ogle Screen saver, and Desktop Launcher.
  67. SilverBrand Software
    Unziplify and Flatulator.
  68. Silvercode Software
    Diaphanous Rotation 3D and the Silvercode Screensaver.
  69. Silverstreak Software
    About 20 links to Freeware.
  70. Silverware Palm Freeware
    LightBulb and NoBdayParty Utility.
  71. Silvio Klaic Freeware
    SplitCat, CD Scan, Arena map, and MD5SUM .
  72. Simdata Systems Download
    My Internet Files, Attachment Security for Outlook, and U-Robot.
  73. Simone Tellini's Homepage
    MP3 Cat, Orion, Wiz Solitaire, Wis Tris, Hex, WizMail, phpTALExy, Prometeo, mod_accounting, mod_tunnel, Labyrinth, AmikeOS, STFax, and Contact Manager.
  74. Simonz Downloads
    About ten categoriues with 130 programs. Slightly dated.
  75. Simonzone Projects
    Guarddog, Guidedog, Guidance, and Watchdog.
  76. Simply HTML
    Help pages and 29 utilities. Updated March 28, 1998.
  77. Simply Neat Software
    Video Poker, SMTP Server, and Server Auditing GINA.
  78. Singer's Creations
    Fourteen Singer Freeware programs.
  79. Sinner Computer Software Index
    Seventeen Sinner Freeware programs.
  80. Siruis Freeware
    About 225 programs. Good variety.
  81. Sixfiles-Freeware
    About 100 Freeware apps in about 50 categories.
  82. Skel Freeware
    Skels Image Stiper and Skels Image Viwer.
  83. Skinnables- Orphan Apps
    C-4 Player, CD Stomper, Console, DigiDeck, Dvwm, FlashBoy & SecMouse, Inhotus, KdeNT, L-ement, MPFree, qRool, SysMeter, and SystrayPlayer.
  84. Slacker`s Guide to HTML Free Tools, Editors, Validators, Link Checkers, RGB
    55 programs.
  85. Slashback Software
    Shortcut Explorer, Find Shortcuts, Text Ticker, envmath Jpeg Collager, m3uEdit 1, and m3uEdit 2. Added on: 14-Jan-2004
  86. Slawdog E-Solutions.
    AquiCapture, AquiView, AquiCam, AquiMem, AquiBind,Smart Shutdown, Dojo Media Player.
  87. Sleepless Nights Freeware
    Fifteen Categories with 66 downloads.
  88. Sleepy Sins Freeware
    RID 4.1, Seditor 2.0, Sfind-Reg Value, Sfind2 in gui & Sfind the script, Sfoxmail_back, Syahoo_profile_hunter, Temporary Internet clean, sp-jpeg, spoof, Semail_Validator-1.0, Surl keeper 2/11/05, and Sfind 2.3.
  89. SlovaK Antivirus Center
    Nineteen categories. Tons of programs. Last updated Jan 17, 2002.
  90. Smaller Animals Software
    SA HotShot, Pick Ax!, SAMenu, SACrypt, WHD, and DirCase.
  91. Smartline Freeware for Windows
    Active Ports, Active ShutDown, Active CPU, CPU Indicator Screen Saver and five more Smartline freeware programs.
  92. Sma the Greek Applications
    Scriptomania, Phone Mania, and DxSma 8.
  93. Smoky's Freeware Gallery
    22 links to freeware sites. Slightly dated.
  94. Smilyanov Downloads
    Tweak FX Setup and WinLE configuration files.
  95. SnadBoy Software
    Revelation and TopDesk
    Lots of categories. Loads of well described, ranked Feeware.
  97. SNN Gr Freeware
    A dozen common Freeware programs.
  98. Sns ware.net Software
    SNS ShutIt, SNS LockIt, SNS HTMLEdit, SNS ClearTemp, SNS ImageList, and XP TimeSync.
  99. Snowblind.net
    38 Snowblind freeware programs.
  100. SoaringPilot Software
    GPS-LOG, Flight Display, and GPS track to IGC converter.
  101. Sodabush Freeware
    Hyper Color and Windowpaper XP.
  102. SofotexFreeware
    3,604 Freeware Programs.
    Chameleon Clock, Calendar and Desktop, plus Surfpack Startpage and Tools.
  103. Softbear Freeware
    Pardon and xpIRC.
  104. Softboard Freeware
    PhotoView and Photo2Web Publisher.
  105. SoftCab Software
    Email Checker and Easy Search.
  106. Soft-Central Freeware
    Card games, SC-DiskInfo, PassUnlesh, Splitmerge, QuickStart, SCR, andVC-Clean++
  107. Soft Complete
    EXECryptorm, FastTextSearch/IBm, Fuzzy Search, HardKey License Manager,HardKey License Manager Lite, HardKey License Manager Lite Free, HashTrie, LayoutFix, PasDiff Pro, Pattern String Engine, PowerArc, RndGen, SearchGun, SubstDrive, TextAnalyzer, and WordStone Dictionary.
  108. SoftHolm Programs
    Colors Builder, TIC Yandex Counter, and Password Generator.
  109. Softnik
    Domain Status Reporter, PPC Bid Browser, Domain Name Analyzer for Mac, and Domain Name Filter for Windows.
  110. Softwareanalysis
    About two dozen Messenger programs.
  111. Software and Free Stuff
    About 150 links to freeware sites.
  112. Software by Aaron Davidson
    Eight Java and five Mac downloads.
  113. Software by Bob
    Film Database, Internet Connection Checker, Memorandum, and Timed Command.
  114. Software by FSC
    AGC, KillAd, and Buz Live.
  115. Software by Peter Lerup
    PrintFile and PS2EPS+.
  116. SoftwareClub Downloads
    SC DVD Ripper and Burner,SC FTP and Download manager,SC Icon Editor, SC Image Viewer,SC Mp3 Seeker, Sc MP3 - Wav Converter, SC Net Speed Booster, SC Net Speeder Lite, SC System Tuner, SC Video Converter, SC Video Cut and Split, and SC Video Decompiler
  117. Software Downloads and News- Freeware
    About two dozen common freeware programs.
  118. Software for Kids- Freeware
    Thirteen links to sites about Kids Freeware.
  119. Software: Freeware
    Links to 115 freeware programs and sites.
  120. Software from Pierre Albou
    PA-MJPEG, RichView, Morpion, Courbe, Mid2Wav4, and Pictures Selectors.
  121. Software Junction
    41 programs in 5 categories.
  122. Software made by Illi
    Fourteen freeware programs by Illi.
  123. Software Professional Downloads
    CD Install, Fast Explorer, Lyrics Editor Pro, Play List Converter, Matrix Pro, and Cool Mixer. DOS-LongCopy~1, VESATest, EnterKB, ScrCpy, Shell Shock updater, and AF2 Extractor. Also- Provide Relief, Chechnya, 1995, and A Bolt From the Blue.
  124. Software Search Engines
    Twenty-three software search engines.
  125. Software Site
    Links to 26 Freeware programs to install after a format of Windows XP.
  126. Softwarium Mac and Windows Freeware
    Quick Popup, MP3 Dock, Air Whisper, AnyCalc CM, Restore desktop, Align Icons, and Disk Image Viewer.
  127. Softwolves Software
    Announcer, Turquoise SuperStat, RedGreenBlue, iso2dos, Indigo, Pager, xDIR, nodExtr, killEof, noDot, BinkCol, and Azure/NewsPrep.
  128. SokoMind Freeware Logic Puzzles
    Freeware puzzles for Windows and MAC.
  129. Solitaire Central
    Links to 65 Solitaire programs.
  130. Solutions Sell Graphics Programs
    Fifteen common Freeware graphics programs.
  131. Solway's Software Page
    Eighteen programs by Solway.
  132. Some freeware
    Wamp, Filesplit, and WPicProg. For Win 3.1,95.
  133. Something Decent Freeware
    About a dozen Something Decent freeware programs.
  134. Some Useful Links to Freeware
    23 links to Freeware sites, programs, and newsletters.
  135. SON OF SPY
    Lots of categories. More than 2000 freeware programs.
  136. Sorcerer Freeware Page
    MP3 Decoder, Simple MP3 Player, Image Viewer, CD Player, WaveAudio Jukebox, Eject, Print Commander, DayTime, and EZPrint.
  137. Sorted Webmaster Tools Free Of Charge
    A couple hundred links to Webmaster tools and sites.
  138. SoTTo's Virtual Home
    Wake-Up-SoTTo, Note-It, Multi-File-Text-Replacer, EuroCalc, Morse Translator, SoTTo-Sweeper, Tag-Add, Geometrics, SoTTris, Solitaire, VB-Script-editor, Wallchanger,and Patcher.
  139. Soundalot Audio Freeware for Windows
    Links to more than 130 Freeware Programs.
  140. Soundhack Freeware
    Soundhack, Pitch Fork, Decimate VST Plugin, Compand au Plugin, Corn Bucket, and Spectral Assistant.
  141. SourceCode Software for Web Masters and Designers
    Better Magic Button, Fly Animator, uAnimator, uMenu, GiFFY, and Visual Folder Tree Builder.
  142. Sourceforge Winadmin Scripts
    waFTP, waGetOpts, waNOCAPS, waRmZip, waTee, waTemplate, and waTimer.
  143. South Bay Freeware
    FastRes, PromptExplore, and NoAds.
  144. Southbeach Freeware Files
    Updared Thursday, June 18, 1998. Twelve programs in 3 categories.
  145. SouthEast Software
    EZ JavaScript and EZ Converter.
  146. Specific Software
    About 180 links to Freeware programs.
  147. Speek's encoder frontends
    17 links to programs.
  148. Squeak Freeware
    Dandelion, SmallInterfaces in Squeak, SoapOpera, SIXX, NetMorph, and CDT.
  149. Squire's Web Site-Freeware Index
    Essential Software(8), Anti-Window$ Programs(8), and Miscellaneous Programs(12).
  150. Star Apps
    StarType, StarScribble, StarPlayer, and Zapper-browse.
  151. Starglider Systems Freeware Utilities
    Cache Audit, LinkCompare, STG Picture Merge, MonthPlan, and STG TimeCalc.
  152. Starman's Free Software Tools
    Links to a dozen Freeware programs.
  153. Starting Freeware Index
    Twenty-seven categories and about 160 freeware programs.
  154. SteelBytes Software
    Fifteen programs in 6 categories.
  155. Stefan Cruysberghs' Internet Pages
    Picto, Calendar, EuroCon, and Coreg.
  156. Stefano's Freeware
    Windows/Linux- Serproxy. Linux- FRiendly EDitor. Last update 25th June 2002.
  157. Stefan Partusch Freeware
    DevCont, Japtra, and BF Conpiler.
  158. Steffen Gerlach Freeware Section
    Scanner, ZPaint, and XO.
  159. Steffen Tschirch Freeware
    Calculator and Notes.
  160. Steinware Downloads
    Seven Apps, 10 games, 24 desktops, and Screen savers.
  161. Stephen Hewitt's home page
    SpeedLoad and Windows Enabler.
  162. Stephan Huber- Mac Freeware
    Appearance, Internet Config, Queas, Quickdraw, E#rdmann cave, Cachtice cave, Anatas, Geo 3D, and Topoi.
  163. Steve Copper Downloads
    How Long To and SPC DatePad.
  164. Steve Ekblad's Free Audio Software and On-Line Audio Tools
    Eighty-eight audio program links plus seven online Java Audio tools.
  165. Steve Miller Applications
    Win32 Console ToolBox, Quick Change Directory, Pocket Dial, Pocket UnZip, PureText, ShareWatch, and Dependency Walker.
  166. Steven DePalma's Download Center
    Six Palm, seven PocketPC,and six Windows Freeware Programs.
  167. Steven De Toni's Download Page
    Twenty-one Freeware apps in 7 categories.
  168. Steven Gould Software
    CleanUp, OpenForecast, DOC++, and JDOM.
  169. Steven J. Gray's Freeware
    WinCRON, Mimic, VB-Amp, WinCDG, Updated: Sept 4/2000, SJGPlay for Windows, and SJGPlay for DOS.
  170. Steven Silver's Favorites
    Links to 39 Freeware websites and 128 programs.
  171. Steve.org.uk Freeware
    GNU/Linux(18), Windows(9).
  172. Steve's Freeware
    Links to Steve's 33 favorite freeware programs.
  173. Steve's Web Site
    Geometry Calculator, Date Calculator, Metric Convertor, Pregnancy Calculator and Sales Tax Calculator.
  174. Sticksite- Free Software
    Links to 90 Freeware programs with screenshots.
  175. Stimpsoft Downloads
    Thirty-one Freeware Downloads.
  176. Storm Software
    Eleven small games.
  177. StreetTech Favorite Freeware
    Nineteen favorite freeware programs of StreetTech.
  178. StupidApps.com
    Six stupid apps.
  179. Sudley Place Software
    386SWAT, QLINK, DPMIONE, Visomino, and others.
  180. Sulaco Downloads
    Jan's Flame, Bezier Curves, Solarinfo, Graphs, Maze SS, MazeBuilder, Quake 3 Logfile Analyzer, DBTray, FolderSize, and HTML image Page Builder.
  181. Sundance Freeware
    27 Freeware programs in 10 categories.
  182. Sunday Software Freeware
    Seventy-eight lnks to Freeware websites.
  183. SunFreeware
    Lots of freeware for Solaris
  184. Sun Java Technology Products Archive
    Java 2 SDK / Java 2 Runtime Environment Archive.
  185. Sun Microsystems-BigAdmin Freeware
    About sixty links to Sun Freeware.
  186. Sunset Strip Converters
    Module Converters(6), Sound Converters(4), and Music File Converters(1).
  187. Sun Tong's Freeware
    Thirty tools, plus links to Freeware websites. Updated March 20, 2001.
  188. Super Bob's Freeware
    Quickphone, CountDown, WebCountDown, Funny Voice, and SuperBob.
  189. Superhero Software
    AlarmXClock, FileGuard, FTPAutoGen, and WebBot.
  190. Sure Shot Software
    Thirty programs in seven categories.
  191. Surfer's Virtual Home Free Software
    25 common Freeware programs
    Lots of categories. Loads of freeware.
  193. SurfShop Internet Freeware Programs
    508 Downloads listed by name.
  194. Superwin Freeware
    WinEbook Viewer, Cheat Solitare, and Add/Remove Pro.
  195. Surfshop Freeware
    508 Freeware program links. Some Duplications.
  196. Svend Olaf Mikkelsen Utilities
    Findpart, FindNTFS, GB32, FP.SYS, Chsdir, Editpart, Cyldir, Findext2, ReadExt2, FindBSD, Findword, Findbad, Pqrp, and Identify.
  197. Sventore Freeware
    TextIt, Win Menu, and Master Mind.
  198. Sverre H. Huseby Freeware>
    About 50 programs, some in Norwegian.
  199. SVI-318/328 Emulator and Games
    Megalone, SASA, Knightmare, and The Goonies.
  200. Sw4you
    Eleven sw4you programs.
  201. Swanson Technologies
    Cram, Lemon Juice, SCreenSaver Bar, Tweak Disk, and Antimatter.
  202. Sweetcode
    Fifteen Sweetcode utilities.
  203. SwiftGear Freeware
    TQ's FunPlot, Image Filter Tester, Stereogram Maker, and Large Text File Viewer.
  204. Swifty Utilities
    Nine Flash utilities for Win98.
  205. SWF Tools
    ActionDoc Beta, ActiveSWF Free, AnimationPackage, and CamStudio.
  206. Symantec Freeware Virus Removal Tools
    Fifty-eight virus removal tools.
  207. SysDesk Software
    AudioCrusher, AutoPatcher, CBCONV, Runtime Error 200-CRT-Patch, and eMP³ire MP3 encoder frontend.
  208. SynergyMX- Freeware and Open Source Software
    Links to about 50 uncategorized Free and Open Source Software programs.
  209. Syntap Software
    Time Stamp, BabySplat, MIDI Primer, Technical Articles, Treble Clef Flash Cards, and SETI@Home Icons.
  210. Systemtools Freeware
    Thirteen Systemtool utilities for Windows NT.
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